He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 107

Chapter 107 – Flying Vinegar[1]It means eating unrelated vinegar. Also, means being jealous on unrelated things.

Most of the crew couldn’t get used to Lu Zhi’s usual behavior. The small field handyman who was called around by her didn’t dare to say it. Yan Wei, the Director, and the others didn’t want to get fishy for anything. Lu Zhi didn’t put those things on the bright side, so there was one less thing, so it wasn’t seen.

Qin Chen was good. He came to the crew with a simple “Who are you? Don’t know”, and stepped on the face that Lu Zhi cared about the most.

Lu Zhi, a resource coffee, was put together with Qin Chen, a double-gold Film Emperor, and she couldn’t look at it. Moreover, the person’s strength, seniority, and background were all there. Even if she was furious, she didn’t spread her heavenly fire[2]Enormous anger at Qin Chen and fled with a belly full of anger.

Seeing Lu Zhi defeated, the crew’s heart felt happy[3]The same feeling as you felt happy in your heart but no one knows because you didn’t show it. Well, they couldn’t show it in this context., and they had to make a look that they hadn’t seen anything on their faces, making it hard to hold back their laughter.

Xu Jian quietly gave Qin Chen a thumbs up. Pan Min saw him next to him, coughed twice, and reminded the two of them to pay attention to the occasion.

In public, don’t make eyes!

Xu Jian went to apply makeup and change clothes. Qin Chen followed into the makeup room to ask but was quickly pulled out by Pan Min.

Pan Min looked at him, “When are you going back to Nanfeng?”

Since knowing about the two of them, she now looks at Qin Chen and Xu Jian’s glances when they’re together as if she’s looking at a time bomb from time to time.

She didn’t know when the relationship between them exploded.

Seeing Pan Min’s nervousness, Qin Chen was amused. “I just came yesterday.”

Pan Min: “What about the company after you left? Didn’t Uncle let you handle the company’s affairs?”

Qin Chen: “The company is very good.”

Seeing that he looked like he was determined not to leave anytime soon, the corners of Pan Min’s mouth twitched, “Then when are you going back?”

Qin Chen swept a glance at the dressing room and said without slowing down, “In two days ba.”

Pan Min, who could see the smile in his eyes clearly: “……”

People who have never been in a romantic relationship are really lovey-dovey after they found themselves partners.



Now that the weather is gradually warming up, everyone in the crew has changed into thin jackets, and some even wore short sleeves at noon, except for Xu Jian and Zhou Qian, who are actors.

Because it was an ancient costume drama, Xu Jian was wrapped in three to four layers of fabric. Except for his face and hands, only one part of his neck was exposed, and the other parts were tightly covered.

However, the scenes he filmed in the morning were all action scenes.

After tossing all morning, he was sweating profusely.

During the break, Qin Chen walked towards Xu Jian with a glass of water. However, before he could approach, Zhou Qian appeared from nowhere, with an ice cream in one hand; she briskly walked toward Xu Jian.

When you feel so hot that you can’t wait to run naked in place, cold and delicious ice cream appears in front of you, the effect of sending ice in the heat is no less than that of sending charcoal in the snow.

Looking at the ice cream handed to before his eyes, Xu Jian thanked her and took it smoothly. He found that there was no sign of melting on such a hot day so he asked Zhou Qian, “Where did it come from?”

Zhou Qian laughed mischievously, “I put a small refrigerator in the RV.”

Xu Jian raised an eyebrow after hearing it, “Resourceful ah.”

After Zhou Qian laughed, she took a bite of the popsicle and drew a breath again, “But Sister Xiang didn’t allow me to eat more, she actually locked the refrigerator!”

Sister Xiang is Zhou Qian’s agent, a soft-spoken and amiable person.

Xu Jian was shocked, “Locked?”

The refrigerator can still be locked?

“Do you know what lock she used?” Speaking of sad things, Zhou Qian looked indignant and raised her hand to make a gesture to Xu Jian.

“Do you dare believe that such a thick iron chain was used? When going around the small refrigerator, it seemed that my refrigerator was swollen.”

“The point is that she keeps the only key. For these two ice creams, I almost broke my mouth[4]It means to wear out one’s lips[idiom], like talking until one is blue in the face.. She agreed for me to take them after saying a thousand words.”

“Still staring at me the whole time, for fear that I will take one more!”

Speaking of it now, Zhou Qian still feels that her character has been questioned, and Sister Xiang has no trust in her at all!

Just very angry.

