Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Bringing Back a Doctor

The crowd dragged the bandits, who were lying haphazardly on the ground, into a pile, and then they all went together to see if there were any overlooked bandits.

They found several men tied up in one room, while in another room, they found two women.

Trembling, they looked at the sudden appearance of this group of people.

Shen Rong said, “Don’t be afraid, the bandits have already been killed by us. We will now untie you.”

Upon hearing Shen Rong’s words, the individuals who were tied up and the three women erupted with joy, feeling grateful for surviving the ordeal.

The two women had not been restricted in their movements, as they had been with the leader of the gang before he left the village. Therefore, they had witnessed the events outside.

They had initially thought that there would be a mere change in the people they will serve, but to their astonishment, the situation took an unexpected turn. These people turned out to be their saviors!

The two women found their family members and embraced them tightly, shedding tears of relief and sorrow.

“I thought I would never see you again, Dad,” one of the women cried as she hugged a middle-aged man with injuries.

“You’ve been suffering all these days,” the middle-aged man said, wiping the tears from the woman’s face with a heart full of pain.

The other woman stood beside a few other rescued people and called out “Dad” softly, but the man did not respond to her.

She watched the comforted woman with a mixture of envy and jealousy.

Everyone looked at them and knew that they must have suffered greatly after being captured by the bandits, and they all felt a sense of compassion for them.

However, they only thought that these people had been captured by the bandits and locked up here, and were not aware of the fact that they were involved in cannibalism.

Those people had seen their captured companions being dragged out one by one and never returning.

“Let’s hurry and find some food,” someone said eagerly.

Everyone agreed and walked out excitedly. Before leaving, Shen Yu’an saw the woman carefully helping the injured middle-aged man to his feet and picking up the cloth bag that had been carelessly thrown on the ground.

Shen Yu’an saw that there was a set of silver needles inside the cloth bag.

Shen Yu’an’s eyes brightened – silver needles?

Was the injured middle-aged man a doctor?

Thinking of her third aunt who was still pregnant with twins at home, Shen Yu’an had the idea of taking these people away with her.

Everyone left the room and followed behind Shen Yu’an and Ji Xun. Soon they arrived at the place where the bandits stored their food.

As soon as they opened the door, they saw the food piled up in the room, and there was also a pile of chopped white ‘meat’ on the table next to it!

The people from Shen’s village were all happy to see it. “So much food and meat! Oh my god, we hit the jackpot!” they exclaimed.

One person couldn’t wait and reached for a piece of meat, even sniffing it under their nose.

“Haven’t had meat in so long, and there’s so much of it here, it even looks fresh,” they said.

But then, two voices interrupted.

“Stop!” “Stop!”

Shen Yu’an turned towards the other voice, which belonged to the woman who had been crying earlier. When the woman saw that she had caught the attention of Shen Yu’an, she looked at her timidly, unsure if she had overstepped her bounds.

Sensing her fear, Shen Yu’an quickly turned her head back.

Shen Yu’an looked at the man holding the meat in his hand and said, “Put down what you’re holding.”

The man looked around and only then realized that Shen Yu’an was speaking to him. Shen Yu’an’s gaze was really frightening. He put the piece of meat back on the table.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t we agree to share the things here?” The man asked in confusion.

The others also looked at Shen Yu’an, wondering if she was unwilling to share with them.

Shen Yu’an walked over to the man and picked up a wooden stick from the ground. He poked around in the pile of meat a few times.

Then everyone noticed that underneath the meat they were just looking at, there was something like a claw exposed.

Looking closer, they realized that the claw looked very much like a human hand.

The man was shocked by the scene in front of him: “What… what is this?”

“Human flesh!” Shen Yu’an said lightly.

“What!” There were cries of astonishment.

The man who had just grabbed the meat also took a few steps back in fear, looking at the white pieces of meat on the table in panic.

“Ugh Ugh~”

Without Shen Yu’an having to explain, they all realized what had happened. They ran outside and leaned against the wall, vomiting.

Meanwhile, the several rescued people who followed behind were also pale, but when they saw the pile of meat, they burst into tears.

“My grandson, my child was dragged away by them and must have been eaten by those bastards,” a gray-haired woman sat on the ground and cried out loud.

Shen Yu’an didn’t know what to say. Whatever she said would be powerless.

She turned to her father and uncles and said, “Dad, second uncle, put the things on this table next to the bodies outside the door. We’ll burn them all together later.”

Although Shen Rong and Shen Ming also felt uncomfortable, they were able to hold on because Shen Yu’an had given them a heads up in advance.

Seeing that Shen Yu’an was about to lift the table, Shen Rong and the others quickly took over and carried the table away together.

Half an hour later, as the people outside finished vomiting, they began to come back one after another.

Someone said, “Let’s quickly move the food away. It feels creepy staying here.”

Upon hearing his words, the others also felt their hair standing on end and just wanted to grab the food and leave the place as soon as possible.

Shen Yu’an nodded, and everyone began to count the amount and weight of the food. They had agreed to divide it according to the number of people, so someone had brought a scale before they came.

“Okay, okay, let’s divide the food quickly. Wu Cuihua’s child has already gone back to call people. Once it’s divided, we can just take it and go,” someone said.

After everyone moved the food from the house to the empty space outside, the villagers also arrived.

However, each of them had a pale complexion, and their steps were unsteady.

Shen Yu’an looked over in confusion. They had only left for a short while, did something happen again?

“Oh, it’s so scary. Those bandits had so much food, why did they still resort to cannibalism?” Wu Cuihua and Song Shi walked over with each other’s support, muttering as they walked.

Song Shi also chimed in, “They were all wicked people. It’s a good thing we killed them all.”

Now that everyone had arrived, they began to divide the food.

At this moment, the few people who had just been rescued walked over, feeling a bit embarrassed as they asked, “Can we have some of this food?”

After they were captured, their food was also stolen. Although the bandits were all dead now, they would still die if they were to hit the road empty-handed.

After learning that the bandits had resorted to cannibalism, the people of Shen’s village felt even more miserable. However, when it came to food, they couldn’t be generous.

“It won’t work. Although this food looks like a lot, there won’t be much left for us if we give some to you. What will we eat?” they said.

“That’s right. We saved you guys, and we didn’t even ask for anything in return. Why are you still thinking about our things?”

They firmly refused, and those who did not speak moved to the side and did not look at them. The message was clear: this matter was non-negotiable!

Those people who asked for food saw the attitude of the villagers and understood that there was no room for negotiation. Feeling dejected, they slowly took two steps back.

Shen Yuan glanced over at them and could clearly tell that the people who were just rescued were from three different families.

Upon hearing the refusal, the three families had different expressions, but none of them dared to cause trouble. They couldn’t afford to provoke the kind of people who were willing to kill even the bandits.

Shen Yuan took another look at the injured man and made a decision in her heart, thinking about what she had just considered.

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