Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Do I have something dirty on my face?

Before leaving, Zhu Zhu, the little girl who was just rescued, clung to Shen Yu’an unwilling to let go, hoping that this beautiful sister would accompany her.

Qi Wenqin and Xin Rui, seeing their daughter’s fondness for Shen Yu’an, invited them to travel together.

After all, with their many guards, the safety on the road would be ensured.

However, upon learning that someone in their group was injured and it was not suitable for them to travel, they refrained from insisting.

Once the Qi family’s group left, the place became empty once again.

Due to this delay, nearly two hours had passed, but the Shen family had no intention of hurrying as well.

However, luck was not on their side. Before they could rest for long, dark clouds started to gather in the sky.

“It’s going to rain,” Shen Ming looked up at the sky and said cheerfully.

They had been traveling for over three months without a single drop of rain.

Now that it was starting to rain, it indicated that the problem of severe drought would slowly improve.

Everyone also became joyful, considering it a good omen.

However, Shen Yu’an quickly poured cold water on their excitement. “It looks like this rain will last for a while. We need to find a shelter from the rain as soon as possible.”

There was indeed a dilapidated temple nearby where they could temporarily take shelter, but those people in the temple resorted to cannibalism.

Shen Yu’an felt a sense of disgust in her heart, so she wanted to find another place to stay.

Moreover, if they go there, others will naturally find that dilapidated temple too.

It would surely lead to a lot of trouble again. Third Aunt is injured, so it’s better to avoid it as much as possible.

Shen Dalang and Shen Erlang also thought the same way, so they didn’t mention this matter.

Grandma Shen spoke up, “Didn’t Doctor Bai say last time that our tents can provide shelter from the rain? We can simply set up the tents here and take shelter from the rain.”

Shen Yu’an shook her head and explained, “I think this rain will continue for a day or two. The dampness after the rain is not conducive to Third Aunt’s recovery.”

“Moreover, if we are each separated in individual tents, it would be difficult to know if anyone has any problems or to coordinate meals effectively.”

Shen Yu’an’s words made perfect sense, and grandma Shen quickly wavered in her decision.

She said, “The rain is about to fall, where can we find a place to stay now?”

“Grandma, don’t worry. Let’s search up the mountain and see if we can find any caves where we can take shelter,” Shen Dalang reassured her quickly.

Shen Yu’an, along with her father and her two uncles, Shen Erlang and Shen Dalang, went up the mountain together to try their luck.

The others remained behind, guarding the original spot. If they couldn’t find a place before it started raining, they would set up the tents first.

However, luck was on their side. Shen Yu’an led the four of them and soon found a cave not far away.

The entrance of the cave was not large, but once inside, it revealed a hidden world. It had a semi-circular shape with a spacious interior where they could bring in their livestock and carts.

There was also a stone platform inside with some dried straw on top, and the ground showed traces of burning.

Shen Yu’an speculated that people had lived here before.

Everyone was delighted, knowing that staying here would be very convenient.

The dark clouds in the sky continued to gather, but there was still no sign of rain. It seemed like the rain was accumulating strength for a heavy downpour. They quickly descended from the mountain to call the others.

The people who remained at the original spot had already started setting up the tents, as they saw the dark clouds in the sky gathering more and more.

By the time Shen Yu’an and the others returned, one tent had already been set up.

Upon hearing that they had found a place to stay, everyone dismantled their tents.

The belongings had been packed earlier, and everyone was ready to depart at any moment.

They did not stop and quickly drove the ox cart or pushed the trolley with clear division of labor.

The road up the mountain was not very smooth, and Ji Xun and Bai Wu also helped push the cart from behind.

Grandpa Shen Xingwang’s did not stay on the trolley either. Instead, he walked slowly with a cane, and Shen SiLang followed him.

Fei Yanchen’s injury had also healed almost completely, so naturally he would not sit on the trolley as a burden.

However, the injury on Fei Yanchen’s leg still hindered his movement, causing him to fall behind while walking.

Shen Yu’an turned her head but could no longer see Fei Yanchen, who had just been walking beside her. She looked back and happened to meet his gaze.

Shen Yu’an sighed, deciding to let it go. After all, Fei Yanchen was also an injured person.

She turned around and walked beside Fei Yanchen, who had fallen behind.

Seeing a wooden stick on the ground, Shen Yu’an picked it up and handed it to him.

When he didn’t take it, Shen Yu’an said sternly, “Take it, or else if you fall, I won’t take care of you!”

Fei Yanchen chuckled softly, feeling like she was now a Persian cat at home, a little kitten that could explode at any moment.

Always showing her claws and scaring people, but as long as you stroke her fur smoothly, she becomes exceptionally obedient.

Wait, what Persian cat?

Fei Yanchen suddenly had this question pop into his mind.

However, it was just a fleeting thought, and he didn’t recall anything else.

He refocused his thoughts and casually took the wooden stick handed to him by Shen Yu’an.

“Thank you, Miss Shen,” he said.

“Uh-huh,” Shen Yu’an replied, feeling somewhat uneasy.

Although many people called her Miss Shen, whenever he said it, those words felt particularly tender.

Shen Yu’an felt that the problem definitely wouldn’t be with herself, so she glanced at Fei Yanchen with a puzzled expression.

“What’s wrong? Is there something dirty on my face?” Fei Yanchen asked, smiling.

He didn’t actually care whether there was anything dirty on his face. He just found Shen Yu’an’s reaction particularly amusing and wanted to tease her a little.

“Yeah, you’ve got some dirt on your face,” Shen Yu’an raised her chin and started making things up.

Fei Yanchen followed along, saying, “Could you please help point it out, Miss Shen? I can’t see it clearly.”

Shen Yu’an extended her hand and gestured vaguely, “It’s on the left side of your face.”

However, Fei Yanchen placed his hand on the other side of his face and said, “Left side? How come I see it on the right side?”

Shen Yu’an was taken aback and asked, “How can you see it?”

“I saw it in Miss Shen’s eyes,” Fei Yanchen chuckled, clearly in a very good mood.

But seeing Shen Yu’an about to get annoyed, he added, “But since Miss Shen said the dirt is on the left side, then it must be on the left side.”

Saying that, Fei Yanchen placed his hand on the left side of his face and wiped it, then smiled at Shen Yu’an.

Shen Yu’an’s inner thoughts: How audacious! Are you teasing me, young man?

Her ears seemed to be slightly flushed, and Shen Yu’an glanced at Fei Yanchen with resentment, feeling that his charm was definitely the culprit.

Pinching her earlobe, Shen Yu’an glared at Fei Yanchen and took big strides to the front of the group.

Fei Yanchen didn’t follow her.

They had just arrived at the cave they had found earlier.

The entrance of the cave was not large, allowing only one cart to pass through at a time. They proceeded to drive the livestock inside one by one.

It took a full half an hour for them to pull everything inside and arrange them neatly on one side of the cave.

The rain outside still hadn’t started, and it was making everyone feel stifled.

They decided to take advantage of the rain not yet falling and went outside to gather some firewood.

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