Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Meeting a Taoist Priest in a Bandit’s Lair

Shen Yu’an did not leave. Instead, she hid behind the house and listened quietly to the conversation among the group of people in the open space on the other side.

Sitting in the middle of the group was a man with a full beard on his face, who seemed to be in a good mood. “Hahaha, Zhu San, you did a good job today. We’ll feast on this meat soon.”

At this moment, a small and shrewd-looking man stood up from the ground.

He grinned, revealing a mouthful of big yellow teeth.

“Thank you, boss!”

Zhu San’s eyes gazed covetously towards the large pot in the middle, filled with food that he eagerly desired.

Originally, he and his brothers were sent to intercept a small road, but normal people would not take a small road when there is a bigger road available. He was jealous of those who were sent to the big road today.

But he was lucky today, as he got a good haul on the small road. On the other hand, the people sent to the big road all died and became their food.

The bearded boss patted the person beside him and said, “As long as you guys can catch the group of fat sheep you mentioned earlier, I won’t treat you unfairly!”

After speaking, he slapped the person’s shoulder twice with force.

The person staggered forward but quickly regained their balance.

The person accompanied the laughter and said, “Don’t worry, boss. I will definitely bring those people back to you. There’s also a little girl in their group, who looks like a fairy. She’s a hundred times prettier than the ones in our lair. I will serve her to you as a gift.”

“Good! Hahaha!” The bearded boss shouted, squeezing the woman in his arms.

The woman trembled from being squeezed, and the bearded boss glared at her, asking in a fierce tone, “What are you trembling for?”

The woman was terrified, but she had to put on a smiling face to face him.

“Sir, I’m not trembling,” the woman said in a gentle tone, while placing her hand on the bearded boss’s chest.

Otherwise, she might become the next food to served as their meal.

There were quite a few women who were captured and brought back to the lair, but they would occasionally disappear.

She witnessed them being killed and shared among the men under the command of this man, just like what was happening today.

“Hahaha, good girl. When the meat is cooked, I will reward you with a few bites first,” the bearded boss said, while groping the woman.

The woman felt nauseous at the thought of what was being stewed in the pot, but she didn’t dare show it and could only force herself to say thanks in a soft voice.

Shen Yu’an looked on coldly, but he also noticed the other three people in the room.

Those three people were the ones who had just been given great expectations by Lao Se, and Shen Yu’an was familiar with them.

“Isn’t this part of the refugees who gathered together that day to try to steal food from their group?” Shen Yu’an thought to himself.

On that day, she had dealt with those who had spoken disrespectfully first, and when she looked up again, those people had disappeared.

It turned out that they had come here and exposed their information to the people here, hoping to capture them.

It seemed that she couldn’t let them of easily.

Shen Yu’an realized that there were people guarding both the main road and the side roads. She had observed earlier that it was not realistic to try to sneak around through the mountains.

Since that was the case, she decided to eliminate them all. After all, these cannibalistic scum were nothing but trouble to the world.

The commotion outside continued, and the contents in the pot had already been cooked. They looked greedily at the…meat inside!

Shen Yu’an didn’t stay to witness this disgusting scene and planned to quietly leave.

However, as she returned to the spot where she had climbed over the wall, intending to climb out again, a weak voice came from behind her.

“Miss, please wait!”

Shen Yu’an was startled and quickly turned her head. Before her stood a man with gentle and handsome features, dressed in a white robe that was now dirty and disheveled.

When did this man sneak up behind her? Shen Yu’an was cautious, thinking he might also be one of the bandits in this village.

Shen Yu’an was calculating how to quietly kill him without alerting others.

She took out a dagger from her spatial storage, hiding it under her sleeve.

Gripping the dagger tightly, just as she was about to make her move, the man spoke again.

“I am one of your own, miss. Please don’t make a move,” the man said.

Shen Yu’an was confused by his words. Who was he to call himself “one of her own?” Nevertheless, she stopped and listened as the man explained himself.

Nevertheless, she stopped her hand from taking action and listened as the man introduced himself.

“Don’t be afraid, miss. My name is Ji Xun, and I was kidnapped by the bandits here. However, I had a premonition that a noble person would come to rescue me tonight, so I’ve been waiting here for some time.”

After listening to his words, Shen Yu’an’s face grew even darker. He had predicted that a noble person would come to save him? Was it possible that she had encountered a charlatan?

“I can take you out of here, and you’ll be free, but I’m not the noble person you predicted,” Shen Yu’an whispered softly, afraid of attracting attention.

“The miss is mistaken. I foresaw this calamity and waited for you here specifically. I won’t make a mistake,” Ji Xun replied calmly.

“What a load of nonsense. Weren’t you just trying to escape after being captured, and happened to run into me?” Shen Yu’an said, exasperated.

Was this man trying to scam her for money?

Curious, Shen Yu’an continued to ask, “Are you going to tell me next that I have a full Heavenly Court, a wealthy destiny, and a prosperous and fulfilling life ahead of me?”

Ji Xun was clearly taken aback by the question, and awkwardly laughed before saying, “Well, it’s not too far off. But let’s continue this conversation outside. It’s not safe to talk here.”

Shen Yu’an gave him a skeptical look and asked, “Can you climb out of here?”

“I can. No need to trouble yourself, Miss,” Ji Xun said, as he leaped and clumsily scaled the wall.

Shen Yu’an watched him easily climb up and twitched her eyes.

She couldn’t understand why he was still staying in this bandit’s den, where he could move freely and even escape from.

However, this was not a place to stay for long. There were at least seventy to eighty bandits here. If she confronted them, it would not be easy to escape.

Shen Yu’an also jumped onto the wall and climbed out.

Ji Xun followed in Shen Yu’an’s footsteps, and the two of them stopped only when they were far enough away from the village.

Shen Yu’an stopped and looked at Ji Xun, saying, “Okay, you can go now.”

She had just noticed that Ji Xun had a bundle and a water pouch with him, which he probably took from the village.

Therefore, she told him to leave on his own since she didn’t want to explain bringing a man back after leaving the house.

 Although handsome, Ji Xun did not match her aesthetic preferences as she preferred someone more masculine and obedient.

 It was a bit contradictory, and Shen Yuan was a bit helpless. As a result, she had yet to encounter the type of person she liked.

Since he wasn’t the type she liked, there was no guilt in shooing him away.

If she had to bring someone along every time she saved someone out of the goodness of her heart, it would be a lot of trouble.

After speaking, Shen Yu’an left without hesitation, but the persistent Ji Xun still followed behind her.

She took a few steps before stopping, and turned his head to frown at Ji Xun, “If you keep following me, I’ll beat you up.”

As she spoke, she even waved her fists.

Ji Xun watched her movements and didn’t dare to underestimate her just because she looked harmless.

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