Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Visitor from Another World

Since this girl dared to sneak into the village alone at midnight to inquire about the situation, she must have her own resources and abilities.

As for him, he only knew a little bit of self-defense, and now he was both thirsty and hungry. After being caught and beaten, his body was very weak, so he didn’t dare to really make a move.

Furthermore, when he thought about the divination he had made a few days ago, he became even more hesitant to have any ideas.

So he quickly asked before Shen Yu’an could make a move.

“You came from another world, don’t you want to think about why?”

Suddenly, Shen Yu’an stopped in her tracks, and her gaze towards Ji Xun became wary.

“Who are you?” she asked, tightening her grip on the dagger in her hand. She was already on guard against Ji Xun and ready to strike at any moment.

Once her identity was revealed, it was inevitable that someone might have evil intentions towards her. She might even be burned alive as a demon.

She didn’t want to go through that life again and die such an unjust death.

“I am Ji Xun, the disciple of the former national teacher of the Great Wei,” Ji Xun said solemnly, bowing to Shen Yu’an.

He referred to his master as the former national teacher because his master had requested retirement. Nowadays, the emperor pursued alchemy and listened to the slander of malicious people, constantly undermining his master.

Despite many attempts to persuade his master, he was unable to change his mind, and in the end, he resigned from his position.

However, not long ago, when his master was divining, he found that the purple aura of Great Wei was continuously declining, and two new emperor stars had risen.

His master said that in the past thousand years, there had never been a situation where two emperor stars had appeared at the same time.

Originally, both emperor stars were shining brightly, but suddenly one of them weakened, indicating a very bad situation.

The other star was entirely purple, but it was surrounded by a large amount of black energy.

His master said that if the emperor star surrounded by black energy were to ascend to the throne, it would be bad news for the people, and the fate of Great Wei would still be doomed to destruction.

However, the other emperor star was sometimes strong and sometimes weak, and there was also a sinister aura around it. Without an external object to suppress it, it would harm the foundation of the country.

This made his master very distressed. Would Great Wei be destined to fall?

But just half a month ago, his master divined that someone from another world could suppress the emperor star and revitalize the country.

After he calculated that a “variable” would appear, he was sent here to search for the person who could suppress the emperor star and revive the country’s fortunes.

 However, before he could find the person, he encountered locust plagues and earthquakes.

He brought two servants with him for protection, but they both died, and he was also caught here.

He could have escaped, but after calculating with his fingers, he realized that the person his master had instructed him to find, who would create a “variable,” would appear here, so he waited.

“He calculated that an outsider would come here to change the fate of the Great Wei, and specially sent me to find you. However, I encountered some unexpected incidents on the way…”

Shen Yu’an was surprised that someone could figure out that she wasn’t the real Shen Yu’an here.

Does this mean that there are others who know her true identity?

She asked coldly, “How many people know about this?”

Ji Xun breathed a sigh of relief and hoped that was all.

Otherwise, not only would he fail to complete the task assigned by his master, but it would also be difficult for him to leave here.

Now that he had the fortunate person who could even change the fate of the country protecting him, all problems were bound to be easily solved.

“The lady doesn’t have to panic. This is a serious matter. Originally, only my master and I knew about it, but now you do too,” he said.

Shen Yu’an lowered the hand holding the dagger and said, “My name is Shen Yu’an.”

“I’m just an ordinary person. I have to take my family and flee. I can’t change the fate of the Great Wei. If Mr. Ji wants to find someone, go somewhere else,” she said.

Although she had considered using her unlimited space to help others, she was unwilling to be involved with the royal family deep down in her heart.

When she have read the book before, she could not stand the emperor and the fourth prince’s behavior. However, as a woman in this era, she had little say. She just wanted to protect her family and live a peaceful life.

Even if what Ji Xun said was true, she was not willing to help the fourth prince seize the throne.

“Miss Shen, please wait. I know it is unfair to force this upon you, but if you are not willing to help the new emperor Xing, Great Wei will never have peace,” Ji Xun said urgently.

“New Emperor Xing? Is it the fourth prince?” Shen Yu’an asked.

“No, the newly risen Emperor Xing has two stars. My master said that the fourth prince’s Emperor Xing is surrounded by black mist. If Great Wei falls into his hands, the fate of the people will not improve. Therefore, the Emperor Xing I am referring to is the other one,” Ji Xun explained.

What he didn’t mention was that the other Emperor Xing flickered back and forth, making it impossible for anyone to predict where it was. His master still hadn’t been able to figure out its location.

A while ago, my master calculated that someone from another world had come here. As long as we follow her, we can naturally find this new Emperor Xing. That’s why it’s the main reason why I want to follow you,” Ji Xun said.

“Who is it?” Shen Yu’an asked curiously.

The first thing that came to her mind was the pitiful main antagonist in the original book, but she rejected the thought upon recalling his fate in the book.

“How could a person who is doomed to die be the Emperor of the Great Wei?” she thought.

Before Shen Yu’an could refuse again, Ji Xun continued, “I don’t know who this new Emperor Star is either, but the Great Wei is facing troubles both internally and externally. I hope Miss Shen can lend a hand.”

“We Hope Miss Shen can protect the peace and prosperity of the Great Wei and bring clarity to the world!” Ji Xun continued persuading Shen Yu’an. In the end, out of sympathy, she agreed to take the person back.

Shen Yu’an retraced her steps, with Ji Xun following behind, his steps a bit slower.

Shen Yu’an turned her head and frowned as she asked, “Why are you so weak that you can’t keep up with me?”

Ji Xun explained somewhat embarrassedly, “I haven’t had any food or water for two days, and my body feels a bit weak. I’m sorry for causing trouble for Miss Shen.”

Not to mention that the bandits had no intention of giving him food in the first place. Even after he was free to move, he saw them eating human flesh.

Due to his instinct, he naturally felt that the water there was not clean, so he didn’t drink it.

As for food, there was none. He couldn’t make a fire to cook, and the dry food he brought with him had been taken away, leaving him with an empty stomach.

Shen Yu’an didn’t say anything else, but she slowed down her pace a little.

Ji Xun noticed this and became even more convinced that she was the person he was looking for. She was beautiful and kind-hearted indeed.

Although she spoke harshly, she didn’t really abandon him.

If she knew what he was thinking, Shen Yu’an would definitely tell him disdainfully: “Aren’t you the one who shamelessly insisted on following me?”

When Shen Yu’an returned with Ji Xun to the team, three hours had passed, and it was already early morning, around 3:00 am.

The people on night watch had been changed, and now his father and elder brother were on watch. The people guarding the Shen family village not far away were dozing off.

As soon as they saw Shen Yu’an return, before they could even ask a few questions, they saw another person behind her.

“Daughter, who is this?” Shen Rong asked, looking at the man who appeared behind Shen Yu’an.

At this point, Ji Xun also walked up to Shen Rong and Shen Dalang.

He smiled and said, “Hello Uncle, I am Ji Xun. I was kidnapped by bandits to their stronghold a few days ago. Thanks to Miss Shen, she rescued me from the bandits’ den just now.”

Shen Rong and Shen Dalang looked at Shen Yu’an, and only when they saw her nod did they feel relieved.

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