Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 66

Chapter 66: The Self-Infatuated and Cruel Zheng Li

Bai Miaqing smiled and said, “Shen Yu’an? What a nice name. You’re younger than me, right? Then I’ll call you Sister Yu’an.”

Realizing that she was getting a little too excited, she asked, “Is that okay?”

“Of course it’s okay. Let’s go back,” Shen Yu’an said.

On the way back, the two of them talked like good sisters who had known each other for years.

Shen Yu’an took the opportunity to ask where they were headed.

As it turned out, Bai Wu and his daughter Bai Miaqing were originally from the southern city.

Many years ago, Bai Miaqing’s father had come to this area to expand his family’s business and had met her mother, so they put down roots here.

However, Bai’s mother was physically weak and is often ill. She passed away shortly after giving birth to Bai Miaqing.

Bai Wu didn’t want to remarry and raised Bai Miaqing alone until she grew up.

Recently, when refugees attacked the county town, she and her father fled in a panic. They had barely made it here when they were captured by the bandits.

Now that they have been rescued, they plan to return to their ancestral home in the southern city.

After listening to her story, Shen Yu’an comforted her in a low voice, “The past is gone, live in the present, and things will definitely get better in the future.”

Once the damage has been done, no matter how eloquent the words of comfort may be, they are of no use.

However, she still hoped that Bai Miaqing could pick herself up.

Moved, Bai Miaqing glanced at Shen Yu’an and said, “I won’t lose heart. Actually, I wasn’t bullied much there.”

“Those bandits have nasty hobbies. They like to see the girls they capture in a state of panic. The more panicked they are, the more excited the bandits become. Some girls try to please them, but I wasn’t as popular with them, so I was able to avoid a lot of persecution.”

“But most of those girls were killed and eaten by them, and only I and Zheng Li were left,” she continued, hesitating before saying, “Zheng Li is a person who…probably thinks that kind of life is not so bad. So she is very ‘enthusiastic’ towards those bandits. If any bandit wants to come to me, they will definitely be intercepted by her because that way she can get more food.”

Shen Yu’an was in disbelief. If that’s the case, wouldn’t Zheng Li feel resentment towards them for killing all the bandits?

No wonder that woman that they brought back always looked towards their house with a sinister and frightening look.

Shen Yu’an didn’t want to make any more comments, as they would not have any contact with them in the future anyway.

What mattered most was that Bai Miaqing could move on from the trauma.

Bai Miaqing spoke again, “Both my uncle and my father are in the southern city. We plan to go there. Where are you planning to go?”

After speaking, she regretfully said, “I heard people in the group say that you seem to be going to the capital, so we may be on different paths.”

Bai Miaqing quite liked this girl, who looked heroic and Beautiful. Moreover, she had saved her three times and she had nothing to repay her now.

Hearing Bai Miaqing’s destination, Shen Yu’an felt relieved. They were worried that if the father and daughter wanted to go to the capital and were not willing to go south.

Coincidentally, Bai Miaqing said that they were also heading south.

Shen Yu’an said happily, “We can travel together for a while. We are also heading south.”

“Really? That’s great!” Bai Miaqing enthusiastically began talking about the southern city.

The journey was not far, and the two chatted and laughed for a while before parting ways and returning home.

Bai Miaqing returned to her father’s side, while Shen Yu’an went back to her own group.

Soon after, Bai Miaqing and her father, Bai Wu, walked over to where Shen Yu’an and her group were.

As soon as Bai Wu reached Shen Yu’an’s group, he bowed respectfully and said:

“Just now, Miaqing mentioned that young lady Shen saved her again. We don’t have anything to repay you at the moment, but the great kindness you have shown us will be remembered by the Bai family. If we can be of any help in the future, Bai family will certainly not hesitate to lend a hand,” Bai Wu said.

The Shen family was surprised and quickly stood up. Shen Yu’an had just returned and didn’t mention anything about saving someone again.

Shen Rong stepped forward and helped Bai Wu up, saying, “Brother Bai, what are you doing? Please stand up quickly.”

Seeing their confused expressions, Bai Wu explained the situation briefly and continued to express his gratitude: “The young girl has saved us from water and fire multiple times. This great kindness will surely be remembered.”

“Brother  Bai, you’re too kind. Even if it were other people passing by, we wouldn’t just sit back and watch,” Shen Rong replied.

After exchanging a few more words, Bai Wu asked about another matter.

“I heard from my daughter that you are also heading south. I was wondering if my daughter and I could join you?” Bai Wu asked.

“I do have some knowledge of medicine. If anyone has any minor ailments or injuries on the way, I can offer my help,” Bai Wu added.

After speaking, he and his daughter looked at the Shen family expectantly.

The Shen family didn’t respond immediately, which made Bai Wu and his daughter think that they were unwilling to let them join. However, the truth was that the Shen family was taken aback by this good news.

They were just discussing yesterday about how to persuade someone to join them on the journey.

Shen Yu’an replied, “Uncle Bai and Sister Miaqing are willing to travel with us. We are so happy that we can’t even express it. How could we possibly be unwilling?”

Bai Wu and his daughter Bai Miaqing sorrow turned into joy. The group of people chatted and laughed together, and soon the atmosphere became harmonious.  

The others looked at the Shen family, who were getting along so well with the father and daughter who had just been rescued, and wondered what they were talking about.

Meanwhile, Zheng Li, who was not far away, saw Bai Miaqing and Bai Wu go to the Shen family’s house and became extremely anxious.

Could it be that she also had designs on the men of the Shen family?

“This despicable woman, she wants to snatch everything from me,” Zheng Li thought to herself.

Anyways, Zheng Li couldn’t beat her when they were still in the village, she won’t be able to do it now either.

If Bai Miaqing heard this, she would probably roll her eyes at Zheng Li’s attempt to maintain her ladylike image.

What a joke. Bai Miaqing was grateful that Zheng Li helped her get rid of those disgusting men. If it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t have been able to recover so quickly.

Once it was confirmed that they could travel together, both sides were very happy.

After chatting for a while, Bai Wu took Bai Miaqing back home.

However, it was clear that not everyone was happy on this night.

Li Si came back with lingering fear. After waiting for a while, he saw the devil-like girl and the woman coming back together.

He had been anxious that they might come to accuse him, so when Lizheng called out to him, he trembled with fear.

However, he realized that his father was only asking him to collect some things and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

Zheng Li had also been watching this side and paying close attention to the movements of Bai Wu and his daughter.

She believed deep down that Bai Miaqing must be thinking the same way she did, trying to climb up to one of the men in the Shen family.

Her eyes, full of malice, continued to watch them, sending shivers down people’s spines.

She was determined to get to the Shen family before that little vixen Bai Miaqing did!

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