He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 106

Chapter 106 – Coax the Cat

Unlike the fleeting cat ears before, this time Qin Chen stared at the ears on Xu Jian’s head and blinked incredulously several times, and the pointed cat ears didn’t disappear.

Xu Jian seemed to know nothing about the fact that his cat ears slipped out.

His boyfriend has furry cat ears. For Qin Chen, a heavy plush control, it’s far more than double happiness. Who can bear it?

So after Qin Chen reacted, he immediately raised his hand to touch Xu Jian’s ear.

The touch is as soft as fluff, with a warm body temperature.

Unconsciously pinching Xu Jian’s ears, Qin Chen couldn’t care less about wiping his wet hair, trying to keep his tone calm, “Xiao Jian, you’ve grown ears.”

With the cat’s ears in his hand, Qin Chen subconsciously glanced down to see if the cat’s tail accidentally slipped out.

It’s a pity that there’s no cat’s tail that he wants.

Xu Jian turned his head when he heard that Qin Chen, who spoke calmly, had failed to manage his expression. He couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes.

Raising his hand to touch the top of his head, after touching the two extra ears, Xu Jian wasn’t as surprised as Qin Chen thought, but looked at him calmly, “I know ah.”

After listening to Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen’s movement paused and looked at him, “You know.”

Xu Jian didn’t speak. In the next second, Qin Chen’s hands were empty and the cat ears were gone again.

Just when Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian’s head which was back to normal, Xu Jian winked at him with a mysterious smile on his face.

“It can be changed again.”

As soon as Xu Jian’s words fell, the ears on his head reappeared.

Qin Chen: “! ! !”

Facing Qin Chen’s hot gaze, Xu Jian raised his hand and touched his cat ears, blushing while explaining.

“Since I drank President Jiang’s blood last time, I have not only been able to control the time to change at will, but I can also change a part of it only.”

Qin Chen didn’t resist touching his ears again, “Why don’t I know?”

It’s been so long since the last time they went to Jiang Linxie, and he only learned of such an important matter today!

Xu Jian: “I was also told by President Jiang about the method to control two days ago.”

He only knew it two days ago. It just so happened that Qin Chen arrived today, so Xu Jian couldn’t wait to show him his new skills.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked Qin Chen to wipe his hair.

Knowing that he could control the cat’s ears and tail by himself, Qin Chen’s reaction was even more excited than Xu Jian had expected. He hugged the person in his arms and loved the two ears so much.[1]To love something too much to part with it [idiom]

After pinching and kneading for a while, Qin Chen was curious, “Then can you hear the sound in these two ears?”

While speaking, Qin Chen unconcernedly approached the white cat’s ears and took a soft breath, and said, “Hello?”

Breathing on Xu Jian’s ears, Qin Chen saw the fluffy cat ears trembling visibly to the naked eye.

Plush control Qin Chen’s heart trembled with this magnitude.

The black-haired and white cat-eared beloved sat blushing in his arms, his ears still trembling. Qin Chen nearly sprouted blood from his face.

Xu Jian was too attractive like this. He stepped on Qin Chen’s cute spot to death, making his heart stir and his hands were getting restless.

When Qin Chen’s hand slipped into his robe, Xu Jian struggled a little. His ears were so red that he was about to drip with blood. He forcibly diverted his attention and struggled to answer his earlier question, “Cat ears can also hear… wu—

The rest of Xu Jian’s words were blocked by Qin Chen before he could finish. The other party held his waist with one hand and pressed him to himself. The other hand was still on his head, refusing to let go of his poor cat ears.

When he was kissed to daze, the last thought in Xu Jian’s mind was:

It’s over, can I still get up tomorrow to film? Otherwise, I’ll ask for leave.


The next day, Xu Jian still didn’t ask for leave. Zhu Liang called him early in the morning on time to wake him up. He was awakened by the bell.

Xu Jian, whose eyes were dazed and sleepy, hung up the phone and turned his head to see that Qin Chen woke up without knowing it, and was playing with the tail behind him at this time.

