Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 84

Chapter 84: What Business is it of Mine Where You Go

The atmosphere grew tense as both sides faced each other with drawn swords. In that moment, a man entered the scene and caught sight of Fei Yanchen standing among the crowd.

Overwhelmed with excitement, the man took two steps forward, almost on the verge of tears.

“Master… Young Master, I have finally found you,” he exclaimed.

The Shen family and their entourage held their swords, looked at the man in astonishment, then glanced at Fei Yanchen.

Could this person be sent by Yanchen’s family to find him?

Shen Yu’an asked, “Ah Chen, do you know this person?”

Fei Yanchen shook his head. He had no recollection whatsoever, but the man’s excitement didn’t seem fake.

The man and the Shen family were not far apart, so naturally, he also heard the conversation between Shen Yu’an and the heir of the family.

Suddenly, it was like a bolt from the blue. What? The heir doesn’t remember him!

“I am Fei Da, Young Master,” tremblingly said Fei Da, who was of similar age to Shen Rong.

He then glared at the Shen family and interrogated, “Tell me, what have you done to my Young Master?”

The people in the Shen family were not pleased upon hearing Fei Da’s questioning. What does this person mean by that!

If it weren’t for their Yu’an rescuing their Young Master and bringing him back, who knows where he would be lying in the underworld by now.

Although Yu’an also injured Yanchen… but it has all been treated and healed properly.

How can someone be so unreasonable and not distinguish right from wrong from the very beginning?

Before they could even speak, Fei Yanchen sternly interrupted, “Shut up! They saved me. Show some respect.”

Fei Da had a bunch of questions to ask, but he swallowed his words and simply said, “Understood.”

Seeing Fei Da obediently following Fei Yanchen’s words, everyone in their hearts actually believed what he said.

Shen Yu’an and Ji Xun, like-minded, furrowed their brows upon hearing the surname “Fei.”


Are there many people with the surname Fei in Great Wei?

Shen Yu’an recalled the name of the major antagonist in the original book: Fei Yanchen!

And in Yanchen’s name, there happens to be the character “Chen.” Now, the person who came to find him also has the surname Fei.

So does that mean the Ah Chen she picked up is the major antagonist, Fei Yanchen?!!!

Shen Yu’an looked at Fei Yanchen in shock.

Meanwhile, Ji Xun remembered the imperial officials who had been sent out a few days ago to search for someone.

Who were they looking for?

Right, they said the Crown Prince of Wuding was attacked and his whereabouts were unknown. They also heard from refugees they encountered on their journey south after parting ways with the villagers from the Shen family.

They mentioned that the imperial court had increased the reward to one hundred taels of gold for anyone who provided information.

No wonder Yanchen had felt oddly familiar all along this journey. Now it made sense that he must have seen those wanted posters of the imperial officials searching for him.

Fei Yanchen didn’t care about Ji Xun’s thoughts. Instead, he looked at Shen Yu’an and found her wide-eyed expression even more adorable.

He twirled his fingers and couldn’t resist the urge. Following his instincts, he gently rubbed Shen Yu’an’s head before withdrawing his hand.

Shen Yu’an was internally going crazy. Although she often used the excuse of fetching water to secretly wash her hair, it had been almost a week since she last washed it!!!

Fei Yanchen looked at the Shen family and apologized, saying, “These should be my family members who sent someone to find me. I will talk to them first. Grandma Shen, please go ahead and have your meal.”

Grandma Shen nodded and said, “Oh, alright. You go ahead. If you need anything, Grandma is here.”

Fei Yanchen whispered to Shen Yu’an, “I’ll go and inquire about the situation. You just behave and have your meal here.”

Shen Yu’an blushed and avoided his gaze, muttering under her breath, “What’s it to me where you’re going.”

Fei Yanchen chuckled softly and walked towards Fei Da at the entrance of the cave.

Seeing that there was no immediate threat, everyone put their swords back and resumed eating their meals.

Curiosity filled the gazes of everyone, scattered in the direction of Fei Yanchen and Shen Yu’an near the cave entrance.

Shen Yu’an felt embarrassed, thinking, “You all are blatantly staring so openly. Your gazes almost feel tangible!”

Meanwhile, at the cave entrance…

Fei Da was stunned as he looked at the the heir of the Wuding Prince, who appeared gentle and innocent like a little lamb in front of those people. He couldn’t help but suspect that he had encountered a fake heir of the Wuding Prince.

This world is truly magical.

Their Young Master, who used to be such a proud and temperamental child, when did he become so agreeable?

However, as Fei Yanchen approached him, the excitement in his heart couldn’t be concealed.

Both their people and the imperial officials had been searching for the the heir of the Wuding Prince for a long time.

However, despite the imperial officials searching for him for so long without success, they believed that the heir of the Wuding Prince must have perished.

But they never gave up. Fortunately, their persistence paid off as they found him before the imperial court did.

The Wuding Prince and Princess can finally have peace of mind in the capital city.

However, they didn’t know if they were still doing well… That wretched imperial court, under the guise of protecting the Wuding Prince, imprisoned them.

However, now that he had found the heir of the Wuding Prince, he would surely be able to rescue the The Wuding Prince and Princess!

Fei Da looked at the heir of the Wuding Prince, who had already approached him, and suppressed his excitement, respectfully saying, “Crown Prince!”

Upon hearing this title, a familiar sensation surged in Fei Yanchen’s heart.

And the Crown Prince of Wuding…

He simply said, “I’ve been injured and lost my memory. Please fill me in on the situation.”

Fei Da meticulously recounted his identity and the recent events to him.

Upon hearing Fei Da mention that the imperial court had imprisoned his father, the Wuding Prince, and his mother, the Princess, under the guise of protection, anger surged inside him.

Fei Yanchen’s expression turned cold as he asked, “How are they doing now?”

Fei Da glanced at him before weakly saying, “After the Lord forcefully sent you away and upon hearing that you were in a critical situation being pursued, he sent us, Covert Guards, to find you.”

Fei Yanchen clenched his fist as memories flashed through his mind, but they were fleeting and hard to grasp.

“How many people are there now?”

“Everyone is searching for the Crown Prince in different places. If they find him, they will use a signal to gather together.”

Fei Yanchen nodded and looked towards Shen Yu’an in the crowd on the other side.

He then inquired about the division of forces and the available manpower. After a final calculation, the final decision was made.

“When the rain stops, gather all the people who are searching for me. Some of them will return to the capital city and provide covert protection, while the rest will meet me in Xiangnan City.”

“Yes,” Fei Da responded with clasped hands.

Afterward, Fei Da followed behind Fei Yanchen and walked towards the Shen family group.

The people who were eating quickly turned their heads back, intending to hide their embarrassment from their earlier peeks. Then, they engaged in a serious conversation, discussing various topics.

Fei Yanchen pretended not to notice and glanced sideways at Fei Da. Fei Da immediately apologized, “I was too impulsive just now. I hope you all don’t mind.”

“Hahaha… It’s alright, it’s alright. As long as you know you made a mistake,” someone laughed.

Fei Da twitched his lips. This family who had saved the Crown Prince was truly unique…

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