Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Fei Yanchen’s Dream

The next day, Shen Yu’an finally got to eat stir-fried pork cubes and grilled meat slices as she wished.

However, after breakfast, drizzling rain started to fall.

Fei Da stood at the entrance of the cave, watching the continuous drizzle outside.

The rain wasn’t heavy, but it showed no signs of stopping.

Before it started raining in the morning, everyone had already moved the wolf skins that had been left outside to dry overnight inside.

Now they were placed near the entrance of the cave, where they wouldn’t get wet from the rain but could still be exposed to the wind.

The people sent out to search for the Wuding Heir included not only the personal guards but also the covert guards trained by the Fei family.

Currently, apart from him, the others were still unaware of the safe status of the Wuding Heir.

The imperial court had detained the prince and princess in the capital, and he had noticed that there were quite a few people secretly targeting the external forces of the prince.

There was no need to think twice; he knew they were people from the imperial court.

He needed to find his other brothers as soon as possible and deliver the news to them. Having made up his mind, Fei Da turned around and went back into the mountain cave.

The others were busy sorting out the wolf meat from yesterday.

The weather was still hot, and they needed to roast the meat into jerky for easier storage.

Looking at this harmonious group of people, Fei Da felt relieved that the Wuding Heir was with them.

These people had kind hearts and decent combat skills. After rescuing the prince, he planned to speak well of them and acknowledge their efforts in escorting the Wuding Heir all the way. 

He spoke up, saying, “Young Master, everyone, I’m ready to leave today.”

Fei Yanchen sat there and looked up when he heard his words.

Fei Da suddenly thought that the Wuding Heir had regained his memory when he saw his expression. However, the next moment, he noticed that the Crown Prince’s expression returned to what it had been in the past few days.

Perhaps he had just misunderstood!

Shen Rong looked at Fei Da and said, “Brother Fei Da, it’s still raining. Why don’t you wait until the rain stops before leaving?”

The others also tried to persuade Fei Da to stay for a few more days before leaving.

Fei Yanchen suddenly stood up and said, “Since that’s the case, leave now while the rain isn’t too heavy.”

The others didn’t insist any further and took the opportunity while Fei Yanchen called Fei Da aside to discuss matters.

Grandma Shen packed some food in a clean bundle with Shen Yu’an and the others.

They could tell that something urgent must have happened in Ah Chen’s family.

After spending so much time together, Grandma Shen and the others had already treated Fei Yanchen as their own child and cared for him deeply.

There wasn’t much they could do to help, so they could only prepare some things for Fei Da to use on the journey. They packed some dry bread and oil-cloth-wrapped grilled meat slices, ensuring they wouldn’t get soaked.

They also took some medicinal herbs for stopping bleeding and treating external injuries and put them in the bundle for him.

They even took out an unused straw raincoat from the cart, planning to have him wear it when he left.

On the other side, Fei Yanchen and Fei Da walked to the side of the cave and spoke quietly.

Fei Da couldn’t help but worry about the Wuding Heir’s amnesia and kept arranging things over and over again.

Fei Yanchen’s mind turned cold as he thought about the dream he had last night.

He instructed Fei Da to continue ahead and find the scattered personal guards and covert guards in various locations.

Once they were all gathered, Fei Da was to personally lead half of the covert guards and half of the personal guards to the capital.

The remaining people would go to Xiangnan and meet up with him there.

In the dream, he didn’t encounter the Shen family and their group. He simply collapsed in that ditch and woke up after two full days had passed.

However, his condition was not good. Not only was his appearance disfigured, but the injuries on his body had also developed a lot of problems due to the lack of timely treatment.

After that, he traveled to various places, experiencing both the warmth and cruelty of the world.

However, in the end, he couldn’t save his family. His father, the prince, his mother, the princess, and his young sister all tragically died, framed with baseless accusations by the imperial court.

However, General Qi of the Qinan City showed him great kindness. It was during that time that he found one of the few people willing to extend a helping hand and stand by his side.

Although the dream was very strange, when he woke up, all the emotions surged in his heart, and it didn’t feel fake at all.

After listening for a while, Fei Da looked at Fei Yanchen in shock and whispered, “Young Master, you’ve remembered everything?”

“Yeah,” Fei Yanchen nodded and continued, “Do as I say, everyone take care and stay safe.”

“Yes!” Fei Da responded.

Fei Da suppressed his excitement and half-knelt on the ground, bowing to Fei Yanchen.

“Young Master, please take care of yourself. The Prince and Princess are waiting for you,” Fei Da bid farewell with tears in his eyes.

Fei Yanchen nodded and said, “Take the things they prepared for you with you, don’t let their kindness go to waste.”

He had noticed earlier that grandma Shen and the others were packing the bundle.

Since they were not leaving, it could only mean that they were helping Fei Da pack.

Fei Da turned and walked to the Shen family and the others, bowing respectfully. “I want to express my gratitude for saving my young master. Fei Da will take his leave now.”

Having spent only two days together, there wasn’t much to exchange in terms of conversation. After reminding him to stay safe, they handed him the recently packed bundle and the straw raincoat.

Fei Da put the bundle on his back and wore the straw raincoat, resolutely stepping into the drizzling rain until his figure gradually disappeared from sight.

Fei Yanchen stood in front of the cave entrance, letting the falling rain soak his clothes.

Shen Yu’an walked to Fei Yanchen’s side and stood shoulder to shoulder with him, whispering, “Let’s go back.”

Fei Yanchen turned his head to look at Shen Yu’an, his gaze deeper than usual.

Even if that dream was real, it didn’t matter anymore. Things were different now.

Fortunately, Shen Yu’an was also looking outside and didn’t notice his expression.

Fei Yanchen curved his lips, feeling a lot better about his troubled emotions. “Alright, let’s go back.”

The heavy rain continued for five days before finally stopping, and the sun finally reappeared.

The group walked out of the cave and stood in the open space outside, taking in the fresh air.

Grandma Shen sighed, “When it didn’t rain, everyone was praying for rain. But when it kept pouring like this, it also brought worries.”

Shen Yu’an joined in with a cheerful laugh, “If we stayed in the cave any longer, mushrooms would start growing on our heads.”

Although the weather had cleared up, they couldn’t set off yet.

While Xiao Zhang’s body had mostly recovered after these few days of rest, the mountain road was still slippery from the recent rain.

It was already difficult enough to push the cart uphill, and now going downhill would be even more challenging.

They could only wait for the water on the road to evaporate before leaving.

Unable to set off, the group split up to search for some wild vegetables and mushrooms outside to improve their meals.

Shen Yu’an even brought back three wild chickens and a wild hare with Shen Dalang and Shen Sanlang.

After another three days, the ground had dried up therefore they packed up their belongings to continue their journey.

Going downhill was much easier. They only took half the time it took to go uphill, and they reached the foot of the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, they came across another corpse. It was unclear whether the person had already fallen here before the recent days of rain, but the body had swollen due to being soaked.

Their moments of ease and joy were instantly dampened.

There was no need for a reminder, everyone quickly covered their mouths and noses and swiftly passed by.

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