He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 108.1

Chapter 108.1 – Deal

The love brain Qin Chen only stayed in the crew for less than four days and booked a ticket back. The company was waiting for him to deal with something, and there was a notice that the contract had been signed long ago.

The night before going back, Qin Chen, who wasn’t human in bed, coaxed Xu Jian to turn out his tails and ears again. Xu Jian also has no standpoint. He was dizzy when Qin Chen teased him like this. Qin Chen said that he would do anything he said, without any resistance.

Xu Jian, who was obedient in bed and allowed to pose whatever posture he wanted, didn’t own up to his fault when he put on his pants after getting out of bed, like a scum cat.

Qin Chen leaned on the bed and thought, he was still soft-hearted and unwilling to really start, so this person is now so energetic and a clear scumbag.

If Xu Jian knew what was in Qin Chen’s mind, he would’ve definitely spat endlessly—

You didn’t do the last step but you’ve almost played all the other tricks, okay!

Thinking that Qin Chen actually tied the cat collar on his tail, he suspected that Qin Chen had some special preferences.

For example, imprisonment play or something.

Tsk, some people may seem like a serious abstinent male god, but as soon as they go to bed, they show their true colors and don’t spend too much time playing.

The world’s morals are worsening day by day, the world’s morals are worsening day by day ah.

Xu Jian brushed his teeth and lamented that a certain someone’s persona collapsed. Qin Chen squeezed in while buttoning his shirt and looked at him in the mirror. He said, “Mr. Xu, I suspect you belong to the dog category in your previous life.”

Xu Jian’s movement of brushing his teeth paused. His gaze swept to the tooth marks on Qin Chen’s chest. He suddenly felt powerless and sighed that the world’s morals are worsening day by day.

Fearing that Xu Jian was going to film, Qin Chen was very restrained and didn’t leave obvious traces on him.

But Xu Jian was different, he was violent to Qin Chen, scratching and biting with his eyes closed, and groaning in his mouth. So Qin Chen’s chest and back became the hardest-hit area, and he couldn’t bear to look directly.

It was as if Qin Chen was the one who was bullied so hard last night.

The photo was taken and uploaded to Weibo. It was hard to define whether it was s** between couples or domestic violence by looking at the traces.

Looking at the tooth marks on Qin Chen’s body, Xu Jian felt guilty, his eyes began to drift and dodge, and his heart was shocked:

Did I work so hard? Am I a dog?

The shocked Xu Jian was still wondering on the way to sending Qin Chen to the airport, whether Qin Chen took a bite of himself while he wasn’t paying attention, and then blamed him.

However, Xu Jian tried to lower his head while the person around him wasn’t paying attention. It’s impossible for a person to bite their collarbone and shoulder socket. [1]I translated this literally but this means the area between his shoulder and collarbone.

Therefore, the miserable traces on Qin Chen’s body really came from his mouth and hands.

Just… the mood is complicated.

After his pure self went to bed, Xu Jian wasn’t sure if he was a human, but he now felt that he was a real dog.

That said, the tooth marks are quite neat, and his teeth are very good.

Without Qin Chen staring at him nearby, the actors who played with Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief, not so restrained.

Zhou Qian, in particular, plays the second female lead. A silly naïve official’s young lady who is often pampered. She has a simple personality and dares to love and hate. She can’t help in case of trouble but she will never hold back her companions.

The character is not a problem. The point is that the official’s second lady of the family likes the second son of the noble family, the second male lead. So every time she’s filming the scene where she clings to Xu Jian, she can feel the ‘friendly’ gaze from Qin Chen.

Now that she learned that Qin Chen’s end of the visit and returned, Zhou Qian breathed a sigh of relief quite exaggeratedly. She sighed sincerely, “Xu Jian, Teacher Qin is really good to you, his junior.”

Xu Jian’s heart thumped. Girls have delicate and sensitive minds. For fear that Zhou Qian would see something, he seemed to speak casually, “Is it? Qin Chen is also very good to others.”

Zhou Qian paused for a moment and looked at Xu Jian with complicated eyes, “Are you serious when you say this?”

