He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 111

Chapter 111 – Confession

Xu Jian’s three-day vacation passed quickly and he was about to return to the set in a blink of an eye. When he went to the airport, Qin Chen was caught up in the company’s affairs and didn’t have time to see him off.

In the waiting room at the airport, Pan Min was scrolling through Weibo with her tablet and asked Xu Jian, “How long has it been since you’ve posted on Weibo?”

Xu Jian, who doesn’t often read Weibo, tilted his face and thought for a while. Before he could come up with an answer, Zhu Liang, who was next to him, answered for him, “It’s been almost a month.”

Xu Jian turned to look at Zhu Liang, “It’s been that long?”

Zhu Liang nodded, “Yes.”

Seeing that Xu Jian had forgotten it himself, Pan Min looked at him disapprovingly.

“You don’t have any works on air now and your Weibo is growing grass again, and the fans that rose before are almost gone.”

From the previous hot search until now, Xu Jian’s fans have exceeded the million mark, but Xu Jian has always felt that a large part of them are aimed at Qin Chen.

He also secretly asked Zhu Liang if the company bought him fans for his data to look good.

Pan Min let Xu Jian to post on Weibo every two or three days, and he could post every day to maintain his exposure. At the end, she said again, “When Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords is in the late stage of filming, there will be fans visiting the set.”

“Fan visitation?” Xu Jian was taken aback, raised his finger and pointed at himself, “Visiting my set?”

Pan Min looked at him and asked instead of answering, “Who is it if it’s not you?”

Xu Jian lowered his voice and cautiously asked, “Sister Pan, is it a real fan or bought ah?

He knew that in order for actors to have a face, the company would deliberately spend money to hire artificial talents, commonly known as phonies.

Hearing his words, Pan Min looked at him angrily, “The company doesn’t have this spare money.”

Xu Jian: “So, it’s really my fan?”

Pan Min: “Of course.”

Xu Jian, who got the affirmative answer, was shocked. Does he actually have real fans?

Later, Pan Min told him that this was the first time since the establishment of his support group that he had organized an event. He couldn’t be sloppy, so she told him in advance so he could be mentally prepared.

There is still a month before the visit, but ever since Pan Min told Xu Jian about it, he has always felt unreal in his heart—

He also has fans?

Clicking on Weibo to look at his comment section, Xu Jian realized that he didn’t know when it started, but the number of his few comments turned out to be hundreds each.

Xu Jian sent a screenshot of the comment section of his most recent Weibo post to Qin Chen, with the words:

[I also have hundreds of comments.]

The company took over a project. When Qin Chen saw this message, it should be half an hour later. He smiled and replied, [You will get more and more in the future.]

[There will be innumerable comments by then.]

Xu Jian: [Believe in me so much?]

Qin Chen: [I’m waiting for you on the podium of the Best Male Lead.]

Seeing Qin Chen’s message, Xu Jian bent his eyes and thought to himself that his family, Teacher Qin, really dared to say it.

Waiting for him on the podium of the best actor, let alone best actor, he didn’t even get the best supporting actor award.

Not to mention that he hasn’t even received a male lead role yet.

But Xu Jian isn’t in a hurry. His goal is to play as the male lead before he turns 30. He’s only 24 years old now, it’s still early.


The days of filming are interesting and amusing. Remembering the lines and positions every day. Open your eyes to film and close your eyes, in the dreams, you’re still at the director’s loudspeaker.

In the later stages of the filming of <Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords>, Xu Jian support group organized fans to come and visit the set. There weren’t many people, there were less than 20 people in total. They gave milk tea to everyone in the crew, and also bought flowers and small gifts to Xu Jian.

Qin Chen, who was faraway in Nanfeng City, waved his hand and invited Xu Jian’s first fans to have a big meal. In his words, this big meal was regarded as reward for their discerning eyes and good taste.

On the same day, Xu Jian’s personal super talk square was bustling, and the fans who came to visit the set started one after another:

Wuwuwu Jian cub is too gentle ba, and he blushed when shaking hands.

