Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Will you draw your sword to help when you see injustice?

Shen Yu’an overheard everyone talking about the woman who was the talk of the town in Shen’s village and couldn’t help but take a closer look.

After all, according to the villagers, although Li Guawu had lost her husband and had no children, she still lived quite comfortably.

For a woman to be able to make it here, she must have some skills.

At this moment, Li Guawu was tightly embraced by a bandit, her body pressed closely against his.

She could tell that this man who was holding her had the most authority among the group, thinking that he must be the leader, so she obediently stuck to him.

As a woman traveling alone during these difficult times, it was not easy, so it was better to attach herself to a powerful man.

However, since Shen Yu’an had brought his men here, Li Guawu could no longer fulfill her wish of becoming the leader’s wife.

The other bandits looked on enviously at the one holding the woman.

Shen Yu’an noticed that the leader of the bandits had three familiar men behind him, the same three who had sold their information last night.

She gestured to her men and slowly approached.

The bandits over there had no idea that danger was approaching and were still teasing Li Guawu.

Meanwhile, the three men who had been beaten by Shen Yu’an and had fled were anxiously looking towards the road.

They had been afraid that Shen Yu’an would kill them all, so they had fled here, only to be caught by these bandits.

They had only been spared from becoming food by providing information about Shen Yu’an and his group to the leader of the bandits in the village.

It had been some time since they were expected to pass through this area, but there was no sign of them.

If they couldn’t capture the little girl and bring her back to the leader, they would be in big trouble.

They looked around at the group of people and made up their minds.

They needed to head towards the prefectural capital, even if it meant taking a different route than the main road.

However, there were many people stationed on both sides, so it was impossible for them to escape.

He even imagined how he would become the “boss” of the village after bringing the girl back, being hailed by everyone.

A smile formed on his lips, but suddenly he caught a glimpse of a figure flashing through the trees.

The next moment, a group of people appeared in front of them with weapons in their hands.

“Robbery! Hand over everything you have!” a stern voice rang out.

The word “robbery” from Shen Yun just now had left Shen Yu’an shocked and flustered.

This remark from her uncle was quite humorous.

However, she held back, as she was a considerate and understanding person and did not want her uncle to feel embarrassed.

The group of bandits who were teasing the woman were startled by the sudden remark, thinking that it was one of their own who had spoken.

The person in the lead kicked the person next to them in frustration, and angrily cursed, “Who’s the idiot screaming to die so loudly?!”

“Second… Second Brother, it wasn’t our person who yelled,” the little brother who was kicked weakly spoke up.

Li Guawu, the widow who was being held by the person in the lead, suddenly saw so many people holding weapons appear and panicked, shouting, “Ah! Bandits!”

When Li Guawu, the widow, said this, the people following behind Shen Yu’an became unhappy.

“Who are you calling bandits? Look carefully, the ones over there on your side are the bandits,” one person retorted.

“That’s right, we saw them harassing you, and couldn’t stand by. We… we drew our weapons to help! We were saving you,” another person added.

The several bandits’ faces turned cold. Are these bandits from a nearby mountain?

Didn’t they know that this was their territory?

How dare they come and rob in our territory!

The bandit leader released Li Guawu, and pushed her to the side. “We brothers have occupied this place. You should find another way,” he said.

“Hmm, what if we don’t leave?” Shen Yu’an asked.

Only then did the bandit notice that the leader was actually a beautiful girl, and he was instantly drawn to her gaze.

He suddenly changed his attitude and looked at Shen Yu’an with a lecherous expression, saying, “We’re all brothers on the road. How about you and your brothers join our village, pretty girl? Then we can share this road together.”

Shen Yu’an let out a cold laugh and scanned the three people in front of her with her gaze.

One of them recognized Shen Yu’an as the person who had beaten them up the other day and was shocked, staring at her with widened eyes.

“She, she, she… when did she gather so many ‘little brothers’? And become a bandit!”

Upon realizing it was her, he quickly reminded his companion, “Second brother, this woman is the girl from that family we talked about.”

“It’s them?” The leader of the bandits realized and angrily kicked the informant, “Didn’t you say there were only a dozen of them and a bunch of elderly, weak, sick, and disabled people!”

“Yes, yes, that’s what we heard. We don’t know how so many people suddenly appeared,” the informant weakly replied.

The leader of the bandits looked at the clearly threatening group of people, who outnumbered them.

He thought to himself that he should first stabilize the situation and send someone back to report, and then send more people over.

He smiled and said, “It’s truly admirable for a young girl like you to be able to gather such a large group of brothers.”

“We’re all brothers on the road, how about we become friends?”

As he spoke, he signaled to one of the bandits to quickly go back and call for reinforcements.

The next moment, he felt a gust of wind whistle past his ear and heard the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

He reached up to his ear and felt in his hand that there was blood, then slowly turned his head to look.

The bandit had only run behind the crowd when there was a loud bang and he fell to the ground.

The onlookers saw a dagger flying by just moments ago then they saw the body of the bandit lying face down on the ground.

The dagger was now stuck in the bandit’s chest, and in no time, the area around it was covered in red.

“Don’t run around, or I’ll take action~”

Shen Yu’an’s words regained the attention of the crowd, and the remaining twenty nine bandits were shocked as they looked at Shen Yu’an and took a step back in unison.

The Shen villagers who had followed behind also breathed a sigh of relief, and even a few young men looked at Shen Yu’an with shining eyes.

In reality, they were all quite scared, as they were about to face off against bandits who had killed countless people.

But with Shen Yu’an’s impressive fighting skills, she could take on multiple bandits at once, making the villagers feel a lot more at ease.

Besides, that flying dagger just now was really cool!

“You guys don’t have to be too aggressive. We can give you this place, but we have to be allowed to leave,” said the leader of the bandits, as he cautiously stepped back and tried to negotiate with Shen Yu’an.

But Shen Yu’an’s goal was to make sure that none of them could return. How could she agree to such a proposal?

“Get them! Don’t let a single one escape!”

With this order, Shen Yuan rushed out, her blade aimed straight at the leader of the bandits.

The others followed suit, and in contrast, the bandits had already been scared out of their wits by Shen Yuan’s skills, and were now frantically trying to flee.

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