He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 108.2

Chapter 108.2 – Deal

After listening to Xu Jian explain, Chen Doudou, “? ? ? ? Eat with your boyfriend? When did you have a boyfriend?”

Chen Doudou remembers the last time they talked about this, Xu Jian also said that he was repeatedly jumping between straight and bent questions. How come he has a boyfriend now?

Taking a look at Qin Chen on the side, Xu Jian coughed and lowered his voice, “Didn’t I mention it to you before?”

Chen Doudou had an ominous feeling in his heart and raised his voice in excitement, “WTF, Erjian, don’t tell me you’re with that guy who has someone!”

Did his brother really act as a mistress to pry into the corners of others?

One careless word became a prophecy,[1]The extended meaning is “one’s careless words [inauspiciously] turned out to be a prophecy. has Erjian really become Sanjian? [2]Play on words. Since he calls Xu Jian Erjian where èr means two, he said Sanjian where san means three as third party lmao

This matter is a long story and couldn’t be explained on the phone clearly. Xu Jian explained to Chen Doudou that he would tell him about it in person tomorrow.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Doudou couldn’t sleep for a long time. Xu Jian’s secretive attitude made him firm in his conjecture. All he was thinking about now was—

My brother went astray, how should I persuade him?

After Xu Jian hung up the phone, the first thing he did was jump on Qin Chen.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Facing Xu Jian’s embrace, Qin Chen was about to tease him for being so active today when his neck was pinched by a certain someone.

Holding Xu Jian’s waist, Qin Chen raised an eyebrow and said calmly, “You want to be charged for murdering your husband ba?”

Xu Jian wrapped around Qin Chen’s neck, arrogant and unbridled, “I misunderstood you and Du Zezhou. You’re not allowed to tell anyone!”

If Qin Chen leaks during the dinner tomorrow, then he really wants to die.

Looking at the person who pretended to be threatening him fiercely, Qin Chen patted him on the back and said with some meaning, “What will I get if I don’t say it?”

After Xu Jian heard this, he didn’t think about it and directly lowered his head and went over to chu, giving him a mouthful.

“That’s it?” Qin Chen shook his head, “I’m not the one who changes his position for this small favor and benefit.”

Xu Jian glared at him. After brewing for a long time with his hands, he wasn’t willing to work hard. After thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and blushed, whispering something in his ear.

Qin Chen, who doesn’t accept small favor and benefit, eyes moved after hearing this, became interested, and asked, “Can you move by yourself?”

Xu Jian’s temples jumped suddenly and finally closed his eyes as if he had given up, and nodded in shame, “As long as you don’t say it, I can.”

Xu Jian’s voice was like a humming mosquito, but being close didn’t prevent Qin Chen from hearing it. His firm position instantly shook, “Okay, I promise not to say it.”

Therefore, a ‘keeping this between ourselves’[3]No use telling others, let’s keep this between ourselves [idiom] deal was reached like this. Xu Jian began to feel sorry for himself in advance.


Early the next morning, the Aunt brought the ingredients for the hot pot. After working in the kitchen for a long time, she left quietly.

Xu Jian got up and went to the kitchen to take a look. He saw that the Aunt not only helped them handle the ingredients but also helped them boil the bottom of the pot. There were two pots; the spicy pot and the clear soup pot.

After taking a turn in the kitchen, Xu Jian came out with an astonished face, “Aunt’s knife work is good ah.”

The tender beef is sliced, evenly thick and thin. Even the size of the yam and potato pieces are exactly the same.

Qin Chen smiled after hearing this, “Aunt used to be a hotel chef.”

Later, she was poached by his family.

Xu Jian had a ‘so that’s it’ expression, “No wonder. I said that the bottom of the pot smells better than the outside.”

Qin Chen raise his wrist to look at the time and asked, “Du Zezhou and Tang Li are estimated to arrive at ten o’clock. When will Chen Doudou arrive?”

Xu Jian replied, “Doudou is about the same time.”

“Okay.” Qin Chen nodded and asked, “See if there’s anything else to buy. I’ll ask Du Zezhou and them to bring along the way.”

There are various drinks in the fridge at home and the ingredients prepared by the Aunt are also very rich. Xu Jian thought for half a day and didn’t think of what else is needed, so he shook his head.

“No more.”

