He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 112

Chapter 112 – Brokenhearted

Looking at Zhou Qian, who was covering her face with her hand, Xu Jian couldn’t figure out what she saw doing.

Rubbing her face, Zhou Qian glanced at Xu Jian from the gap in her fingers, and said in a muffled voice, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t accept it. In fact, I can see it. You already have someone in your heart, but I like you. I just wanted to say it.”

After the filming, they didn’t know if there was still any chance of cooperation in the future. This was the first time she liked someone, and Zhou Qian didn’t want to leave regrets.

After Xu Jian recovered from his surprise, Zhou Qian was so frank and straightforward. He wasn’t embarrassed at all, and asked with a smile, “Are you sure it’s not because you’re not out of the scene?”

In the play, Zhou Qian liked Xu Jian. Xu Jian wondered if Zhou Qian had brought the feelings in the play outside of the play.

Xu Jian handed Zhou Qian a way out. Zhou Qian wiped her hand off her face, and her lower eyelids made a grimace at her strength.

“It’s not impossible?”

After Zhou Qian’s words fell, the two looked at each other and laughed. The atmosphere instantly became more relaxed.

The waiter knocked on the door and came in to serve food. After the food was served, the two of them chatted while eating. There was no one else. Zhou Qian didn’t care about her image anymore. As soon as her hair was tied, she was comfortable.

Wearing gloves and gnawing on goose foot, Zhou Qian winked at Xu Jian.

“That is, I dare to eat like this when Sister Xiang isn’t here. If Sister Xiang finds out, she’ll kill me.”

And let her only be vegetarian for the next half month.

After speaking, Zhou Qian hurriedly added, “Don’t tell Sister Xiang.”

Xu Jian smiled and nodded, “Okay, I’ll help you keep it a secret.”

Zhou Qian smiled in satisfaction, “Enough loyalty.”

Xu Jian felt that Zhou Qian’s character was quite good and not twisted, quite fragile. She would be a friend if she failed to confess, and it wouldn’t make people feel uncomfortable.

When she was almost done eating, Zhou Qian took off the disposable transparent gloves on her hand and wiped her fingers and mouth clean with a wet tissue. After hesitating for two seconds, she finally asked the question she had been holding for a long time and spoke in a low voice, “Xu Jian, the person in your heart… is it Qin Chen?”

Xu Jian’s hand movements paused. He looked up at her with a calm tone, “Why do you ask?”

Some people look calm on the surface but are internally panicking—

Ah ah ah ah what to do, it was discovered!

How did Zhou Qian know? Where was he exposed?

Just when Xu Jian was trying to figure it out, Zhou Qian saw that his expression was wrong and quickly waved her hand, “Don’t misunderstand. I’m just asking, I won’t say it.”

Girls at the beginning of love are delicate and sensitive. They can often become detectives in the face of the people they like. They start reasoning from a little clue, match their sixth sense, and then come up with the answer they want to find.

The most important thing is that their sixth sense is often horribly accurate, and the guess is right.

Zhou Qian would think that the person Xu Jian liked was Qin Chen, but in fact, she had suspected it since Qin Chen came to visit the set last time.

She had noticed that when Xu Jian and Qin Chen stood together, the way they looked at each other was different from that of others.

During the break between filming, Xu Jian’s eyes would subconsciously pursue Qin Chen’s figure, and Qin Chen was the same, almost never leaving Xu Jian’s sight.

<Lolita> said that there are three things people can’t hide. The more you want to hide, the more obvious they are, which includes love.

Love is when you cover your mouth, it will also sneak out of your eyes.

After Qin Chen left, Zhou Qian accidentally ran into Xu Jian chatting with Qin Chen. Xu Jian’s top contact person is Qin Chen, which made her even firmer in her conjecture.

Xu Jian didn’t think that they had hidden Pan Min and Zhu Liang, who they were with day and night, but didn’t escape the eyes of Zhou Qian, who looks careless and cheerful, and couldn’t help but fall into deep thought—

In the end, what went wrong?

Seeing that Xu Jian didn’t say anything, Zhou Qian smiled, her tone relaxed, “Since you have acquiesced, then I have a lot more balance in my heart?”

