He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – Numb

Why didn’t you close the door when showering?

Qin Chen felt innocent, “I closed it.”

He just didn’t lock it. One is that he didn’t have this habit; two is that he didn’t expect Xu Jian to barge in.

Xu Jian’s movements stagnated when he heard the words. He just wanted to ask again, his paws are on the keyboard, but Qin Chen guessed what he wanted to ask and took the initiative to speak, “The shower head in the bathroom inside (master bedroom) is broken. I remember telling you that.”

Xu Jian’s head tilted to see what he meant: Did he?

Qin Chen nodded affirmatively, “I told you, maybe you were too focused on your phone at that time and didn’t hear me.” 

Xu Jian tried hard to recall. When he was sneakily browsing Qin Chen’s Weibo home page, he seems to have heard him say something.

But at that time, Xu Jian was feeling guilty as a thief, and his attention wasn’t on what Qin Chen said.

Thinking about it this way, Qin Chen is indeed innocent.

Seeing Xu Jian’s beautiful bright cat’s eyes start to blink ah blink and drift in confusion, Qin Chen knew he was embarrassed and smiled magnanimously, “It’s okay, we’re all men, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. If you really feel sorry then…”

Qin Chen’s voice paused, his gaze indistinctly swept between Xu Jian’s two hind legs, and suggested, “… I can also look back.”

Xu Jian: “??”

Before Xu Jian could meow to show his objection, Qin Chen suddenly attacked and quickly pinned him down on the soft sofa before he could react.

Xu Jian: “Meow—”

Staring with round eyes at Qin Chen, who harbored bad intentions, Xu Jian panicked. After a meow, his four short legs began to struggle.

At this time, Xu Jian was still rational. He carefully hid his claws in his meat pad and didn’t scratch Qin Chen’s handsome face.

Four legs couldn’t beat Qin Chen’s hands. Looking at Qin Chen who was gradually approaching from above, Xu Jian unconsciously held his breath and clamped his two hind legs —

Is he going to lose his innocence today?

Although he knew that he had been seen by Qin Chen a long time ago and the other party also took pictures, Xu Jian’s heart was still nervous, his whole body was tense; he deathly stared at Qin Chen’s movements.

Qin Chen seemed to be deliberately antagonizing Xu Jian, moving slowly. Xu Jian felt that he was a piece of fish on his chopping board, letting him(QC) slaughter him(XJ).

Just when Xu Jian was so suffocated that he was almost about to die, Qin Chen, who was pressing hard step by step, suddenly smiled.

Under Xu Jian’s blank gaze, Qin Chen, who was making a gesture to see below him, raised his head and opened his mouth—

Gently took a bite of his cat’s ear.

Xu Jian’s entire cat, whose ear was bitten, quivered and his ears irritably trembled.

Amused by Xu Jian’s reaction, Qin Chen let go of the dumbfounded cat, his eyes overflowing with laughter, “I’m just teasing you. You’re a cat now; I’m not even going to go so far as to act as a rogue with you now.”

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian reacted with a rare speed, thinking:

If he’s not a cat, you can act like one?

Xu Jian wanted to ask but looking at Qin Chen’s solemn appearance, he felt that he was thinking too much and that the other party actually didn’t mean it at all.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian was in a complicated mood for a moment. He couldn’t tell whether he was disappointed or happy…

The bed made during the day is useless. But at night, one person and one cat still sleep together. Before going to bed, Xu Jian used his tablet to browse Weibo and found that Qin Chen’s account had been updated 20 minutes ago with a post.

Qin Chen didn’t post on Weibo this time but just forwarded the Weibo he said before that Milk was sticky and broke in while he was taking a shower.

Although it was just a forward with no single extra word, the fans quickly understood what he meant:

[It must be when Brother Chen was taking a bath, Milk broke in again to see Brother Chen naked. I performed a soul-wearing Milk on the spot!]
(Like their soul went into Milk’s body which is just a joke here.)

[I’m so jealous of Milk. I also want to see Brother Chen take a bath wu wu wu.]

[At this moment, who doesn’t want to become Milk? I’m so sour.]

[I’m tired of saying that people are worse than cats.]

[I unilaterally announce that I will be the second cat raised by Brother Chen in the future.]

