Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Life or Death Depends on Himself

Shen Yu’an pointed to the various medicinal herbs placed on the ground and asked, “Uncle Bai, can you see which ones are needed? We have medicine for both external and internal use.”

Upon hearing Shen Yu’an’s words, the other members of the Shen family didn’t object.

After all, it was their own family member who caused such fatal blow. It wouldn’t be right to not help.

However… It doesn’t seem like he can survive. It looks too miserable.

Bai Wu’s eyes lit up when he saw these things. He had only been traveling with the Shen family for two days, so he didn’t know that they were so well-prepared.

Even if he had excellent medical skills, without the necessary materials, it would be like trying to cook without rice.

Now that we have the medicinal herbs, everything will be fine.

However, he still looked at the unconscious man on the ground with sympathetic eyes.

Sigh~ He was already heavily injured, and now being hit and kicked by Little Yu‘an, the situation has become even more serious.

In order to treat the wounds of the person they had rescued, the members of the Shen family lit a few more kerosene lamps.

Shen Yu’an looked at the dim light and really wanted to take out a flashlight from the space to provide better illumination.

However, flashlights like that probably couldn’t be produced in this era.

However, every time someone moved, they would block the faint light, and the person lying on the ground seemed to be breathing weaker and weaker.

Shen Yu’an made up his mind and decided to take out the flashlight.

As for the reason, he could simply say it was a rare gadget from the Persian country.

Shen Yu’an quickly went to the ox cart and returned holding two opened flashlights in his hands.

“Wow, what’s that so bright?” Grandma Shen exclaimed, covering her eyes.

“It’s a flashlight. I bought them when I went to town to do some shopping,” Shen Yu’an replied.

Only Ji Xun gave Shen Yu’an a pensive look but didn’t say anything.

In his opinion, since Shen Yu’an was the chosen one mentioned by his master and also a person from a different world capable of breaking through time and space, it was reasonable for her to possess some strange items.

Bai Wu first sprinkled some hemostatic medicine on the still oozing wound on the man’s head before carefully bandaging it.

After finishing the bandaging, he raised his head and said, “He has multiple wounds on his body, and his clothes are stuck to the wounds. It might be necessary to change his clothes and give him a light wash with water to prevent infection.”

He hesitated after speaking, realizing that water was now more precious than food, and he didn’t know if they would be willing…

Just as he was about to change his statement and say it might not be necessary to wash him, Shen Yu’an spoke up, “Sure, Big Brother, Second Brother, Cousin, can you help Uncle Bai with that?”

Most of them were women, and although the man was still unconscious, it would be inconvenient for them to change his clothes.


The three of them carefully lifted the man along with the mat and carried him into a tent.

Afterwards, they kept going out to fetch water, bring clothes, and so on.

Considering that the man had a tall stature, they had no choice but to give him Shen Rong’s clothes, who was the tallest in the Shen family, but even then, they were still a bit short.

Since they were busy tending to his wounds, they had no inclination to sleep and instead gathered outside to chat.

Finally, an hour later, Bai Wu, Shen Dalang, Shen Erlang, and Zhang Wendong walked out of the tent one by one.

Bai Wu, with an exhausted expression, said, “The wounds have been treated and bandaged, and the broken bones have been properly set and immobilized with wooden boards. As for whether he can survive, it’s up to him now.”

“When we were changing his clothes, the wounds and the oozing flesh were tightly stuck together. It was inevitable that we would accidentally cut into the flesh while using a knife to remove the clothes. But even so, there was no response whatsoever. The chances of him pulling through are slim. Sigh~”

As he spoke, Bai Wu recalled the gruesome and chaotic wounds on the man’s body when they were changing his clothes.

Having practiced medicine for so many years, he had never seen someone with such severe injuries.

Grandpa Shen glanced at the tent and said, “Since we have saved him, it means there is some fate between us. Let’s take care of him until he recovers. After all, we won’t be short of that extra mouth to feed.”

In Grandpa Shen’s mind, he thought that even Dr. Bai had mentioned that the fatal injuries on the man were caused by his granddaughter. Yet, they still brought him back. If he didn’t survive, it would have been easier to bury him somewhere. However, he was still breathing, and it would be a disgrace to simply discard him as it would be a blow to their reputation.

Moreover, he knew that before they set off, his Grandaughter had secretly put a lot of food into the treasure chest. So, they truly didn’t lack food for this additional person.

After all the hustle and bustle, it was already close to midnight. Everyone tidied up and went back to their respective tents.

Shen Dalang and Zhang Wendong were still on night watch, and it wasn’t yet time to switch shifts.

Since the man they had just rescued needed to stay in a tent, they rearranged the sleeping arrangements.

Bai Wu, as a doctor, took the initiative to share a tent with him.

Mainly because the man’s condition had not stabilized yet, it would be easier for Bai Wu to observe him closely in case of any changes.

After a tiring day and the recent thrilling events, everyone quickly fell asleep in their tents.

Meanwhile, a day ago, not far from the location where the Shen family was currently staying, there was a mountain range.

A group of black-clad individuals surrounded the heavily injured Fei Yanchen.

“You can’t escape anymore. Surrender quietly, and we can send you back to reunite with your parents,” the leader of the black-clad group sneered coldly.

He believed that Fei Yanchen, being severely injured and with so many Dragon Guards guarding him, would definitely not be able to escape. Thus, he spoke without any concerns.

Fei Yanchen’s proud gaze swept over the black-clad individuals.


He scoffed. It was as he had suspected. That person was indeed planning to make a move against his family.

That person really underestimated him. Sending people one after another to hunt him down these past few days, and now even the Dragon Guards were involved.

Fei’s family paid a great price to ensure his escape. There was no way he would go back with them here.

He scoffed. It was nothing short of a dream!

He knew that only by staying alive outside could he save his family.

Fei Yanchen looked coldly at the encircling black-clad individuals and gathered his newly restored internal energy. He swiftly attacked several of the black-clad individuals.

“Don’t overestimate yourself!” one of the black-clad individuals sneered and engaged in a fierce fight with him.

“Everyone, attack together and finish him quickly.”

In a matter of moments, Fei Yanchen, who was already heavily injured, engaged in dozens of rounds of combat with dozens of black-clad individuals.

He coughed heavily, and a trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth, dripping down his chin to the ground.

The people on the opposite side didn’t fare well either. Each of them was injured, and two had already been killed with a single blow.

Although their faces were obscured by black masks, their maliciousness and anger could be seen in their eyes.

The leader of the black-clad individuals gritted his teeth and said, “I underestimated you. You truly deserve to be called the little war god of Great Wei. But today, your life must stay here.”

“Everyone, capture him, regardless of life or death.”

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