He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – Sour Teeth

Chen Doudou didn’t know how he walked in and sat on the sofa, looking at Qin Chen and Xu Jian sitting opposite him. Chen Doudou didn’t recover from the shock for a long time.

For a moment, he didn’t know if he should be surprised by Qin Chen’s sexual orientation or be shocked that Xu Jian’s boyfriend was Qin Chen.

His family’s Erjian made big news behind his back.

Seeing Chen Doudou’s dumbfounded look and expression of a desire to speak, he knew that he must have a lot to say to Xu Jian. So he made an excuse to go upstairs to get things and gave the two of them time alone.

As soon as Qin Shen’s figure disappeared at the corner of the stairs, Chen Doudou jumped up from the sofa as if he had been poked by a needle, and went straight to Xu Jian, lowering his voice fiercely, 

“You’re actually with Qin Chen!”

Facing Chen Doudou, who hadn’t seen him for months and was still so enthusiastic, Xu Jian hurriedly dodged to the side, putting his palm against his forehead to prevent him from jumping on him.

“Calm down, calm down.”

Chen Doudou, who is 1.76 meters tall, couldn’t calm down. His hands and feet were fluttering.

“Why didn’t you say this kind of good thing earlier? Can you help me ask your boyfriend he if still lacks a leg pendant?[1]Similar to hugging a thigh. This means hanging on a leg like an ornament. I can be a mistress!”

“Or do you still have such a good channel? Please introduce it to me!”

Xu Jian was ashamed and gave him something that made his brain collapse. He didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry,  “There is no shortage, there is no shortage.”

Chen Doudou hugged himself and wept, “Ying[2]Crying cutely. an onomatopoeic word which sounds like someone busts out crying.

Xu Jian said indifferently, “I’ll punch your strange yingying!”

Chen Doudou deliberately aggravated his voice and said to him, “Ying!”

Looking at Chen Doudou, who raised his chin, looked at everything disdainfully from the corner of his eyes and yingyingying at himself, Xu Jian didn’t hold his laugh anymore.

“Are you stupid?”

Chen Doudou glanced at him and sighed with hatred, “I haven’t said that you concealed military intelligence and didn’t report it, yet you still call me stupid!”

The trouble has been made. Xu Jian knew that this person would get even with him. Sure enough, Chen Doudou’s next sentence was, “Say, when did you know Qin Chen, how did you meet, and how long have you been together?

As he spoke, Chen Doudou bent his right fingers, opened his index finger and thumb, gestured a gun movement, and put his index finger against Xu Jian’s temple, carrying out cruel punishment to extort a confession.

“Confess strictly, sit in prison, resist leniency, and go home for the New Year!”[3]This was quite hard to phrase because it looked like the wording was messed up on purpose. This is text is usually, Confess for leniency, imprisonment for punishment, strictness for resistance, and … Continue reading

Facing Chen Doudou’s inquiry about checking his account, Xu Jian raised his hand in surrender very cooperatively.

“These are all trivial matters to you. If you have something to say, why are you still rough.”

Xu Jian had long guessed that Chen Doudou would ask him about the relationship between him and Qin Chen. Thus, he omitted the matter of himself turning into a cat and told Chen Doudou about him and Qin Chen with a little touch-up.

The version Xu Jian told Chen Doudou is:

The day he returned home from the termination of his contract with the company, he lost his luggage, met Qin Chen by coincidence, and was given the opportunity to work with Qin Chen—as Xu Feng in The Slayer.

The later story is a very old-fashioned, love grew over time.

After listening to it, Chen Doudou didn’t have the slightest doubt and sighed, “What kind of beautiful immortal love is this? I thought this kind of plot would only appear in novels and TV series.”

Xu Jian thought to himself: After the founding of the country, he can’t become refined. Even if President Jiang’s affairs are filmed on TV, he must be secretive.

I won’t just say it’s a demon, I’ll say it’s a so-and-so star.

“I didn’t expect it ah, I didn’t expect it.” Chen Doudou shook his head, “You, who have been straight for more than 20 years, have been bent by Qin Shen.”

“Sure enough, Qin Shen is a great slayer in the world!”

Upstairs, Qin Shen estimated that Xu Jian and Chen Doudou had almost finished catching up before coming down from upstairs, and said to the two people, “Du Zezhou ang Tang Li has arrived.”

He had long known that Xu Jian and his boyfriend’s friends are eating together today. Chen Doudou didn’t care much about it initially, but now it’s different. After knowing that Xu Jian’s boyfriend is Qin Chen, Chen Doudou feels a little nervous when he thinks of his friends again—

The friends of the big shot must definitely be a big shot, so among the friends who came today, will there be his idol Shen Xi?

When Qin Shen went to press the elevator, Xu Jian, who came out with the dishes, saw Chen Doudou staring expectantly in the direction of the elevator entrance.

