He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 103

Chapter 103 – Steal

The two of them were in love. Xu Jian had only left for less than a day, Qin Chen couldn’t hold the person and the cat can’t also be rubbed, so he began to feel that all kinds of things were wrong.

If Tang Li knew that his casual joke had come true, he’ll probably point at Qin Chen and laugh for half a year.

Xu Jian and Qin Chen’s feelings are similar, but Zhu Liang was next to him. For fear of being noticed, he couldn’t say the cheesy words ‘I miss you too’.

So after hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian swept a glance at Zhu Liang. After making sure that the other party wasn’t paying attention, he quickly and lightly kissed the camera, then said, “Okay, okay, got it.”

Seeing his perfunctory attitude, Qin Chen: “? ? ?”

With Xu Jian like this, Qin Chen instantly thought of a meme he saw on the internet before. The panda head in the picture was holding a cellphone, and the expression was very casual and perfunctory with the words—

Okay, okay, got it, me me((sfx. Kissing sound))

Qin Chen felt that Xu Jian was now exactly the same as the panda head!

His boyfriend whom he had only been separated for a few hours, began to prevaricate him. Isn’t this a change of heart?!

Staring at Xu Jian, Qin Chen’s eyes narrowed, feeling that the visit to the set was imminent.

He won’t let his boyfriend he finally got run off with someone when the filming is over.

At the end of the video call, lunch was just ready. Xu Jian, Zhu Liang, and Pan Min ate together.

During the meal, Pan Min said to Xu Jian, “I told the Director about your stature and head circumference this morning. I guess there’s no problem with your clothes. Try to see if the headgear fits after eating later. The filming hasn’t started yet, it’s easy to change if it’s too big or small.”

Xu Jian nodded at the words. He thought about it and asked, “When will the styled photos and promotional posters be taken? After the makeup test is completed?”

“No.” Pan Min replied, “In order to make your state and emotions online when you shoot the poster, the Director’s intention is to wait until you’re familiar with the starring characters and take your time to shoot.”

After saying this, Pan Min looked at Zhu Liang, “The Director is going to talk about the script this afternoon. Xiao Zhu, you don’t have to follow. Go nearby and buy what you need in the next few months. You know what to buy, right?”

Zhu Liang put down his chopsticks and nodded seriously, “Sister Xiao Nan made a list for me, I kept it.”

Xiao Nan has a wealth of experience as an assistant. After a few more years of training, he can take the company’s agent examination, and after passing it, he can become an independent agent.[1]Like being able to be an assistant without anyone’s help.

The assistant agent business is also deep. Like Pan Min, who has such a wide range of contacts in the circle, can change jobs to open their own company as the boss.

Zhu Liang and Xiao Nan are still quite young, and there is a lot of room for development.

Xiao Nan’s list is also very detailed. There are small things such as band-aids, pens and sticky notes, wet wipes, water cups, towels, toothpaste, and large items such as humidifiers, and steam iron.

Xu Jian and the others filmed in the city this time. The climate is notoriously dry and the weather turns hot, it’s necessary to buy a humidifier.

Pan Min carefully looked at the list and found that even Xiao Nan didn’t think of it, Zhu Liang also supplemented it with a red pen next to it, so she nodded in satisfaction.

“Well, these are the things. After eating later, I will allocate a sum of funds to you. If you want to buy something later, go to the public account, and remember to record. The finance of the studio will check the account book every two months.”

Zhu Liang nodded, “Okay.”

Xiao Nan had told him these things beforehand.

After lunch, Zhu Liang took the money and went shopping. While Xu Jian, after trying on the headgear and finding it suitable, followed Pan Min and went to the entertainment room of the guesthouse to meet with the other actors.

When Xu Jian and Pan Min arrived, except for a few staff in the entertainment room, only Zhou Qian, the second female actress, arrived.

Zhou Qian’s screen image in recent years has always been very good, and she looks beautiful and well-behaved. Because she played the male lead’s younger sister when she debuted, she was also known as the national younger sister by everyone.

Zhou Qian, with a meat bun hair, saw someone coming and quickly put down the script in her hand, and gave a formal smile at Xu Jian, “Hello.”

Zhou Qian is in her early 20s, and with light makeup and a simple sweater, she looks like a student who just entered university.

It was the first time the two met. After getting to know each other, Zhou Qian sat down on the sofa again, while Pan Min dragged a chair for Xu Jian from the side.

Everyone will spend the next few months together. Besides, the second female played by Zhou Qian has always admired Xu Jian, the second male. Thus, although she was a little shy in the first meeting, Zhou Qian still tried to find topics to chat about with Xu Jian.

Of course, the content of the chat mainly revolves around the script.

Looking at Xu Jian’s densely annotated script, Zhou Qian shifted her focus and looked at him with amazement. “Your writing is good ah.”

