He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 – Cat ears

No matter how much Qin Chen teased, Xu Jian didn’t sleep with him in the master’s bedroom in the end.

Even if Xu Jian has a big heart, under the condition of having extra rooms, he can no longer sleep with Qin Chen like the cat.

What’s more… Xu Jian felt that the current relationship between him and Qin Chen was still a bit unclear.

Qin Chen knows his most important secret and is the person he trusts very much. That’s right, but…

Xu Jian looked down at his palm with mixed feelings.

Does Qin Chen treat him as a friend now or as his own pet cat?

When he thought to himself as a person and a cat, Xu Jian added in his heart — or is it a spare tire cat?

After scratching his hair irritably, Xu Jian gave up his tangled thinking and went to Weibo. After canceling the application for certification as ‘Ancient’s signed artist’ on Weibo, he manually searched for ‘Milk is Super Cute’.

The Milk account is managed by Qin Chen. Except for two advertisements, the contents of the home page are all his daily routine with an average of one post for two or three days.

Reading Qin Chen’s Weibo posts in a cat tone one after another, Xu Jian’s unconsciously curled lips never came down.

To be honest, if Xu Jian hadn’t watched Qin Chen post a few Weibo with his own eyes, he would never believe that such a cute Weibo post was written by Qin Chen, a big man with a height of more than 1.8 meters.

Relying on his flop self where no one cares about, Xu Jian basically looked at Weibo and clicked ‘like’ on it. After clicking around, he clicked on Qin Chen’s home page in Milk’s following.

Milk has hundreds of thousands of fans but only Qin Chen pays attention to it. Qin Chen originally wanted to follow Xu Jian, but he refused.

From the outside world, Xu Jian’s reason is that Milk is Qin Chen’s cat, so it’s reasonable to follow him(Milk account), but following him, this flop with nothing won’t work.

Putting him on Milk’s follow list alongside Qin Chen will certainly attract suspicion and it wasn’t necessary.

Compared to Milk, Qin Chen’s personal Weibo is much more boring. It’s not normal to post updates for ten days and a half every month, and his home page is basically full of forwards and event advertisements

Even so, Qin Chen’s number of likes and comments on each Weibo is still very impressive.

After giving Qin Chen’s Weibo a round of likes, he also silently saved a few high-definition photos of the other party. Then, Xu Jian once again followed Qin Chen’s super topic.

When doing all this, Xu Jian’s heartbeat was fast as a thief. To save a picture, he needs to glance at Qin Chen, for fear of being caught by the party involved.

Fortunately, Qin Chen didn’t know what he was up to and didn’t notice his small movements.

Since 1 pm, Xu Jian has been waiting for himself to turn back into a cat and Qin Chen was also waiting.

However, after having dinner at 6 pm, Xu Jian showed no signs of turning into a cat.

Qin Chen stared at Xu Jian for a while, then finally asked, “It seems that you won’t change for a little while. I’m going to the gym, do you want to go together?”

Exercising to keep fit has become Qin Chen’s habit. He felt that Xu Jian’s figure was a bit thin, so he sent him an invitation to exercise together.

Anyway, sitting and waiting was also dry. Xu Jian thought about it and agreed.

As soon as he entered the gym, Xu Jian can’t help but think of what Qin Chen did when he was a little cat. He hurriedly swept a glance at the fitness equipment, then lowered his head and walked to the treadmill without saying a word.

Qin Chen exercises crunches while Xu Jian is running on the treadmill. Qin Chen’s gaze always slipped on Xu Jian’s body unconsciously.

Xu Jian was also absent-minded. He wanted to jog but when adjusting the speed, he remembered that Qin Chen was on the side. Under a certain state of refusing to admit defeat, he adjusted the speed to the highest he could accept.

Xu Jian was tired in less than two minutes after getting on the treadmill, but he didn’t want to lose face in front of Qin Chen. Thus, in the end, he relied on one breath to hold on.

After 30 minutes, Xu Jian was out of breath as he turned off the treadmill, and felt a sense of relief after his feet hit the floor.

