Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 75

Chapter 75: New Member

The black-clad individuals looked coldly at Fei Yanchen.

Their mission was to capture him alive, but the orders stated that if they couldn’t capture him, they were to kill him and bring back his head as proof.

The group became determined to kill him, their attacks becoming even more fierce and relentless. Fei Yanchen sustained several more wounds.

As Fei Yanchen was about to fall to the ground from another injury, he quickly used his sword to support himself by thrusting it into the ground.

Could it be… that there’s no way to escape?

His eyes were filled with unwillingness as his head drooped slightly, displaying a dejected expression.

A few of the black-clad individuals chuckled coldly and approached him slowly, swords in hand.

“I advised you earlier, but you didn’t listen. If you regret it now, go complain to the King of the Underworld!” With those words, one of them raised their sword to strike.

However, Fei Yanchen was quicker. As the group approached closer and closer, he suddenly made a move.

He swung his sword directly at the vital points of the assailants. The leader of the black-clad individuals was pierced through the chest by a single sword strike, collapsing to the ground in disbelief, his eyes wide with incredulity.

Without hesitation, Fei Yanchen swiftly withdrew his sword and attacked the remaining individuals.

In the blink of an eye, only two people stood across from him.

Realizing the dire situation, the two individuals quickly unleashed their internal energy and retreated.

“Run! Send a signal to bring reinforcements.”

As soon as the words fell, the two individuals dashed off in different directions, pulling out signal flares from their pockets in an attempt to seek help.

Fei Yanchen would not let them escape so easily. He picked up a long sword from the ground and, along with the one he held, threw them both at the fleeing individuals.

The two swords swiftly shot towards the two individuals in different directions, making a ‘pu-ching’ sound as they pierced through their chests.

Both of them collapsed onto the ground, lifeless and unable to close their eyes.

However, it was still a step too late. One of them had already released the signal flare from their hand.

However, due to exhaustion, Fei Yanchen fell to the ground in an instant. He really wanted to just lie down and rest for a while.

But he couldn’t afford to do that. He needed to find a safe place to hide before the next wave of people arrived.

He forced himself to prop up his body and made a fake movement in a direction to confuse those who were chasing him. Then, stumbling and staggering, he walked towards a distant location.

This place was no longer safe; he needed to find another location.

Just before the Shen family arrived at the foot of the mountain, and in less than half an hour, Fei Yanchen could no longer hold on and fell headfirst into the dried-up ditch, concealed by withered grass.

In a twist of fate, due to a mix of guilt and regret, he was not only brought back by Shen Yuan, but also taken along with them on their journey.

Thus, Fei Yanchen became a new member of the Shen family’s group.

The next day, before setting off, everyone worked together to empty half of the goods from a cart.

Then, they lifted the man they had rescued the previous night, Fei Yanchen, onto it.

Bai Wu, upon waking up in the morning, checked his pulse once again.

Although still weak, his pulse had stabilized significantly.

After diagnosing him, Bai Wu couldn’t help but marvel at the tenacity of life.

Despite being so severely injured; he was able to recover so quickly.

He began to suspect that if it weren’t for that hit and kick from the Shen family’s young lady, his injuries would have been mostly healed by now.

The Shen family members put the extra items into the compartment where Xiao Zhang Shi had been staying.

The compartment was spacious enough to accommodate several people, so adding these few items wouldn’t take up much space.

However, Shen Yu’an was concerned that the loose items might rattle around inside the compartment. So, she casually put some inconspicuous things into the dimension.

After all, she could retrieve them easily whenever they needed them.

Shen Yu’an looked towards the man lying on the cart, the one she had picked up.

His body had been cleaned up, and from one side, one could see what a handsome face he had. However, there were two wounds on the other side of his face.

But Uncle Bai had also said that the wounds were not serious and hadn’t been there for long. They would heal and fade away in a short time.

Shen Yu’an noticed that there were also several wounds on his hands, but Uncle Bai had already bandaged them up.

Shen Yu’an withdrew her gaze, thinking that she had done her best. She hoped that this gentleman wouldn’t die under her care.

What they didn’t realize was that because they had spent a considerable amount of time organizing the cart before setting off in the morning, they were already over an hour behind their usual departure time.

Coincidentally, this delay turned out to be fortunate as it caused them to miss the people who came to search for Fei Yanchen.

The previous day, as soon as those people received the signal, those who were nearby immediately started searching in the direction where the signal appeared.

However, when they arrived at the location, all they found were lifeless bodies scattered on the ground, with no sign of anyone else.

The newcomers disdainfully glanced at the body of the leader in black attire lying on the ground.

With so many members of the Dragon Guard, they couldn’t even capture one heavily injured person. It was truly a stain on the reputation of the Dragon Guard.

Then, they noticed a trail of blood on the ground, leading in a particular direction.

He coldly cast a glance at the people on the ground and, with his companions, followed the trail.

Thus, they unintentionally missed the Shen family and their group who were coming from behind.

The Shen family and their group continued their journey with Fei Yanchen for another ten days.

Due to the severity of Fei Yanchen’s injuries, they had no choice but to slow down their pace.

Dr. Bai had advised them that even a slight jolt or bump could cause further harm to his fragile body, thus slowing down his recovery.

During these many days, Fei Yanchen showed no signs of waking up.

However, his erratic aura had become much calmer, and his breathing was no longer as faint.

As Fei Yanchen hadn’t regained consciousness, he couldn’t eat solid food. So, the Shen family would skim the congee they cooked each day and feed him the clear broth.

Shen Yu’an would also secretly feed him some sugar.

Thus, although he appeared weak and emaciated, at least he wasn’t starving to death.

Bai Wu examined the man’s body again and took the opportunity to change the medicine on his head wound.

During these days of dressing the wound, Shen Yu’an had been helping as well.

She felt that his complexion had improved significantly, but she wondered about his overall recovery progress.

She spoke up and asked, “Uncle Bai, how is he doing with his injuries? Why is it that ten days have passed and he still shows no signs of waking up?”

He remained completely still, and Shen Yu’an even felt that he might become a vegetable.

Uncle Bai untied the bandage on Fei Yanche’s head and replied, “It seems that there is no longer a life-threatening situation, but it’s hard to say when he will wake up. However, considering the severity of his injuries, if he does wake up, it should be within the next few days.”

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