When he met Xu Jian’s gaze, Qin Chen bent his eyes, shook his furry tail at him, and smiled at him in a good mood.

“Good morning, Mr. Xu, did you sleep well last night?”

Mr. Xu, whose tail was held in his hand: “……”

Xu Jian was carried to bed by Qin Chen last night. When Qin Chen pressed him up on the bed, Xu Jian originally thought that today was an ‘unavoidable calamity’, but Qin Chen was very considerate and said that he had to film tomorrow and wouldn’t move him today, so he could rest assured.

At that time, Xu Jian was still in a daze when he heard Qin Chen’s words, and thought to himself—You took my clothes off and you’re telling me this now?

Just when Xu Jian was disappointed and couldn’t tell whether he was fortunate or lost, Qin Chen’s voice was low and hoarse, he breathed in his ear and said something in a low voice.

Xu Jian’s face instantly burst red when he heard the words, his eyes widened, and he stammered “y-you, m-me” for a long time. Finally, he lost his helmet and abandoned his armor in Qin Chen’s ‘baby, be good’. He was forced to bear the shame, closed his eyes, and did as he was told.

And now, Xu Jian, the implicated party, is very regretful.

Qin Chen really didn’t move him last night, and he didn’t do the last step. He sounds very gentlemanly, right?

But Xu Jian moved his legs, he suspected that his skin had been rubbed broken.

Thinking that Qin Chen took advantage of his sanity to collapse last night, he coaxed him to change his tail too. The poor tail was also rubbed along by him and turned upside down. Xu Jian suspected that he was going to be bald by him.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian was ashamed and annoyed. He fumingly glared at Qin Chen.

Facing Xu Jian Milk’s expression, Qin Chen, who ate his fill, stifled a laugh contentedly, raised his hand, and poke his head, kindly reminding him, “The ears are still outside.”

Xu Jian took away his ears indignantly, thinking—I shouldn’t show off my ears to him!

Seeing Xu Jian angrily lift the quilt to get up and put on clothes, Qin Chen unabashedly swept a glance at his naked body, blew a whistle in his heart in a rogue style, and said ‘it’s really a good figure’ in his heart.

Last night was too much teasing. If he added fuel to the fire today, Qin Chen was afraid that a certain someone will blow up his hair completely.

After Xu Jian got dressed, Qin Chen was still lying on the bed and couldn’t get up. He propped his hand on the bed, holding his head while asking with a pure expression on his face, “Angry?”

Xu Jian’s movements with his hands paused and didn’t speak.

Qin Chen pretended to be puzzled and asked knowingly, “Why are you angry? Did I not serve you well enough last night?”

After speaking, before Xu Jian answered, Qin Chen replied to himself, “But I saw your expression was also very enjoyable ah.”

The very enjoyable Xu Jian: “……”

Xu Jian glared at Qin Chen, annoyed with him, “Don’t coax me to learn how to meow in the future!”

Xu Jian couldn’t bear it and miserably begged for mercy last night, but Qin Chen viciously insisted that he learn to meow, and he wouldn’t give him pleasure if he didn’t meow.

Xu Jian nearly collapsed at his evil taste, and finally gave up on himself, closed his eyes violently, and meowed twice extremely perfunctory.

Then, Qin Chen disliked his lack of emotion and asked him to start over : )

After listening to Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen looked somewhat embarrassed, and asked sincerely, “What should I do if I can’t help it?”

Xu Jian: “! ! !”

Xu Jian, who got his answer, turned his face and left. When he went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, the person walked in. In the end, he stuck out his head and gave Qin Chen a heavy grunt to express his dissatisfaction.


During breakfast, the delicate-minded Zhu Liang found that the atmosphere between his Brother Chen and Brother Xu wasn’t right again. It was obvious that Brother Xu was unilaterally angry with Brother Chen.

Pan Min, who knew everything, was disgusted in her heart and glanced at Xu Jian’s seamless collar, thinking—

Qin Chen didn’t leave any marks that couldn’t be seen by others, right?

