He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 105

Chapter 105 – Back Rub

Pan Min knew it. Qin Chen told Xu Jian not to be so nervous and calm down, but Xu Jian couldn’t calm down. He didn’t even dare to see Pan Min, thinking—

No wonder Sister Pan looks so angry, it turned out to be because of him.

The break was only ten minutes. Soon, the director was shouting with a loudspeaker for the actors to be in place and for all the departments to get ready.

Xu Jian’s spirit was refreshed. He hurriedly spoke to Qin Chen and quickly walked towards the designated seat.

Don’t know if it was the assistant director’s words alone that worked well or because Pan Min went to communicate with the chief director for a few words, Lu Zhi finally looked like an actor, and the scene of stealing a kiss passed twice.

Hearing the Director say that this passed, Xu Jian let out a sigh of relief. He turned to look at Qin Chen, smiled at him, and showed the dimple on his cheek.

In the midst of the crowd, Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian’s smiling face, and his jealousy flew up —this person kissed someone twice in front of him and still smiled so happily.

Pan Min, who was at the side, looked at the two people who were looking at each other. Her hair turned white with worry.

Uncle told her to keep an eye on Qin Chen and not let him be with some shady people, but the result?

Xu Jian’s personality is well-behaved, there’s no need to be picky about his looks, ability, and figure. He has a good character and makes people comfortable when he treats others. He is definitely not a bad person, but he is… a man ah.

Qin Chen and Xu Jian together, which worried her more than he was with shady people outside.

Qin Chen is with her artist. How can she explain this to her Uncle when she goes back?

Thinking of this, Pan Min sighed again. She sighed more today than she had this year combined.

The news of the crew spread quickly, and the news that Qin Chen came to visit Xu Jian’s set spread like wildfire. It also confirmed that Xu Jian is the newcomer that Leyu is going to focus on next and that he and Qin Chen have a deep relationship backstage. Some people in the crew looked at Xu Jian differently than they did in the morning.

Perhaps because they were beaten, Lu Zhi didn’t deliberately cut Xu Jian’s scene next, and the shooting in the afternoon went smoothly.

There is no arrangement for Xu Jian’s scene in the evening. When he finished work, Lu Zhi and Yan Wei were still going on.

When filming the scene, he was busy, but now that he’s done, he took off his makeup and changed clothes. Xu Jian is still a little terrified of Pan Min.

It’s time to settle scores after the autumn.[1]It means “settle scores at an opportune moment”. [idiom]

Seeing Xu Jian’s cautious appearance, Pan Min was angry and laughing, “What are you doing with this expression? Those who don’t know will also think that I’m bullying you.”

When saying this, Pan Min also deliberately glanced at Qin Chen next to him.

Pan Min digested the news that Qin Chen and Xu Jian were together all afternoon, and has now reacted.

Although she is Qin Chen’s agent and cousin, Qin Chen’s temperament can’t even be controlled by her Uncle, let alone her.

Now that this happened, no matter how angry she is, it will be useless.

Hearing Pan Min’s tone, Xu Jian obviously froze—Eh, she doesn’t seem to be angry as he thought?

Zhu Liang packed his things and passed by. Pan Min pursed the corners of her lips and said, “Let’s talk about it when we get back.”

When Xu Jian heard this suspended sentence, he felt that there was still room for discussion.

When he and Qin Chen were about to leave, Zhou Qian, who had been filming in another studio for a day, also happened to get off work.

Seeing Xu Jian with sharp eyes, Zhou Qian bent her eyes and raised her hand to greet him enthusiastically, “Xu Jian, you’ve finished work, too.”

Hearing this cheerful voice, Xu Jian stopped his feet and turned his head to look, smiling back, “Such a coincidence?”

Zhou Qian only changed her clothes and took off her headgear. Her hair was still coiled, and there was a red flower dotted between her brows. She took small steps, half-walking and half-jumping in front of Xu Jian.

“Together ah.”

Zhou Qian was petite. Qin Chen, who was almost 1.8m tall looked at her with his head lowered. Looking down at Zhou Qian who had bright eyes, Qin Chen secretly raised an eyebrow and took the initiative to speak, “This is…”

Zhou Qian, who only noticed Xu Jian, didn’t pay attention to the low-key dressed Qin Chen. After hearing his words, she turned to look at him, “Eh?”

Xu Jian reacted and quickly introduced the two.

The two shook hands politely for a short time. After releasing their hands, Zhou Qian muttered in her heart—

Qin Chen is really the same as the rumors, his expression was odd and scary.

