Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 73

Chapter 73: How did you bring back a dead person?

Chapter 73: How did you bring back a dead person?

The group from the Shen family had endured a whole day of long journey and were already exhausted.

After having dinner and assigning people for night watch, the rest of them went to rest.

Just as Shen Yu’an lay down, she sat up again.

She had drunk too much water before sleeping and couldn’t fall asleep. So she decided to find a place to take care of it before returning to rest.

On the way back, Shen Yu’an stopped her steps when passing by a small shallow ditch.

She thought she heard something.

Shen Yu’an carefully moved closer. It seemed to be a dried-up small creek with withered grass covering it. Coupled with the darkness of the night, she couldn’t see clearly what was making the sound from beneath.

Just as she was about to turn back, the soil beneath her feet suddenly loosened, causing her to lose balance and fall down.

Instinctively, she curled up to protect her head and rolled down following the momentum.

The ditch wasn’t deep, and Shen Yu’an came to a stop after rolling for a short while.

 However, she didn’t feel the expected pain from hitting the ground. Instead, she found the ground beneath her to be quite springy.

Springy? How could a dry and hard riverbed be springy?


In the next moment, a soft exhale came from beneath her.

“What on earth?!!”

Shen Yu’an reflexively bounced up and kicked the ‘unidentified object’ that she had just been lying on with all her strength.

The unidentified object was kicked away, falling and making a loud bang as it hit another place.

Shen Yu’an was very confident in her strength. After delivering that kick, she didn’t believe that the recipient wouldn’t be bedridden for at least ten days or half a month.

But the next moment, a violent cough came from the direction of the unknown object she had just kicked away.

Shen Yu’an was startled. Could it be that the unknown object she kicked away was a person?

However, after a heart-wrenching cough, the ‘person’ remained silent.

Shen Yu’an reached into the space and retrieved a flashlight, carefully shining it in that direction.

She discovered that the unidentified object she had just kicked away was indeed a person, and he looked particularly miserable.

Of course, things got even worse after she kicked him…

Shen Yu’an noticed that the person wasn’t lying on the ground but partially embedded in the mud.

She nervously twitched her mouth. She hadn’t kicked the person to death, had she?

She quickly walked over with a flashlight and grabbed the man’s clothes, pulling him out with force.

There was a clear human-shaped indentation in the dried mud.

Shen Yu’an quickly shone the flashlight elsewhere and silently thought to herself, “If I didn’t see it, I’ll pretend it didn’t happen.”

However, she still carefully dragged the person up.

“Hey, are you still alive? Wake up!” Shen Yu’an gently patted his cheek.

Although the man was still breathing, he showed no signs of consciousness. He must have been knocked out by her kick.

Shen Yu’an silently watched him for a while, sighed, and resignedly took out a mat from her space and carried the person on it.

After all, he had served as her makeshift cushion and then been knocked out by her kick. Out of guilt, Shen Yu’an decided to bring him back.

When Zhang Wendong saw that Shen Yu’an had finally returned after being gone for so long, he breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Cousin, why were you gone for so long? Brother and I were planning to look for you.”

Then he noticed that Shen Yu’an seemed to be dragging something behind him.

“Hey, what are you dragging behind you?”

“I just found it in the ditch by the river. Big brother, cousin, please go and inform Uncle Bai,” Shen Yu’an said to them.

Everyone had just laid down not long ago when they heard voices outside, and they all woke up and walked out of the tents, one by one.

The first to come out was Bai Miaqing. She and Shen Yu’an shared a tent, but she hadn’t returned after going out, so she couldn’t sleep peacefully.

She asked, “Yu’an, what’s going on?”

Shen Yu’an saw her come out and exclaimed in surprise, “Miaqing, come and have a look. Is this person still alive?”

Bai Miaqing quickly walked over, and at this time, the others also came out. They were shock to see Shen Yu’an had brought someone back with him. They quickly lit two kerosene lamps for illumination.

Grandma Shen, after seeing the person Shen Yu’an had dragged back clearly under the light, asked in shock, “What’s the meaning of this, my dear granddaughter? Why did you bring back a dead person?”

It’s understandable that Grandma Shen misunderstood, considering how wretched the person looked.

Every part of the person’s body seemed to be in a terrible state, with the clothes almost reduced to tatters. They appeared bloodied, with dried blood on their body and face, making it difficult to even see the face clearly. All that could be seen was the person’s tightly closed eyes.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Shen Yu’an said, “Grandmother, he’s not dead yet.”

If he hadn’t been hit and kicked hard by her, there might have been a chance for him to recover properly, but now it’s really hard to say.

It’s truly adding insult to injury.

In order to alleviate the guilt weighing on her, Shen Yu’an quickly said, “Uncle Bai, Sister Miaqing, come and take a look. See if there’s still a chance to save him.”

The two of them quickly crouched down on the ground to examine the person Shen Yu’an had brought back.

However, the more they examined, the more tightly Bai Wu furrowed his eyebrows, causing Shen Yu’an’s heart to tremble.

Anxiously, she looked at Bai Wu, wondering if there was still hope for this person or not!!!

Bai Wu continued to touch and examine the person on the ground for a while before saying, “The injuries are severe, but the most fatal blow was to his chest. The person who injured him must have extremely strong martial arts skills and internal energy. Right now, his meridians are in disarray, and his breath is weak.”

“Moreover, there is a fresh wound on his head. Although the wound is small, it keeps oozing blood. If we don’t stop the bleeding in time, he might die from excessive blood loss. Unfortunately, I’ve lost all the medicine I had on me.”

“Therefore, no one knows if he can hold on. It will depend on his own body’s recovery ability and the strength of his will to survive.”

In short, the injuries are too severe and we don’t have any medicine. We really can’t offer any assistance, so we can only leave it to fate.

Shen Yu’an said guiltily, “When I was coming back just now, I accidentally slipped into a ditch. This brother here helped me by cushioning my fall. I didn’t see clearly what happened, and when I realized it, I kicked him away.”

“Hehe… So, the most serious injury wouldn’t have been caused by me, right?”

Everyone looked at her in shock. Just how much force did this girl use?

Didn’t the esteemed Doctor Bai just say that the fatal blow was the one to the chest? It seemed that it was caused by Shen Yu’an herself.

Feeling even more guilty under everyone’s gaze, Shen Yu’an quickly said, “Uncle Bai, we have medicine with us. Please help with the treatment.”

Saying this, she hurriedly walked to the side of the carriage and brought back a large bag of medicine.

This part was indeed true. They had prepared in advance, considering all sorts of accidents that could happen on the road. So, they brought a large quantity of medicine, both in terms of variety and amount.

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