Xu Jian didn’t think that it would be so difficult to get this ice cream. After unwrapping the package, he looked at Zhou Qian solemnly and said that he will treat this ice cream well and let it die well.

As a result, Xu Jian opened his mouth and didn’t get to take a bite. The ice cream in his hand, together with the packaging, was taken away by the hand that suddenly reached out from his side.

Xu Jian was taken aback, turned his head, and saw Qin Chen, whom he didn’t know when he was standing next to him.

He took the popsicle and handed the opened water cup to Xu Jian, then said to him, “You just sweated. It’s not suitable to eat something cold now. Drink water first.”

After saying that, Qin Chen also glanced at Zhou Qian with a calm expression, but Zhou Qian, who originally had a rich expression, was swept away by the corner of his eyes and instantly became a quail. After shouting “Hello, Teacher Qin”, she bit the ice cream like a primary school student and looked down at her toes.

Zhou Qian is only four years younger than Qin Chen, but Qin Chen debuted several years earlier than she did. In addition, it’s rumored that Qin Chen is not easy to get along with, and his aura is also scary, so Zhou Qian was terrified when she saw him.

Zhou Qian can be playful with Xu Jian, but when it comes to Qin Chen, she is very well-behaved in a second as if she was a student receiving an inspection by the head teacher.

He haughtily nodded to Zhou Qian, then Qin Chen turned to look at Xu Jian.

“Lunch is delivered. I’ll wait for you in the car, you guys continue.”

The words at the end of his sentence, Qin Chen deliberately dragged his tone and looked at Xu Jian and Zhou Qian meaningfully. When he turned and left, he also didn’t forget to put the ice cream in Xu Jian’s hand.

Looking at Qin Chen’s back, Xu Jian: “……”

The performance is so obvious, fools can see that you’re angry, okay?!

Xu Jian felt that he wasn’t holding a cold ice cream, but a hot potato.

Zhou Qian wasn’t stupid either. She waited for Qin Chen to go far before cautiously raising her head, speaking with lingering fears and doubts, “Xu Jian, why do I think that Teacher Qin is angry?”

Xu Jian thought to himself, it’s not that you think, that person is really angry.

Without thinking about it, Xu Jian knew why Qin Chen was angry. After talking to Zhou Qian, he chased after a petty certain someone.

When Xu Jian arrived at the nanny’s car, Qin Chen was sitting at the dining table. After seeing a mouthful of ice cream in his hand, he raised an eyebrow and asked knowingly, “Why didn’t you eat it?”

Closing the car door with the back of his hand, Xu Jian sat down next to him, shook his head, and sighed, “Mr. Qin, you can’t do this ah.”

Throughout the entire crew, he could talk to Zhou Qian. They were just simple friends. Qin Chen, a flying vinegar, who was far away, jump up, catch it, and eat it, is also…

Very powerful.

Listening to Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen looked up at him, “I can’t do it? Didn’t you know it last night?”

While speaking, Qin Chen swept a glance at Xu Jian somewhere, and added calmly in a tone of saying ‘the weather is good today’, “On the other hand, Mr. Xu, your physical strength is a bit poor.”

Xu Jian, who was pulled into the car by Qin Chen when he was caught off guard, was hit in the waist by the topic of his sudden abduction.

Xu Jian’s neck reddened, and he looked at Qin Chen like a cat with fried hair, trying his best to hide his shame, “I’m talking to you seriously!”

Qin Chen replied with a question, “What I said is not serious?”

Looking at the solemn Qin Chen, Xu Jian was convinced. In broad daylight, only this person could drive the highway without changing his face.

Unable to speak, Xu Jian coughed dryly, trying to get the crooked topic back, “Weren’t you jealous just now?”

Qin Chen looked at him and didn’t deny it, “It’s not considered stupid.”

It’s not that Qin Chen was eating flying vinegar indiscriminately, and he didn’t have to go as far as to react on groundless accusations.

It’s just that Zhou Qian looked at Xu Jian meaningfully. Although her liking is out of the question, she definitely had a good impression of Xu Jian.

There are countless examples of people in the entertainment industry coming together because of drama. Qin Chen has always been accurate in seeing people, giving him an early warning.

He admitted so readily, Xu Jian’s pre-prepared bellyful of joking words were useless. He was dumbfounded for two seconds before he said helplessly, “Zhou Qian and I have nothing, what kind of vinegar do you eat?”

Qin Chen demolished the stage mercilessly, “That’s because you’re slow to notice it.”