Zhou Qian originally wanted to go back to the guesthouse with Xu Jian, and there was also a talking companion on the way, but now Qin Chen is present, and people rushed all the way over. She was embarrassed to interrupt, and after exchanging greetings, she slipped away discreetly.

After getting into the nanny car back to the crew, Qin Chen swept a glance at Zhou Qian’s car in front of him, and seemed to ask casually, “You’ve only been in the group for a week, just looking at the state of your chat, your relationship is pretty good?”

Pan Min heard Qin Chen’s words and rolled her eyes without holding back. Have you drunk all this vinegar?

Xu Jian didn’t hear Qin Chen’s implications, thinking that Qin Chen was just asking casually, so he nodded.

“The Director’s scenes were shot randomly. A few days ago, I was filming with Zhou Qian in rival scenes.”

Zhou Qian belongs to the type who is shy and can’t let go of the first time she meets, and she is very lively after getting acquainted. Among all the actors in the crew, except for Lu Zhi, Xu Jian has the most scene rivalry scenes with her and they get along most easily and happily.

Qin Chen nodded when he heard the words, “No wonder.”

Xu Jian looked at him, “No wonder what?”

Shaking his head lightly, Qin Chen calmly said, “Nothing.”

Xu Jian glanced at him suspiciously, it was obvious that he didn’t look all right.

Zhu Liang shrank in the corner of his seat, looked at this, and then looked at there. He keenly felt that today’s atmosphere was different from usual, something was a bit wrong.

Seeing Pan Min’s expression, Zhu Liang thought that the three of them were having an unhappy separation, so he tried to minimize his presence and went silent as a quail.

Back to the place where they live, Pan Min let Zhu Liang go back to his room to rest, and then sat down on the sofa and looked at Qin Chen and Xu Jian.

“Let’s talk.”

Without waiting for the two to answer, Pan Min said straightforwardly, “When did you get together? Why didn’t you tell me about such a big thing? Does anyone else know about you two?”

Facing Pan Min’s three consecutive questions, Xu Jian hurriedly said, “Not many people.”

Ignoring the two people sitting shoulder to shoulder, Pan Min’s temples jumped, “Not many people is how many?”

Qin Chen: “Du Zezhou, Tang Li, Jiang Linxie and Shen Xi, and Xiao Nan, no more.”

Pan Min was taken aback, “Xiao Nan also knows?”

How dare you tell Xiao Nan without telling her?!

Guessing what she was thinking, Qin Chen explained, “Xiao Nan saw it by herself.”

Pan Min: “……”

I didn’t expect the girl to have such poisonous eyes.

Pan Min frowned again, “Forget about Du Zezhou and Tang Li, how come Jiang Linxie and Shen Xi also know.”

Xu Jian said, “They won’t say it.”

Pan Min was puzzled, “When did you have such a good relationship with President Jiang and Shen Xi that you trust them so much?”

This matter cannot be explained to Pan Min in detail, it can only be explained as a friendship between men.

Silently looking at the two, Pan Min finally breathed in and turned her face to look at Qin Chen, “Uncle, do they know about this?”

Qin Chen: “After a while, we’ll talk to them.”

After hearing this, Xu Jian began to get nervous—how long is after a while?

Seeing Qin Chen’s appearance like it was not a big deal, Pan Min was helpless. “Since you know it in your heart, I’m relieved.”

Others aren’t clear about their feelings, Qin Chen is a person with opinions, so Pan Min’s so-called talk is just to understand the situation and uneasily instructed, “Although you guys are aware, I still have to say a few words. You should restrain a little outside. If the paparazzi knew about this, it will end a lot.”

Xu Jian nodded hurriedly, “I know.”

“I’m not talking about you.” Pan Min turned her head to look at Qin Chen, “I said you, put your eyes away outside, don’t be so obvious, everyone could see it.”

Qin Chen laughed, “Is it so exaggerated? If it weren’t for me to come here today, Sister Pan, you wouldn’t have known yet, would you?”

Pan Min choked and glared at him in anger. “Yes, I’m blind, okay?”

Qin Chen corrected, “You’re steel straight.”

Pan Min: “……”

While Pan Min was so angry with Qin Chen that she left on her high heels, Xu Jian hadn’t reacted yet and turned his head to look at Qin Chen, “We… just passed?”

Sister Pan didn’t even say a heavy word, so she left lightly?

Raising his hand and gently patting the back of his head, Qin Chen broke into laughter, “Otherwise, what else do you want?”

Xu Jian said solemnly, “Tell me, how much money will I give for you to leave my cousin, name your price ba.”

Qin Chen: “?”

