Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Big Sister is Silly

“Ah?” Shen Yu’an’s line of sight was blocked, and She tilted her head to the side in a silly manner.

“We were asking what you were looking at. We noticed that you’ve been looking in that direction since you came back,” Song Shi asked again.

Shen Yu’an finally withdrew her gaze.

She was just observing the father and daughter pair, but she was so engrossed in her observation that she didn’t hear her mother’s question for a moment.

In a mysterious tone, she whispered, “I’m investigating them~”

“What are you investigating? Are they not good people?” Zhao Shi asked, startled.

Just today, they had wiped out those bandits. Could this father and daughter duo be the ones who got away, intentionally blending in to seek revenge?

Zhao Shi voiced her thoughts and gained the agreement of everyone present.

Shen Yu’an felt somewhat embarrassed as she listened to their speculations.

“What a mess,” she thought to himself.

Shen Yu’an quickly spoke up to put an end to their increasingly dangerous ideas.

“Not at all. When I saw them today, I noticed they had silver needles in their baggage. I think they might be doctors,” She said.

“Doctors? Does that mean you gave them half of our food today because…” Shen Yun asked in surprise.

Shen Yu’an explained, “Shh…it was just to gain their favor. They’re more likely to follow us once we’ve separated from the rest of the village.”

“It’s going to take us several months to get where we’re going. Having a doctor with us would be very convenient,” Shen Yu’an said.

“And, Auntie Xiao Zhang belly is getting bigger and bigger. It would be more reassuring if we had a doctor with us on the journey. We won’t be running around like headless chickens,” She added.

“Exactly, It’s a good thing you have sharp eyes, or we would have missed out on having a doctor with us,” Shen Yun happily chimed in.

Shen Wulang also joined in on the fun, leaning in and asking quietly, “Big Sister, have you observed anything?”

“Not yet,” Shen Yu’an laughed.

In fact, she had noticed something. So far, this father and daughter duo seemed to have better character than the other four.

Her mental strength had improved significantly, and her five senses had become much sharper.

When she had been lost in thought just now, she had actually been fully focused on listening to what they were saying, hoping to glean something useful from their conversation.

The father and daughter were seated to the right of the midway point between the Shen family and the village, not too far away from them.

However, her mental strength was not yet strong enough, so she could only vaguely hear them mention something about searching for their relatives.

She didn’t know if their relatives were in the capital or somewhere else.

If they were in the capital, they couldn’t force them to come along to the south.

“Big sister is really silly, I’ve already figured it out, but you haven’t,” Wulang said proudly, his head held high, when he heard Shen Yu’an’s response of not having figured it out.

His whole demeanor was that of “Look how impressive I am, praise me, praise me~”

Shen Yu’an gave him face and praised him: “Wulang is really impressive, so what did you figure out?”

Wulang lowered his body and whispered, “Of those people who came back with you, these two are the good ones, but the rest are not good at all. They were just secretly staring at us. I saw it.”

After speaking, he furrowed his brows and added, “Just like the uncles and aunties in the village when they want our food, they look so fierce.”

Then, he made a facial expression that he thought was fierce.

His silly appearance made everyone laugh.

Shen Yun asked again, “Little niece, did you really not notice anything?”

His wife’s belly was now visibly growing, and no one doubted Shen Yu’an’s claim of expecting twins. They could only take extra care of her.

However, even with careful attention, accidents could happen, and although they had plenty of medicine in the car, there was no real doctor available.

Everyone also looked towards Shen Yu’an.

Seeing their anxious expressions, Shen Yu’an decided not to beat around the bush anymore and said, “Currently, their character doesn’t seem to be a big issue, but we don’t know if they can continue to travel with us.”

As night fell, everyone went to sleep.

Because Xiao Zhang’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, Shen Yu’an was afraid of accidentally kicking her while sleeping, so he moved out of the carriage and slept with Song Shi and the others.

As usual, two people from the Shen family took turns to keep watch. However, on the Shen Villagers side, because they felt that there was no danger and because there were people from the Shen family keeping watch, everyone relaxed their vigilance, and those who were on watch started to doze off.

Early the next morning, as the dawn light began to break, the calm mountains came to life.

They had been staying here for two days and planned to leave early this morning.

Since they now had sufficient water and food, they should take advantage of the time and cover more ground. Otherwise, staying in one place would only continue to consume their water and food supplies.

The water tank they had filled last time still had some water left, and they went to replenish it. They even filled all the pottery jars from their homes before they reluctantly decided to leave.

Before leaving, Lizheng came over and extended an invitation to Shen Family.

He simply pointed out that it wasn’t safe for them to be traveling alone and urged them to rejoin the group.

Shen’s family refused again, and although Lizheng was unhappy, he had no choice since he was the one who had driven them away in the first place.

Fortunately, Shen’s family was still traveling with the villagers, and they would not turn a blind eye to any danger that might arise.

Lizheng comforted himself and felt a little better. He then slowly led the way forward on the road.

However, what he didn’t expect was that, after a few days there will be a road leading south. They were also very likely to separate from the Shen family there.

This time, the Shen family did not walk in front.

After watching the villagers leave the mountain, Shen Yu’an said a word to her family and then went back to the deep part of the forest.

Shen Yu’an’s target was precisely the cave that she used to store water.

They were about to leave soon, and she planned to put some water and food in the cave before they left.

She couldn’t save everyone, so she would save those who were destined to be saved.

What she didn’t know was that shortly afterwards, some people would found the food and water she had left behind, and it saved their lives.

After putting things in the cave, Shen Yu’an went back, and the Shen family didn’t ask anything.

Ji Xun gave her a meaningful look, then returned to normal and left with the team.

The Shen Villagers team had not gone far. After they descended the mountain, they could see from afar that the Shen family followed directly behind.

The Shen family members who kept looking back finally breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the rescued group had caught up with them.

They had even thought that the six people who had been rescued from the bandits had decided not to travel with them.

In the blink of an eye, another evening had arrived.

Everyone found a suitable place to rest and stopped to eat and spend the night.

“Quick, go make some food. I’m starving,” the man sat down to rest and ordered Zheng Li, who was about to sit down.

Zheng Li, the woman who was rescued from the bandits by Shen Yu’an and her group, weakly said “okay,” and immediately put down the pot she was carrying and started to cook.

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