— Jian cub himself is more handsome than the photo. Soft and cute, like pinching his face!

— Today’s dinner should’ve cost a lot of money, right? Zaizai[1]I really don’t know what English term to use for this but they are calling him ‘cub’, So I decided to just use the pinyin here., broke the bank.

— I don’t know if Jianjian will read the greeting card I sent. I’m so nervous ah. I hope he doesn’t dislike my dog crawling words.

— I was originally going with a friend, but I didn’t expect to be trapped in his dimples and couldn’t get out. His skin is so white ah, admiring.

Hearing that the fans who went to visit the set praised Xu Jian to the sky, some fans who didn’t go somewhat regretted it, knowing that they should’ve gone there too.

In addition to discussing Xu Jian himself, in the super talk, he was the one who was discussed in the luxurious meal the most. They all said that they were originally going to visit the set, but as a result, he spent a lot of money. In addition to being moved, they were a little sorry.

Xiao Nan, who knew that money was paid by Qin Chen, shook her head when she saw distressed comments on Xu Jian about the money—

This year’s fans are still too young. You shouldn’t feel sorry for Brother Xu’s money, you should feel sorry for his boyfriend.

However, Brother Chen is rich and has deep-pocket, so there’s no need to feel sorry for him.

Xiao Nan, who only knew that Qin Chen is the real prince of Leyu thought so.

In mid-April, the filming of <Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords> entered the final stage:

After many years of investigation, the second male lead, who was suffering from a deep hatred of blood, finally discovered that the second female lead who had been sticking to him was actually the daughter of the enemy. The second female lead’s father was one of the murderers who caused the destruction of his family. His entire Qi family became a victim of the government and business collusion.

After the naïve and lively second female lead learned of the truth, she was heartbroken. She grew to become sensible and exceedingly intelligent overnight. There was no smile on her face. She persuaded her sinful father to surrender to the police, but her father refused.

The second male lead stabbed his enemy with the sword, but the second female lead suddenly rushed out to block her father. Her chest stained with blood and tears, and told the second male lead that her father’s debt was repaid by her, and asked him if he could let her father go.

However, at this moment, the male lead came, and while the villain was stunned by the loss of his beloved daughter, he ended his life with a sword…

At the end of the story, the second female lead died in the arms of the second male lead, and the male lead and female lead watched the great revenge be avenged. The second male lead rode away with the ashes of the second female lead.

The director put the last scene in the play at the end of the filming, so with a loud ‘Pass’, the whole crew was officially finished, and there was a burst of cheers and applause.

The director personally handed red envelopes to everyone, while the other assistant directors sent flowers they had just bought this morning to several main actors.

In the midst of great celebration around, Zhou Qian pulled Xu Jian’s robe in a corner that no one else could see, and whispered when he looked down, “Are you free tonight? I have something to tell you.”

After hearing this, Xu Jian subconsciously asked, “Is it something you can’t say now?”

Zhou Qian bit her lip, the shyness in her eyes flashed, and finally shook her head firmly, “No, there are too many people here.”

Seeing Zhou Qian’s expression, Xu Jian froze, then nodded, “Okay, I have a flight tomorrow afternoon anyway.”

When he returned to the room, Xu Jian told Qin Chen about this matter. Qin Chen on the other end of the phone was immediately alerted, “You agreed?”

Xu Jian: “Yes ah.”

Qin Chen: “You agreed without asking anything?”

“Asked.” Xu Jian said, “She said that there are too many people on the set, it’s not convenient to say it.”

Qin Chen was silent for two seconds and finally said, “She must’ve wanted to confess to you.”

Facing Qin Chen’s unhesitating tone, Xu Jian couldn’t help but laugh, “What do you think? We’re buddies. Me, her and there’s also Yan Wei. The three of us have a good relationship.”

Xu Jian felt that Qin Chen was too sensitive, and even felt like he’s panicking and treating everyone as enemy, always suspecting that others wanted to grab his partner from him.