Seeing Xu Jian’s exposed skin was white and clean and there was no red mark that will arouse people’s imagination, Pan Min was inwardly relieved, okay okay.

But Xu Jian, whose legs were faintly painful, felt bitter in his heart and he didn’t want to care about Qin Chen, who wasn’t a man on the bed and wasn’t attentive under the bed.

When he took the car to the set, Qin Chen followed Xu Jian and called little ancestor telling him not to be angry.

In front of Pan Min, Zhu Liang, and the driver, the thin-skinned Xu Jian was called twice by him. He hurriedly stretched out his hand to cover his mouth, looking at him angrily and helplessly.

“Stop it.”

Qin Chen was also not honest when his mouth was covered, instead, he kissed the palm of his hand.

The warm and soft touch made Xu Jian’s spirit shake. He quickly withdrew his hand as if he had been bitten by a snake.

Facing Qin Chen’s smiling eyes, Xu Jian lost his temper and his attitude softened.

So Qin Chen who wasn’t a human being without taking off his clothes on the bed won the forgiveness of his soft-hearted and thin-skinned boyfriend with two ‘little ancestor’.

A certain someone is really good at coaxing, it will also come again next time.

After seeing Qin Chen come to visit the set yesterday, when Xu Jian arrived on the set today, in addition to Zhou Qian, Chief Director, and Yan Wei, the attitude of others towards him was obviously different from before.

Even Lu Zhi, who has always been higher than the sky and sees everything, smiled and took the initiative to say hello when she saw him walking side by side with Qin Chen.

Before the words ‘good morning’ fall, Lu Zhi’s gaze fell on Qin Chen, her face hung a greasy and rigid smile on her face.

“Qin Chen, how do you have time to visit the set ah?”

What Lu Zhi has done these days has made Xu Jian completely lose his good feeling for her. At this time, when she took the initiative to talk to Qin Chen, her complexion wasn’t good.

This woman, the double standard shouldn’t be too obvious.

He glanced down at Xu Jian and when he raised his head to look at Lu Zhi, the smile on Qin Chen’s face disappeared, and his tone was cold.

“Who are you?”

Pan Min, who was next to him, didn’t hold back lowering her head and hooking the corners of her mouth.

It’s still the familiar formula or the previous Qin Chen. It seems that Qin Chen didn’t change his poisonous mouth because he fell in love.

With so many people on the set, Qin Chen didn’t give a face like this. The smile on Lu Zhi’s face stiffened, her face turned blue and white, and it was as wonderful as changing face.

Lu Zhi is the love of the company’s top executives. She always walks sideways[2]It means that she does whatever she wants and doesn’t care about any rules and what others think. She doesn’t give anyone a face before. She has always been arrogant and plays her big card to embarrass others.

Now that she met Qin Chen, Lu Zhi’s face was put on the spot, but she also knew that Qin Chen wasn’t someone she could embarrass. Thus, she suppressed the anger in her heart and extremely forced a smile.

“I’m Lu Zhi, we’ve met several times. Don’t you remember?”

Hearing Lu Zhi’s words, Qin Chen frowned and looked like he was trying to recall. Two seconds later, under the expectant gaze of the other party, he shook his head indifferently.

“Don’t know.”


After Qin Chen’s words fell, there were several uncontrollable sneers from around him. The laughter was like a slap in the face, hitting Lu Zhi, who had always been arrogant, fiercely on the face, making her face hot and panicked.

Unexpectedly, Qin Chen was so merciless. The smile on Lu Zhi’s face couldn’t hold on. She forcibly resisted the urge to flip out and hurriedly said a few words and quickly left.

Looking at Lu Zhi, whose back was glowing with anger, Xu Jian turned to look at Qin Chen, then raised his hand to give him a compliment—

It’s too beautiful!

The author has something to say:

This scale should be fine ba

Angery XJ: hmph!


1 To love something too much to part with it [idiom]
2 It means that she does whatever she wants and doesn’t care about any rules and what others think.

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