Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 30

Chapter 30: You dared to hit me!


“It must hurt a lot,” everyone thought to themselves, shivering all over.

It even sounded like there was an echo. They hope it didn’t ruin her face.

As they looked over, they realized that the one who got slapped was not Shen Yuan, but Lin Chunyan, who had initiated the physical altercation.

Lin Chunyan’s body bent down, and everyone had no doubt that if Shen Yu’an hadn’t held her other wrist, she would have been slapped away.

Lin Chunyan realized what had happened and was shocked, she touched her face that had been slapped.

She screamed and waved her arms, about to hit Shen Yu’an again: “Ah, ah, ah!!! Shen Yu’an, how dare you hit me, I’ll kill you!”

The others were so shocked that they forgot to intervene, while the Shen family members were not worried at all.

They couldn’t beat her even if they teamed up. Lin Chunyan was not even a warm-up for their daughter/niece/sister.

Shen Dalang: Ha, overestimating oneself.

Shen Yun: … mourning in silence.

Shen Sanlang: Will sister break her teeth with that hit?

The rest of the Shen family: …there’s nothing to say, let’s light three incense sticks and wish her good luck.

As expected, Shen Yu’an didn’t give Lin Chunyan a chance to fight back. Before she could swing her hands again, Shen Yu’an had already released her wrist.

Then she quickly slapped the other side of her face.


Another crisp sound.

Lin Chunyan fell to the ground and shouted in shock, “How dare you hit me!”

Shen Yu’an sneered, feeling much better with the two handprints on her face.

“When you asked me earlier, didn’t I show you with my actions?” she said.

“I not only dared to hit you, but I hit you twice.”

Lin Chunyan widened her eyes, disbelief written all over her face.

Ignoring Lin Chunyan’s widened eyes, Shen Yu’an looked up at the villagers who had gathered around.

“Anyone who dares to come here and cause trouble again, should think about their own fate. I can’t guarantee that I will be as gentle as I was this time,” she warned.

The crowd followed Shen Yu’an’s pointing finger and looked at the red handprints on Lin Chunyan’s face…and thought that was being gentle?

As Ma Shi ran out of the crowd, she threw herself in front of Lin Chunyan and cried out, “You vicious little slut, how could you be so cruel? Let’s all talk about it, this wicked woman has ruined my Chunyan’s face with such a heavy hand. How can she ever get married in the future?”

“Since you bring it up, let’s also talk about how Lin Chunyan pushed me into the water and almost killed me,” Shen Yuan said.

Shen Yu’an bend and leaned close to the mother and daughter sitting on the ground. She whispered, “Let’s see if this evil spirit can make you… pay… with your lives!”

The mother and daughter both trembled, and Ma Shi opened her arms to push Shen Yu’an.

Shen Yu’an seemed to have predicted this and stood up straight before Ma Shi could push her.

Lin Chunyan was so scared that her whole body trembled. For a moment, she felt like she was really being strangled by something terrifying around her neck.

Just now, Aunt Wu, who had been watching the excitement from the sidelines and waiting for things to develop, saw that the mother and daughter, Ma Shi, couldn’t match Shen Yu’an alone.

Aunt Wu said angrily, “You dare to go against the natural order. Do you believe that I can have Er Dan drive your family out of the team and let you fend for yourselves?”

Er Dan is Shenlizheng’s nickname. No one has called him that in a long time since he became the team leader.

So as soon as he heard Aunt Wu calling him that, his face immediately darkened.

Aunt Wu is Lizheng’s older brother’s wife. When she’s unhappy, she often goes to Lizheng’s doorstep to cry and cause a scene.

Lizheng gets annoyed by her antics and tends to agree with whatever she asks for.

There you have it. Aunt Wu wants to use the same trick again. She looks at Li Zheng and says, “Look at that girl. She dared to hit someone in front of everyone in the village, and no one from her family spoke up. That’s not how a girl should behave.”

“Since no one from her family is doing anything about it, Er Dan, you should teach her a lesson on behalf of her family!”

She didn’t realize that everyone was looking at her as if she were a fool.

The elders are there, why do you need to step in and discipline someone?

Besides, since we arrived from the city yesterday, everyone has been looking around. The refugees have been stripping the walls of their mud houses for food, so where is there any food left?

Regarding the incident of the Shen family girl hitting someone, it was Lin Chunyan who struck first. Shouldn’t the girl defend herself and fight back?

It must be said that many people in the team are now on the side of the Shen family, whether it is because they believed their words and collected the grain in advance, or because they bought grain from them.

They all owe gratitude to the Shen family, and not many people would forget this favor.

“Hmph, Aunt Wu, when will it be your turn to teach my granddaughter?” grandmother Shen said, standing beside Shen Yu’an.

“You should take care of your own affairs first, and teach your grandson well. Don’t always run to the widow’s house and have a father and son work with one wife. It’s shameful to be known like that,” Grandma Shen retorted, causing the two men behind Aunt Wu to blush with embarrassment.

This is also a funny thing in the village.

The widow in the neighboring village has had many “visitors” in her house.

The widow didn’t remarry after her husband died, and anyone who visited her with some gifts could have an intimate encounter with her.

It was a common occurrence for men to visit the widow next door and take advantage of her.

Originally, it was the grandson of Aunt. Wu who went to fool around with the widow next door, but by chance, Aunt. Wu’s son, also went there.

When her grandson saw his own father coming, he thought he was being caught and panicked, so he hid under the bed.

Aunt Wu’s grandson was hiding under the bed and couldn’t help to make a noise when he heard the commotion above. As a result, he was dragged out from under the bed by his own father in a very embarrassing situation.

Coincidentally, Li Maisui, the daughter-in-law of Aunt Wu, heard the news and went to look for them with a kitchen knife in hand.

She kicked open the door and saw the three people inside completely naked.

Li Maisui was stunned when she pushed the door open, and the onlookers outside were also shocked. They never expected to encounter such a scene.

Not knowing who to attack first, Li Maisui swung the knife towards the widow lying on the bed. Fortunately, the widow survived as the people who followed Li Maisui inside stopped her from causing any fatal injuries.

The widow was fine, but the father and son were talked about and criticized for a while.

Later, during an argument between Li Maisui and her husband, she blurted out the story about their son’s impotence.

The son then cursed Li Maisui, blaming her for being a shrew and scaring her with a knife.

Since then, the couple has had a falling out, and they argue for three days and two nights. The villagers haven’t missed out on the scene.

The father and son hid behind the crowd in frustration, while Auntie Wu stood in front, ranting and cursing. When she saw that she couldn’t win against Grandma Shen and family, she aimed at Li Zheng.

“Do you still have any respect for your deceased elder brother? Look at them insulting our family here, quickly drive them out of the village.”

Shen Lizheng was getting a headache from her yelling and looked towards Shen Yu’an, planning to make peace: “Apologize to Aunt Wu, and let this matter go. We still have a long journey ahead.”

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