Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 41

Chapter 41: I won’t let you go even if I become a ghost

“After a while, I will personally take you to ask him,” Shen Yu’an replied softly.

Da Niu’s anger rose, and he had a vague feeling that the people he had just sent out had already died.

He had just sent out more than twenty people, all of whom were good at fighting. How could they have been completely defeated?

It seems that he underestimated this family. He should have attacked them when he first met them.

But it’s not too late now. He’s going to kill them!

“Ah! Ha!” Da Niu clenched the big knife in his hand and rushed forward.

Shen Yu’an lifted her own knife and blocked the blade that was swung down by Da Niu. With a single move, she reversed the situation.

Da Niu looked in surprise at the knife that had been blocked above his head. He had to use all his strength to resist, or else the knife would have fallen on his head.

This girl’s strength is unexpectedly strong!

Da Niu quickly took a few steps back, creating some distance between him and Shen Yu’an.

He gritted his teeth and ordered, “Everyone attack together, let’s kill this little girl first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the people behind him rushed towards Shen Yu’an with their weapons.

Shen Rong and his group saw that those people were only attacking his daughter, so they quickly stepped forward to help.

For a moment, the two groups fought fiercely together, with the clashing sound of blades continuing without pause.

The other side had more people and the advantage. Shen Yu’an saw from the corner of her eye that his father and their group were forced to repeatedly retreat under the attack.

“I won’t play with you anymore, go sit aside for a while.” Shen Yu’an said while attacking.

Just as Da Niu had just dodged Shen Yu’an’s attack, Shen Yu’an suddenly kicked horizontally and directly hit Big Bull’s chest.

The tremendous impact force Da Niu and was sent flying backward, and he crashed into a rock behind him before slowly sliding down to the ground.

The next moment, the rocks he had crashed into made a “crackling” sound as they shattered, and the falling debris hit him all over his body.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and felt a piercing pain every time he tried to move. He could only sit weakly and watch the battle unfolding in front of him.

After kicking Da Niu away, Shen Yu’an quickly dealt with a few more people.

Shen Yu’an felt that her father and his group were no longer struggling so she decided to help others with their defense.

She assisted anyone who was in danger and her bravery inspired Shen Rong, the others behind her, and even Erlang to become more courageous.

On the other hand, Da Niu, who was too weak to stand, watched the situation and spat out a mouthful of blood, but this time it was due to anger.

He realized that this little girl could easily take care of all of them, but after dealing with a few people, she stopped attacking.

Instead, she let her men behind her to do the work, and they are starting to become more skilled in their movements.

This darn girl was treating his comrades as if they were just her training tools!

In no time, there were only a few of his men left, and many of them were lying on the ground, lifeless and scattered.

It was an absolute insult!

He had burned, killed, and looted his way here, and he had never encountered such a tough opponent before.

He couldn’t believe that he had fallen at the hands of a mere girl.

His eyes gradually became sinister. Even if he died, he was determined to take her down with him.

Another fifteen minutes passed, and Shen Yu’an and her group had already taken care of all of them.

Their hands, clothes, and weapons were covered in blood.

But this time, they didn’t have the same fear as before, as they were only killing those who deserved it.

If they hadn’t acted, these people would have killed them.

While they are busy fighting, someone is being sneaky.

During the chaos, they hadn’t noticed that the leader of these people had moved closer.

He struggled to prop himself up, he picked up a sickle on the ground and swung it with all his might toward Shen Yu’an’s neck.

The person standing in front of Shen Yu’an saw the sudden movement from behind and shouted, “Watch out!”

Hearing the warning cry, Shen Yu’an instinctively reacted.

She flipped her wrist and swung the knife back towards the person behind her.

There was a sound of something hitting the ground and a painful scream.

“Ah! My hand, my hand!”

Shen Yu’an turned to see the person she had just kicked away kneeling behind her, clutching one hand with the other.

Shen Yu’an had chopped off the entire palm of the person.

Da Niu’s eyes turned vicious as he looked at Shen Yu’an, and he let out an angry roar.

“I… even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you go!”

But before he finished speaking, he was stabbed in the chest by Shen Yu’an’s knife.

“What’s wrong with you? You still want to talk tough before you die.” Shen Yu’an snorted and withdrew her knife.

“Yu’an, what… what should we do with the dead body?” Song Shi only realized something after the killing.

“Will anyone report it to the authorities?”

Shen Yu’an led the way out of the area and said as she walked, “No, nowadays the government doesn’t have the time to bother with us.”

“It’s too late. Let’s go back and rest first. We’ll set a fire and burn everything tomorrow before we leave.”

Before leaving, they also took the food that the group had left outside.

Although Shen Yu’an had plenty of food in her storage space, it never hurts to have more. Who would complain about having too much food?

After waiting for a long time in the same spot, grandma Shen and the others who were waiting grew anxious when they didn’t see anyone returning.

Xiao Zhang looked into the distance and nudged Shen Yun, “Why don’t you go check on Yu’an and the others and see how they were doing? No one has come from that direction yet.”

Upon hearing Xiao Zhang’s suggestion, grandma Shen grew even more anxious and paced back and forth while constantly looking towards the direction where they had gone.

However, the distance was quite far and the darkness of the night made it difficult for them to see anything.

They could only faintly hear some screams, but it had been so long since they left that it was clear they must have encountered some trouble.

“Yes, third son, you go and check if there are too many people to handle. We will stay here and keep watch. Nothing will happen,” grandma Shen said.

“But mother, what if someone comes from this direction while I’m gone?” Shen Yun expressed his concerns.

He was also torn between his duty to check on his brothers and the task his niece had entrusted to him before they left.

Shen’s mother angrily slapped him on the head and said, “If someone comes, don’t we have your father and me here? Go quickly!”

Wulang and Liulang, who were sitting on the cart, also chimed in, “Third uncle/dad, don’t worry, we’ll take care of things here.”

They played with the small crossbow arrows that Shen Yu’an had specially made for them in their hands.

Shen Yun gave them a glare and thought to himself that their words didn’t sound very reassuring.

Nonetheless, he picked up his knife and headed in the direction where Shen Yu’an and the others had gone.

But he had not gone far when he met Shen Yu’an and the others on their way back, with two carts full of grain in tow.

Shen Yun looked over and saw that everyone was present and unharmed, which relieved him.

He asked for a summary on what had happened and was informed that everything had been resolved. This put him at ease.

It was already past midnight and only a few hours left before sunrise.

After ensuring that everyone was safe, the exhaustion from the night of fear and fighting flooded over them.

There were still some corpses on the ground that needed to be dealt with, and sleeping amongst them would be too unsettling.

So, they pulled the carts a couple of hundred meters away to find a place to rest.

Shen Yu’an filled the vat with water and let them clean and change into fresh clothes.

After everyone finished cleaning up, half an hour had passed.

Shen Yun volunteered to take the night watch while the others went to rest.

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