He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 102

Chapter 102 – Miss You

Tang Li’s thinking jumped out and dared to jump repeatedly on the edge of death. Qin Chen and Du Zezhou had known him for years, they couldn’t guess what he would say in the next sentence.

The most effective way is to tell him to shut up.

After chatting a few words in the group, Qin Chen drove to the company. At the same time, Xu Jian, who got on the plane, sat on his seat.

The air conditioning on the plane was a little low, so Xu Jian put on a thin blanket on his lap to prepare to sleep through the hours.

Xu Jian turned his head and saw Pan Min and his assistant Zhu Liang, who had no plans to sleep, sitting together and discussing in a low voice.

Vaguely hearing about the fan group of the fan club, Xu Jian was curious. He looked at them with a blank head, and asked, “Sister Pan, what are you guys talking about?”

Putting down the tablet in his hand, Zhu Liang smiled at Xu Jian and said, “Discussing the matter of your fan club, Brother Xu.”

Xu Jian’s number of Weibo followers are increasing every day. When the exposure keeps up in the future, his fans will be more and more. In order to facilitate the management of scattered fans, they can find organizations, so the official fan club can already be on the agenda.

Xu Jian was stunned, “My fan club?”

He will also have his own fan club?

Pan Min nodded, “We will take care of these things, you don’t have to worry about it, just focus on filming.”

Pan Min said that although it’s a fan support club, since the word ‘official’ has been added in front of it, every subsequent statement under this account represents the attitude of Xu Jian himself or his team, which shouldn’t be sloppy.

Even if it’s a fan support club, there must be their staff in it, and it cannot be left to the fans to take care of it.

As a person who doesn’t have a fan club for ten thousand years, Xu Jian doesn’t understand the twists and turns. Pan Min asked him not to worry about it, so he really didn’t.

Pan Min is among the experts in dealing with this kind of things, so he won’t mess with it.

Xu Jian was awakened by bumps after falling asleep. He looked through the magazines at hand when he had nothing else to do. Among the many various magazines, he finally chose an entertainment magazine.

It was the latest issue.

Bored, he passed the time reading. Xu Jian flipped to the middle but unexpectedly saw an interview about Shen Xi inside.

The interview took up one page, most of which were questions about Shen Xi’s new movie <The Slayer>, only one or two personal questions were asked at the end, including emotional issues.

The reporter asked Shen Xi, who has passed his 30th year, had no good news in his love life until now, and asked him if he had any plans for the future.

Shen Xi’s answer: I’m young, I can afford to wait, and I’m not in a hurry.

Thinking about what Jiang Linxie told him, Xu Jian suddenly felt that the word ‘young’ was a bit harsh.

Previously, Xu Jian always thought that between Jiang Linxie and Shen Xi, it was Shen Xi’s wishful thinking, chasing his sweetheart blocked road for a long time but didn’t expect that the truth is almost the opposite. It was Jiang Linxie who waited in silence year after year, waiting so long that he forgot how long he had lived.

Compared with Jiang Linxie, who has a very long life span, Xu Jian felt that it was too abusive to see the saying ‘I’m young and I can afford to wait’ from Shen Xi’s mouth.

It’s clear that the one waiting has always been Jiang Linxie.

Xu Jian’s heart just started to break about his idol, but now he hates Shen Xi for being a blockhead.

In the end, it was hard to calm down. Xu Jian’s only drowsiness was gone, and he sighed silently, wrapped in a small blanket.

His heart choked all the way until he got off the plane and got into the car sent by the crew. Pan Min was talking to the receptionist about the current situation of the crew when Xu Jian received a call from Chen Doudou.

Chen Doudou is probably on the set, the background sound is very noisy, but this does not prevent Xu Jian from hearing his undisguised excitement in his tone.

“Erjian, I’ve come to seek[1]To seek shelter in this context you!!”

Xu Jian, whose mood continued to be low, didn’t keep up for a while, “What?”

Chen Doudou papapapa like pouring beans: [2]His name ‘dou’ also means beans btw XD

“I don’t know what’s going on. When I got up early this morning, my agent told me that the company might be acquired, and then terminated the contract with us in advance. Not to mention giving compensation, I heard that there are still resources to be divided.”

“After I heard it, before I had time to lament that I was unemployed, I heard from my agent that Leyu wanted to sign me and asked if I agree.”

“Of course I agreed. Finally, a pie fell on my head. I still feel like I’m dreaming.”

“I called you as soon as I got the news, but you kept turning it off just now…”

Chen Doudou talked a lot about himself, speaking quickly. Xu Jian struggled to grasp the key points from his large paragraph of words, he couldn’t help but raise his voice, “You also signed up for Leyu?”

Chen Doudou: “Mm!”

Xu Jian was also happy for him and couldn’t help but laugh, “Great!”

