Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Awakening

Although Bai Wu said that this person would wake up in a few days, nobody held much hope.

The injuries were so severe that it didn’t seem like he could wake up in just one or two days.

However, they were quickly proven wrong.

Because, in the evening of that day, when they settled in a forest, the person lying on the cart finally showed signs of movement.

Fei Yanchen’s fingers twitched twice, and then slowly opened his eyes.

When Fei Yanchen opened his eyes, what he saw was a night sky filled with stars.

Along with it came a lively conversation, accompanied by a rich aroma of rice.

Upon catching a whiff of the fragrance of food, Fei Yanchen instantly felt a slight hunger in his stomach, accompanied by a rumbling sensation of emptiness.

Meanwhile, not far from the cart, the Shen family and their group were cooking rice.

Since the day the Shen family invited the Bai father and daughter to have dinner together, the two of them were unwilling to take advantage of the Shen family.

However, they couldn’t resist the Shen family’s overwhelming hospitality and couldn’t refuse.

It was said that the young noble Ji Xun, who was traveling with them, was also rescued by them from a bandit’s hideout and he was also searching for his relatives in the south.

After hearing that Ji Xun would reward them for their journey to the south, the two of them decided to follow Ji Xun’s example and express their gratitude to the Shen family for their care along the way once they arrived in the south.

Meanwhile, they were currently enjoying their meal while chatting and laughing.

As Fei Yanchen listened to the ongoing chatter, several questions flashed through his mind.

Where am I? Who are these people talking? And… who am I?

He tried to prop himself up, but every bone in his body felt as if it had been crushed and he couldn’t move a single inch.

It hurt, it hurt so much!

He had just managed to prop himself up a little, but the intense pain made him fall back down again.

Unable to move, Fei Yanchen could only lie still and raise his head to gaze at the night sky.

In that moment, his gaze met Shen Yu’an, who had rushed over to check the situation upon hearing the commotion.

Under the starry night sky, he saw a face that was untouched by powder yet still stunning.

The owner of that face seemed surprised when they saw him wake up.

Her cold voice, tinged with a hint of surprise, said, “Oh, you’re awake. I’ll call someone to come and check on you.”

Fei Yanchen wanted to speak, as he had many questions he wanted to know, but his throat was extremely dry, and he started to cough hoarsely as soon as he tried to speak.

Shen Yu’an hurriedly said, “Don’t speak for now, I’ll call someone to help to take a look at you.”

She shouted towards the crowd, “Uncle Bai, this person has awakened, come and help take a look.”

“What, awakened!”

At the next moment, the Shen family members all gathered around, curiously looking at the person lying on the cart who is only able to move his eyeballs.

Shen Yu’an looked at their eyes and somehow thought of the gaze people had when watching monkeys perform in the zoo in a previous life.

Grandpa Shen said, “Doctor Bai, come and help this young man check again to see if he doesn’t have a problem.”

“Alright, alright.”

As Bai Wu spoke, he squeezed into the crowd, and the people around automatically made way for him, making it easier for him to examine.

Bai Wu pressed his pulse for a while and took a quick look at the injuries on his body.

“Since he wakes up, there shouldn’t be any major problems. However, the broken bones in his body haven’t healed completely yet, so he may need to lie down for a while longer.”

Phew~ That’s good. It seems like all those days of medication weren’t in vain.

Grandpa Shen let out a sigh of relief and looked at Fei Yanchen, comforting him, “That’s good. Surviving a great danger will surely bring good fortune. Young man, just relax and lie down. We are all good people. You don’t need to be afraid.”

Others chimed in, “Yes, yes, you just focus on resting.”

Fei Yanchen looked at the people who suddenly appeared in front of him, trying hard to recall something, but his mind was blank.

He weakly asked, “Who are you? And who am I? Cough, cough~”

Shen Yu’an exclaimed, “What? You don’t know who you are?”

Seeing that he couldn’t even speak due to his dry throat, Shen Yu’an went to pour a glass of water for him.

When she heard his two questions.

She remembered that Bai Wu had mentioned when he examined his body that he had many small and large wounds all over him, but fortunately, there was nothing wrong with his head.

…It seemed like the only wound on his head was the one she caused by kicking him.

Shen Yu’an frowned and exclaimed, “What’s going on? Because of a hard kicked someone can lost their memory?”

Bai Wu took over the conversation and replied, “It seems that the person suffered a head injury, resulting in dissociative amnesia.”

Shen Yu’an furrowed her brow and asked, “Can dissociative amnesia be treated, then?”

Bai Wu looked troubled and said, “So far, I have never heard of any physician who can cure the dissociative amnesia. However, if it’s good for people with this problem to have contact with familiar environments or people, it might be helpful.”

But they found him halfway through, so they don’t know where he’s familiar with in terms of people and places.

Shen Yu’an set aside her worries and walked over to the cart. She carefully spooned out the water from the bowl and fed it to him.

Fei Yanchen was indeed feeling a bit thirsty, so he didn’t refuse and drank the water that Shen Yu’an handed him with a spoon.

While feeding him, Shen Yu’an said, “I found you in a small river valley in a mountain range, you were heavily injured, with blood stains all over your body.”

“And then… I accidentally injured you again.”

“Did someone chase after you to inflict such severe injuries on you? Can you remember anything?”

Shen Yu’an voiced her speculation, hoping that he could recall something from these matters. After all, he couldn’t always follow them.

“Severe injuries? Pursuit?”

Several fragments of memories flashed through Fei Yanchen’s mind at a rapid pace, but they were too quick for him to grasp.

Fei Yanchen stared at Shen Yu’an and blinked his eyes twice before innocently saying, “I can’t remember.”

Shen Yu’an sighed and said, “If you can’t remember, just stay with us for now. When you recall it later, you can leave.”

Besides, he was currently bound with wooden strips and sticks to stabilize his fractured bones, so he couldn’t move for the time being.

Other people sympathetically glanced at him, wondering who he had provoked to suffer such serious injuries causing him to have dissociative amnesia. It was truly miserable.

Fei Yanchen obediently nodded and asked, “Is there any food? I’m so hungry.”

His voice sounded a little pitiful, Shen Yu’an suddenly felt overwhelmed. She brought over a bowl of freshly cooked rice porridge.

“Big brother, could you please bring me a pillow to put under his head?” Shen Yu’an said.

“Sure, coming right up.” Shen Dalang helped to place the pillow under Fei Yanchen’s head, allowing him to lift his neck slightly.

Zhang Wendong walked over and asked, “Cousin, how about I take over and feed him? You can take a rest.”

Everything now is unfamiliar to Fei Yanchen, so naturally he trusts Shen Yu’an a little more as the first person he sees upon waking up.

Fei Yanchen moved his body slightly and lifted his right hand, which was still fixed with a wooden board, as he weakly said, “Or maybe I should handle it myself, so you don’t have to bother.”

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