In the end, remembering the appearance of Xu Jian and Zhou Qian talking and laughing just now, Qin Chen added angrily, “Emotionally, you don’t have a knack for it.”[5]Literal translation: You’re lacking roots and tendons. Just putting it here so that the next part will have more sense XD

Xu Jian didn’t like it, his mouth twitched, “Too much ah.”

What this person just said, why do you still bring personal attacks?

Qin Chen gave him a bowl of rice and glanced at him, “If you weren’t lacking those, how could you think that I was kept by Du Zezhou?”

This incident is simply Xu Jian’s black history. When he heard it, he couldn’t wait to go back and dig a pit and bury himself who was extremely stupid at that time.

Stuffing a chopstick of stewed beef brisket into Qin Chen’s mouth, Xu Jian begged, “Okay, okay, don’t mention it.”

It’s too humiliating.

Qin Chen looked at the ashamed and unable to show his face Xu Jian, ready to let him go for now.

During the meal, Qin Chen saw Xu Jian rubbing his cheeks from time to time and asked, “What’s wrong? Face hurts?”

“……” Xu Jian who was annoyed and amused, “What face hurts, it’s the wisdom tooth that’s showing its presence!”

Qin Chen quickly responded, “Wisdom tooth pain?”

As the saying goes, a toothache is not a disease, it really hurts. Qin Chen put down his chopsticks and looked at Xu Jian, “You have wisdom tooth?”

Xu Jian sighed, “It grew last year.”

Qin Chen held his face in both hands and leaned over to look. “Is it crooked? Open your mouth and let me take a look.”

Xu Jian complied and opened his mouth, “Ah~”

A minute later, Qin Chen let go of Xu Jian’s face, frowning, “It’s crooked, you have to pull it out.”

When he heard the words pulling it out, Xu Jian shook his head like a rattle, “No need to pull it, I’ll just take a few tablets of metronidazole.”

Qin Chen looked at him, “Afraid of pain?”

“Of course not.” Xu Jian retorted without hesitation, then rubbed his cheeks under Qin Chen’s gaze with a melancholy face, “If you pull out a wisdom tooth, your face will be swollen…”

Xu Jian checked the internet when his wisdom tooth first appeared, and then he was dissuaded by the various photos of swollen faces after netizens had their tooth pulled.

Some people’s faces are swollen into plates!

The most important thing is that it’s only swollen on one side, it looks… a bit horrible.

Unexpectedly, Qin Chen was a little surprised by the answer and joked with a laugh, “I didn’t expect your idol bag to be so heavy.”

Xu Jian looked at him, “You still laugh!”

Too much! He can’t shoot a scene with a swollen face, okay?

Qin Chen stopped laughing after hearing this and asked, “Even if you want to pull it out, you have to wait until the inflammation is relieved. Did you bring the medicine with you?”

Xu Jian: “At the guesthouse, Xiao Zhu bought it.”

The medicine was taken early and well, so after eating, Qin Chen drove to see if there was a pharmacy nearby. If not, go back to the guesthouse to get it.

As for the ice cream given by Zhou Qian, Qin Chen said that since his wisdom tooth hurt, he shouldn’t eat such a cold thing. When he left, he naturally took the ice cream that had long turned into water and took it away, saying that he had dealt with it.

Qin Chen didn’t say the details of how he dealt with it, and Xu Jian didn’t ask.

She didn’t see Qin Chen in the afternoon filming, Pan Min was still a little confused. As a result, after knowing that he was specifically going to buy medicine for Xu Jian’s toothache, in an instant: “……”

Where does Qin Chen need to personally take a trip for such a trivial matter?

Pan Min now suspects Qin Chen is a love brain[6]I used literal translation. This phrase describes those who strongly believe ‘love is all’. and has evidence.

The author has something to say:

In the next chapter, Classmate Doubendoubendou, who has a round and fat baby face and has been living in the Cat’s phone is about to appear~

Classmate Doubendou’s classic quote:

Erjian, you actually hugged such a thick thigh behind my back? Why didn’t you call me if there’s such a good thing? Are you still a brother?”

Jealous QC: don’t touch my milk


1 It means eating unrelated vinegar. Also, means being jealous on unrelated things.
2 Enormous anger
3 The same feeling as you felt happy in your heart but no one knows because you didn’t show it. Well, they couldn’t show it in this context.
4 It means to wear out one’s lips[idiom], like talking until one is blue in the face.
5 Literal translation: You’re lacking roots and tendons. Just putting it here so that the next part will have more sense XD
6 I used literal translation. This phrase describes those who strongly believe ‘love is all’.

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