Xu Jian lowered his eyes and waved his hand in embarrassment, “No, my writing is a junior high school student.”

It’s not that Xu Jian is modest, his writing is quite regular with a flick of his hand, and his handwriting is a bit childish. It’s like writing one stroke at a time according to the textbook, and he doesn’t have a style in writing yet.

It’s just that it’s clean and tidy, it doesn’t take much effort to look at it, and it’s clear at a glance.

On the contrary, he had seen Qin Chen’s writing, with a standard script and quite beautiful.

With a boyfriend filter, Xu Jian felt that Qin Chen could write a copybook for calligraphy.

“You’re a junior high school student.” Zhou Qian spread the script in her hand and sighed, “I’m a doctor’s writing, no one can understand it except myself.”

Hearing this, Xu Jian looked towards her script, then he paused, yes… a bit scribbled.

Unlike Xu Jian’s overall black and white script, Zhou Qian’s script was outlined with water pens and peach-pink post-it notes were attached in some places.

Looking at such a ‘fancy’ script, Xu Jian was shocked, “Don’t you feel dizzy when you read these lines?”

Zhou Qian smiled at him with a ‘hehe’, and took out a brand new script from behind her like a trick, with a smug look, “I have two, this clean one is for me to memorize my lines.”

Just as Xu Jian praise Zhou Qian’s wit, the closed door opened from the outside, and the two people heard the movement and looked over at the same time.

The female lead and male lead came in, followed by a large group of people behind the two.

After the female lead Lu Zhi entered the door, she swept a glance inside, her gaze stayed on Pan Min for a while, then she looked away as if she didn’t see Xu Jian and Zhou Qian. She turned her head and asked, “The Director and the others haven’t arrived yet?”

The agent next to her softly explained, “The Director won’t be here until half past two.”

Lu Zhi frowned slightly when she heard the words, “It’s not two o’clock yet.”

When Xu Jian and Zhou Qian heard this, they glanced at each other and Zhou Qian shrugged at Xu Jian.

Unlike the obviously impatient Lu Zhi, the male lead Yan Wei smiled in an amicable manner and smoothed things over, “While the Director and the others are not here, we can get acquainted with each other first.”

After speaking, Yan Wei’s gaze swept over Zhou Qian and Xu Jian and finally smiled at Zhou Qian. His gaze stopped on Xu Jian and took the initiative to speak.

“You’re Xu Jian, right?”

Yan Wei and Zhou Qian had met twice before, only Xu Jian, who was equivalent to a newcomer in the eyes of others, had never heard of this person before.

The news that Leyu is ready to promote the newcomer and not hesitate to pull out the Double Gold Film Emperor Qin Chen to increase this newcomer’s exposure has long been spread in the circle.

It’s not surprising for a senior brother to act as a foil for the junior’s green leaf[2]play as a supporting role. It’s strange that the senior brother is Qin Chen.

Who in the circle didn’t know that Qin Chen had a willful and eccentric temper and dared to slap the media in front of the whole country?

It was even said that the executives of his company couldn’t change what he had decided.

Qin Chen, a person of this character, willingly lets a newcomer use him as a stepping stone, letting the person suck blood, which is unusual when you think about it.

Everyone is guessing that Xu Jian’s background is not small, even able than Qin Chen’s. First <The Slayer> and then the <Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords>, it is estimated that he is a resource coffee with little strength.

The kind that relies on money to accumulate resources.

Faced with Yan Wei’s outstretched hand, Xu Jian shook hands with him and smiled politely, “Hello, I’ve watched the dramas you’ve been in Teacher Yan.”

Yan Wei’s expression was surprised, “Really?”

Xu Jian nodded seriously, “I was impressed by Professor Shi you played in <Tongxin>[3]County in Wuzhong. Also means to be of one mind; united.”

In the past six years in Degu, Xu Jian and Chen Doudou had watched all of the famous actors’ and actresses’ dramas. They also discussed Yan Wei’s professor role and came to the conclusion that Yan Wei’s acting skills are at their peak.

The subject matter of <Tongxin> was cold.  It was made by Yan Wei in the early days. It wasn’t popular and not many people know about it now. Thus, Xu Jian saying so, he knew that this person really watched his play and wasn’t just being polite.

The smile on Yan Wei’s face was a little more genuine, “I didn’t expect you to have seen such a cold drama.”

As a result, the three of them chatted away. During which Zhou Qian also tried to talk to Lu Zhi, but the latter was indifferent and played with her phone by herself, obviously not interested in joining their conversation.

Zhou Qian tried twice and gave up, not taking the hot face to stick to the cold bench.

When the Chief Director and several assistant directors arrived, Lu Zhi finally put away her phone, took the script handed over by her assistant, and started to put on her spirits.

