Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 26

Chapter 26: It Must Be Her Who Hid the Person

Shen Yu’an rapidly controlled her mental power then directed it towards Lin Popi. Just as Lin Popi was about to enter the carriage, he suddenly felt a headache and lost control of his movements.

Lin Popi turned his still-functioning eyes forward and saw a pair of terrifying eyes, as well as skin that shone in the moonlight like a murderous ghost, which had appeared white during the day.

He felt like he is in a great danger upon seeing those eyes.

Shen Yu’an intentionally grinned at him scaring Lin Popi so much that he broke out in a cold sweat. However, when he tried to scream, he found out that he couldn’t make a sound.

Shen Yu’an’s lips curved into a smile, she used her mental power to control Lin Popi to walk away expressionlessly.

The guards who were on watch were awakened by his actions and cursed in a low voice, “What are you doing in the middle of the night? Do you know you scared us to death?”

Lin Popi walked away without looking back, and the guards spat on the ground in annoyance, but they didn’t think much of it. They assumed he was just going to the restroom and went back to dozing off on the ground.

After the training she had undergone recently, Shen Yu’an’s supernatural ability had reached the second level, and the range she could control had expanded to a radius of 500 meters around her.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t reached the level she had in her previous life, where she could see things from the perspective of the person she was controlling.

Shen Yu’an had controlled Lin Popi to a more secluded area and strangled him directly.

At the moment of being strangled, Lin Popi’s head was splitting with pain, but he couldn’t scream and could only stare up in horror with wide eyes.

If he had another chance, he definitely wouldn’t have provoked Shen Yu’an, but regret was useless now.

Lin Popi, lying on the ground, was no longer breathing.


In the carriage, Xiao Zhang was awakened by Shen Yu’an’s movements. She opened her eyes groggily and asked, “What’s wrong, Yu’an? Can’t sleep?”

“It’s nothing. I just killed a fly. Go back to sleep,” Shen Yu’an answered quietly.

The next morning, as the day began to break, people lying on the ground and in the carriage began to wake up one after another.

Shen Yu’an jumped out of the carriage and asked Shen Yun to help Xiaozhang down to stretch her legs.

“This weather doesn’t feel cold even when lying outside, but those mosquito buzzing around the ears are really annoying,” Song complained with a smile.

Xiaozhang also laughed and said, “You’re right, sister-in-law. Yu’an was also disturbed by a mosquito last night.”

Shen Yu’an smiled but didn’t say anything. They gathered around Song and asked if the food was ready.

Lin Chunyan, who was not far from Shen’s house, glanced over here, wondering how Shen Yu’an could still manage to smile.

Where is Lin Popi?

She clearly remembered that after going to the bathroom last night, she saw him heading towards the compartment of the Shen family.

Did nothing happen?

Lin Chunyan looked around in confusion but didn’t see Lin Popi’s figure. Instead, she made eye contact with Wang Zhicai, who was looking in their direction.

Lin Chunyan raised her hand to wave at him, intending to say hello. But then she remembered that he didn’t speak up for her yesterday and allowed his mother to insult and degrade her. She lowered her head in sadness, and a tear fell perfectly from her eye.

Wang Zhicai was stunned and felt guilty. He turned his head and saw Shen Yu’an, who was laughing and joking with his family.

Wang Zhicai was surprised. He had never noticed how beautiful Shen Yu’an was before. She was even more beautiful than his own fiancée in the town.

When they first moved to Shen’s village, they intentionally tried to get close to Shen Yu’an’s family because of Shen’s academic status. They wanted him to introduce them to other prestigious scholars.

Since Wang Zhicai was also a student in town, he would often visit Shen’s family during his days off to ask for help with his studies. However, Shen’s family was very stubborn, and they couldn’t get close to them no matter how hard they tried. Shen Yu’an’s father, Shen Rong, also didn’t like Wang Zhicai very much.

Over time, the two families stopped interacting with each other as much.

After everyone had eaten and filled their stomachs, they planned to continue walking forward.

Yesterday, they only traveled dozens of miles in a day. If they picked up the pace today, they could almost reach the boundary of the county.

As they were about to leave, Lin Chunyan became increasingly anxious as she noticed that Lin Popi, who had not shown up, was still missing.

She was still thinking about making Shen Yuan lose face, but why hadn’t Lin Popi returned yet?

As she saw the team was about to leave, Lin Chunyan anxiously shouted, “Village Head Li Zheng, let’s count the number of people before we leave, to avoid leaving anyone behind.”

“There’s no need. Who could have not come back home?” Lizheng frowned and asked.

Seeing that everyone was shaking their heads, Lizheng waved his hand towards Lin Chunyan and said, “Hurry back to the team and don’t delay our journey.”

Lin Chunyan glanced at the crowd and said, “I don’t see Lin Popi from the east of the village in the team. Didn’t we arrange for him to keep watch last night? Why don’t we send someone to look for him, Village Head Lizheng?”

Lizheng took a glance at the crowd and indeed didn’t see Lin Popi’s figure.

He looked at the four people who were on night watch with Lin Popi yesterday and asked, “You four were on night watch with Lin Popi last night. Did you see where he went?”

One of them looked around and said, “We saw him go to the woods just before daybreak, but we didn’t see him come back.”

They didn’t dare tell Lizheng that they had fallen asleep during their watch and didn’t know whether Lin Popi had come back or not.

Lizheng’s brows furrowed tightly. He felt that Lin Popi had delayed everyone’s journey, but with so many people watching, he couldn’t just ignore the situation.

So he said, “Everyone, look around this area and see if you can find him. Come back in 15 minutes whether or not you find him, and we will continue our journey.”

Some people were unhappy that they had to exert effort for someone who was not related to them. A few women who remained in place spoke up with a stern tone.

“Our team has over 300 people. Lin Chunyan has sharp eyes to spot even one missing person.”

“That’s right. But I hope she’s not just staring at men.”

“She’s not even married yet and has already lost her purity. Who knows how many people she’s been messing around with.”

Lin Chunyan listened to the whispers around her and clenched her clothes tightly, almost tearing the fabric.

With red eyes, she argued, “I just saw Lin Popi go towards the carriage of Shen’s house when I was still awake yesterday night. I didn’t see him this morning, so I asked about it. Why do you all have to unfairly accuse me behind my back?”

Lin Chunyan’s eyes met Shen Yu’an’s as she glanced towards his house.

Suddenly, she pointed at Shen Yu’an with hate and said “Lin Popi clearly went to your carriage last night, but he suddenly disappeared today. Did you hide him somewhere?”

Shen Yu’an laughed coldly. “Where could I hide such a big person? I could even say that you’re the one hiding him.”

Shen Yu’an treated Lin Chunyan’s antics as those of a clown, but the other members of the Shen family were infuriated by her words.

“How dare you? A few days ago, you pushed my daughter into the water, and now you want to slander her innocence?”

“Shame on you! You act like you can’t walk when you see a man.”

“… “

After scolding her for a few sentences, the Shen family members surrounded Shen Yu’an and expressed their concerns at her.

Shen Yu’an playfully winked at them.

Shen Yun lowered his head and asked softly, “Yu’an, tell Third Uncle the truth, do you know that Lin Popi came over in the middle of the night?”

Although he knew that even if Lin Popi brought ten people, it wouldn’t be enough for his niece to handle, he was still very curious.

Grandma Shen narrowed her eyes and slapped Shen Yun’s head, suppressing her anger as she whispered, “What nonsense, our Yu’an doesn’t know anything.”

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