Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 85

Chapter 85: The Howling of Wolves

Grandma Shen turned to Fei Yanchen and asked, “Ah Chen, is this person really sent by your family to find you?”

Everyone else also looked at Fei Yanchen, waiting for his answer.

Fei Yanchen smiled and raised the corners of his mouth, saying, “Yes, Grandma Shen, this person was sent by my family to find me.”

“Are you going to go back with him?” Ji Xun asked, already having a vague idea of Fei Yanchen’s identity.

Fei Da exuded a strong and formidable aura, definitely not like an ordinary bodyguard.

Everyone perked up their ears, wanting to know if he was indeed preparing to go back, considering that his family was looking for him.

Fei Yanchen shook his head and looked at Grandma Shen. “It might trouble Grandma Shen for a while. Something has happened at home, and I need to go to Xiangnan City with you all before separating.”

“Grandma Shen, I hope I’m not causing you any trouble.”

Grandma Shen smiled and said cheerfully, “No trouble at all, no trouble at all. I’m delighted to have you with me.”

The others were tactful enough not to ask Fei Yanchen about what had happened in his family.

When Shen Yu’an had found him, his injuries were terrifying, with hardly a spot on his body left unharmed.

Therefore, they speculated that even in a prominent household, there were troubles brewing, to the extent of causing harm to a child like this.

Ji Xun cast a contemptuous glance at Fei Yanchen, thinking that he must have been wrong in his speculation. How could this person possibly be someone as outstanding as the Crown Prince of Wuding?

Shen Yu’an, on the other hand, asked directly, “Ah Chen, what is your name?”

She didn’t believe that the person called Fei Da hadn’t told him his name, but she still held a glimmer of hope in her heart.

However, soon that little fantasy in her heart shattered.

Fei Yanchen looked at Shen Yu’an with a smile, and his whole demeanor seemed to soften. “Fei Yanchen, ‘Fei’ as in elegant, ‘Yan’ as in words, and ‘Chen’ as in clear and transparent.”

Fei Yanchen!

Shen Yu’an held her forehead and screamed internally. What kind of luck was this? She had casually picked up the main antagonist!!!

Fei Yanchen looked at Shen Yu’an’s ever-changing expression and curiously asked, “Yu’an, have you heard of this name before?”

Shen Yu’an’s mouth twitched, and she waved away the galloping grass mud horse above her head. “Hehe~ I haven’t heard of it.”

The others naturally hadn’t heard of this name either, and they didn’t have much of a reaction.

In fact, they had ‘seen’ Fei Yanchen once before, in the portraits held by the officials who were searching for people before they separated from the villagers of the Shen family.

However, they were afraid of those officials and didn’t dare to look closely at the faces in the portraits. They only remembered that it was a proud young master.

Moreover, those officials had only mentioned that they were searching for the Crown Prince of Wuding, without disclosing his full name or surname.

This also led them to miss knowing Fei Yanchen’s true identity for a long time.

The atmosphere turned peaceful, and Fei Da asked, “Um, can I stay here to take shelter from the rain until it subsides? Once the rain becomes lighter, I’ll leave.”

He was also injured, and originally, he had planned to find a place to take shelter and recuperate when it started raining. He hadn’t expected to coincidentally encounter the Crown Prince.

The Shen family and their group had no objections, so Fei Da sat alone in a corner of the cave.

As he caught the scent of food wafting from not far away, his stomach growled loudly, the sound echoing in the spacious cave.

Fei Da felt somewhat embarrassed as he took out the dry rations he carried with him from his pocket. There was only half a piece left, soaked and dampened.

Having eaten tree bark on the battlefield before, he didn’t mind the condition of this half piece of bread. As he smelled the aroma of the food nearby, he took a few bites of the damp bread.

However, the aroma of the food from the other side made the bread in his hand suddenly taste bland.

But when he first arrived, he had misunderstood this family, so he felt hesitant to ask for food.

Besides, in the days to come, the Crown Prince would be causing trouble for this family. He couldn’t let the Crown Prince face difficulties.

After taking a few more bites of the bread, Fei Da wrapped it back up.

The others looked at Fei Da sitting in the corner, then glanced at the porridge in their hands, and began to enjoy the fragrant meal.

After the meal, Shen Rong and his brothers went to temporarily block the entrance of the cave with wooden boards.

The others set up tents inside the cave, and Fei Da looked at this structure that resembled a small house with great curiosity, repeatedly glancing at it.

It was quite similar to the military tents he had seen before, but much easier to set up, although the space inside was not as large as those in the military.

Fei Da took a quick look before shifting his gaze away, taking off his outer garment and wringing out the water, placing it aside.

He tore some fabric from his outer garment to use for bandaging the injured area on his leg.

Suddenly, the firelight dimmed, and Fei Da looked up to see the Crown Prince approaching with something in his hand.

Fei Yanchen handed over the item and said calmly, “They gave this to you. Take care of your injuries first.”

Fei Da stood there in a daze as he received the items—a set of dry clothes, a packet of medicinal powder, clean strips of cloth, and two leftover grain cakes that were still warm.

Touched by their kindness, he couldn’t help but shed a few tears of gratitude as he accepted the items handed to him by the Crown Prince.

Sniffles~ This family that had saved the Crown Prince was truly amazing.

He had almost misunderstood them just now. He felt ashamed of himself for his misjudgment. He realized that he had been too quick to judge others.

Just as a tent had been set up, Fei Yanchen asked him to go inside and change his clothes.

After changing his clothes, Fei Da stood inside the tent and curiously touched the material. He wondered what it was made of, as it felt so smooth even without being coated with tung oil.

He consciously walked back outside and returned to where he was before, hanging his wet clothes aside to dry. Then he began to bandage the wound on his leg.

Once everything was taken care of, he ate the damp bread that he had carried in his pocket.

Even though they were in a cave, they still arranged for someone to keep watch throughout the night to prevent any unexpected situations like when Fei Da had entered earlier.

The heavy rain poured throughout the entire night, and everyone enjoyed a deep sleep.

On the second day, the rain continued, and Shen Yu’an and the others placed basins at the entrance of the cave to collect water for basic cleaning purposes.

During mealtime, the Shen family included Fei Da and didn’t leave him aside anymore.

In the evening, the rain finally began to lessen.

With no need to rush now, everyone was not as exhausted. Xiao Zhang took her medicine and sat aside, embroidering small clothes.

The fabric was purchased by Shen Yu’an, and Xiao Zhang made two different-colored garments.

The others gathered around and chatted, mostly discussing the prospect of finding a place to settle down.

Meanwhile, the Shen siblings continued their studies.

Suddenly, the sound of wolf howls echoed through the air.

The voices of the people fell silent as they looked towards the direction of the cave entrance with solemn expressions.

As they gradually moved further south, the scarcity of water and wild vegetables diminished. Naturally, there were still animals living in the mountains.

However, they hadn’t encountered wolves in a long time, so they had overlooked this matter.

But Shen Yu’an walked excitedly towards the cave entrance and peered outside, taking advantage of the cover provided by the wooden boards.

They had been on the road for over three months, and even the meat they brought from home had long been gone, despite their efforts to ration it.

Shen Yu’an hadn’t eaten meat in a long time, and the sound of wolf howls indicated the presence of meat.

However, she didn’t know how many wolves there were and whether they would come in their direction.

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