Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Since you’re seeking death, I’ll send you on your way.

Thinking about how Lin Popi had just headed in the direction of Shen Family’s carriage, Lin Chunyan couldn’t sleep with excitement. She wished she could wake everyone up to witness Shen Yuan’s impending misery.

However, that wouldn’t do. If everyone was awakened, there wouldn’t be any good show to come.

Lin Chunyan lay on the ground quietly, listening to the sounds behind her, her eyes becoming increasingly vicious.

If it weren’t for Shen Yu’an, her reputation in the village wouldn’t have become like this!

If it weren’t for Shen Yu’an, she wouldn’t have pushed her into the water. The villagers wouldn’t have known about it, and no one would have called her malicious.

After that incident, no one came to propose marraige to their family for a long time, and the village women blamed her for ruining the reputation of the village girls.

And there’s also the matter of what happened during that day.

She couldn’t possibly have known about her physical intimacy with Brother Wang unless she tricked him into revealing it.

Thinking of what happened during that day, Lin Chunyan shed a tear from the corner of her eye.

If it weren’t for the coincidence of the evacuation, the drama that happened at the Wang family’s doorstep during the day would have surely been the talk of the village for some time during their casual conversations.

Ma Shi shouted that she wanted to seek justice for her own daughter and went to Wang family’s house to demand that they hand over Wang Zhicai.

Originally, she had thought that Wang Zhicai was a scholar, and if she married her daughter into his family, she would become the mother-in-law of a scholar.

“Your son touched my daughter, and now she has lost her innocence. How can she get married? I am telling you now, your son must marry my daughter.”

Wang Zhicai’s mother was not easy to deal with. After sizing up Lin Chunyan, she said contemptuously,

“I don’t even know who you are. With a daughter like yours, even if you gave her to us for free, we wouldn’t want her. My son’s fiancée comes from a reputable family in the town. She was raised with care since childhood and is a hundred times more attractive than your plain-looking daughter.”

Lin Chunyan was deeply hurt by the insult of being called a plain-looking woman. She was also considered a beauty in Shen Village. When did she become plain-looking?

Although we have had less food to eat at home in recent days and have been a little thin, she still has a slender figure. Besides, She have slender waist, when she held it so gracefully she also look good, so it’s not as exaggerated as she said!

Lin Chunyan looked at Wang Zhicai with a look of grievance, with tears in her eyes, as if she was pitiful.

As someone who had been intimate with him a few times, and was looking at him with love and grievance in her eyes, Wang Zhicai couldn’t bear it and said, “Mom, please don’t say any more.”

The saying goes, “Don’t fear opponents who are god-like, but fear teammates who are like pigs.” His mother was shocked and asked, “Did you really touch that little girl’s skin?”

Wang Zhicai looked embarrassed and it was too late for him to defend himself.

Ma Shi grabbed Lin Chunyan and said, “You see, I’m not making things difficult for you. Your son took my daughter’s virginity. If you pay some bridal gifts now, we will carry my daughter into your house, and we can consider this matter settled.”

Wang Zhicai was panicked at this point. Although he felt a little sorry for Lin Chunyan, it did not mean he was willing to marry her. Everyone in town knew that there were other women who were more attractive and had better family backgrounds than her.

“Ha, I bet that little vixen seduced some wild man. Dream on if she thinks my son will take over her mess!” Wang Zhicai’s mother was also very combative and did not give an inch.

As the two of them continued to argue, they eventually came to blows. Lin Chunyan watched in despair as Wang Zhicai, who did not stand up for her, was beside himself with anger.

Ma Shi stood up from the ground and straightened her messy hair that had been pulled. She said, “Oh, you dare to mistreat my daughter and refuse to acknowledge it? Then none of you will have it easy. I’ll go to the town and tell everyone that Wang, the scholar from Shen’s Village, mistreated my daughter. Let’s see if the family you promised to marry into will still accept you.”

Hearing this, the women watching quickly stepped forward to stop her. If Ma Shi really went to the town and spread the word, the reputation of the girls and boys in Shen’s Village would be ruined, and it would be hard for them to find suitable marriages in the future.

Someone was holding onto Ma Shi, while others went to Wang Zhicai’s side and said, “Old sister, don’t you think about it? If Ma Shi goes to town and talks about this, the family that has been engaged to Wang Xiucai will find out. They won’t be happy with you. You’ve already caused trouble with that innocent girl. Don’t let her suffer any further.”

In any case, this matter has now been given a way out.
Wang’s family was unwilling to marry Lin Chunyan, but under the bargaining of Ma Shi, they had to reluctantly give them two hundred catties of grain as compensation.

Wang’s family was very distressed to give away two hundred catties of grain. They didn’t even get back a few catties from their own fields, and these grains were sent by the girl from the town yesterday. They lost two hundred catties of grain even before they had a chance to warm it up.

Moreover, the price of grain has now risen to more than four times what it used to be, and it’s like cutting a piece of flesh for anyone to give away so much.

Ma Shi got some grain and happily asked Lin Chunyan to go home and call people to carry the grain.

She felt that she had made a profitable deal today. Her daughter didn’t lose anything, and she even gained two hundred kilograms of grain.

After this was over, she could announce her family’s engagement in a village farther away and receive another dowry.

Ma Shi was too preoccupied with her joy to notice Lin Chunyan’s resentful gaze towards her.

Lin Chunyan thought about what happened during the day, and her fists clenched with hatred.

Now the people in the village not only called her malicious but also a promiscuous woman who could be used by anyone.

It was all because of Shen Yu’an!

All of this happened because of her!

Why was it that both of them were girls, but Shen Yu’an received all the love and favor from the Shen family, while she, Lin Chunyan, had to live like this?

But soon, Shen Yu’an’s reputation would be ruined just like hers!

With a contented smile, Lin Chunyan fell asleep without realizing it.

Not far away, at the edge of the crowd near the Shen family’s carriage, a suspicious figure walked by.

The slanting moonlight cast its distorted shadow.

This person was none other than Lin Popi, who had followed the Shen family in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the other four people on duty with him were dozing off on the ground and no one noticed his actions.

He carefully lifted the curtain of the cart and looked inside. The night was too dark, and he couldn’t see clearly what was inside the carriage. Naturally, he didn’t notice that Shen Yu’an had woken up the moment he opened the curtain.

After settling down for the night, he had noticed that the Shen family had made a lot of white flour cakes and meat slices. He had been paying attention to this side and had seen them put the dry food into this carriage when they were asleep.

It just so happened that he was on night watch for the first night, and it could only be said that the heavens were helping him.

He thought about stealing some grain as a bonus from the Shen family.

Lin Popi rubbed his hands excitedly. He couldn’t walk straight when he saw the Shen family’s young maiden during the day, but he didn’t expect her to have such delicate skin and tender flesh, unlike the women in the village.

If he could steal a taste, oh, what a flavor it would be.

After adjusting to the darkness of the night, Shen Yu’an could see the area where the noise was coming from. She noticed Lin Popi grabbing the curtain and trying to enter the carriage with a lustful look on his face.

She knew exactly what he was up to.

Shen Yu’an’s face turned cold, and a flash of disgust passed through her eyes.

Since he came looking for trouble, she would give him a ride.

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