Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Giving Fei Yanchen a Disguise

The group quickened their pace with heavy hearts. The continuous days of heavy rain had undoubtedly brought suffering to countless homeless individuals.

As they continued on their journey, they didn’t come across a single pedestrian, except for the swollen corpses soaked on the ground.

Leaving the corpses unattended was not a good situation.

There was a possibility that an epidemic could break out, which would be another heavy blow.

However, their capabilities were limited, and they couldn’t risk their lives to help with the corpse disposal. They could only hasten their steps to pass through that area.

It was noon when the group finally managed to get through that particular region.

Just as everyone was planning to take a brief rest before preparing lunch, a soft sobbing sound came from behind the cart.

The group looked around in confusion and noticed that one person was missing from the crowd.

Shen Yu’an went around to the back of the cart and indeed saw Song Shi wiping away tears.

She sat down beside her mother and cautiously asked, “Mother, what’s the matter?”

Song Shi, upon seeing Shen Yu’an approaching, quickly wiped away another tear with her hand.

Shen Yu’an, sensing her reluctance to speak, placed her hand on Song Shi’s hand and said, “Mother, it’s better to share what’s on your mind. We are a strong group, and together we can find a solution.”

Song Shi’s eyes welled up with tears again upon being asked, and the tears blurred her vision.

“I’m worried about your grandfather and uncle. With so many people dying along this journey, I have no idea how they’re doing,” Song Shi cried.

Throughout the journey, Song Shi had been constantly worried.

She worried that they might run out of food, that they might encounter cannibalistic bandits, and that they might come across exhausted refugees and couldn’t make it through.

But she had suppressed those worries. However, today she witnessed so many refugees who couldn’t survive the heavy rain that was why she couldn’t hold it back anymore.

Song Shi sobbed and cried once again. Shen Yu’an gently placed her hand on Song Shi’s back, trying to console her.

She spoke, “Uncle and the villagers left together, don’t you remember, Mother? Most of the people in their village make a living by hunting, and there are also several uncles working at the county’s escort bureau. Together, they are even more capable than us. They will surely be fine.”

“They might have arrived at the destination even earlier than us.”

As Song Shi thought about it, it was indeed true. However, not seeing them inevitably caused worry.

Shen Yu’an continued to console in a soft voice, “Uncle and the villagers have provisions with them.

Though the number of households in the village is small, everyone is skilled, and there aren’t many conflicts among them. They will travel faster than us, so it’s normal that we haven’t encountered them.”

“When we find a place to settle down, we can try to gather information about the whereabouts of Uncle and the others.”

There were only about twenty households in Song Family Village, and they were all originally from the same family.

After Song Shi informed her father about the provision collection, he discussed it with the villagers in Song Family Village.

They didn’t primarily rely on the land for their livelihood, so they unanimously decided to collect provisions in the end.

If there was indeed a locust disaster, as Song Shi had mentioned to her father, it would be a preparation in advance.

Even if nothing actually happened, it would still be a good thing.

If they were short of food, they could simply make a few more trips to the mountains to hunt and sell game, or take on a couple of additional escort missions.

So Shen Yu’an wasn’t overly worried and believed that they had the ability to protect themselves.

Song Shi wiped away her tears and said, “You’re right, my daughter. Your uncle and the others are capable, and nothing serious will happen to them.”

Everyone heard their conversation clearly, but seeing Song Shi come out with red eyes, they refrained from saying anything that might further sadden her.

After eating and resting for a while, they set off. They had already spent too much time on the road and wanted to reach the town below as soon as possible to assess the situation.

Before they departed, Shen Yu’an’s eyelid had been twitching, and she had a vague sense of unease.

“Wait a moment,” Shen Yu’an called out loudly.

The few individuals who were about to drive the cattle and those who were preparing to push the cart stopped their actions.

Grandma Shen looked at her with confusion and asked, “What’s wrong, my dear Yu’an? Is there something on your mind?”

“Grandma, let’s wait a bit longer before we leave. I need to prepare something.”

“Third Uncle, bring third Aunt down first. I need to use the carriage.”

Shen Yun, who was sitting on the front of the cart driving the cattle, heard and responded with a sound before carefully carrying Little Zhang Shi from inside.

Shen Yu’an looked at Fei Yanchen, who was beside her, and said, “Ah Chen, come over here for a moment.”

Afterward, Shen Yu’an picked up a bundle and got on the cattle cart first, Fei Yanchen followed without hesitation.

The others didn’t know what Shen Yu’an was planning, so they could only wait in place. They figured they would find out soon enough.

Zhang Wendong looked at the two who entered the carriage together, his expression somewhat complicated.

It seems like cousin Yu’an has a special relationship with that person they picked up…

Inside the carriage at that moment,

After Shen Yu’an got on, she sat on one side and had Fei Yanchen sit not far from her.

When Fei Yanchen got on, he had a smile on his face and asked, “Yu’an, what’s going on?”

“Under broad daylight, just the two of us… Hmmmm!”

Shen Yu’an, seeing him becoming increasingly unserious, immediately reached out and pinched his ear, putting a stop to his wild words and thoughts.

“Shut up and close your eyes,” she commanded.

Fei Yanchen pouted in a slightly aggrieved manner and gave her a sidelong glance with his narrow eyes, but he obediently closed his mouth and eyes.

After Fei Yanchen closed his eyes, Shen Yu’an opened the bundle and pretended to take out some cosmetics from the compartments. She began to playfully use various brushes on his face.

Fei Yanchen felt the gentle touch on his face and rather than resisting, he actually enjoyed it.

However, he had no idea what his Yu’an was doing as she swept and painted on his face.

Could this be one of her little quirks that she enjoys?

Well, what else could he do but let her have her way~

However, Shen Yu’an didn’t have such a carefree state of mind.

As she continued her actions, she thought about the events of the past few days.

She had inadvertently picked up this person, and she could already confirm that he was undoubtedly the major antagonist from the original book.

Perhaps she had found him in the nick of time. The major antagonist hadn’t suffered disfigurement or physical disabilities, and now it seemed that there was no tendency for him to turn to the dark side.

However, since his family was still searching for him, what about the officials from the imperial court?

Did they believe that Fei Yanchen was dead, or were they continuing their search?

So she had to prepare for the worst, and the first step was to help Fei Yanchen change his appearance.

Otherwise, it was easy to imagine the consequences of being captured by the officials from the imperial court.

She had also thought about the idea of voluntarily handing Fei Yanchen over, but she quickly dismissed it.

Setting aside her thoughts, Shen Yu’an continued painting with his face.

As she watched under her hands, Fei Yanchen’s handsome and captivating face transformed into one with high cheekbones, deep eye sockets, freckles all over, and a fierce expression. Shen Yu’an was finally satisfied.

Hmm~ He looks much better this way.

Shen Yu’an collected the cosmetics and patted Fei Yanchen’s shoulder, saying, “Alright, you can get down now.”

Completely unaware that his handsome face had been made hideous by Shen Yu’an’s makeup skills, Fei Yanchen, in a great mood, followed behind her and jumped off the cart.

Everyone who saw the person getting off the cart from behind was dumbfounded!!!


Translator: I Can’t help but wish to see their reactions. 😂

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