Lifting a handful of his hair that was somewhat long on his forehead, Xu Jian pretended to casually turn his head but did not see Qin Chen’s figure.

After sweeping a glance at the gym where there was no one except for himself, Xu Jian froze — Where’s the person?

This person tricked him into coming in but he ran away?

Is this what people do??

Before Xu Jian, who was breathless with fatigue, could think about when Qin Chen had secretly left behind his back, Qin Chen pushed the door in from the outside and handed him the sports drink and towel in his hand.

Looking down at the drink and towel in his hands, Xu Jian found that even the cap of the drink was unscrewed by Qin Chen beforehand.

It turns out that Qin Chen left to get something for him and it was the little villain in his heart who judged the sincerity of the gentleman.

Xu Jian thanked Qin Chen with an extremely guilty conscience.

Qin Chen leaned casually on the equipment next to him, looking at the person who ran with a deep red face, he couldn’t help but laugh at him, “How long has it been since you’ve exercised?”

Hearing Qin Chen’s implication, Xu Jian forcibly defended, “I was physically fit before but I didn’t have the chance to exercise after I turned into a cat, so my physical fitness regressed.”

Qin Chen raised an eyebrow, looked up and down at his thin body, his tone full of doubt, “Is that so?”

Xu Jian: “……”

Looking at his little arms and legs, Xu Jian also felt that his words weren’t too convincing.

After covertly raising his head and drinking two sips, Xu Jian had nothing to say and changed the subject, “When did you go out? I don’t even know.”

His gaze swept across Xu Jian’s rolling Adam’s apple, then Qin Chen’s eyes sank. Under Xu Jian’s gaze, he quietly looked away and calmly spoke, “Just now.”

Qin Chen works out all year round, thus, he can naturally see that Xu Jian is just holding himself up, but he didn’t say anything. After calculating the time, he felt that he was almost done, so he went out to get water for the person.

Xu Jian laughed dryly, “I didn’t even notice.”

He even thought that Qin Chen left him behind and abandoned loyalty.

As if knowing what he was thinking, Qin Chen looked at him with amusement, “Thought I got cold feet and ran away?”[1]to shrink back as the time for battle approaches [idiom]

The thoughts in his heart were accurately guessed making Xu Jian blush with shame, “It’s not that serious.”

It’s not like you’re going to the battlefield and still running away from cold feet, which is too much.

Only now did Qin Chen discover that Xu Jian’s eyes were quite bright.

When Xu Jian talks to you seriously, his eyes are sincere, and you can find your reflection in his eyes as if his eyes are full of you.

Qin Chen looked at his own reflection in Xu Jian’s eyes. For a moment, he suddenly had the illusion that the other party’s eyes were full of him.


Qin Chen clearly heard his heartbeat accelerate.

When he looked at Xu Jian again, Qin Chen felt as if something was different, and as if everything seemed to be the same as before…

Seeing Qin Chen staring at him in a trance, Xu Jian was a bit uncomfortable. He raised his hand and waved it in front of the other party.

Just as Xu Jian opened his mouth to speak, Qin Chen suddenly stood upright and said to him, “Continue by yourself, I’ll go out first.”

Xu Jian: “? ? ?”

When Qin Chen closed the door, Xu Jian looked in the direction where he left and hadn’t reacted yet —

It’s all good so why did you leave again?

This time is concrete proof of escaping with cold feet!

Xu Jian sipped his drink while looking at the room full of equipment, his brows wrinkled with worry.

Qin Chen told him to continue alone but he ran to show off for half an hour, and now he was tired and doesn’t want to move…

Xu Jian, who didn’t want to move, played with his phone in the gym for 20 minutes. Finally, when he felt that it was about time, he took his towel and slipped away.

Xu Jian didn’t see Qin Chen’s figure when he went out. The master’s bedroom door was closed, so the person should be in the room.

Although he didn’t move much, Xu Jian still sweated a little after running for half an hour. Thus, he picked up his pajamas on the bed and went to the bathroom.

There were no suitable pajamas for Xu Jian in the closet. Qin Chen called during the day and asked someone to buy two sets of pajamas and several sets of clothes according to Xu Jian’s size. Now, they’re all hanging on the balcony without much concern.