Chen Doudou laughed twice over there, then said, “When I finish filming this drama in my hand, I will come over to Nanfeng City to go through the formalities and so on. I guess I will also live in the staff dormitory. When the time comes, you treat me to a big meal!”

Xu Jian nodded, “Okay, you can eat whatever you say.”

When Xu Jian hung up the phone in a good mood, Pan Min, who had a rough idea, asked casually, “Is it your friend named Chen Doudou?”

Xu Jian was a little surprised, “Sister Pan, how did you know?”

Pan Min calmly explained, “The news that Degu is about to dissolve has spread in the circle. Now everyone is looking for potential artists to make a move. I have heard of the name Chen Doudou.”

Xu Jian: “Are you sure it’s a dissolution?”

Pan Min: “It’s said that Degu is not big and not small, and there’s no prestige that can be obtained; the acquisition risk is not low. Moreover, I heard that their boss has a dull temper. He should be a rich second generation who did it out of hobby and doesn’t care much about the company, so it should be dissolved if nothing else.”

The number of brokerage companies with names in the circle does not lack Degu brand, but people.

Xu Jian nodded after hearing this. “In this way, it is indeed more cost-effective to sign people.”

Seeing that Xu Jian listened carefully, Pan Min said more, “Look at the company’s meaning. This time, I’m going to poach your friend and a girl, and I have also taken a fancy to a few assistants. They should be talking about it too.”

Leyu signed two people, Chen Doudou is one of them. Xu Jian’s tone was inexplicably proud, “Chen Doudou’s acting skills are good, signing into his company is not a loss!”

Zhu Liang saw Xu Jian’s expression and was curious, “Brother Xu, do you guys have a good relationship?”

Xu Jian answered without hesitation, “Of course, we lived in the same dormitory when we were in Degu.”

In the past six years, how many crayfish have they harmed together? Can the relationship be bad?

Zhu Liang nodded with understanding, thought for a while, and asked, “Is it better than the relationship with Brother Qin?”

The expression on Xu Jian’s face stagnated, “Ah?”

It’s a question of whether he valued s** or friends.

Zhu Liang rubbed his neck, somewhat shy, “Because I think Brother Xu has a good relationship with Brother Qin.”

Xu Jian couldn’t tell him that his boyfriend and his brother weren’t the same, and there was no need to compare them together, so he dryly laughed twice.

“It’s pretty much the same ba…”

After receiving such a perfunctory answer, Zhu Liang nodded seriously, “Okay, I got it.”

Xu Jian was taken aback and subconsciously said, “What do you know?”

Zhu Liang with a serious face said, “Sister Xiao Nan said you have the best relationship with Brother Qin. She asked me to measure your relationship with the people around you so that I can help you in the future.”

Xu Jian: “?”

It turns out that the relationship between him and Qin Chen is a unit of measurement for Xiao Nan?

Because of the filming of an ancient costume drama, the scene venue is far from the city, and many scenes are filmed at the film and television base, so the crew of <Chaotic Step> booked two guesthouses near the base.

After Xu Jian and his party left the airport, they went straight to the guesthouse that had been arranged. When they arrived, it was time for lunch.

There were a lot of people on the crew, and the restaurant of the guesthouse is already overcrowded. After taking Xu Jian to meet the director, screenwriter, producer, and others, and after greeting each other, Pan Min asked the guesthouse staff to deliver lunch to the room.

When he arrived in his room, as soon as Xu Jian put down his things, Qin Chen sent a video call request.

After connecting to the video, looking at Qin Chen’s face on the screen, Xu Jian subconsciously glanced at Zhu Liang, who was putting his luggage next to him. Xu Jian stretched out his index finger and put it on his mouth to make a ‘shh’ gesture, then silently took out his headphones.

After Xu Jian put on the headphones carefully, Qin Chen laughed over there, “What do you think I’m going to say that you still wear headphones.”

Xu Jian thought to himself, you are usually taking advantage of me by verbal convenience. If Zhu Liang hears it, we won’t be able to hide it.

Qin Chen had also just finished his meal, and video called Xu Jian to see if Xu Jian had arrived, and to also see his accommodation environment for the next few months.

After looking around for a while, Qin Chen reluctantly nodded, “Not bad, it’s just the sheets and pillows. Remember to ask Zhu Liang to change them, don’t use theirs.”

Xu Jian nodded, “Okay, I’ll change it later.”

This was the first time Xu Jian went out alone after being together. Qin Chen unconsciously exposed the attributes of his Father Boyfriend, and he rambled on about a few things Xu Jian should pay attention to.

After saying everything he could remember, Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian’s face and sighed.

“What to do, I’ve started to miss you already.”

Seeing the last line above:

Aww, hearteu hearteu


1 To seek shelter in this context
2 His name ‘dou’ also means beans btw XD

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