He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 – Love Rival

Xu Jian didn’t expect Shen Xi to come over suddenly. When he heard the voice and turned his head, he was still biting the straw of the yogurt.

After meeting Shen Xi’s gaze, Xu Jian hurriedly took the yogurt away, stood up in an instant, and stammered, “Shen-Teacher Shen.” 

Seeing his idol for the first time, Xu Jian was a little nervous and was thinking whether it was okay to ask for an autograph now.

Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian, recalling in his heart how this person reacted when he saw him for the first time.

Looking at Xu Jian then at Qin Chen, Shen Xi suddenly smiled meaningfully, “Linxie was right, you guys really have a good relationship.”

When Shen Xi finished, he didn’t wait for Xu Jian to speak, and then said, “I have something to tell you, I don’t know if it’s convenient for you now.”

Xu Jian naturally nodded, “Convenient.”

Shen Xi scanned the room, and finally turned to look at Qin Chen with a smile, “Just a few words, borrow your balcony?”

Qin Chen raised his hand, “Feel free to do as you please.”

The words were to answer Shen Xi, but Qin Chen kept his eyes on Xu Jian.

Seeing Qin Chen’s eyes, Shen Xi smiled and said nothing. He followed Xu Jian towards the balcony.

Closing the French window, Shen Xi turned and first stared at the bracelet on Xu Jian’s wrist for a few seconds. The first thing he said to him was, “Linxie is already 33 years old, 10 years older than you.”

Xu Jian was taken aback when he heard his words. Although he didn’t know why he suddenly pulled Jiang Linxie, he instinctively replied, “Teacher Shen, I’m 24 years old.”

Shen Xi was unmoved and said to him, “Three years generation gap. There are three generation gaps between you and him, which add up to a long and big gap.”

Xu Jian looked at Shen Xi confusedly. He hesitated for two seconds before asking, “Teacher Shen, what you wanted to tell me… Is this it?”

Just to remind him that President Jiang is already 33 years old? But what does President Jiang’s age have to do with him?

There’s also the long and big generation gap, he’s not in love with President Jiang. What age difference is there to worry about?

Thinking of this, Xu Jian’s brain flashed and suddenly remembered that Qin Chen was 26 this year, just two years older than him. They don’t have a generation gap…

Xu Jian abruptly stopped the thought in his mind— no, why should he care about Qin Chen’s age?

Shen Xi didn’t know what Xu Jian was thinking. When he saw his expression of being at a loss of love change and change, he became more and more uncomfortable. He didn’t go around with him and said directly, “I admit that you’re better than He Jia in all aspects, but you and Linxie aren’t really suitable.”

Thinking about Qin Chen, making him absent-minded, Xu Jian subconsciously nodded after listening to Shen Xi’s words. Then he suddenly stopped halfway through the nod and slightly opened his mouth to look at him, “Ah?”

What do you mean he and President Jiang aren’t suitable? How come it also involved He Jia?

Foolishly staring at Shen Xi, who has a serious expression, in connection with the previous statement, the rather slow Xu Jian finally reacted. His idol seems to have misunderstood something.

When he saw that Xu Jian finally understood what he meant, Shen Xi continued to speak. The more he listened, the more horrified Xu Jian’s expression became —

His idol actually regarded him as a love rival! Shen Xi thought President Jiang was special to him because he liked him!

Xu Jian suddenly returned to his senses and almost made afterimages with his hands to Shen Xi, “I’m not, I didn’t, no, it’s President Jiang who didn’t!”

The fact that his idol misunderstood him as a love rival had a much greater impact on Xu Jian than the fact that his idol’s sexual orientation turned out to be homosexual.

Shen Xi stopped talking to look at Xu Jian, his face looked somewhat heavy, and asked, “He didn’t? Did he not like you or did he not treat you quite specially?”

Xu Jian felt that he was wronged, greatly wronged.

If he let Shen Xi continue to misunderstand like this, let alone autographs, it would be benevolent for his idol not to take a 40-meter blade[1]meme which is based on a typo on a police report. It was supposed to say cm but the c was removed. to solve his fake love rival on the spot.

Xu Jian hurriedly said, “No, President Jiang indeed treats me quite specially, but he really doesn’t like me. Because of my parents…”

Xu Jian focused on the matter between himself and Jiang Linxie and told Shen Xi, but he didn’t forget to emphasize it in the end, “Other than that, I have no relationship with President Jiang, and he has absolutely no other thoughts about me!”

