He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 101

Chapter 101 – Lovesick

Xiao Nan felt that this time the fans weren’t capable. Brother Chen’s eyes at Xu Jian were so naked yet the fans didn’t see anything fishy from it.

Looking at the reactions of fans, Xiao Nan now hopes that Qin Chen and Xu Jian’s underground romance can be hidden a little longer. She can already foresee the explosion of the fans’ mentality after they know that the two are together.

The only thing that makes Xiao Nan feel gratified is that many CP fans have heard of the wind, and the number of people signing up for the ‘QingJian CP’[1]It’s really QingJian in the raw which also means invitation/written invitation. Super Talk has steadily increased after the movie launch.

As the host of the ‘QingJian CP’ Super Talk, Xiao Nan is very happy to see her own organization flourish.

The more CP fans there are, the more support Qin Chen and Xu Jian will receive when their affairs are exposed.

Xu Jian, who is being discussed hotly on the internet, has no time to care about his growing number of fans. After he attended the press conference and met Shen Xi, he has been struggling since he got home:

Teacher Shen likes President Jiang, does he know that President Jiang isn’t human?[2]Jie Jie: The author probably didn’t mention their conversation anymore. The only chapter I remember where they talked about JL was in Chapter 62, but it was mentioned vaguely.

Man-demon love… seems a bit difficult?

It’s not easy for outsiders to get involved in emotional matters, but Xu Jian, a fan, still couldn’t help but worry about his idol’s difficult pursuit. He hugged the pillow in his arms and was struggling with whether he wanted to ask Jiang Linxie more.

Although Teacher Shen said that he hadn’t officially confessed, he lowered himself all for love. As long as his eyes weren’t blind, he could see that he was interested in President Jiang.

Not only was Jiang Linxie not blind, but was also clever. Xu Jian was 100% sure of what Shen Xi meant to him.

Just when Xu Jian was torn, Jiang Linxie happened to send a message:

[Ask Qin Chen if your company is still short of people.]

Jiang Linxie’s words came in so suddenly without rhyme or reason, that Xu Jian was puzzled: [What people?]

Jiang Linxie: [Actor[3]or Actress, artist, agent, trainee.]

Xu Jian was stunned, there was a faint guess in his heart: [President Jiang, what do you mean by this?]

Jiang Linxie: [Now that you know everything and have signed to Leyu, there is no need for Degu to exist.]

Jiang Linxie meant to dissolve his company and was looking for a home for the employees under his hands.

Xu Jian instantly remembered Chen Doudou. The last time he went there, he didn’t have time to meet Chen Doudou and hurried back. After Chen Doudou found out, he brushed the screen full of messages accusing him of being unfaithful.

Now that Jiang Linxie said that he was going to dissolve the company, Xu Jian was very nervous.

[Haven’t Doudou and the others’ contracts arrived yet?]

Moreover, Jiang Linxie gave Chen Doudou a second male lead resource before, and the play isn’t finished yet.

Jiang Linxie: [The company will pay the breach of contract, and the company’s existing resources will also be allocated.]

Well, if a company says it will dissolve, it will be dissolved. Nevertheless, it’s still a company that’s been with him for six years. Xu Jian’s mood was complicated.

[President Jiang, you won’t really consider it anymore?]

Jiang Linxie was very direct: [Won’t consider, not short of money, don’t want to work to socialize, it’s annoying.]

Xu Jian: [……]

It’s nice to have money and willful. If a company says no, it’s no.

On second thought, Jiang Linxie is a demon, and it was really useless to make so much money.

So Xu Jian felt pity in his heart but still replied: [Okay then. I’ll ask Qin Chen later.]

Jiang Linxie: [Or don’t bother so much. You just ask him if he intends to buy Degu, selling it at a low price.]

Xu Jian: [This can only be decided by the senior management of Leyu…]

After the Du Zezhou incident last time, Xu Jian knew that Qin Chen’s family was of extraordinary wealth and that his family was in business. As for what it is, he didn’t ask.

[Leyu was opened by Qin Chen’s family. What’s the difference between asking a high-level person and asking him?]

Xu Jian: [???]

Jiang Linxie: [……]

Jiang Linxie: [Don’t tell me you don’t know.]

Xu Jian was confused, he really didn’t know about it.

Jiang Linxie was completely convinced, hating the iron for not becoming steel: [So you didn’t even figure out Qin Chen’s family background yet you even dare to live with him to cross the Yang Qi?]

Xu Jian was bleeding from his body. When facing Xu Jian, Jiang Linxie couldn’t help but put on his old father’s filter.

Xu Jian felt that the problem wasn’t big: [I fell in love with him, not with his family background.]