As soon as Xu Jian’s words fell, Qin Chen, who was walking towards him, stretched out his long arms and picked him up. Xu Jian was startled by his sudden movements. After letting out a cry of surprise, he hugged him in panic with both hands.

“What are you doing!”

Qin Chen carried a person of more than a hundred pounds to the bedroom on the second floor. With a steady pace and steady breathing, they returned to the bedroom on the second floor.

“It’s still early to ask, so go back to sleep with me.”

Looking at the sunlight spilling into the living room, Xu Jian: “… Are you sure it’s still early?”

In the words of the old man, the sunlight has already shone on your butt[4]This means it’s time to get up., it’s still early?!

Xu Jian’s almost negligible protest was invalid, and in the end, he was hugged by Qin Chen and fell asleep.

Before entering dreamland, Xu Jian’s mind thought—aren’t they too decadent these days?

Xu Jian was awakened by Chen Doudou’s call. When he opened his eyes, he saw that it was almost eleven o’clock. Chen Doudou said that he had arrived and asked him to open the door.

Xu Jian hurriedly sat up from the bed and lifted Qin Chen’s arm around his waist, and was about to get up, only to be pulled by Qin Chen again.

After kissing Xu Jian on the face, Qin Chen got up and said to him, “I’ll go. Take your time to come down.”

Xu Jian shook his head that just woken up, his voice was still a bit muffled, “Okay.”

Chen Doudou was waiting at the entrance of the elevator. With the design of one elevator and one household, there was no elevator card or button, and he simply couldn’t go up.

After waiting for two minutes after making the phone call, the closed elevator in front of Chen Doudou opened, and he finally managed to get on the elevator to Xu Jian’s house.

The elevator finally stopped on the sixth floor. Chen Doudou was ready to meet and give Xu Jian a hug. The elevator door slowly opened, however, it was not Erjian who appeared in front of him, but between the never met but very familiar face.

Looking at Qin Chen’s face, the smile on Chen Doudou’s face stiffened. The arms that couldn’t be lifted stopped, then he reacted and slapped his forehead—

He’s dead, how did he walk into Qin Chen’s house?

Chen Doudou had an apologetic smile on his face, “Sorry, I went to the wrong door.”

Unexpectedly, Qin Chen and Erjian live in the same community.

Qin Chen looked at the boy in the elevator and instantly identified him as Chen Doudou.

According to Xu Jian’s description, Chen Doudou is 176(cm) tall, has baby fat, and has pure and clear double eyelids.

Chen Doudou, who was conscious of going to the wrong door, fumbled to close the elevator, but Qin Chen suddenly raised his hand to block the elevator door.

Chen Doudou looked at him puzzled. Qin Chen slowly said, “Are you Chen Doudou ba?”

Chen Doudou: “?”

Just when Chen Doudou was shocked in his heart that ‘Film Emperor Qin knew me’, he heard Qin Chen say again, “I’m Qin Chen, Xu Jian’s boyfriend. You’re not wrong.”

“Oh…” Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Chen Doudou subconsciously nodded his head, but halfway through the nod, he suddenly stopped, and his voice suddenly rose, “Hmm?”

Chen Doudou’s already large eyes widened even more with a face of disbelief, “What did you say??”

Who did Qin Chen just say was his boyfriend?

Chen Doudou looked at Qin Chen with a dumbfounded expression, suspecting that there was something wrong with his ears just now.

Just when Chen Doudou stood silly in the elevator, Xu Jian also got up from upstairs and saw Qin Chen standing alone at the entrance, and asked, “Brother Chen, is Doudou still not here?”

Chen Doudou, who heard Xu Jian’s voice: “! ! !”

WTF! It’s really Erjian’s voice!

Stepping out of the elevator quickly, Chen Doudou raised his head in time to face Xu Jian on the stairs. Fortunately, the sharp eyes of the immortal saw the red marks on Xu Jian’s neck. Chen Doudou:


The author has something to say:

Shocked Doudou: Erjian, quickly tell me that the marks on your neck are mosquito bites [shaking shoulders]

Chen Doudou to XJ: tell me those are mosquito bites!! *ignore the text above the gif. can’t find anything more suitable XD


1 The extended meaning is “one’s careless words [inauspiciously] turned out to be a prophecy.
2 Play on words. Since he calls Xu Jian Erjian where èr means two, he said Sanjian where san means three as third party lmao
3 No use telling others, let’s keep this between ourselves [idiom]
4 This means it’s time to get up.

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