Xu Jian didn’t say yes or no, “What do you mean by more balanced?”

With her sleeves rolled up to her elbows and one hand propped to her face, Zhou Qian looked at Xu Jian with the expression ‘You don’t understand this’ on her face.

“The person in your heart is him, so I can comfort myself. The reason why you didn’t accept me is not me. It’s because of the wrong gender. It has nothing to do with whether I try to chase you or not.”

Anyway, no matter how hard I try, it will be in vain.

Xu Jian’s focus was skewed, “When have you ever chased me?”

If it weren’t for Zhou Qian’s sudden words today, he would still think they were buddies.

Zhou Qian straightened her back and looked at him, and said righteously, “Didn’t I give you ice cream?”

Xu Jian: “……”

It was given, although in the end, I didn’t eat it because a certain someone was jealous.

“Tsk, tsk.” Zhou Qian shook her head slowly and began to express her opinion bitterly.

“As the saying goes, it’s not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it. Not to mention ice cream in the scorching heat?”

Xu Jian only discovered today that he couldn’t keep up with Zhou Qian’s brain circuit. He didn’t know what to say except for nodding for a while.


Xu Jian didn’t answer the question of whether the person in Xu Jian’s heart was Qin Chen or not. Later, Zhou Qian also had the sense not to ask again, this topic was jumped over by Zhou Qian’s gag.

After eating, out of gentlemanly manners, Xu Jian offered to send Zhou Qian back, but Zhou Qian smiled and waved her hand.

“You go first. If the two of us are together, I don’t know what they’ll write if we are photographed by paparazzi.”

Xu Jian thought about it. If he and Zhou Qian were photographed, other than that, he didn’t know what the one at home would become from his jealousy.

Xu Jian said with some hesitation, “What about you?”

With a big grin on her face, Zhou Qian said, “My assistant is already on her way to pick me up.”

Xu Jian was relieved. After checking out, he went out. He wanted to take a taxi back but ended up seeing Zhu Liang waving at him next to the restaurant.

After getting into the car, Xu Jian fastened his seat belt and looked at Zhu Liang, “Why are you here?”

Zhu Liang stared ahead and replied, “Brother Qin sent a message saying that it’s so late and is worried about you being alone, so he asked me to come to pick you up.”

Xu Jian was a little surprised, “Qin Chen called you to come here?”

Zhu Liang nodded, “Yes.”

Unexpectedly, Qin Chen was so uneasy about meeting with Zhou Qian. Xu Jian smiled and took out his phone to send a message to Qin Chen:

[I’ve finished eating and am on my way back.]

Xu Jian also took a small video and sent it to Qin Chen, proving that he is now in the car.

At the same time, Zhou Qian sat alone in a slightly empty box, crying with the careful makeup she put on when she went out, and facing her best friend on the phone screen, crying without a care about her image:

“Baby, I’m broken hearted wuwuwu…

After all, this was the first time she liked people, and Xu Jian was still able to hold on to her. As soon as Xu Jian left, she couldn’t bear it and she felt uncomfortable.

Once the video was connected, Zhou Qian’s best friend saw her crying like a cat, her shoulders also twitched, but she felt distressed and comforted her.

“What’s wrong? That blind man rejected you?”

Qin Chen’s face flashed in her mind, and Zhou Qian’s tears flowed more fiercely.

It’s not that people have bad vision, it’s that their vision is too good wuwuwu.

Zhou Qian raised her hand and wiped her face, “It’s not that he has no vision, it’s just that he doesn’t like me.”

Her best friend was angry, “My Qianqian is so good, he just doesn’t like you because he has no vision.”

Zhou Qian cried so hard that she couldn’t catch her breath and still didn’t forget to speak for Xu Jian, “The other, other person is really… really good…”

Seeing that she was still speaking for the man, her best friend looked at her helplessly, “Then, what is his reason for rejecting you?”

Since the promise of Xu Jian, she couldn’t say anything. So even if the brokenhearted Zhou Qian was sad, she didn’t mention Xu Jian and Qin Chen to her best friend. She just said that the two weren’t suitable and couldn’t see eye to eye.