The reasoning is justified. Jiang Linxie couldn’t find anything to refute for a while and it took a long time to send a Baike[4]Similar to Wikipedia link, saying: [Take a good look at your boyfriend ba. I’m really afraid that one day you won’t even know you’re abducted and you’re still foolishly helping count the money.]

Xu Jian revealed cleverly: [I can become a cat and escape if I am abducted.]

Jiang Linxie answered quickly: [Then be caught by people and become a plate of meat on some people’s table.]

Xu Jian: [……]

Xu Jian decided to skip this topic, and after hesitating repeatedly, he still decided to ask: [President Jiang, does Teacher Shen knows your identity?]

Jiang Linxie: [No, why did you remember to ask him?]

Xu Jian turned a corner: [President Jiang, can you demons fall in love?]

Jiang Linxie: [How can you reproduce offspring if you don’t fall in love?]

Seeing the word ‘reproduce’ Xu Jian’s heart chilled for Shen Xi for a while, and asked: [That, can you talk to people?]

Jiang Linxie: [Of course, people and demons fall in love and are not against by the heavenly dao. They are all made up in the drama. The heavenly dao is very busy and has no time to care about these trivial things.]

Xu Jian was overjoyed. He just wanted to say that his idol had a chance but Jiang Linxie’s message came again:

[However, demons have a long life span, ordinary people’s life ends with their lifetime which is just a flash for us. Ordinary people have reincarnated several times but our appearance remains the same. So even if people and demons come together, most of them are tragedies.]

Xu Jian’s remaining half of his heart was also cold.

According to President Jiang, his idol’s romantic love was a BE[5]Bad Ending from the start.

Seeing that Xu Jian hadn’t chatted for a while, Jiang Linxie asked: [Are you worried about you and Qin Chen?]

[Don’t worry, although you’re now an atypical human, you’re not a demon. Your life span isn’t much different from that of ordinary humans. At most, you live a few years longer than ordinary people.]

Xu Jian’s mood was a bit low. In the end, he asked: [President Jiang, do you know that Teacher Shen likes you?]

According to Shen Xi’s original statement, he fell in love with Jiang Linxie at first sight.

Jiang Linxie didn’t reply for a while: [I can tell from the first time I met him in this life.]

The ever-slow Xu Jian was rarely keen at once and caught the point of Jiang Linxie’s statement:

[In this life?]

In Degu’s President’s office, the past was played in front of Jiang Linxie’s eyes like a revolving lantern. After his thoughts were pulled back from his memories, he slowly typed:

[This is my fourth life with him.]

Xu Jian was stunned — Fourth life?


After Qin Chen finished the press conference today, he was picked up by the family driver to the old house for dinner. Originally, he wanted Xu Jian to go back with him, but Xu Jian’s legs were soft when he thought of seeing his parents, so in the end, he was the only one who went back.

Thinking that Xu Jian will fly out of town to film early tomorrow morning, Qin Chen didn’t stay in the old house. After dinner, he chatted with Father Qin and Mother Qin for a while and then came back.

As soon as the door opened, Qin Chen felt the low pressure emanating from Xu Jian’s body, and his steps paused. He raised his hand to turn on the living room lights and asked softly, “Why are you unhappy?”

Jiang Linxie’s previous Baike link was the Baike information of the ‘Qin Group’. After Xu Jian read it, he realized that Qin Chen’s family is not ordinary rich.

It’s really that other people’s home has a mine and he has a family with a mine.

Xu Jian began to worry about whether Qin Chen’s family would strongly oppose them being together and force him to get married and have children. After all, after several generations of hard work in such a big business, someone will inherit it in the future.

There is also Jiang Linxie’s desire to dissolve Degu and the affairs between him and Shen Xi. Xu Jian could hardly be happy.

Looking up at Qin Chen with a gloomy expression, Xu Jian sighed and picked a more urgent matter to say now.

“President Jiang wants to sell Degu and asks if you’re interested in buying it.”

Qin Chen has never concealed his identity and thought that Xu Jian should’ve known his family background a long time ago since that Du Zezhou and Tang Li incident. So he wasn’t surprised to hear this. After thinking about it carefully, he returned, “Acquiring a company requires the risk department to assess the risk, I’ll ask.”

As the prince of the Qin Group, the acquisition of a lukewarm entertainment company is just a matter of words, but Qin Chen has no experience in this area. The acquisition affects the careers of all employees of the acquired company. He’s not a hedonistic son who spends money like water, so he didn’t draw conclusions easily.

Xu Jian also knew that such a big deal was not something that could be decided by glib talk, he nodded to express his understanding.

Seeing the melancholy between his brows, Qin Chen sat beside him and asked, “Are you worried about your friend called Doubendoubendou?”

