Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Courtesy Demands Reciprocation

In order to catch the Shen family off guard and make them relax their vigilance, they planned to surprise them at night.

The leader of the group, Da Niu, rested in a place that was not close to the Shen family’s location in the evening. Furthermore, there were several large stones around them that provided natural cover.

“Big Brother Da Niu, Zhima and the others haven’t come back yet. Could something have happened to them?” Someone approached the leader with caution and asked.

Da Niu sneered and said, “What could possibly happen? They are all old and disabled. Maybe they’re just sleeping and their heads will roll off the pillow.”

He had just drunk half a pot of wine and his mind was already a bit dizzy, thinking only of good things.

Therefore, he didn’t realize that there was only a short distance between them and Zhima and the others. If everything had gone smoothly, why hadn’t they returned yet?

The young follower who had asked the question didn’t dare to say anything and could only retreat to the side.

These people, except for some who came from the same place, had gathered together on the road.

They had robbed quite a few people, but nothing unexpected had happened so far.

The young follower didn’t want to think anymore and just lay down comfortably on the ground.

On the Shen family’s side, after dealing with all the attackers, Grandma Shen hurriedly pulled Shen Yun over to check his injuries.

Song Shi and Zhao Shi also quickly checked on Shen Rong and the others. Their worries dispelled some of the panic caused by the sudden attack.

Fortunately, they had prepared plenty of herbs and medicinal powders before they left home.

The injuries on the others were not serious, only some scratches, but Shen Yun had bled quite a bit after being slashed.

Xiao Zhang also got out of the carriage and helped Grandma Shen treat the wound on Shen Yun’s shoulder.

After applying the medicinal powder and wrapping it with gauze, they considered the wound to be well taken care of.

Once they finished treating their injuries, everyone turned their attention to Shen Yu’an.

Shen Yu’an’s third younger brother eyes brightened as he said, “Big Sister, you’re amazing! You took care of so many people with such ease!”

“Yeah, yeah! When that leader with the small eyes came charging towards us, I was scared out of my wits. But I never expected you to knock him down with just a few moves!” Second Younger brother chimed in enthusiastically.

The group all praises for Shen Yu’an and couldn’t stop complimenting her, their eyes shining with admiration.

Shen Yu’an exclaimed in her heart: “It’s just really some basic skills. Please don’t praise me anymore, I am starting to feel embarrassed.”

However, she humbly replied: “You guys did well too. If you practice more, you will definitely not be worse than me.”

It was indeed impressive, after all, it was the first time they had killed someone instead of just chickens and ducks.

Shen Yu’an praised them without hesitation.

Seeing that Liulang still seemed a bit scared, she faced him and said to everyone, “You did the right thing just now. If we don’t resist, our fate will be the same as theirs…”

After talking for a while, everyone suddenly remembered to ask, “Is this guy alone? Shouldn’t we take advantage of the moment and run away? They probably haven’t realized it yet.”

Shen Yu’an smiled and said, “Let’s fight back. If they come back at midnight, they’re planning to catch us off guard. We should return the favor and let them experience it too.”

There were only about sixty or seventy people in total, and just over twenty had come earlier. Now, there were only about thirty or forty left with them.

However, in Shen Yu’an’s eyes, those people were not worth fearing at all.

“My grandparents, third uncle, and uncle will stay here to wait. The rest of us will go to where they are resting.”

Shen Yu’an planned to turn back now and catch them off guard. Otherwise, the longer they waited, the more likely they would be discovered, and it would cause the enemy to become more cautious.

When she heard that he was being left behind, Shen Yun became anxious and said, “I can go too. This injury doesn’t affect me at all.”

“Uncle Yun, you should stay here to protect grandma and grandpa. If any enemies slip through and come over here, they will rely on you for protection,” Shen Yu’an said.

After some hesitation, Shen Yun agreed. It was true that if they all left and something happened, there would be no one to protect them.

Once they finished discussing, Shen Yu’an led everyone away quietly.

When they stopped in the evening, Shen Yu’an had made sure to observe their distance. They weren’t too far away, so it didn’t take them long to arrive near the large rocks.

There was no sound coming from behind the large rocks. Just as they were about to approach quietly, suddenly someone emerged from the nearby forest.

The person was pulling up their pants when they walked out, and when they looked up, they saw Shen Yu’an and the others.

Before the person could even scream in surprise, Shen Yu’an quickly stabbed his mind with her psychic power, killing him instantly.

The man’s legs went limp and he fell to the ground, dead without a sound.

“What happened to him?” Song Shi asked in a hushed voice, still frightened by the sudden appearance of the man.

They were all scared out of their wits when the man appeared, thinking that they might have been exposed. But in the next moment, he fell to the ground by himself.

“Don’t mind him, keep going and be ready for a fight,” Shen Yu’an replied in a low voice, continuing to move forward.

The others quickly followed.

Shen Yu’an pressed against a large rock and didn’t hear any movement inside. Carefully poking her head out to look, she found that the people inside were sleeping soundly without a guard.

“When we go in, we’ll attack directly,” Shen Yu’an instructed with a turn of her head before quickly rushing in.

Inside, there were a lot of people lying down, and one of them was hugging a young woman.

However, there was a large amount of blood flowing from the woman’s wrist, spreading down to a large area.

Due to the darkness of the night, Shen Yu’an and the others couldn’t see clearly.

After Shen Yu’an and the others entered, they followed suit.

The noise caused by so many people woke up the people sleeping inside.

One person’s blood sprayed onto the person next to them, by lifteng their hand, because of some illumination by the faint moonlight, he saw the sticky liquid on their hand was blood and shouted in alarm, “Help, someone has broken in!”

His voice woke up the others, and the people inside quickly picked up the weapons next to them and stood up, staring nervously at Shen Yu’an and the others.

The person who was awakened, Da Niu, stood up dazedly and asked, “Who are you?”

Shen Yu’an also stopped moving and chuckled, asking, “What, you already forgot us so quickly?”

The person next to Da Niu trembled as he reminded him in a shaky voice, “Boss, they are the family we met this afternoon. They… they killed many of our brothers.”

This person was the one who just woke everyone up, and he couldn’t help but tremble when he thought of the ruthless manner in which the woman wielded her knife when he opened his eyes earlier.

The people next to him were now sobering up, and upon closer inspection, they realized that it was the young girl holding a knife in front of them, and there was no sign of Zhima and his companions.

“Where are my brothers?” Da Niu asked sharply, his hand unconsciously gripping the handle of his sword.

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