Really tight-lipped.

The brokenhearted her still has to help her love rival keep secrets. The more Zhou Qian thinks about it, the more uncomfortable she feels. At the same time, she still admires herself a little bit inexplicably—

What kind of a f*^@^g peerless cannon fodder am I? wuwuwu…

On the other hand, Qin Chen asked Xu Jian what Zhou Qian told him today, whether he had won.

After Qin Chen reminded him, Xu Jian suddenly remembered the bet between them. The whole person was in high spirit and the words ‘what bad luck’ floated before his eyes.

Xu Jian sat upright, preparing to cheat:

[No ah, she didn’t confess to me at all. You lost and owe me a request.]

Gaining the initiative by striking first, after being with Qin Chen for a long time, Xu Jian also became a lot more thick-skinned.

Anyway, no one knew about this except him and Zhou Qian.

Qin Chen: [Little liar.]

Xu Jian: [?]

Could it be that his perfect lie was exposed?

Qin Chen only sent the “little liar” and didn’t continue it, and it turned into:

[Then what do you want to ask for?]

After seeing Qin Chen’s message, Xu Jian froze. Thinking that Qin Chen, this person, bluffing people is one thing, and when the relationship just started, it was to set him up again to confess.

Fortunately, he was smart and witty and sent a question mark over.

Xu Jian, who had gotten away with it, didn’t think about what he wanted to ask Qin Chen. Perhaps it was because he was guilty of lying, he replied:

[I haven’t thought about it for the time being, so let’s put this request aside and talk about it later.]

Qin Chen also had no problem with it, so he put it aside for now.

Xu Jian, who earned a wish, felt happy. Unaware that Qin Chen, who is far away in Nanfeng City, is slowly saving the screenshot of Zhou Qin’s best friend’s WeChat moments, ready to wait for his little liar to come home and then settle the total account.

Zhou Qian’s best friend, Miao Yi, a well-known domestic movie star, posted in her moments five minutes ago:

Can anyone tell me how to comfort a brokenhearted person?

Qin Chen happened to have Miao Yi’s WeChat, so he happened to see her moments.

The friendship between Zhou Qian and Miao Yi is well-known in the circle. Zhou Qian made an appointment today, and Miao Yi’s friend lost her love today. You don’t have to think about it to know what’s going on.

After saving the screenshot, Qin Chen’s finger gently knocked Xu Jian’s WeChat avatar, scolding with a smile, “Little liar.”

It’s estimated that Xu Jian couldn’t have imagined that the one who sold him wasn’t Zhou Qian nor his own conscience, but Miao Yi, who had nothing to do with him.


The next day, the plane that Xu Jian and his party took landed safely at Nanfeng City Airport. Qin Chen said he couldn’t pick him up as he had something to do, so he waited for him at home.

Xu Jian thought he couldn’t leave because he had work to do, and his identity was inconvenient to show up in public, so he didn’t mind. He got into the car sent by the company with Pan Min and the others.

On the way back, Pan Min said to Xu Jian, <The Slayer> has been scheduled and will be released in two days. This will be the first time you will be officially exposed in front of everyone and it will also be the time for everyone to see your strength.”

He have long heard that <The Slayer> had been scheduled, but Xu Jian didn’t expect it to be released so soon. After all, it hadn’t been a few months since the movie was finished, and the movie was scheduled to come out in theaters.

Now hearing Pan Min say this, Xu Jian didn’t have any nervousness or expectation. After all, he was just a supporting role in it.

Pan Min and the others sent Xu Jian downstairs into the community as usual. After Xu Jian swiped his card to go upstairs, as soon as the elevator door opened, Xu Jian saw a piece of paper attached to the entrance, which was a printed moments:

Miao Yi (Zhou Qian’s best friend): Can anyone tell me how to comfort a brokenhearted person?

The date of the moments was last night after he and Zhou Qian separated.

Three words were written with a water pen on top of the paper, which was Xu Jian’s familiar with and Qin Chen’s handwriting—Little liar.

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: “…..”

Oh no! Is it too late to escape?

Qin vinegar jar: Too late.

QC be like when XJ came home:

XJ: “oh sh%%”

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