The Chief Director is in his 50s and in good spirits. He scanned the scripts spread out by several actors, stopped for a while on Lu Zhi’s brand-new script, then said unhurriedly, “Today is the first time you’ve talked about the scene before shooting, you guys all know each other ba.”

Lu Zhi was more positive now, and nodded with a smile, “Know each other.”

Xu Jian looked at the current Lu Zhi, suspecting that she was not the one who ignored him and did not participate in the whole process while holding her mobile phone.

The Chief Director also didn’t say anything, also didn’t greet a few people, and went straight to the subject.

“The script has been given to you a long time ago. I believe you’ve also seen the content. Our  drama…”


The Chief Director sorted out the plot development, focusing on several conflict points of the whole play, the climax of the story, and the emotional changes of the several protagonists in the play. It sounds very simple, but when the first explanation was over, more than three hours have passed, and the water in the director’s glass has been added three times.

Xu Jian listened carefully, and when he came out of the entertainment room at the end, he came back after buying things. Zhu Liang, who had been waiting outside, reminded him that it was time for dinner again.

In addition, Lu Zhi, Xu Jian, Zhou Qian, and Yan Wei ate dinner together. The three chatted while eating, and their relationship improved a lot at the dinner table.

The next day after the opening ceremony, <Chaotic Steps> officially started filming.

Since drinking Jiang Linxie’s blood, Xu Jian has been able to control the time of turning into a cat by himself. Every time he finishes work at night, he locks the door and turns back into Milk when he is alone in the room.

Every day before turning into a cat, he also didn’t forget to video call Qin Chen which is mostly about the things he encountered during the day when filming. For example, the seemingly strict assistant director loved to make jokes on the set. Yan Wei, who looked like he was chuckling, had a much better attitude during filming than he thought…

Most of the time, Qin Chen quietly listened to Xu Jian saying that he would come to visit when he was free. Xu Jian asked him when he was free but he shook his head and said he wasn’t sure.

Xu Jian collapsed, “I don’t know when our crew can take a vacation.”

It won’t really be the next time we meet, we’ll be wearing short sleeves, right?

Qin Chen looked at him with a smile and joked, “As soon as you entered the group, you’re already thinking about taking a vacation. Mr. Xu, your work attitude isn’t good ah, and your awareness needs to be improved.”

Xu Jian retorted, “I’m very serious about filming, okay? I’m the only one in the crew who has been called out by the director the least!”

He is serious about filming, and even the Chief Director praised Pan Min several times.

Qin Chen knew Xu Jian’s acting skills. He wasn’t surprised by the result, but he was still quite enthusiastic, “Really? You’re so good?”

If Xu Jian was a cat now, the tail behind him would be up in the sky, “Of course, it’s true.”

Xu Jian was tired all day and Qin Chen didn’t take much of his rest time. After chatting for more than ten minutes, he urged him to wash up and sleep.

Knowing that Qin Chen was also busy at work, Xu Jian also didn’t take into heart Qin Chen’s visit but thought he(QC) was comforting him(XJ).

On the seventh day Xu Jian entered the group, Qin Chen asked Xiao Nan to buy him a ticket and got on the plane to visit without telling Xu Jian.

Even Pan Min wasn’t aware. Qin Chen got off the plane and took a taxi straight to the film and television base, ready to give Xu Jian a surprise.

Qin Chen, who has been filming for many years, is very familiar with the film and television base, and soon found Xu Jian and his crew based on the information Xu Jian had previously revealed in the video call.

The film and television base is full of people coming and going, and no one in the crew noticed that Qin Chen had mixed in a flat hat.

However, as soon as he got closer before Qin Chen could clearly see where his boyfriend was, a stern voice came into his ears from the center of the crowd through a loudspeaker:

“Lu Zhi, you and Xu Jian are now childhood friends who grew up together. You have a hazy affection for him. You should be nervous and shy when he approaches you, but you have to hide it so that he can’t find out. But you stand there with a stiff face, where’s the young girl with a lot in her heart? The mood is wrong.”

“Also, you didn’t know that Xu Jian stole a kiss from you when you fell asleep just now. But when you closed your eyes just now, your eyes moved so much that you broke through. Start again.”

Steal a kiss?

It’s normal to have intimate scenes during filming, and Qin Chen also understands it. But after listening to the director’s words, he still frowned subconsciously and quickly walked to the center.

Despite knowing that it was necessary for the shooting, Qin Chen couldn’t help but feel jealous when he heard Xu Jian wanting to kiss others when he came.

He would like to see who his boyfriend will steal a kiss to.

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1 Like being able to be an assistant without anyone’s help.
2 play as a supporting role
3 County in Wuzhong. Also means to be of one mind; united

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