Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Zheng Li’s Failed Attempt to Seduce Shen Erlang

As night fell, everyone went to bed.

Shen Ming and Shen Erlang were the ones on duty for the first half of the night at the Shen family.

Zheng Li, who was still awake, saw Shen Erlang on watch duty and thought that this was her chance.

When Zheng Li heard the sound of heavy breathing coming from the open space, she realized her waiting had not been in vain.

She saw Shen Erlang whisper something to someone and then get up to leave for a distance.

Zheng Li cautiously stood up from the ground, and carefully made her way through the crowd, following the direction where Shen Erlang had just left.

According to her observations, none of the grandchildren of the Shen family were married yet, but she was already eighteen years old.

If it weren’t for the fact that the man she was betrothed to suddenly died, and she was rumored to be a husband-killer, she would have already been married by now.

Therefore, based on her age, the only suitable candidates in the Shen family were Shen Dalang and Shen Erlang.

However, Shen Dalang seemed to be a boring person, so she set her sights on Shen Erlang instead.

Tonight is her chance.

As long as she sleeps with him, she is certain that Shen Erlang will not be able to leave her.

After all, she is very confident in her skills in bed, as she had already used them to control those bandits tightly.

Zheng Li felt somewhat proud as she thought to herself.

It was very dark at night, and Zheng Li had to be careful as she walked. After walking for a long time, she still hadn’t seen Shen Erlang’s figure.

Muttering to herself, she said, “Where did he go? I saw him coming over here, how come I can’t find him now?”

Suddenly, a distant voice came from behind her, saying, “Are you looking for me~~”

“Ah ah ah! Ghost!” Zheng Li exclaimed.

If they hadn’t been some distance away from the place where the team was resting, she might have woken everyone up with her scream.

“I don’t know if ghosts exist, but it seems like you have some malicious intentions in your heart.”

“Tell me, what do you want from me by following me all this time?”

Shen Erlang was a little angry. He had just started urinating with his pants down when he heard some noise, which scared him and made him quickly pull up his pants.

And then he saw this woman acting sneakily.

 Zheng Li also realized that the person appearing behind her was not a ghost but Shen Erlang.

 She put on what she thought was her best smile and faced Shen Erlang.

“Nature calls, didn’t expect to run into you at such a coincidence.”

However, it’s very dark now and Shen Erlang can’t see whether Zheng Li is smiling or crying, so he didn’t appreciate the ‘charm’ that Zheng Li intentionally exuded.

Moreover, this woman just interrupted him while he was urinating, which is unforgivable!

Now he doesn’t feel anything, and he feels very annoyed.

“If you have an urgent need, then go find a place to take care of it.”

Without any courtesy, Shen Erlang dropped this sentence and planned to turn back.

“Hey, don’t go.”

Zheng Li anxiously and hurriedly, grabbed Shen Erlang’s sleeve.

She continued to say pitifully, “It’s too dark here, I’m scared alone, can you accompany me?”

She thought that men are most susceptible to this trick. As long as she acts a little pitiful and pathetic, the man will surely feel sorry for her. Shen Erlang is definitely not an exception.

Shen Erlang was disgusted by her deliberately sweet voice, and he frowned and pulled his sleeve out of her hand.

He said, “Elder Sister, you are not a child. Please speak normally. Otherwise, I will think there’s something wrong with your throat.”

“Elder Sister?”

“Elder Sister!”

What kind of look was he giving her? She was so beautiful, and he, being so unappreciative, actually called her “elder sister.”

But Shen Erlang’s mouth did not stop there. He continued, “Also, if you are afraid of the dark, don’t run so far. Everyone is asleep, and no one is watching you. If I stay here with you, it will damage my reputation!”


Zheng Li was about to go crazy. Shouldn’t this sentence be her line?

She looked at Shen Erlang with resentment in her eyes, but he didn’t pay attention at all.

While Shen Erlang wasn’t paying attention, she grabbed his sleeve again. She didn’t believe she couldn’t handle this man.

Shen Erlang felt the weight on his sleeve and angrily pulled it back, intending to leave directly.

But at the moment when he pulled his sleeve back, the woman also came back with the sleeve.

Shen Erlang was truly annoyed this time. How come this woman was sticking to him like a plaster?

He quickly dodged as she tried to grab his sleeve, relieved to hear a thud as she fell to the ground. He thought to himself that he was lucky to have dodged in time, otherwise not only would his reputation be ruined, but he would also have been hurt.

As his sister had said, a man’s reputation was important, especially since he wasn’t married yet. He couldn’t afford to lose his reputation.

And don’t think he didn’t see through her, this woman is clearly up to no good.

She clearly followed him here earlier, and even lied about going to the bathroom.

Afraid that this woman with ill intentions might pounce on him again, Shen Erlang quickly stepped back two big steps.

He said from a distance, “We checked before we rested and there are no other dangers in this area. You can clean up here on your own, I’m going back.”

After saying that, he ran without looking back. Yes, he ran as if there were jackals and leopards chasing him from behind.

Zheng Li was left alone and pounded the ground in anger.

After a while, she realized that the darkness was indeed too scary and hurriedly stood up and left.

Shen Erlang couldn’t keep his mouth shut, so he wanted to tell someone about what had just happened when he got back.

But the only one who was still awake with him was his father who was also keeping watch, and everyone else was asleep. He didn’t want to wake them up by talking. In the end, he kept it to himself, planning to tell everyone in the morning when it was light outside.

That woman looked too suspicious, he had to warn everyone.

Shen Erlang, who had been speechless all night, couldn’t sleep well even after Zhang Xiangyang and Zhang Wendong took over the night watch duty from him.

The next morning, he woke up with a pair of big dark circles under his eyes.

Early in the morning, grandma Shen saw the big dark circles on Shen Erlang’s face.

She said with concern, “Oh, Erlang, did you not rest well? Don’t take night watch duty these days. Take a good rest. Look, your eye sockets are so dark.”

Shen Ming heard what his mother said and laughed unkindly.

Last night, his son opened his mouth a few times to say something after returning home, but he thought everyone was sleeping and didn’t say anything in the end.

He said, “He must have had something to say last night, and he couldn’t sleep well because of it.”

Zhao Shi knocked on Shen Erlang’s head and asked, “What kind of words can keep you from sleeping?”

“Now that everyone is awake, speak up,” she added.

Shen Ming and Zhao Shi echoed each other and made everyone laugh.

They all knew that if Shen Erlang had something on his mind and didn’t say it, he really wouldn’t be able to sleep.

So everyone looked at Shen Erlang with respect and signaled that he could speak up. Everyone was listening.

Shen Erlang didn’t hesitate and told everyone what happened last night when they asked.

Seeing everyone’s stunned expressions, Shen Erlang felt relieved that he finally got it off his chest.

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