When he passed by Chen Doudou, Xu Jian touched him with his elbow, “What are you doing in a daze, go to the kitchen to serve food.”

Chen Doudou returned to his senses, nodded, and followed Xu Jian into the kitchen. He was shocked to see the neatly arranged ingredients.

“So many, how many people are coming today ah?”

Xu Jian carried a basket of various green vegetables and replied, “In addition to you and me, there are five in total.”

After hearing this, Chen Doudou smacked his lips and shook his head, “This is for me to eat until I support a wall ah.”

Before the two of them could get out of the kitchen, Xu Jian heard Tang Li’s voice from outside, “Oh yo, there are my favorite shrimp sliders. Not bad.”

Xu Jian came out of the kitchen, Chen Doudou followed him, and probe out his head to look at the two men standing at the dining table. Although both of them looked extraordinary, they did not have his idol, Shen Xi.

Chen Doudou sighed in his heart—Sure enough, there would be no such coincidence.

Tang Li and Du Zezhou also saw Xu Jian and Chen Doudou. They were all big men. After introducing each other, they enthusiastically brought the ingredients from the kitchen to the table.

This is the second time Xu Jian has seen Du Zezhou, and it is also the first time the two have met after the misunderstanding about being kept was resolved.

While serving the food, Xu Jian kept looking at Du Zezhou and Tang Li seamlessly. After seeing that their expressions weren’t abnormal, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief—

It seems that they really do not know that he misunderstood Du Zezhou and Qin Shen.

When you eat hot pot, you’re not afraid of the dishes getting cold. It’s quite suitable for chatting. Tang Li held a piece of tripe for a few seconds but his mouth couldn’t be idle and he looked at Chen Doudou, “You’ve made your debut for a long time, I can’t tell ah.”

Chen Doudou was frank,  “Because I’m not popular ah.”

Tang Li shook his head, “No, I mean age.”

Raising his hand and grabbing the meat on his face, Chen Doudou said, “Maybe it’s my baby fat that makes me look younger.”

Xu Jian has a deep understanding of Chen Doudou’s words. Before, when he went out with Chen Doudou, others thought he was taking his didi out to play.

Qin Shen cooked a piece of fat cow for Xu Jian. As soon as he put it in his bowl, he heard someone make a ‘tsk tsk’[4]Sound of clicking one’s tongue. sound.

Looking up, he saw Tang Li with a sour expression on his face, “Brother Chen, I also want to eat a fat cow.”

Looking at Tang Li, whose whole person exudes an artificial theatrical drama, Qin Chen was cold, “You don’t have long hands?”

Tang Li looked hurt. He dropped his chopsticks to hug Du Zezhou’s arm next to him, buried his face in his shoulder, and pretended to cry.

“I saw the newcomer laughing, but the old man crying, Brother Shen was so cruel.”

Newcomer Xu Jian: “……”

Is it starting again?

Xu Jian still remembers the scene when Tang Li still held the pipa and half covered his shy face when they first met.

Chen Doudou looked at Tang Li, who was suddenly shy and aggrieved, and forgot to chew the meatballs in his mouth, thinking to himself—

Does Qin Shen still have friends of this style?

Compared with Chen Doudou, who looked surprised, the other three were much calmer. Du Zezhou calmly raised his hand and pushed Tang Li’s head away, and said to Chen Doudou seriously, “He just has intermittent convulsions, don’t mind him.”

Chen Doudou was stunned and determined, “Oh…..”

The five of them chatted while eating. The content of the chat inevitably revolved around the affairs of Xu Jian and Qin Chen. Tang Li enjoyed watching the excitement again. Qin Chen helped Xu Jian pick up food once, and it was sour at once. He said that Qin Chen had known them for so many years but hadn’t served dishes for him and Du Zezhou. This is solid proof of valuing his lover over friendship.

Qin Shen side-eyed him, “Jealous ah? Find someone for yourself.”

Eating the meat picked by Qin Shen in his mouth, Xu Jian nodded in agreement, that’s how it is.

After eating hot pot for nearly two hours, the three people who came to eat empty-handed consciously cleaned up the table and washed the dishes. When they tidied up the remaining ingredients, Tang Li joked with Qin Shen.

“With so much left, you and Xu Jian can still have a dinner for two in the evening.”

Under Qin Shen’s feeding, Xu Jian successfully ate, rubbed his stomach, and slumped on the sofa without wanting to move.

Tang Li and Du Zezhou have never done much housework since they were young. After they broke a bowl respectively, Chen Doudou shook his head helplessly, rolled up his sleeves, and asked them to dry the bowl one by one, while the other was responsible for putting it in the cupboard.

The three of them also formed an assembly line in the kitchen, with a clear division of labor.

