Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 77

Chapter 77: I Will Remember the Young Lady’s Kindness

Shen Yu’an watched as he struggled to lift his body and reach out to take the bowl.

Just as he was about to get the bowl from Zhang Wendong, his hand immediately changed direction, and she quickly stopped his action.

“Don’t move around. If the wound opens again, it will waste a lot of medicine.”

Saying that, she carefully pressed him down on the pillow with one hand, and then looked at Zhang Wendong, saying, “Cousin, go help Uncle and the others set up the tent. I’ll take care of the things here.”

Zhang Wendong glanced at Fei Yanchen and finally said, “Okay.”

When she saw the man finally leave, Fei Yanchen withdrew his gaze. A slight curve formed at the corner of his mouth as he thanked Shen Yu’an, “Thank you for your help, Miss. I will definitely repay your kindness once I have recovered from my injuries.”

Shen Yu’an shouted in her heart, wanting to quickly cover her mouth as she was almost dying of guilt.

“Do you still want to repay me if you knew it was me who kicked you and made you lose your memory?!!” She yelled in her mind.

Shen Yu’an didn’t respond, but moved the spoon closer to his pale lips and said, “Drink it quickly.”

Fei Yanchen was fed spoonful by spoonful by Shen Yu’an and didn’t have another chance to speak.

Shen Yu’an fed the last spoonful to Fei Yanchen and said, “Once the tent is set up, I’ll have my elder brothers carry you inside. Rest here for a while.”

“Thank you, Miss. May I know your name?” Fei Yanchen obediently said then asked when Shen Yu’an was about to leave.

Unfortunately, Shen Yu’an was someone who was easily swayed by kindness but resistant to coercion.

Seeing his weak yet grateful gaze, she couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Anyway, there’s nothing that can’t be said about a name, so she spoke up and said, “Shen Yu’an.”

Then she eagerly asked, “Can you still remember what your own name is?”

Fei Yanchen, feeling a bit disappointed, replied, “I don’t remember.”

He always felt like he had something very important to do, but his mind was blank, and he couldn’t remember anything at all.

Shen Yu’an wasn’t too disappointed upon hearing this answer.

Suddenly, she remembered the day she had rescued him, her eldest brother had found a jade pendant on him while changing his clothes.

At that time, Shen Dalang thought the jade pendant looked extremely valuable, so he entrusted it to Shen Yu’an for safekeeping, intending to return it to Fei Yanchen once he woke up.

Shen Yu’an put down the bowl and made a gesture to take out a transparent and exquisite jade pendant from her pocket.

Shen Yu’an examined it. On one side of the jade pendant, there was a carving of a four-clawed dragon, and on the other side, there was a single character, ‘Chen.’

She handed the jade pendant to Fei Yanchen and said, “This jade pendant was on you. It seems to be a good-quality jade, and there is a character ‘Chen’ on it, which should be one of the characters in your name.”

“Then I’ll call you Ah Chen from now on,” she said.

After waiting for a while without any response, Shen Yu’an realized that his hands were immobilized, making it difficult for him to move.

She personally hung the jade pendant around his waist.

Fei Yanchen said, “I suppose so, alright.”

Seeing that his mood was a bit low, Shen Yu’an was afraid that he would feel sad about not being able to recall his memories.

So she smiled and joked, “Don’t worry too much. Judging by the quality of this jade pendant, I think you must be a wealthy young master. Maybe your family is looking for you, and perhaps they will find you before we even arrive.”

“It hasn’t been easy for us to escort you all the way, so don’t forget to pay the protection fee when the time comes.”

Upon hearing Shen Yu’an mention family, Fei Yanchen’s heart became uneasy, but he couldn’t remember anything.

He gently touched the jade pendant that had just been hung around his waist by Shen Yu’an, still feeling the warmth of her fingertips.

The strange and tense feeling in his heart suddenly settled down a bit, and Fei Yanchen said lightly, “Miss Shen, rest assured.”

In no time, everyone had rebuilt the tent, Shen Dalang and Shen Erlang carried Fei Yanchen into one of the tents.

Originally, everyone thought that even if Fei Yanchen woke up, it would take a long time for his body to recover even a little.

However, Fei Yanchen’s recovery surprised everyone, including Bai Wu.

“Didn’t they say it would take a hundred days to recover from the bone and muscle injuries?”

Less than a month has passed, and he is already able to move somewhat normally.

Bai Wu removed the wooden board fixed to his arm and couldn’t help but express his astonishment, saying, “Your recovery is remarkable. In a few more days, the board on your leg can be removed as well.”

Fei Yanchen expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Doctor Bai. You have taken care of me all the way.”

Bai Wu waved his hand, declining to take credit, saying, “It’s also thanks to miss Yu’an’s foresight and preparation of so many medicinal herbs. Otherwise, no matter how skilled I am, I would have been helpless.”

After speaking, Bai Wu turned to Shen Yu’an and asked, “Miss Yu’an, where did you buy the scar removal ointment?”

He had witnessed the amazing things Yu’an brought out in the past half month, each one of them was something he had never seen before. This journey had truly broadened his horizons.

What surprised him the most was that the scar removal ointment she produced could actually remove the scars on the face of this young brother they had picked up.

You see, besides the secret medicine in the palace, he had never seen any ointment that could completely remove scars so thoroughly.

Shen Yu’an looked at Bai Wu with persuasive eyes. She confidently fabricated, “I bought it from a wandering doctor I met in town.”

Bai Wu expressed a hint of regret and said, “That doctor must be quite skilled. It would be great if I could meet and learn from them.”

Shen Yu’an casually replied, “I still have two jars left. If Uncle Bai is interested in studying them, I’ll give you one later.”

Bai Wu exclaimed with delight, “Really? Then I must thank Miss Yu’an first. I promise I won’t hoard the prescription once I’ve researched it.”

Shen Yu’an thought about how this big family would surely have many expenses after settling down. When she heard Bai Wu say he wanted to study the prescription, an idea popped into her mind.

Her eyes gleamed with piles of money, and she said excitedly, “Then I’ll thank Uncle Bai in advance. When we have the prescription, we can produce it in bulk and sell it for profit. We’ll split the money evenly.”

Upon hearing about the possibility of earning some money, others also became interested.

As the crowd grew more lively, the silence of Fei Yanchen seemed rather pitiful.

Shen Yu’an glanced at him and was about to comfort him when Grandma Shen spoke up.

“Oh, Ah chen, if you still can’t find your family by then, come and stay with our Shen family. Don’t worry, Grandma will definitely treat you like her own grandson and love you dearly.”

Fei Yanchen had a handsome appearance, a gentle and polite demeanor, and extensive knowledge. In less than a month, he had captured the heart of grandma Shen and is treated almost as well as her own grandchildren.

Fei Yanchen looked up and replied with a smile, “Thank you, Grandma.”

Sanlang and the others glanced at Fei Yanchen with contempt.

Pff… Shameless, all he knows is how to please their grandmother.

With him as a comparison, they are even forced to recite ancient poems during their journey. If they can’t recite them, they will be spanked.

Even their mother and elder sister are siding with him, making them the vulnerable ones in the family with no one to caring for them or love them!

Hmph, it’s only because Grandma, Mother, and Elder Sister are too naïve that they were deceived by him. But we won’t let ourselves be deceived by him.

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