He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 113

Chapter 113 – Eat up

Qin Chen could tell that there was something, still, he deliberately printed Miao Yi’s Moments to remind Xu Jian that his little trick has been exposed, which was a bit too much.

Fearing that Xu Jian can’t understand, Qin Chen even especially noted Zhou Qian’s BFF after the name Miao Yi.

Xu Jian looked at this printout and there was only one word in his heart – Naïve!

Qin Chen came home in the evening and the unrepentant Xu Jian didn’t say anything. After dinner, he took out the things he prepared from the coffee table drawer, and he raised his eyebrows with a smile.

“You lost the bet, the show is over. You should be mentally prepared for what is going to happen tonight, right?”

When he said the last half of the sentence, Qin Chen’s voice rose, and it could be heard from his voice that he was in a good mood.

Xu Jian looked at the ultra-thin condom and lubrication set on the table, and his whole person quivered. Why did this kind of thing come out from under the coffee table and why are there so many!!

Looking at the things on the table, then looking at Qin Chen, Xu Jian’s intuition wasn’t good. Qin Chen really came with him for real today, so he wanted to escape reflexively.

However, he didn’t move as fast as Qin Chen. Qin Chen accurately grabbed a certain someone who wanted to escape without turning his head. He took the things on the coffee table, and then explained to him thoughtfully, “Since I don’t know which kind you like, I bought a box of every flavor.”

Qin Chen even solemnly read the name of each box to Xu Jian, something like mint flavor, the ultimate enjoyment, ultra-thin cold silk…

After reading it, Qin Chen smiled meaningfully at the red-faced Xu Jian.

“If you don’t know which one you like, we can come the same one by one, there is no hurry.”

Looking at the numerous box of sets, Xu Jian: ….. Try the same, aren’t you afraid of killing people!

Although he thought so in his heart, Xu Jian’s desire to survive made him not want to answer quickly, “I don’t like any one of them!”

Hearing Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen paused, with a complicated expression.

Xu Jian’s eyes lit up, thinking – This works?

However, in the next second, Qin Chen ruthlessly and coldly broke Xu Jian’s expectations. He glanced at Xu Jian’s belly with difficulty, and his tone wasn’t agreeing with him.

“Don’t play so crazy for the first time. You’ll feel uncomfortable afterwards if we don’t use a condom.”

Xu Jian’s expression stiffened when he heard the words, even his neck turned red, and he quickly waved his hand, “That’s not what I meant!”

Is that what he meant? How can this person still deliberately twist his words?


Qin Chen was also quite democratic and nodded after he thought about it.

“Since you strongly request it, then I’ll comply with you. Just do a good job cleaning up afterwards.”

Xu Jian: “!!!”

Staring at Qin Chen in disbelief, Xu Jian couldn’t believe that these words came out of his mouth and face!

That night, Xu Jian’s meager resistance was ruthlessly suppressed by Qin Chen. When Qin Chen unwrapped the third box of strawberry-flavored sets, Xu Jian, who was fried on the front and back like a pancake, didn’t even have the strength to lift his arms.

When Qin Chen changed his equipment and pressed it up again, Xu Jian almost couldn’t cry out, shouting in a dumb voice, “You’re not really going to try everything, are you?”

The deranged Qin Chen bought more than a dozen boxes. If he really tried them all,  wouldn’t he die from excessive eja****n? Xu Jian didn’t know, but he knows that he would definitely not see the sun tomorrow.

Xu Jian, who had an aching butt and wanted to cry, weakly looked at Qin Chen who was in good spirits, and spinelessly asked for mercy.

“We’re not in a hurry, what happened to the ‘we’ll cross the bridge when we get there’?”

Raising his hand to wipe away the physiological tears seeping out of the corner of Xu Jian’s eyes with his thumb, Qin Chen smiled innocently.