Xu Jian’s remark to Chen Doudou was such a long list. Hearing Qin Chen say this remark in a serious manner, Xu Jian couldn’t help but hook the corners of his lips, and finally sighed, “I’m not worried about him. He now has the resources. With his strength, there’s no problem to change to a good company.”

Just as Chen Doudou believes in Xu Jian, Xu Jian also believes in his abilities.

Qin Chen was surprised. “I just left you a few hours, how come you have so many worries?”

Without the permission of Jiang Linxie and Shen Xi’s private matters, Xu Jian couldn’t tell Qin Chen. Thus, his legs turned, and he lay down, put his head on Qin Chen’s legs, and sighed for a long time.

“I’m going to film tomorrow.”

Xu Jian is going to film chaotic steps. Qin Chen didn’t arrange much work during this time, his main focus now is on Leyu.

Since they knew each other for more than half a year, the two of them can be said to be inseparable. Now that Xu Jian is going to film out of town, it means that they have to experience a long separation for the first time.

Lying down while looking at Qin Chen, Xu Jian sighed in his heart that this person was really 360 degrees with no dead angles, and he was handsome from the perspective of his death.

Thinking that he wouldn’t be able to see such a handsome object often in the coming months, Xu Jian continued to sigh, “When we meet next time, maybe spring will pass and we’ll start wearing short sleeves.”

As a domestic costume martial arts drama, <Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords> has a record of 55 episodes, and it will take at least more than three months to shoot.

At that time, it was indeed already summer.

Hearing Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen fiddling with his hair paused and pinched his soft earlobe.

“Not at all, I will visit the set often.”

Xu Jian’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

In this position, Qin Chen bent over and kissed him on the cheek, smiling, “Really.”

Xu Jian abruptly rose, and Qin Chen, who lowered his head, couldn’t avoid it. His chin was hit by Xu Jian. Before he could reach out and rub it, Xu Jian had already pounced on him. While rubbing his chin with his left hand, he stretched out the little finger of his right hand.

“Pinky promise!”

Looking at the slender finger in front of him, then at Xu Jian’s serious face, Qin Chen laughed at him for being childish, but his body very honestly stretched out his hand and hooked his finger, promising each other not to change for a hundred years.


Early the next morning, Qin Chen sent Xu Jian to the airport. Zhu Liang and Pan Min were already waiting there.

After an affectionate time in the car, Qin Chen let the person off. After Xu Jian boarded the plane, Qin Chen sent a message in the small group chat:

[Xiao Jian went to film.]

Tang Li seemed to live in the group chat and the message returned quickly.

[What’s wrong? You’ve gotten lovesick just after people left?]

Qin Chen, who was made fun of by his close friend, wasn’t annoyed and replied unhurriedly: [Yeah, at least I have someone to think about. Unlike some people, they have no one to think about.]

Du Zezhou: [Watching the show.JPG]

Tang Li: [F&!^, it hurts Old Qin!]

Tang Li: [By the way, while people are filming, do you want to go out for a drink? Get high!]

Qin Chen was indifferent: [No appointment.][6]This term is used when rejecting a date, which mostly means no hook-ups.

Tang Li: [Ruthless! Your husband is strict!]

Du Zezhou: [Hmm? Are you sure it’s the husband who is strict and not henpecked by his wife?]

Qin Chen: [……]

Tang Li keenly discovered something from Qin Chen’s ellipsis and was surprised: [Don’t tell me that you guys haven’t distinguished between the top and bottom yet?]

Du Zezhou also echoed: [Tsk, tsk. Brother Chen, you’re not good ah.]

Tang Li: [Having been together for so long, but still haven’t even rolled the sheets to experience the joy of being in a drunken haze. It’s a waste ah, a waste.]

Qin Chen’s complexion was calm as he voiced, “Roll.”

Tang Li: [Okay!]

Tang Li: [Last sentence, Brother Chen, you have to improve your efficiency ah. People are dazzling past you every day. Aren’t you coveting? Don’t you have the urge to throw down? Are you still a normal man?!!]

Qin Chen: [I know you have a long mouth[7]Empty talk, shut up ba.]

XJ: Pinky promise! *holds out paw*

Knowing JL and SX already have four lifetimes together:

Added two gifs as requested by Uncle XD because I wasn’t able to put gif on the previous chapter, which was also us, hitting the 100th Chapter mark! Aiyo XD

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1 It’s really QingJian in the raw which also means invitation/written invitation.
2 Jie Jie: The author probably didn’t mention their conversation anymore. The only chapter I remember where they talked about JL was in Chapter 62, but it was mentioned vaguely.
3 or Actress
4 Similar to Wikipedia
5 Bad Ending
6 This term is used when rejecting a date, which mostly means no hook-ups.
7 Empty talk

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