Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Older sister is so scary, she almost scared me to death~

The leader of the bandits was trapped by Shen Yu’an and couldn’t escape. He could only shout loudly, “Everyone run, run into the village and let the boss come save us!”

Shen Yu’an’s mouth curved into a wicked smile, and in the next moment after the robber’s call for help, the big knife in his hand was aimed at the robber’s heart.

The drenched robber could only resist twice before being shaken with pain.

How much strength does this girl actually have!

It was only in the moment when he was distracted that Shen Yu’an quickly pulled back the knife and slashed towards his neck.

“You…huh…huh.” He wanted to say something, but before he could finish, his body went limp and he fell to the ground.

Shen Yu’an kicked the person aside and faced the others.

Seeing these bandits being scared and scattered, the people of Shen Village chased after them and caught them all.

However, once they were caught, these bandits never had a chance to stand up again.

After dealing with all the bandits, Shen Yu’an confirmed that they were all dead.

However, the way these bandits died was quite miserable. There were many wounds on their bodies, all of which were hacked by the Shen Village people who came with no rules or order.

Some people held sickles, while others held hoes, and without exception, all were stained with blood.

Just a moment ago, most of them were only facing one person with two or three people, but even so, it was enough to make them tremble with fear.

Watching them shake all over, they were no different from the Shen Family people when they first started killing.

But they quickly came to their senses, and then they were filled with great shock. They actually did it, they could also protect themselves and their families.

Many people came here because of Shen Yu’an’s promise of distributing food according to the number of people.

However, it wasn’t until this moment that they realized they were also capable, that they could protect themselves.

Due to the influence of many gossipy women in the village, many people also felt that the Shen family was at fault for not wanting to protect them despite having the ability.

But now, feeling that they were capable of protecting themselves was truly amazing.

After all, it’s better to rely on oneself than on others.

The crowd all cast grateful looks towards Shen Yu’an.

Shen Yu’an was a bit puzzled and then looked away when he saw that they were all safe.

“Um, you guys are from Shen Village, right?”

After the situation calmed down, Li Guawu, who had retreated to the side when things got out of hand, took cautious steps and emerged from behind a big tree. Shen Yu’an looked at her.

Compared to the slightly withered figures and loud voices of the women in the village, Li Guawu did indeed look different.

Her figure was quite plump, especially with the two plump soft flesh on her chest, which were undoubtedly attractive to men.

Her voice was also soft and gentle.

Although Shen Yu’an always felt that she had the suspicion of pinching her throat when she spoke.

“Yeah, we are from the Shen village. You must be the widow from the Li village next door,” said a man who looked simple-minded.

Li Guawu showed no embarrassment on her face and said with a smile, “Hehe, that’s me, that’s me. Brother, do you know me?”

“Heh, just heard about you. Many people in our village know about you,” the tall and simple-minded guy continued.

“Isn’t it fate? What’s your name, big brother?” Li Guawu said as she tried to pounce on the big and silly-looking guy.

The big guy blushed and quickly dodged away.

The men in his village had plenty of jokes about how the men from their village often joked around with Li Widow, and his wife had been constantly warning him about it.

So when Li Guawu was about to pounce on the big guy, he panicked and quickly hid behind Shen Yun.

Shen Yu’an furrowed her brows as she watched them.

Li Guawu saw Shen Yun, and her eyes light up and thought, “This one is much better-looking than the big guy just now.”

As she was about to pounce on Shen Yun, Shen Yu’an coughed heavily to remind the widow that they were in public and that she should tone it down a bit if she didn’t want to embarrass herself. However, the widow didn’t care about her face, as she had tangled with so many men in the village.

The big man she was trying to climb just now was gone, so she had to find a new target.

Just then, the man who happened to be in front of her was just what she wanted. So even though she heard the gentle reminder from Shen Yu’an, she acted as if she hadn’t get it and continued to rush towards him.

However, as she was about to reach Shen Yun, a knife was thrust between them, with the tip of the blade pointing directly at her neck.

“Take another step, and I’ll slit your throat,” Shen Yun intentionally lowered his voice, speaking in a menacing tone.

The blood that had splattered onto his face earlier slid down one side of his face, making Shen Yun look even more terrifying.

Li Guawu nervously laughed twice and quickly retreated.

‘She’s brave enough to come here alone, you know. She values her life, okay?’

“Aren’t they just men? It’s no big deal. She can always find another one,” the woman replied.

“Hey, where are the rest of your people from the village?” someone in the crowd asked.

“I got separated from the people in my village,” said Li Guawu. “It was tough for me to make it this far, and I’m glad to finally see some familiar faces.”

As Li Guawu spoke, Shen Yu’an watched her eyebrows tremble uncontrollably and understood that she wasn’t telling the truth.

Furthermore, her bundle was bulging with much more food than most households in the village had. It was indeed unlikely that she could have made it all the way here alone.

However, it was not something she cared about.

Li Guawu felt relieved when nobody suspected her.

In fact, she had left before the villagers did, but fortunately, she met some other people on the way.

She took advantage of her own strengths and easily stayed in that team, but several women in the team were not easy to get along with.

So, she took some food and ran away. As a result, she didn’t run for long before arriving here and meeting people from the neighboring village, the Shen Village.

Shen Yu’an decided not to meddle any further. This main road stretches far into the distance and nobody is coming at the moment.

 She spoke up, “Let’s go back, prepare ourselves, and attack the village when the people inside are not on guard!”

“Alright!” The group responded enthusiastically.

The group returned to the mountain where they had stationed before, and Li Guawu followed silently behind them.

 When they saw that everyone had returned unharmed, the people who had stayed behind heaved a sigh of relief.

Now, they were only waiting for the people who were brought by Shen Rong to come back.

Shen Yu’an wasn’t worried, though. Under her training, her father and uncles could not only fight one against ten, but also handle five or six opponents at once.

Besides, that path was narrow, and the number of bandits wouldn’t be larger than on this side, while they had over fifty people with them.

The group was happy for a while until they noticed someone following them from behind, someone who looked a bit familiar.

“Widow Li, why are you following us?” exclaimed both Mrs. Wu and Mrs. Ma in surprise. Their eyes were fixated on Widow Li, as if they were ready to breathe fire at her.

As for the grudges, among the families in Shen village, only their two families and Li Guawu have the deepest grudges.

Upon hearing the voices of Wu’s daughter-in-law and Ma Shi, who constantly stared at her with eyes like fire, Li Guawu quickly locked her gaze on Lin Dazhuang, Ma Shi’s husband, who was among the crowd.

“Brother Dazhuang, why is older sister staring at people like she’s going to eat them? She almost scared me to death~”

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