Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Person Behind the Scenes

The burly man who had just shouted took a step back.

He held up the kitchen knife in his hand preparing to attack Shen Yu’an.

“Stop right there! Don’t blame me for using force if you keep moving forward!”

Shen Yu’an didn’t even give him a glance, she was now focused on dealing with the trash on the ground!

The man saw that Shen Yu’an continued to move forward, and suppressed the inexplicable fear rising in his heart. He charged towards her with a knife.

However, before he could get close, Shen Yu’an kicked him and sent him flying out.

After the man was sent flying, a chubby little boy cried and ran towards him, saying, “Daddy, Daddy, are you okay?”

Seeing his dad in pain and gasping for air, the little boy charged towards Shen Yu’an like a young calf.

“Chubby, come back!” The woman who was helping the man up saw her son run towards Shen Yu’an and was filled with a cold sweat of fear.

The little boy was only as tall as Shen Yu’an’s thigh, and he bent over to use his head to push against her.

“You bad woman, how dare you bully my dad!” he exclaimed.

Shen Yu’an was just about to teach the men who had just used foul language a lesson when she saw the little boy charging towards her.

Shen Yu’an loved to see soft and cute children, so she didn’t use too much force on him.

She lifted one hand and grabbed the little chubby boy’s head to stop him from coming closer.

However, the boy’s two hands kept moving in circles like a perpetual motion machine, trying to hit her.

Shen Yu’an looked up towards the man and woman and said expressionlessly, “Come and take him away.”

The man quickly pushed the woman, enduring the pain, to go and retrieve the child.

Once the little chubby boy was taken away, Shen Yu’an looked at the remaining people who were still standing there dumbfounded and asked, “What about you guys? Are you going to leave on your own or do I have to help you?”

Some people had the sense to move aside, but there were still a few holding weapons and watching Shen Yu’an’s every move.

“We have more people, even if she’s tough, she can’t beat so many of us. Let’s attack together,” one of them said.

The remaining few nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, let’s go together. We can catch this girl and exchange her for some food. With fewer people, each of us can get more food!”

The group of people surrounded Shen Yu’an, but before they could even attack, one by one, they were kicked and sent flying.

It was clear that Shen Yu’an used more force than when she kicked the man with bulging muscles earlier.

Several people fell to the ground and coughed up blood, which was a horrifying sight.

As Shen Yuan was busy with the others, she didn’t realize that her telekinetic powers had suddenly reached their limit.

The men who were just writhing on the ground a moment ago exchanged a glance and quietly grabbed their knives, stabbing towards Shen Yuan’s legs.

Shen Yuan couldn’t dodge in time and her clothes were cut by the men.


Shen Yuan took a deep breath and felt the blade of a sickle in the hand of one of the men graze her skin, with the intention of going deeper.

Shen Yuan’s expression darkened. She was careless and had let them succeed.

She quickly retracted her injured leg and snatched the sickle from the man’s hand, stabbing it fiercely into his thigh.

“Ah! You little bitch, how dare you… Ahhh!”

Hearing his screams, Shen Yuan didn’t stop. Instead, she pulled out the knife and stabbed it into the man’s thigh again with force.

Shen Yuan didn’t stop until the man’s curses turned into continuous pleas for mercy. She then moved on to torture the next person.

Watching Shen Yuan brutally inflict “torture” on those few people, the others were frightened and took two steps back.

The first man who was thrown out and the few who voluntarily retreated all swallowed hard.

It was too terrifying, too terrifying.

While Shen Yu’an was teaching these people a lesson, those who wanted to take advantage of the Shen family for food quietly ran away.

However, before leaving, they gave Shen Yu’an a fierce look, which seemed full of ill intentions.

After returning to the Shen family, Shen Yu’an saw the figures of those people hastily leaving.

But she didn’t have time to deal with them now because as soon as she walked back, her grandmother and mother pulled her towards the cart.

Upon seeing that the injury on her leg was not too severe, the two of them breathed a sigh of relief. However, they still quickly cleaned and bandaged her wound.

However, the people outside were clearly not as calm as Shen Yu’an’s family.

The people in the Shen family village were still frightened as they recalled the “savageness” committed by Shen Yu’an just now.

They couldn’t believe that she had the audacity to stab people with a knife. They had originally thought that they would see Shen Yu’an make a fool of herself, but they never expected the situation to escalate like this.

They were even considering threatening the Shen family with violence if they didn’t get their share of the grain.

 But if Shen Yu’an and her family dared to fight back like she did earlier, would they end up with the same fate as those men?

This thought lingered in their minds as they pondered what to do next.

In an instant, many people abandoned the plan to force the Shen family, to hand over their grain.

They thought it would be better to ration their own food and hold on to it for as long as possible.

However, some people realized that this was a critical moment and began to consider their options.

Lin Chunyan was extremely unhappy when she saw Shen Yu’an not being dragged away by those men.

She pretended to be surprised and said, “Oh, they have knives in their hands. Could it be that the two extra carts they brought are stolen goods?”

“It’s possible that they robbed someone else,” Aunt Wu chimed in. “They’re really heartless and crazy, even stealing life-saving food at a time like this.”

Hearing this, many people cast strange looks towards Shen’s family.

They never expected that the Shen family, who was usually kind and friendly, would be involved in such a thing.

After dealing with these roadblocks, Shen’s family planned to continue on their way.

Although Shen Yu’an only suffered a small cut on his leg, Shen’s elderly mother did not want her to walk.

So she had no choice but to sit on the front of the cart.

Just as they were about to leave, the man who had been kicked away by Shen Yu’an, who looked tall and sturdy, returned with his wife and children and approached Shen’s cart.

Coincidentally, Shen Yu’an was sitting on the first cart, and when she saw the man approaching, she wondered if she had been too soft on him earlier.

Seeing Shen’s expression, the man’s face suddenly turned cold, realizing that she had misunderstood him. He quickly put on a smile and said, “Miss, could you sell us some of your grain? My family hasn’t eaten anything for a day. Please have mercy on us.”

Seeing someone taking the lead, some people who had been far away also took a few steps forward.

Watching their pleading expressions, Shen Yu’an felt a little soft-hearted.

After all, the two extra carts of grain were a burden, so she decided to sell it to them.

Although she carried an infinite space with her, she felt helpless and couldn’t do much. Now that she had encountered this situation, if it wasn’t too much trouble, she was willing to help out.

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