Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Shen Lizheng’s Thoughts

But what surprised Shen Yu’an the most was Wang Zhicai’s reaction.

It was just as heartless as in the original book.

Just now, it was Wang Zhicai’s mother, Hu Shi, who agreed to let Lin Chunyan into the Wang family’s house. Wang Zhicai did not say whether he agreed or disagreed.

However, he used the pretext of being concerned about Lin Chunyan, saying that he was afraid she would suffer on the road while fleeing with a big belly, so he asked her to abort the child.

But in the end, he was stopped by his mother.

Hu Shi had been waiting to hold her grandson for a long time, and since she finally had the opportunity, how could she agree to it?

Naturally, Lin Chunyan was not willing to do so. She had planned to use the child as a bargaining chip to marry Wang Zhicai. How could she agree to abort the child?

So, when she heard Wang Zhicai ask her to abort the child, she pretended to be touched.

But she said with tears, “I know that Brother Wang cares about me, but this child is Brother Wang’s flesh and blood. How could I bear to… sob, sob, sob.”

Lin Chunyan cried as if she was about to run out of breath.

Hu Shi was afraid that she would cry too much and hurt the child in her belly, so she quickly suggested that she could enter the Wang family as a concubine.

After thinking it over, Lin Chunyan agreed.

Although being a concubine doesn’t sound good, she was still the first woman to enter the Wang family.

Besides, anything could happen on the road of fleeing. Wang Zhicai’s fiancée might still be alive or dead, who knows?

She was already close to the water’s edge.

Shen Yu’an and her two aunts came back at this time, and what happened afterwards is unknown.

In just one afternoon, Lin Chunyan went from being a daughter of the Lin family to a concubine of the Wang family.

After resting for a while, everyone stood up and continued on their journey, bracing themselves.

Zhang Xiangyang quickly took a few steps and caught up with Shen Rong.

“Brother Rong, do you know if there are any mountains or large forests nearby? We’ve almost run out of the water we brought with us, so we need to find a place to replenish it,” Zhang Xiangyang asked.

In everyone’s mind, Shen Rong was the most knowledgeable person among them, so they could only ask him for help in this matter.

When asked, Shen Rong thought about the topographic map in his mind and remembered that there was indeed a mountain range in this area. However, it would take another two or three days to get there.

He replied, “There is a mountain range, but it will take us at least two or three more days to get there. How much water do we have left?”

Upon hearing the positive answer, Zhang Xiangyang smiled and said, “That’s great! We still have some water left, so we can save it for the next two days.”

“Good to hear,” replied Shen Rong with a smile.

Perhaps because they had traveled quite far, they began to encounter more and more pedestrians on the road.

Very few people come in groups, instead, many come out alone with their families.

However, their condition does not seem to be very good, with cracked lips and faces sunburnt red.

Due to hunger, their cheeks have become thin.

Upon seeing a large group of people, the pedestrians’ eyes lit up.

The reason being, it appeared that the carts the Shen family were pushing were filled with food.

Some were so hungry that their eyes turned red, and their gaze could not help but wander around the carts of the Shen family and the people from the village behind.

However, upon seeing the large number of people from Shen family’s village behind, they shifted their focus to Shen family.

Though there were relatively fewer people, they seemed to have the most supplies.

At first glance, there were not even twenty people, but they had three ox carts and three flatbed carts.

Their eyes locked onto the carts like hungry wolves spotting their prey.

Lizheng was watching from behind and immediately slowed down his pace.

Since they were not willing to come back, let them suffer a bit.

When their food was about to be robbed, he would then take action with the people from his own village.

He did not believe that the Shen family would not be grateful and hand over their food.

The other people from Shen village were anxiously watching the pedestrians ahead, afraid that they would become desperate and rush up to steal their supplies.

Therefore, they did not notice that Lizheng had slowed down his pace.

The Shen family had already taken out the knives hidden under the goods on their carts.

Each person was on guard and looking around cautiously.

After a previous experience, they were no longer as panicked.

On the other hand, the people from Shen village and nearby refugees were frightened when they saw each of them holding a knife and stopped in their tracks.

Many refugees were scared away, but after walking not too far, they encountered people who were willing to take the risk for wealth and prosperity.

Several groups of two or three refugees gathered together, and in no time, they had amassed nearly thirty men, all of whom were armed.

Some of them held big knives that they had found somewhere, while more were carrying kitchen knives and sickles.

Upon realizing that the people from the village behind and the family in front were not together, they approached with their weapons.

They immediately turned their fierce gaze towards the Shen family.

The group of refugees gathered together and stared greedily at the Shen family’s team.

With a determined look in their eyes, ready to take whatever risks necessary.

Even a few men stared at Shen Yu’an with lustful eyes.

Apart from this small group of gathered refugees and the Shen family members behind them, there were only scattered individuals who were afraid of getting caught up in the situation, watching from a distance.

“Hand over your food,” a burly middle-aged man blocked the way of the Shen family.

Shen Rong and Shen Ming stood in front, fearless and directly rejected them with their actions.

“We won’t make things difficult for you. You can leave us with one car of food, but we want the rest of the food and that girl,” said a man who had never taken his eyes off Shen Yu’an.

The man added fiercely, “Otherwise, we will take both the people and the food.”

“If we personally go to catch her, it won’t just be about one woman!”

“Hahaha, I think those three old guys don’t look too bad. Wasn’t there a pregnant woman sitting on the cart just now? Let’s grab her too and have some fun with the brothers.”

Several men were spewing vulgar words and didn’t take Shen Rong and his companions, who were standing in front of them, seriously.

Although the Shen family members were all holding knives, they didn’t take them seriously.

There were many elderly, weak women, and children among them, and the remaining men didn’t seem like they could fight either.

The knives in their hands were most likely stolen from somewhere.

Shen Yu’an felt uncomfortable under the greasy and disgusting gaze of those men.

She became stern and quickly shot her mental power towards those men who were spewing vulgar language.

“Ah ah ah! My head…my head hurts so much.”

The people who had just been getting increasingly vulgar and obscene with their language were now kneeling on the ground.

They were clutching their heads, repeatedly hitting themselves with their fists.

“Help me, my head, don’t bite me, don’t bite me!”

Several other people were lying on the ground, writhing and scratching at their skin.

Shen Yu’an sneered. This would be considered the first gift she gave them.

Not only did she attack them with her mental power just now, but she also created a little illusion for them.

Watching them cry, scream and writhe on the ground, her previously frustrated mood improved significantly.

She slowly took out a small and delicate dagger from her pocket and walked towards them.

The people who were still standing and unharmed looked at the ”new found brothers” rolling on the ground, then at Shen Yu’an, who was calmly walking towards them. They suddenly felt a bit scared for some reason.

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