Xu Jian: “Why didn’t this kind of drama appear?”

Qin Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at him, “What kind of messy things do you usually read?”

Xu Jian answered the question quickly, “The Domineering President Fell in Love With Me.”

Qin Chen: “……”

Qin Chen pulled his face, “Read less of that nonsense. There is no domineering president, don’t dream.”

Xu Jian pretended to be distressed, “Then my lion’s chance to open my mouth wide is gone.”[2]XJ is saying his chance to talk big.

“That’s not true.” Qin Chen smiled, “You can eat more for dinner later, you can also open your mouth wide.”

After listening to this, Xu Jian laughed and nodded briskly, “It’s okay too.”


Wearing headgear for filming, Xu Jian put on hair oil on his head. The first thing he did after eating was to take a shower and wash his hair.

Before closing the bathroom door, Qin Chen leaned on the door frame with his arms crossed. His eyes swept around his waist and belly, then raised his eyebrow and smiled, “Do you need my help? I provide free back rubbing and hair washing services.”

Faced with Qin Chen’s teasing, Xu Jian’s face reddened, “No, no need.”

This service of free back rub made Xu Jian feel that it was dangerous.

“What a pity.” Qin Chen looked disappointed, “Then we can only wait for next time.”

While taking a bath, looking at himself in the mirror, Xu Jian’s heartbeat gradually accelerated and he began to think wildly—

After knowing each other for so long, they hugged and kissed. Except for the last step, they did everything they should and shouldn’t do. Qin Chen came to visit the set specifically. If he really wanted to…

Isn’t it out of the question?

They’re all normal, young, and vigorous men. Sometimes, they are intimate together and Xu Jian himself is ready to move.

But it was said that the first time without experience will be very painful, and some couldn’t get out of bed for a few days. He will be filming tomorrow…

Xu Jian took a shower and washed himself with a red face and ears. The more he washed, the more entangled and nervous he became. When he came out of the bathroom, his old problem came back again, he started walking with the same hands and feet.

Qin Chen logged on to the Weibo account of ‘Milk is Super Cute’ and posted the stock photo he had taken before.

Xu Jian rarely appears in front of Xiao Nan and Pan Min as a cat now, so Qin Chen’s statement to the outside world is that he’s busy with work and puts Milk in foster care at a friend’s house and will only pick it up when he has time.

After posting the photo, just as Qin Chen was brushing up his comments, someone floated past his eyes.

He looked up and saw a certain someone who had turned around again, his body was stiff and his face was red.

Seeing Xu Jian with an unnatural face, Qin Chen was surprised and put down his mobile phone to pull him, while asking, “Why is your face so red?”

At this time, Xu Jian, who had a pile of yellow fertilizer[3]Thoughts not suitable for children XD in his head, was pulled by Qin Chen, and immediately became hot and dry all over and quickly withdrew his hand.

After meeting the other party’s worried gaze, Xu Jian stumbled to explain, “M-maybe it’s because the bathroom is empty… air is not circulating, suffocated with lack of oxygen.”

When Qin Chen heard this, his eyes were suspicious, “What, lack of oxygen can still make people nervous and stutter while walking on the same hands and feet?”

Xu Jian swallowed, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and his complexion forcibly explained uncomfortably, “Brain lacking oxygen and didn’t react for a while.”

Xu Jian really didn’t notice that he was moving with his same hands and feet again, all he was thinking about was—Do it or not? How to do it? The room seems to have no cover, and the filming will continue tomorrow, but always refusing it will affect the relationship between him and Qin Chen—and so on questions.

Looking at Xu Jian, who was obviously not right after taking a bath, Qin Chen wanted to ask again, but Xu Jian stuffed the towel in his hand and said quickly, “The hair dryer is broken, Brother Chen, help me wipe my head ba.”

After saying that, Xu Jian sat down with his back to Qin Chen and didn’t give him the opportunity to refuse.

Unable to see Qin Chen’s face, Xu Jian felt much calmer.

Qin Chen naturally had no problem with this, but when he was holding the towel and just about to start, he found that two pointed cat ears suddenly appeared on Xu Jian’s head.

Qin Chen: “! ! !”

The author has something to say:

Qin vinegar jar: Cat ears!!! I can!

I would like to ask, who can’t?

Jie Jie: So many things happening in this chapter that I can’t decide which gif to put XD

Qin vinegar jar: Mine meoowrgh!

Whaat cat ears? *chomp


1 It means “settle scores at an opportune moment”. [idiom]
2 XJ is saying his chance to talk big.
3 Thoughts not suitable for children XD

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