Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Visitor on a Rainy Night

Just as the person who went out to gather firewood stepped into the mountain cave, the rain immediately started pouring outside.

The pitter-patter of raindrops fell steadily, and in no time, the rain grew heavier and turned into a torrential downpour.

The sound of raindrops hitting the ground created a symphony of rhythmic percussion.

Inside the mountain cave, flickering firelight illuminated the scene, and a pot on the fire rack bubbled and simmered.

Everything appeared warm and delightful.

Song Shi, Zhao Shi, and Ding Hehua were gathered around the fire, cooking a meal, while Shen Sanlang came running over.

“Mother, is the food ready?”

This was already the fourth time Sanlang had come running over.

Zhao Shi smiled halfheartedly and said, “Come closer, and I’ll tell you.”

Sanlang happily approached his mother, completely unaware of the imminent danger that awaited him.

Zhao Shi’s gaze became dangerous as she watched Sanlang approaching, and she grabbed him by the ear and stood up.

With the same urgency as the raindrops outside, her palm swiftly greeted Sanlang’s backside.

“Ouch, mother, it hurts, it hurts! Please stop!”

Sanlang twisted his body in an attempt to dodge his mother’s slaps, but his ear remained firmly in her grasp, leaving him with no escape.

Through gritted teeth, Zhao Shi said, “You’re like a starving ghost reincarnated. Look at Silang, Wulang, and Liulang. They behave better than you.”

Silang, Wulang, and Liulang were sitting by the stone platform, studying characters under the guidance of Shen Rong.

Even Dalang and Erlang were present, but they were consulting Fei Yanchen and Ji Xun for knowledge and learning.

Along the journey, everyone discovered that these two newcomers to the team were even more knowledgeable than Shen Rong, who had the reputation of being a scholar in the Shen family.

Although Fei Yanchen had lost his memory, his scholarly knowledge seemed to be ingrained in his very bones.

Shen Rong also noticed this.

On this runaway journey, apart from traveling, there wasn’t much else to do, and Fei Yanchen and Ji Xun thoroughly enjoyed this arrangement.

If they answered well, Shen Yu’an would reward them with an “extra meal.”

In reality, the “extra meal” is a candy that Shen Yu’an took from her spatial dimension.

In theory, candies wouldn’t hold much attraction for the two of them.

However, Ji Xun noticed that Fei Yanchen was always putting in extra effort to win against him.

A scholar can be killed but not humiliated.

Ji Xun felt that this had nothing to do with a piece of candy; it now concerned his dignity as a man.

Thus, the two of them secretly competed against each other.

Shen Yu’an and Bai Miaqing, the two girls, were listening nearby.

Both of them were not ignorant individuals and, in fact, had their own unique insights on many matters.

At this moment, everyone was smiling as they watched Sanlang being reprimanded by Zhao Shi in the center of the crowd.

Sanlang’s cheeks turned red from being watched, and he hurriedly ran to sit beside Silang, behaving obediently.

Silang had a serious expression on his little face as he lectured, “Third Brother, you need to be more serious. Otherwise, the entire family will be sad if you can’t pass the scholar examination.”

Wulang and Liulang nodded in agreement.

Liulang chimed in, “If Third Brother doesn’t behave, then Auntie will spank your bottom!”

Sanlang responded disdainfully, “Hmph, I don’t want to become a scholar in the future. I want to be a general riding a big horse. That would be much more majestic!”

Silang, Wulang, and Liulang also found it impressive, not knowing how to refute Sanlang’s words. They all fell into silence.

Shen Yu’an, sitting not far away, remarked after hearing Sanlang’s words, “So, you only want to be a common soldier!”

Sanlang immediately retorted, “No, elder sister, you got it wrong. I want to be a general, not just a common soldier.”

Shen Yu’an smiled, as if suddenly realizing something.

She continued, “But if you want to be a general, you must have knowledge first. Otherwise, if you’re in charge of soldiers but don’t understand anything, who would let you be a general?”

“Is that true?” Sanlang asked, half believing and half skeptical.

Shen Yu’an nodded, her serious expression conveying the message, “Do I look like someone who would deceive you?”

“If you don’t believe me, ask my father and Ji Xun,” Yu’an replied.

Shen Rong cleared his throat lightly and said without changing his expression, “Your elder sister is right. To become a high-ranking general, knowledge is essential.”

While Ji Xun hadn’t spoken yet, Fei Yanchen smiled and glanced at Shen Yu’an.

He said, “Indeed, in the Great Wei Dynasty, those who are ignorant should not be entrusted with military leadership.”

Sanlang felt deflated. He thought his elder sister was tricking him into studying, but it turned out to be true.

He obediently sat down, but still voiced his discontent, saying, “I am studying to become a general.”

Everyone chuckled.

With this little incident caused by Sanlang, the meal was ready prompting them to stop their studies.

They shifted their focus, each grabbing their bowls and gathering together to enjoy their meal.

The rain outside continued to fall, and many raindrops swept into the cave, dampening the entrance.

It was already late September, and the weather during the day was still hot and dry.

However, as soon as the rain started, a coolness accompanied it.

Although the cave entrance was small, there was little wind blowing in. The gentle cool breeze made people feel refreshed and invigorated.

After entering the cave, Shen Yun spread a blanket on the stone bed that was only knee-high and carried Xiao Zhang onto it.

He didn’t let her move even during mealtime; Shen Yun personally carried a bowl to feed her.

The others didn’t have any objections, as it showed that the couple had a good relationship.

Fei Yanchen, on the other hand, watching Shen Yun feed Xiao Zhang, was reminded of when Shen Yu’an used to feed him daily when he was injured a while ago.

Xiao Zhang felt embarrassed under the gaze and reached out to take the bowl and eat on her own.

She had only been bumped slightly and was not unable to move. It was quite embarrassing to be in such a situation, especially with the elders and children all watching.

Shen Yun didn’t grant her wish and softly scolded, “Don’t move.”

Xiao Zhang’s father and brother-in-law, along with a few others, wore suggestive smiles, making Xiao Zhang wish she could hide her head in her chest.

Shen Yu’an watched the scene unfold and felt her stomach become uncomfortably full.

The food in her bowl hadn’t been touched, yet her stomach felt bloated.

As everyone was eating, Fei Yanchen suddenly set down his utensils.

His expression became solemn as he said, “Someone is coming.”

He added, “Heading towards our cave.”

His words left everyone momentarily stunned.

“With such heavy rain, how is it possible for someone to come? Besides, how do you know that someone is coming this way?” someone questioned.

Fei Yanchen calmly said, “I heard it, the footsteps were erratic, only one person.”

Everyone was astonished. Besides the sound of rain, there were no other sounds!

But before they could contemplate further, Fei Yanchen uttered his next words, “They’re here, at the entrance of the cave.”

Sure enough, the next moment they saw a person, drenched and stumbling, running into the cave.

The person who ran into the cave locked eyes with over twenty astonished pairs of eyes inside.

The man who entered immediately raised the sword in his hand.

The members of the Shen family quickly reacted, setting down their bowls and picking up the knives that had been placed nearby. They warily watched the newcomer.

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