The set Xu Jian is currently holding is often worn by Qin Chen.

Qin Chen usually uses the bathroom in the master bedroom. Thus, Xu Jian looked down at his phone with his clothes and directly opened the bathroom door outside without paying attention.

With the steaming heat blowing on his face, Xu Jian’s footsteps paused when he entered the bathroom. He looked up in shock at the Qin Chen inside.

Looking at Qin Chen, who was obviously taking a bath inside, Xu Jian’s soul was trembling —

Why is Qin Chen here?!!!

Meanwhile, Qin Chen heard the movement and turned his head to see Xu Jian stunned for a moment, and then quickly reacted. Just as he wanted to explain, he saw two furry cat ears suddenly emerge on Xu Jian’s originally sluggish head.

The cat ears shook.

Qin Chen: “???”

Before Qin Chen could see clearly, something flash past behind Xu Jian, then his body shrank rapidly. In the blink of an eye, Xu Jian ‘suddenly’ turned into a cat under his nose.

Looking at Milk squatting in the bathroom door, Qin Chen’s pupil shrank: “!!!”

It’s one thing to know, but witnessing Xu Jian change from a human to a cat with his own eyes is another.

Obviously, Xu Jian also didn’t know that he would turn into a cat at this juncture. The phone he originally held in his hand slammed on the ground with a ‘bang’, and the pajamas he held also hooded over the cat’s head.

After a brief moment of confusion, Qin Chen hurriedly turned off the water to rescue a cat entangled in pajamas.

Squatting down to get his pajamas, one person and one cat looked at each other. As soon as the person was about to speak, the cat suddenly raised his voice with a ‘meow ao’, turned around, and ran away.

Because he was running too fast, Qin Chen also saw Xu Jian slipping on the soles of his feet and almost fell.

Qin Chen looked at the screeching and fleeing Xu Jian who left. At first, he didn’t know why he was running, then he finally realized that he was taking a shower and wasn’t wearing clothes.

After a two-second pause in place, Qin Chen shook his head in his heart with both amusement and helplessness as he picked up the pajamas and phone on the ground, putting them away.

Xu Jian’s phone is covered with a phone case, it didn’t break even if it was dropped.

Closing the bathroom door to continue bathing, Qin Chen lowered his eyes to look at the water flowing on the drain. Qin Chen’s mind was full of Xu Jian, who just flashed by, but with two cat ears on his head…

Qin Chen thought, was it his tail that flashed behind Xu Jian just now?

Although the process was very short, Xu Jian was frightened with a dumb face. The scene of two white cat ears appearing on his black-haired head made Qin Chen remember it deeply.

There is now an answer to the previous question. When a certain person turns into a cat, their ears first appear then their tail comes out.

Unfortunately, no photos were taken…

Inside the bathroom, Qin Chen was reminiscing with regret while in the living room, Xu Jian was circling on the sofa.

Xu Jian was now so embarrassed that he’s about to explode on the spot — he actually barged in while Qin Chen was taking a shower again!

While scolding himself for being engrossed in playing with his phone and not checking anyone inside when he opened the door, he blamed Qin Chen for taking a bath to the bathroom outside on a whim today.

Moreover, you didn’t exercise for a few minutes and the sweat didn’t come out in winter. What kind of bath did you take?

But after all, this is Qin Chen’s home. The person can take a bath in the living room if they want to, so Xu Jian blames Qin Chen for being unreasonable.


When Qin Chen came out after washing and getting dressed, Xu Jian saw him. He turned around on the sofa, then raised his face and leg:


Following the direction pointed by Xu Jian’s paw, Qin Chen saw his typing laptop with a few large characters on the document —

Why didn’t you close the door when you took a shower!!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I’m merely a pure kitten… wu wu wu, I’m sorry, I’m not pure anymore. I’m going to grow a sty.

Qin poop scooping officer: You’re going to grow a sty now, what can we do in the future?

XJ running away huahuahuhahua


1 to shrink back as the time for battle approaches [idiom]

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