Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 63

Chapter 63: The First Step of Abduction

No one noticed the wolf-like gaze of Shen Yu’an.

Since she wanted to abduct someone, how could she not offer something in return?

The first step of abduction: leaving a good impression on the other party.

She looked at the people who had started to distribute the food.

She said in a deep voice, “There were nine people in our family, and four of them can give their share of food to them.”

The Shen family came with Shen Yu’an, the three Shen brothers (Shen Rong, Shen Ming and Shen Yun), Shen Dalang, Shen Erlang, Ji Xun, Zhang Xiangyang and  Zhang Wendong.

Sure enough, as soon as Shen Yu’an finished speaking, those who were rescued were overjoyed.

“Young lady, you’re really a good person. Thank you so much,” the person who received the kindness said gratefully.

Shen Yu’an, who had been given the title of “good person”, just smiled and said nothing.

The women from the village who came to collect food felt that Shen Yu’an was really naive. Why would she give away their food to outsiders so easily?

“You little girl, you really don’t have a clue. We saved them, and we haven’t even let them thank us yet. Why did you give away our food?” someone criticized Shen Yu’an.

There were also people who had never been fond of Shen Yu’an.

They sarcastically said, “That’s right. These nine people who came with you aren’t all your family members, are they? I don’t think your uncle Zhang or cousin are willing to give up their share.”

Zhang Wendong glanced at the person who spoke up for them and felt that their words were more like trying to sow discord.

Zhang Wendong said, “Our food has always been shared together. Whatever my niece says, goes.”

Shen Rong also spoke up, “Since our daughter said to give away the food of four people, we’ll do as she says.”

The rest of the Shen family also expressed their agreement, saying they would follow Shen Yu’an’s decision.

Those who were dissatisfied could only keep quiet since the food given away wasn’t from their own family.

People who didn’t have anyone in their family came to watch the excitement, looking enviously at everyone receiving food.

Although there was a lot of food, there were also many people, so each person only received about fifty to sixty catties (around 27-33 kg) of food.

However, even this amount was enough to make them happy.

Shen Yu’an took half of the food they received and divided it equally into six parts, giving it to those people.

There were a total of six people who were rescued, aside from the two women, there were four men.

From their conversation, Shen Yu’an also learned that the middle-aged man who was injured and the gentle-looking woman were father and daughter.

The other woman, who appeared older than the gentle-looking woman, was another member of their group.

 Among the three remaining men, one was her father, one was her uncle, and the last one was alone.

Shen Yu’an’s target was the injured middle-aged man.

It was highly likely that he was a doctor.

If we could bring such a person along the way, it would be very convenient.

After the food was distributed to everyone, the crowd set fire to all the corpses piled up at the gate of the village before leaving. They even took care of the bodies left unattended at the two intersections.

The village was still intact, but no one was willing to stay and live here.

Especially after they found out the source of the meat, they wished they could grow wings and fly away from this place immediately.

It was a beautiful night with the crescent moon hanging high in the sky.

The crowd walked back home under the moonlight.

The crowd, who had been waiting anxiously on the spot, finally saw them back, and their hearts finally felt relieved.

They were even more delighted to see that each of them was carrying food in their hands.

They casted thoughtful looks towards the Shen family.

The six people who had been rescued also came back with them.

They had nowhere to go, and being captured by the bandits made them realize that it was difficult to escape on their own.

So they planned to ask if they could follow the group.

However, it was not the right time at the moment. The people of Shen village were gathered in groups, discussing today’s events, and they couldn’t get a word in.

They each found a place to sit and started cooking rice in the pots they had brought from the village.

Although they were already very hungry, the little girl had kindly given them the food, so they didn’t want to eat too much at once.

The father and daughter who seemed to have some medical skills sat together alone.

The woman looked at Shen Yu’an’s team and then at the large group of people who were more than ten meters away.

With some doubts, she asked, “Dad, how come they… feel a bit strange?”

When they were in the village this afternoon, it was obvious that everyone was following the lead of that girl, but now they were so far away from each other, as if their relationship was not good.

“Well, you saw it in the village today. Those women weren’t very polite to that girl, there may be some misunderstandings between them,” the middle-aged man also noticed the situation.

Thinking of the food they were eating now, he added, “Anyway, that girl is good. Let’s just remember to be grateful to her.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes turned red, and he added some rice to his daughter’s bowl, “Eat up, you’ve suffered a lot these days.”

The two of them avoided mentioning their time in the village, but both of them had tears in their eyes.

“It’s all in the past. Once we find your uncle and the others with this group, everything will be alright,” the middle-aged man comforted.

The woman nodded heavily, tears still streaming down her face.

On the other hand, the attitudes of the other rescued individuals were different.

They had initially believed that Shen Yu’an was the only person willing to provide them with food.

But upon arriving and seeing the large amount of supplies that they had, they even thought that she was being stingy.

The other woman gazed with envy in the direction of Shen Yu’an.

A man beside the woman scolded angrily, “What are you staring at? Hurry up and cook!”

“Even your own brother died because you couldn’t saved him, you useless person!” The man became more and more furious as he spoke, and he even slapped her directly.

The woman covered her face and dared not speak, and could only hasten her cooking.

Meanwhile, on the Shen family’s side, everyone was curious as they watched Shen Yu’an constantly glance over towards the father and daughter who had arrived with her the night before.

However, there was nothing unusual about them.

Song Shi waved her hand in front of Shen Yuan and asked, “My daughter, what are you looking at?”

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