Thinking about Qin Chen’s attitude towards other junior brothers and sisters or others in the company, Xu Jian: “……”

Xu Jian suddenly realized that he had also reached the ‘lying without blushing’ achievement.

Fortunately, Zhou Qian just sighed casually and had no other meaning. After speaking, the topic changed, and she pulled Xu Jian for the lines in the next few scenes.


Lu Zhi, who was swept away by Qin Chen, may have been beaten in private. Although she became more dissatisfied with Xu Jian, she didn’t deliberately target him.

After filming in peace for a month or so, Xu Jian ushered in his first vacation for a period of three days.

After filming the drama together for nearly two months, Xu Jian, Zhou Qian, and Yan Wei are also a lot more familiar with each other. When Xu Jian finished filming the current progress and took a vacation, Zhou Qian and Yan Wei watched him pack his things enviously.

Yan Wei: “I also want to rest and eat meat.”

During the period of entering the group, Yan Wei was forced by the director to lose weight. Since entering the group, he has lost more than ten pounds.

Zhou Qian also sighed, “I also want to, want to eat cream puffs, cakes, and chocolates.”

Carrying the bag, Xu Jian patted Yan Wei’s shoulder, facing them with a heavy face, “When I go back to these things, I’ll help you eat them first and will give you guys pictures.”

What answered Xu Jian was Zhou Qian’s eye roll and Yan Wei’s uncontrollable cursing laughter, “Roll!”

Then Xu Jian smiled and rolled to the airport together with Pan Min and Zhu Liang.

Thinking of giving Qin Chen a surprise, Xu Jian didn’t tell him about the vacation. But as soon as he arrived at the airport, he received a message from Qin Chen:

[Have you arrived at the airport?]

Xu Jian: [? ? ? ?]

Looking at the question marks sent by the person named ‘Little Ancestor’, Qin Chen raised the corner of his lips and slowly replied: [Isn’t the crew on vacation for two days?]

Xu Jian, who received Qin Chen’s message, first went to look at Pan Min and Zhu Liang by his side—there was a traitor among them!

The surprise balloon was punctured by a certain someone before it was blown up. Xu Jian flattened his mouth: [I haven’t ascended the throne yet, I just arrived after eleven o’clock.]

Qin Chen: [This humble servant will be waiting for you at the airport on time.]

Xu Jian was stunned and only after taking a closer look did he realize that he had typed ‘boarding’ as ‘ascend the throne’.[2]XJ typed 登基 [dēng jī] which means ascend the throne instead of 登机 [dēng jī] which means to board a plane.

Facing Qin Chen’s cold humor, Xu Jian didn’t hold back a smile, then he remembered an important thing:

[Doudou is finished. The day before yesterday, he arrived at Nanfeng City and reported to the company this morning. Let’s have a meal tomorrow, okay?]

At the time of the dissolution of Degu, Chen Doudou was filming the second male lead drama arranged for him by Jiang Linxie. He finished it two days ago, just in time for Xu Jian to have a vacation on these days. So he wanted to let Chen Doudou and Qin Chen meet and get to know each other.

Chen Doudou only knew that Xu Jian had fallen in love with a man, but didn’t know that the boyfriend is Qin Chen. After being together, so many things happened again, so Xu Jian didn’t find a chance to tell him.

Xu Jian wants to introduce him to his friend, Qin Che naturally had no opinion and asked: [Eat at home or go outside?]

After thinking carefully for a few seconds, Xu Jian finally replied: [How about eating hot pot at home?]

Xu Jian was afraid that he would be secretly photographed or recognized by paparazzis if they went out to eat.

Qin Chen: [Ok. Then I’ll see if Du Zezhou and Tang Li are free; the more the merrier.]

Qin Chena sked in the group chat, Du Zezhou and Tang Li said—

Brother Chen’s family invited him to dinner. If they have no time, they should take time out.

So the matter of eating hot pot at home tomorrow was settled. In the evening, Xu Jian remembered that he hadn’t told Chen Doudou about it, so he gave him a call.


1 I translated this literally but this means the area between his shoulder and collarbone.
2 XJ typed 登基 [dēng jī] which means ascend the throne instead of 登机 [dēng jī] which means to board a plane.

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