[Brother, is your family still short of cats? The graduate student kind that can do housework!] (T/N: Qin Chen, I can also meow…) 
Xu Jian who read the comments: ……

It’s all a misunderstanding!

The comment section was full of envy, and Xu Jian felt that he’d still struggle to explain this matter again —

Although Qin Chen’s figure is very good, he really didn’t mean to…

After the incident of breaking into the bathroom and turning into a cat, Xu Jian and Qin Chen, one cat and one person, in bed, relied on the laptop to type and communicate the cat language. They had a difficult discussion but the discussion ended without result.

Xu Jian’s pattern changes made them all inscrutable, but the only thing that can be determined is that the interval between Xu Jian turning into a person has shortened, and the time for maintaining between the person has been lengthened.

If this positive development continues, Xu Jian’s return to normal will be just around the corner.

After analyzing this result, Xu Jian was very excited. Meanwhile, Qin Chen didn’t know why he also looks happy.

Looking at the happy Qin Chen, Xu Jian was a little puzzled: He had more time to change into a person, and Qin Chen had fewer opportunities to pet the cat. What was he so happy about?

But Xu Jian also didn’t dwell too much on these details, only thinking that Qin Chen was happy for him.


Although he knew that his probability of becoming human would increase in the future, Xu Jian woke up naked in Qin Chen’s arms again the next morning. When he opened his eyes and stared at the other, he still began to doubt life.

Compared to the pensive Xu Jian, Qin Chen is much calmer. “My arm is numb again.”

Xu Jian: “……”

Xu Jian silently moved to the side and spared Qin Chen’s calamitous arm.

Looking at Xu Jian’s numb face, Qin Chen held back a smile and sincerely suggested, “Next time you sleep inside, let’s change the arm pillow.”

Xu Jian faintly turned his head to look at Qin Chen. His eyes were soulless and said his thoughts, “I think I can sleep in the second bedroom.”

Qin Chen’s leg moved under the quilt. After coughing, he kindly reminded, “Before sleeping in the second bedroom, I think you can consider putting on your clothes first.”

Everyone is an adult man. It is inevitable that everyone will have a normal reaction when they wake up early in the morning.

Qin Chen was already relatively restrained. Xu Jian staged the “fruit temptation” for him for two consecutive mornings, and gave him a cat-eared boy last night.

Under the comprehensive impact, Qin Chen wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t react. He should go to the hospital to check if there was any physical problem.

Xu Jian, whose nerves were numb, couldn’t care about being happy that he had changed back into a human again after a night. His whole state is in a ‘who am I, why am I here’. He got dressed, and then went on a mental journey to the bathroom to wash up.

After washing up then going to the kitchen to have a look, Qin Chen was using the milk pan to warm up the milk, and the sliced bread was toasting next to him.

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, he took out the blueberry jam from the refrigerator; Xu Jian sat back at the table like a wandering soul (lost in thought). When Qin Chen asked him whether the fried egg should be fully cooked or soft, he didn’t forget to reply ‘fully cooked is delicious’.

When Qin Chen came out with his breakfast, Xu Jian didn’t forget to thank him before he reach out and praised soullessly that his eggs were fried well.

Qin Chen doesn’t cook often and he relies on a good pan so his eggs aren’t fried till scorched. Thus, he also has a clear understanding of his cooking skills.

“If you really can’t praise, forget it, don’t be so reluctant.”

Xu Jian took a bite of the toast coated with blueberry jam and suddenly sighed heavily after swallowing it.

Seeing his heavy face, Qin Chen poured him a glass of milk.
“What are you sighing for without rhyme or reason?”

Xu Jian look up at him, then sighed again before replying, “Is it good for me to be like this?”

Xu Jian felt that his daily life was too stimulating and that his fragile nerves were about to be overwhelmed.

Qin Chen knew what he wanted to say and stared at the bracelet on his wrist for two seconds before asking, “Are you now at the stage where you turn into a human during the day and a cat at night?”

Xu Jian actually thought of this possibility, but his tone wasn’t quite sure, “I don’t know. There is no precursor of every change now, and I can’t predict it in advance.”

Qin Chen: “This is simple, we’ll know in two more days.”

Xu Jian frowned, “But aren’t you on the plane tomorrow morning?”

The crew took two days off; Qin Chen will have to return to the crew tomorrow.