“Mr. Xu, when did you change your name to Fang Chang?” [1]Qin Chen took out some words from Xu Jian’s words, so he’s like saying when did he became long. Another way to translate XJ’s words was, ‘the future is long’. I hope I made sense lol

Xu Jian, whose eyes were white from his hits, hadn’t understood what he meant at first. After his chaotic brain caught a trace of consciousness and reacted, he was both humiliated and annoyed, and was forced to curse, “Qin Chen, your uncle!”[2]XJ telling QC to f** off.

After hearing this, Qin Chen laughed instead of being angry. He kept moving with a smiling and sexy voice, “Sorry, my Dad is an only child.”

Xu Jian couldn’t remember what Qin Chen said later. The only impression was that Qin Chen coaxed him to let out his tail and ears, saying that he would let him go with his furs.

Xu Jian remembered to eat and forgot to fight. He forgot his painful experience and stupidly conjured a cat tail and cat ears to please Qin Chen. The result was very clear. Not only did he not wait for relief, but he gained a crazy, blood-filled, resurrected Qin Chen.

Xu Jian: I’m not angry at all 🙂


When he woke up early the next morning and opened his eyes to see Qin Chen, Xu Jian became evil in his anger, raised his leg, and kicked him.

Because he didn’t have strength all over, Xu Jian’s foot fluttered lightly, just like tickling Qin Chen. He frowned and hissed because he pulled it to the overused place behind him.

Xu Jian sucked in a cold breath and looked at Qin Chen’s handsome face, thinking of his evil deeds last night. The more he endured about it, the angrier he became, so he pulled his hand on his waist and opened his mouth.


Xu Jian left a neat tooth mark on Qin Chen’s lower arm. Qin Chen frowned after a night of fatigue. When he woke up from his sleep, he saw Xu Jian’s indignant eyes.

The favored one had nothing to fear, and Qin Chen, who finally ate the person, was contented. He smiled at Xu Jian and rubbed his head, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Xu Jian thought to himself, now you remembered to ask, what did you do last night?

If you tried fewer flavors, I wouldn’t be so in pain now!

One set of complaints in his heart but facing Qin Chen’s eyes, Xu Jian curled his mouth, sounding pitiful, “It’s uncomfortable everywhere.”

Seeing his grievance, Qin Chen hugged the person and kissed him twice, saying, “The porridge in the kitchen should be ready, I’ll take a look.”

Xu Jian was surprised, “Porridge? Auntie already came?”

Qin Chen dressed up and got up, “Auntie didn’t come, I went to boil it while you were asleep.”

Qin Chen woke up earlier than Xu Jian. He boiled the porridge lightly, went back to bed, and hugged the person back to sleep.

“You made this?” Xu Jian really didn’t know that Qin Chen had woken up earlier. Is his energy that good?

When Qin Chen was out of the room, Xu Jian slowly remembered that Qin Chen made such a mistake that he had forgotten to settle yesterday’s account with him after being interrupted by him.

Inattentiveness, Qin Chen turned his attention and got abducted.

Just very angry.

When Qin Chen came in with light porridge and small dishes, he saw someone wrapped in a comforter and turned into a pufferfish. He couldn’t help but laugh.

Seeing him carrying porridge, Xu Jian hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop his intention of personally feeding him.

“Little master, I was injured a little bit, but I haven’t reached this point yet. I pass, I pass.”

And he hasn’t brushed his teeth.

Finally, Xu Jian strongly sucked in his breath and got off the bed. He walked towards the bathroom holding his back with a trembling waist. When he came out after washing up, he saw Qin Chen very thoughtfully put a soft cushion on the chair he always sat on.

After sitting down at the dining table, Xu Jian looked at the porridge and small dishes in front of him, and suddenly felt so encouraged—

After being tossed by Qin Chen for most of the night, he actually got out of bed today.

It’s simply touching.


The consequence of Qin Chen pulling people for an absurd night was that Xu Jian was able to walk normally after resting at home for three days, which happened to be the second day after <The Slayer> was released.