Xu Jian thought that he didn’t have that much charm. When he met Qin Chen, he already felt that he had used his life’s good luck.

Qin Chen, however, didn’t agree with Xu Jian’s ‘buddy’ statement, and asked, “Then Zhou Qian, did she asked Yan Wei today?”

Xu Jian shook his head, “I don’t know.”

At that time, the atmosphere was too lively, and everyone was immersed in the excitement of the completion, and the surroundings were noisy. Zhou Qian only had time to say some words to Xu Jian before being pulled over by her assistant to change clothes.

Qin Chen: “If she only asked you, then 90% of it is wanting to confess, how about you don’t go.”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian paused, then suddenly let out a laugh, and asked, “Mr. Qin, do you not believe in yourself or do you not believe in me ah?”

Qin Chen: “……”

No, he’s just purely jealous.

There are always unruly people who want to steal his partner.

Seeing that Qin Chen didn’t answer, Xu Jian laughed twice and finally assured him, “Don’t worry, even if she really confesses, my heart is firmly with you, and I don’t have any intention of climbing the wall.”

Qin Chen has nothing to lose and the vinegar jar had already turned over, so he told Xu Jian that if Zhou Qian really confessed to him tonight, he would’ve to compensate him for his wounded and jealous heart when he came back, the serious kind.

As for how to compensate, it goes without saying.

Xu Jian’s face burned and asked, “And if not?”

Qin Chen replied quickly, “Then I’ll compensate you instead.”

After being fooled once, Xu Jian learned to be smart, “… What difference does it make?”

Don’t coax me like a fool!

Under Xu Jian’s strong opposition, it was finally changed into if she didn’t cofess, Qin Chen had to fulfill his wish.

Xu Jian felt that he was sure to win this bet, and he wanted to make some demands on Qin Chen in his heart.

However, that night at last, he was foolish.

Because he just sat down in Zhou Qian’s private room(restaurant) and was about to drink a glass of water after greeting, Zhou Qian looked at him earnestly and the first thing she said was:

“Xu Jian, I like you.”

Hearing this, Xu Jian’s hand shook, and half a glass of water was on the table.

The confession came too suddenly. The frightened Xu Jian didn’t care about the spilled water, and looked at Zhou Qian in surprise, “What did you say?”

Regardless of Xu Jian’s suddenly widened eyes, Zhou Qian said, “I also don’t know when I like you. The first time I saw you, I thought you were very good-looking. Last time, Lu Zhi deliberately scolded me and said I pretended to be pure and innocent. Only you spoke for me and helped me out. At that time, I found that you’re also quite nice and gentle…”

Under Xu Jian’s shocked gaze, Zhou Qian lowered her head and curled her fingers to count his many advantages. After talking for a long time, she paused and finally raised her head and smiled brightly at Xu Jian, “So would you like to be my boyfriend and date me?”

Xu Jian didn’t expect Qin Chen to be so accurate, and Zhou Qian didn’t bend her words at all, she came up and gave him a straight ball.

After being stunned for two seconds, Xu Jian came back to his senses. After looking at Zhou Qian’s expectant and serious eyes, he pursed his lips and finally said apologetically, “Right, no—”


Xu Jian’s refusal was stopped by Zhou Qian raising her hand before he finished speaking. Under his puzzled gaze, Zhou Qian who looked serious suddenly raised her hand to cover her face, leaned her back on the chair, and took a long breath.

“Although I knew you would refuse, it was the first time I confessed to someone. Can’t you pretend to be a little hesitant for a second or two before rejecting me?”

Xu Jian: “… Huh?”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: … What kind of operation is this?

Qin vinegar jar: I won, I have already bought what you need to compensate me.

Congratulations to Student Zhou Qian for joining Jian Cat’s BFF camp!

Zhou Qian: “Xu Jian, I like you.”

XJ: “wat”


1 I really don’t know what English term to use for this but they are calling him ‘cub’, So I decided to just use the pinyin here.

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