Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Slapping Her in the Face

After a tiring day, Shen Yu’an returned to her residence and lay down to rest.

When she opened her eyes again, it was already the next morning.

Shen Yu’an opened the door and walked out to see her mother and a few others making porridge in the courtyard.

The fragrance of rice mixed with the aroma of chicken drifted towards her.

She approached to take a look and asked, “What are you making that smells so good?”

Song Shi looked at her with a look of a little greedy cat and jokingly scolded, “Look at how you’re salivating, it’s just a few dishes.”

“Hurry up and rinse your mouth, we’ll be eating soon,” said Song Shi.

Shen Yu’an replied with a playful smile, “Yes, ma’am!”

Everyone was amused by her playful manner and continued to cook while joking and laughing.

For breakfast, they had chicken and meat porridge, as well as some green vegetables brought from home.

Last night, Grandma Shen and a few others took advantage of their stay and steamed a lot of steamed buns and pancakes, which could be eaten on the road for convenience.

Shen Yu’an brought out two jars of sauce from the house and said, “Grandma, I forgot to give you the chili sauce and meat sauce I brought.”

As she spoke, she winked at Grandma Shen, who was looking over.

Grandma Shen quickly understood and took the two jars of sauce, saying with a smile, “I’m getting forgetful in my old age, I almost forgot about these delicious sauces. Everyone, give them a try.”

The meat sauce that Shen Yu’an brought out was made from pork, but she actually preferred beef sauce. However, beef was strictly regulated at this time, and even sick or dead cattle had to be reported to the authorities, so no one would make sauce from beef.

Therefore, she didn’t bring it out and would only occasionally satisfy her craving for beef by secretly eating a few pieces of beef when no one was looking.

Everyone added their favorite sauce to the steamed buns, and their mouths were full of oil as they praised the delicious food.

They couldn’t praise Shen Yu’an too much in front of her, so the few who knew the truth could only keep complimenting Grandma Shen.

Shen Yun said while eating, “Mother, your cooking skills are really good, and the sauce you made is so delicious.”

“Uncle Yun is right, Grandma’s cooking skills are truly unparalleled!” Shen Sanlang chimed in, joining in the fun, and even gave Grandma Shen a thumbs up.

Grandma Shen glared at them and warned, “Eat your food properly, your mouth won’t be able to hold all the food.”

After finishing their meal and tidying up, they hurriedly left with their ox cart to meet up with other people from Shen Village.

Yesterday, it was agreed that they would exit from the East City Gate and continue straight ahead.

By the time Shen Yu’an and his party arrived, there were already quite a few people waiting at the East City Gate.

Everyone looked a bit better in spirits, it seemed like they had all rested well last night.

There were a few people who saw the Shen family’s arrival and kept looking at their carriage, hoping to see if they had found any food.

These few people were the ones who heard Shen Yu’an say yesterday that there might be some households in the city who had been left behind with food.

Those few people looked at their carriage and it didn’t seem like they had more things than yesterday.

However, they couldn’t see inside the cart, and they didn’t see Mrs. Zhang, who was pregnant, get off the cart and walk away.

Could it be that they found so much food that there wasn’t even room for people to sit?

They couldn’t help but wonder, if the cart was filled to the point where there was no room for people to sit, then how much food did they actually find?

Everyone entered the city together, so the food they found in the city should be shared equally among them.

As they thought about it, it made more sense, and their eyes became more daring as they peered into the carriage, as if they wanted to poke a hole in the curtain with their gaze.

They stared with their eyes wide open, hoping to see how much food was inside through the gap caused by the wind.

Their actions drew the attention of others, who wondered what they were staring at.

However, apart from the Shen family’s carriage, there was nothing else in front of them.

After staring for a long time, they couldn’t figure out what was going on. Someone couldn’t help but ask, “Auntie Wang, Auntie Xiao Wu, what are you guys looking at in other people’s carts?”

The two of them were taken aback by the question and only then did they realize that everyone was staring at them.

The woman called Auntie Wang smiled awkwardly and said, “Nothing, just looking around.”

But the other woman, Auntie Xiao Wu, spoke frankly, “Isn’t it because we’re curious why Shen Rong built a shelter over his carriage and kept it tightly covered? We want to know what good things are hidden inside that he doesn’t want people to see.”

“It’s none of your business what’s in my carriage,” Grandma Shen said unhappily.

“Staring into other people’s bowls day by day, you are really wasting the two eyeballs given to you.”

Aunt Xiao Wu chuckled and said, “Yesterday on the road, I heard your granddaughter say that there might be food in the city. With such tight security, did she find a lot?”

Since we all came together, this food should not only belong to your family. If it is ownerless, we should share it with everyone.”

Shen Yu’an couldn’t understand why she could speak so confidently and self-righteously.

Not to mention that there was no food in their carriage, even if there was, it was obtained by their own efforts. Who was she to demand food?

It sounded good, but if they really found food, they might not be willing to share it.

Lin Chunyan, who was watching the scene from the side, had a sudden flash of insight in her mind upon hearing this sentence.

Anyway, she didn’t know where her thoughts went wrong, and she even thought of the ridicule she had received yesterday.

She suddenly realized that she had seen Lin Popi go to Shen’s carriage last night, so how could he suddenly disappear the next day?

It must be that after Lin Popi succeeded, he was discovered by the Shen family and then killed and buried!

She must expose the true face of Shen Yu’an and the others!

They were obviously the most malicious people, and they didn’t deserve to be with the team.

Lin Chunyan walked to the side of the carriage and spoke as if she was doing them a favor: “Why don’t you open the curtain of the carriage and let everyone see, so that they won’t misunderstand you anymore?”

“Does little sister Yu’an not know that by not being open and honest with everyone, it is not good for the harmony of our team?”

Shen Yu’an found it funny that Lin Chunyan kept coming to her even though she didn’t want to deal with her.

The Shen family had never been short of food for Shen Yu’an since she was a child, and she had also grown taller with her recent exercise.

Lin Chunyan, who was standing in front of her, was half a head shorter than her.

Shen Yu’an looked down at Lin Chunyan and said, “What does it have to do with you what’s in my family’s carriage? Since you want to be open and honest with everyone, why don’t you set an example and open your own grain bag first for everyone to see what’s inside?”

Lin Chunyan replied anxiously, “Why should I let you see it?”

She must be jealous because all of that grain is from Wang’s family, Lin Chunyan thought to herself.

Seeing that Shen Yu’an was reluctant to let them see what was inside the carriage, Lin Chunyan became more convinced that Lin Popi was being hidden inside.

She was determined to expose Shen Yu’an!

She tried to lift the curtain of the carriage to expose the true face of Shen Yu’an, but her hand was easily caught by Shen Yu’an when she passed by him.

Now, Lin Chunyan’s mind is full of the idea of lifting the curtain and uncovering Shen Yu’an’s true identity.

When she realized that her hand was caught by Shen Yu’an, Lin Chunyan panicked and impulsively slapped Shen Yu’an’s face with her other hand.

The next moment, a crisp sound echoed.

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