Seeing Xu Jian almost raising his hand to swear, his expression didn’t seem to be lying, Shen Xi frowned, “So I’m overthinking it?”

Xu Jian’s head nodded like a chicken pecking rice, “En!”

After a moment of silence, Shen Xi looked at Xu Jian apologetically, “I’m sorry, it’s my narrow-mindedness that misunderstood you guys.”

Shen Xi really didn’t expect that there would be a relationship of gratitude between Xu Jian and Jiang Linxie.

According to the identities of Jiang Linxie and Xu Jian, normal people usually don’t think like this.

Shen Xi deeply regretted the unfortunate affairs of Xu Jian’s parents, but at the same time, he was also very grateful to them.

Seeing Shen Xi believing, Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief and smiled embarrassedly, “It’s okay. If President Jiang hadn’t told me last month, I wouldn’t have known, too.”

Knowing that Jiang Linxie didn’t like Xu Jian, Shen Xi finally put down the big stone in his heart and said, “This is my fault. You’re the son of Linxie’s savior. If there’s anything I can help you with in the future, just say it.”

Xu Jian was stunned after hearing this, then stretched out a finger and spoke cautiously, “I have a request right now. I don’t know if Teacher Shen can…”

Before Xu Jian finished, Shen Xi interrupted him, “Say it.”

Xu Jian followed his words and quickly said, “My friend and I have liked you for a long time. Can you give us an autograph?”

After holding back for so long and finally asking the words, the little man in Xu Jian’s heart gave himself a pat-on-the-back-compliment.

Shen Xi: “?”

That’s it?

Now it was Shen Xi’s turn to be stunned. He smiled at Xu Jian’s apprehensive and expectant eyes, “The friend you’re talking about, is it yourself or not?”

After Shen Xi’s words fell, the two looked at each other and instantly laughed.

With a smile to forget the enmity, Shen Xi’s various misunderstandings about Xu Jian ended with two autographed photos.

Qin Chen has been paying attention to the movement on the balcony. When he saw the two finally come in after talking, he calmly looked away.

When Xu Jian came in, Qin Chen, who was staring at his phone, slowly raised his eyes and said unhurriedly, “Finished talking?”

Although everything was explained clearly, after thinking about it afterwards, Shen Xi actually regarded him as a love rival. Xu Jian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But sexual orientation is Shen Xi’s privacy. Since Shen Xi didn’t say it himself, it was impossible for Xu Jian to directly say it to Qin Chen. So he smiled and said, “En, it was just a misunderstanding, that’s all.”

Qin Chen turned to look at Shen Xi, “Misunderstanding?”

Shen Xi was in an extremely good mood, he nodded with a smile, “I thought too much.”

Qin Chen nodded at his words and didn’t ask anymore.

After sitting down, Xu Jian thought of another question and turned to ask, “By the way, didn’t Teacher Shen mentioned He Jia just now?”

Since He Jia was withdrawn last time, Xu Jian hasn’t heard any news about him. It was only that the company has stopped all his activities.

The smile on Shen Xi’s face faded a bit when he mentioned He Jia. He knew what Xu Jian wanted to ask, and said lightly, “He Jia’s intentions weren’t good. He wanted to climb Linxie’s bed several times, but after being rejected, he didn’t give up and turned to hook up with the company’s agent.”

Shen Xi also knew the inside story of He Jia’s work being stopped. He said to Xu Jian after seeing his surprised expression, “I guess that when he saw Linxie was kind to you, he got the wrong idea, thinking that he also had a chance to enter Linxie’s eyes ba.”

Xu Jian glanced at Qin Chen after listening and suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Just… The mood is complicated.

After Shen Xi who came to visit left, only then did Qin Chen say to Xu Jian, “I asked someone to check on He Jia before. He did more nasty things than we knew before. Suppressing newcomers to seize resources, dating with the company’s agent, and buying black (antis) water army at the same time are trivial matters for them, the most important thing is…”

Having said that, Qin Chen paused, stared into Xu Jian’s eyes, and said in a deep voice, “I suspect that your car accident is also related to him.”

Xu Jian was shocked and blurted out, “My car accident was also planned by him?”