Qin Chen said, “This is easy. You can send me your identity information first then I will ask Xiao Nan to book a ticket for you. When the time comes, whether you take the plane or the check-in depends on tomorrow morning.”

Xu Jian’s time to turn into a person has now increased. In fact, he doesn’t have to bother Qin Chen anymore. He can completely buy a ticket home.

But after hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s words of rejection circled in his throat twice, and in the end, he couldn’t say anything.

Looking at Qin Chen in silence for a while, Xu Jian finally swallowed the fried egg in his mouth and sent his identity information to the other party.

Just this once.

Xu Jian thought in his heart that if he’s really sure that he would only turn into a cat at night, he wouldn’t bother Qin Chen and cause him trouble.

Xiao Nan was very efficient in her work. After receiving Qin Chen’s message, she booked Xu Jian’s ticket for the same flight without saying a word.

At 10:30 pm, Xu Jian really turned into a cat again. This time, he learned to be smart and consciously ran to the second bedroom to sleep.

Looking at Xu Jian da da da striding towards the second bedroom with his short legs, Qin Chen couldn’t help regretting in his heart. He began to regret that he lives alone in the house, so why did he install a second bedroom that is usually useless and gets in the way when necessary?

Early the next morning, Qin Chen woke up to find that the kitchen lights are on; the sound of spatula stir-frying was faintly heard.

Qin Chen instantly understood that his family’s little ancestor have changed into a human again and is now acting as the snail gongzi[1]male version of the Chinese folktale: “The Snail Girl”/“The River Snail Maiden” which is equivalent to a good man at home.this time.

Xu Jian was also quite embarrassed to let Qin Chen cook all the time, so he got up early this morning to cook porridge, egg crepes, and even fried two kinds of light side dishes suitable for breakfast.

Xu Jian’s cooking skills are a little better than Qin Chen’s, but only a little, yet Qin Chen was still very supportive. After eating two egg crepes, he drank a bowl of porridge with the side dishes.

Looking at Qin Chen across the table, Xu Jian thought to himself: It turns out that he likes to drink sweet potato porridge ah…

As a result, when they came to pick up Qin Chen but saw Xu Jian coming out with him, Xiao Nan had no waves in her heart, but merely glanced somewhat anxiously at Pan Min beside her.

When Pan Min saw Qin Chen beside Xu Jian, she froze for a moment. Then she turned to look at Qin Chen in a flash, raising her eyebrow —

What’s the situation?

Facing Pan Min’s gaze, Qin Chen shook the phone in his hand, which means: Talk on the phone.

After getting into the car and sitting down, Pan Min quickly sent a message to Qin Chen:

[Why is Xu Jian at your house?]

Qin Chen swept a glance at Xu Jian, who was talking to Xiao Nan beside him and replied: [He’s been here these past few days.]

Pan Min: [?]

After reading Qin Chen’s message, Pan Min inevitably glance at Xu Jian even more, then asked with a fortunate blessing to the soul:[2]when blessings come, people’s hearts are also opened, and their minds appear smart; describes that when a person is favored by fortune, they can see, know, and understand things unseen before.

[Do you want to sign Xu Jian to Leyu?]

From the perspective of an agent, Pan Min admits that Xu Jian was indeed a good seedling, but she thought he was Qin Chen’s friend, so she never thought of signing him.

Seeing Pan Min’s message, Qin Chen deleted the originally typed words and said:

[You can also understand it this way, I really want him to join Leyu.]


Qin Chen’s explanation was well-founded; Pan Min nodded secretly: So it’s like this. Then it is indeed necessary to take a good look at it to increase understanding.

After the plane landed, Qin Chen, Xu Jian, and his party went straight to the hotel. Shen Xi arrived before them. When he heard the assistant say that they had arrived, he came to the door to say hello.

However, once he entered the door and saw Xu Jian beside Qin Chen, Shen Xi was obviously stunned for a moment, and then raised his eyebrow, “Xu Jian?”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I’m tired, really.

Qin poop scooping officer: Rub, rub. Just get used to it.

XJ *sees Weibo comments* angery cat:


1 male version of the Chinese folktale: “The Snail Girl”/“The River Snail Maiden” which is equivalent to a good man at home.
2 when blessings come, people’s hearts are also opened, and their minds appear smart; describes that when a person is favored by fortune, they can see, know, and understand things unseen before.

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