Xu Jian turned his head and glanced at the orderly kitchen, relieved—The kitchen was not in danger of being blown up.


The mobile phone message prompt sounded, Xu Jian glanced at the mobile phone on the other side of the sofa, raised his foot, and gently kicked Qin Shen.

“Brother Chen, help me with my phone.”

Obviously, Xu Jian can hook up his mobile phone with a move. After taking a look at him who was lazy, Qin Chen said, “You get up and walk after you have eaten.”

Having said that, Qin Chen moved to get Xu Jian’s mobile phone quickly.

Xu Jian took the phone and smiled, “I’m too full after eating, I don’t have the strength to move without resting.”

When he clicked on the phone screen, Xu Jian saw that it was a message from Shen Xi. When he unlocked it, Shen Xi sent him five messages in a row:

[Xu Jian, are you there?]

[Can you contact Linxie? Why can’t he get through?]

[I forgot to ask before, do you know why Linxie dissolved the company?]

[I heard that you and Qin Shen went to the company not long ago. Is something wrong?]

[Are you there?]

From the frequency of sending messages, it can be seen how anxious Shen Xi is, Xu Jian was stunned for a moment.

[You can’t contact President Jiang anymore? When did it happen?]

Shen Xi’s message returned quickly: [The day before yesterday, the phone couldn’t get through, and no one answered the message.]

[Is something wrong with him?]

Shen Xi has been filming with the crew for a while, he was so busy that his mobile phone was kept by his agent. He can only send a message to Jiang Linxie when he has time.

He usually sends several messages to Jiang Linxie before who only replies to one, so he didn’t notice it for a moment. When he found out, Jiang Linxie had been out of contact for three days.

Xu Jian, who knew Jiang Linxie’s details, didn’t worry about him anymore. After all, Jiang Linxie was so powerful that he would still be alive and well even after hundreds of years.

Jiang Linxie lost contact, Xu Jian’s first thought in his mind was that he had something to do, so he said to Shen Xi:

[Teacher Shen, don’t worry, nothing will happen to President Jiang. I guess that he didn’t have time to look at his mobile phone while he had something to do.]

Shen Xi: [The company has been dissolved, what is he still busy with?】

Xu Jian thought to himself, how would he know this: [I don’t know, I will contact you when President Jiang is free.]

Shen Xi, who met this situation for the first time, panicked: [Do you think he is avoiding me on purpose?]

Xu Jian did not hesitate: [No.]

Xu Jian was very sure about this. After all, Jiang Linxie had been guarding Shen Xi for several reincarnations, and it was impossible for him to disappear suddenly.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian sighed again, hating Shen Xi for being a blockhead in his heart.

Seeing that Xu Jian’s expression was wrong, Qin Shen couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter?”

Xu Jian simply told Qin Shen that Shen Xi couldn’t contact Jiang Linxie and was anxious to anger.

After listening to Xu Jian’s words, Qin Shen didn’t react, but there was an extremely shocked voice behind them.

“What did you say?”

Xu Jian was taken aback by the movement, turned his head to look, and saw Chen Doudou standing behind them, looking at them in shock.

Chen Doudou had no intention of eavesdropping on Xu Jian and Qin Shen’s conversation, but when he came out after washing the bowl, he happen to hear Xu Jian talking about Shen Xi and Jiang Linxie.

Seeing Chen Doudou’s lifeless expression, Xu Jian then later realized that he was a fan of Shen Xi. He had liked Shen Xi for many years, and the panic in his eyes flashed.

“Doudou, when did you come?”

Chen Doudou could only see Xu Jian’s mouth moving now, and didn’t pay attention to what he said.

In just half a day, after Xu Jian’s boyfriend was Qin Shen, he ushered in the shock of his idol suddenly coming out of the closet.

Chen Doudou’s eyes turned black—

His family’s house collapsed.

His idol’s sexual preference turned out to be male, and there is a person he likes!

The point is to listen to what Erjian meant just now. It seems that his idol not only likes someone’s family but he hasn’t caught up yet.…

Chen Doudou not only felt that the house had collapsed, but even the sky had collapsed in half.

Tang Li walked out of the kitchen without noticing anything wrong with Chen Doudou. He put his arm over his shoulder carelessly and spoke in a good tone between brothers, “What’s the matter, Doubendou, what are you doing standing here foolishly?”

The author has something to say:

Doubendou whose house collapsed: I shouldn’t have come for this meal today QAQ

shocked doubendou:


1 Similar to hugging a thigh. This means hanging on a leg like an ornament.
2 Crying cutely. an onomatopoeic word which sounds like someone busts out crying.
3 This was quite hard to phrase because it looked like the wording was messed up on purpose. This is text is usually, Confess for leniency, imprisonment for punishment, strictness for resistance, and return home for the new year.’
4 Sound of clicking one’s tongue.

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