Killing people to silence them? This is indeed an illegal crime!

The corner of Qin Chen’s lips pursed. Under Xu Jian’s shocked gaze, he shook his head, “There is currently no direct evidence to prove that he planned it. But the driver of that black car who took you was found to have contacted He Jia the night before the accident.”

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, the hairs on Xu Jian’s back chilled and his heart palpitated, “Then where is the black car driver now?”

Xu Jian had searched the internet for his car accident before, but there wasn’t even a piece of social news on the internet, and couldn’t be found at all.

If the pain at the moment of the crash hadn’t been too real and unforgettable, he would have suspected that everything was just his own delusion.

Qin Chen’s expression wasn’t too good, “I don’t know. They haven’t heard from him since then.”

Xu Jian frowned and hesitantly said, “Was he killed in the car accident?”

Crashing against a large truck at that speed, the possibility of survival is extremely small. He himself inexplicably turned into a cat to recover his life. It’s not known whether the driver has such good luck.

Qin Chen’s expression was grim, “The car you were seated in finally self-ignited. Only the police know the specific situation. It’s uncertain whether the driver is hiding or dead.”

What Qin Chen didn’t tell Xu Jian was that he not only checked on He Jia, but he also asked someone to investigate Jiang Linxie, because he thought Jiang Linxie was also strange.

Xu Jian’s parents are Jiang Linxie’s life-saving grace, but Qin Chen felt that Jiang Linxie didn’t pay much attention to Xu Jian.

He hadn’t seen anyone who said it was to repay kindness, but he hadn’t even seen his benefactor for six years.

Qin Chen understood that he felt guilty and blamed himself, but the time was too long.

Qin Chen felt that there were some contradictions between what Jiang Linxie said and what he actually did.

Everything that Jiang Linxie said before was logically reasonable, the reasons were indeed insufficient and couldn’t even withstand careful scrutiny.

So Qin Chen had someone to investigate Jiang Linxie, and within a few days, he received a piece of information about Jiang Linxie.

Jiang Linxie’s profile is very detailed: Abandoned by parents since he was little, grew up in an orphanage before the age of two, then was adopted by a wealthy family. High school is a key focus in the city. He graduated from a famous university. After graduation, he smoothly established Ancient…

A thick pile of papers covers almost everything that Jiang Linxie has done since he was a child, including his trivial matter of cutting the braids of female classmates in the front row during their afternoon nap in junior high school are recorded.

Jiang Linxie’s resume is perfect. No puppy love, doesn’t skip class, respects teachers, and loves his friends. Qin Chen couldn’t pick out any flaws. It’s as if he grew up according to ‘other people’s kid’[2]refers to those who have been excellent in many aspects (especially academic performance) since childhood and are often mentioned as role models by other parents to spur their own kids to work … Continue readingpraised by people, and there wasn’t any rebellious puberty.

But the more perfect it is without loopholes, the more suspicious Qin Chen became of Jiang Linxie.

The resume is so perfect and detailed, covering every age group as if Jiang Linxie knew in advance that someone would investigate him and had prepared it a long time ago.

Qin Chen even suspects that Ancient could exist tepidly in the bloody entertainment industry for so many years, and Jiang Linxie did it intentionally, not to attract attention nor be able to say things in case of trouble…

However, these are just Qin Chen’s speculations; there is no evidence. It’s not necessarily if Jiang Linxie is such an overly sensitive, careless person, and whose IQ isn’t always online.

Although Qin Chen knew in his heart that if Jiang Linxie was really such a person, it’s impossible that Ancient hasn’t closed down yet.

Facing Xu Jian’s worried face, Qin Chen collected his thoughts, his eyebrows slightly curved as he deliberately teased him, “Then again, Mr. Xu, you weren’t originally a cat demon, were you?”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: It is said that you’re not allowed to be refined after the founding of the country!!

Qin poop scooping officer: So I said you’re a cat demon, not a refined cat.

Jian Cat: ……

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1 meme which is based on a typo on a police report. It was supposed to say cm but the c was removed.
2 refers to those who have been excellent in many aspects (especially academic performance) since childhood and are often mentioned as role models by other parents to spur their own kids to work harder. T/N: Ain’t this normal in most Asian (or any) household hhhhh *me who’s quite experienced in being compared with someone *don’t know whether to laugh or cry wuwuwuwu

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