With Qin Chen and Shen Xi sitting in the audience, the box office of <The Slayer> soared all the way to the top, with rave reviews online. After the premiere yesterday, the movie became a hot topic, and it was also on the hot search, it was extremely popular.

However, what the movie party didn’t expect was that it wasn’t only Qin Chen, Shen Xi, and the movie itself that were on fire, but also Xu Jian.

In the movie, Xu Feng, the little villain played by Xu Jian, tenderly shouted, “My Dear Officer Yu” to Yu Xiu, the male lead played by Qin Chen. Many fans instantly pushed the QingJian CP’s pit.

‘XiuFeng CP’ came out strongly and the CP fans of Qin Chen and Xu Jian sprang up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.[3]Rapid new growth

Netizens who watched the movie have brushed the screen in the super talk with the following sentiments:

[Just and upright. Bent on killing the handsome police officer Gong x shadowy, crazy handsome villain. Who can withstand this?]

[Knock, knock it all for me. This CP is also too sensational, right? The brain supplement 100,000 words of small H texts!]

[I died when Xu Feng called out Dear Officer Yu, ah ah ah Xu Feng killed me!]

[Sure enough, if you’re not afraid of the villain being bad, you’re afraid of the villain being handsome. The cutie Xu Feng is really handsome. In the end, when he died, I burst into tears. My tears were the water of the West Lake. What kind of sadomasochistic love is this!]

[It’s so shocking, I cried like a dog in the cinema when the soundtrack sounded. Xu Feng, who was so extreme wasn’t willing to hurt Little Jasmine wuwuwu…]

[When I watched the trailer, I didn’t think, but when I watched the main movie, why was Xu Feng so handsome? His eyes were so playful, he suddenly caught Xu Jian’s face.]

[XiuFeng CP is real! The acting skills of the two are amazing! Loved it, loved it.]

[The first brush is over, and the second brush is up. Xu Feng is so cute ah! You give me fire!]


More and more people are entering the ‘QingJian’ CP. As the host of the ‘QingJian CP’ Xiao Nan feels the most intuitively because the number of people who sign in to the super talk has soared from less than a thousand people a day to five digits.

Xiao Nan thought to herself that this great opportunity couldn’t be wasted, so she secretly draped in her vest and posted a photo of the two together to send benefits to the new fans.

In addition to fans, major V’s and film critics have also praised <The Slayer> quite well. The most forwarded Weibo was:

‘In the case of 1+1>2, I saw it in <The Slayer>, Qin Chen and Shen Xi strongly teamed up to achieve greater than two effects. The performance of several supporting characters also surprised me. I heard that Xu Feng’s actor is still a newcomer. He has promising eyes and handles his micro-expressions very well. His acting skills are unexpectedly good. I’m looking forward to his future performance.’

The release of the movie has achieved a good result. Not only the fans are happy, but even the always-serious Pan Min has a smile on her face because the number of collaborators looking for Xu Jian is increasing day by day. After watching his performance in the movie, everyone is very optimistic about him.

There is a high degree of discussion about the  <The Slayer> on the internet. Netizens who have eaten the “XiuFeng CP” have picked up the details of Qin Chen and Xu Jian’s relationship before, and they know that they have stepped into the “QingJian CP” pit again and they began to knock on the real person with real feelings:

Look at the way Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian, isn’t this love?!

The CP of Qing Chen and Xu Jian online was in an uproar. Like the sun at noon[4]Figuratively means, to be at the peak of their career, Pan Min, who knew that the two were really in love, was a little uneasy.

In the conference room of Qin Chen’s studio, Pan Min turned to look at Qin Chen and asked, “The tall tree attracts the wind[5]This means: famous or rich people attract criticism, do you want the water army to suppress the discussions?”

Hyping CP is indeed the current marketing method of attracting fans nowadays. Many artists deliberately hype for the sake of traffic, but Pan Min is worried that netizens will really expose Qin Chen and Xu Jian’s affairs.

After all, whether it’s Qin Chen or Xu Jian, there’s no need to hype CP to attract fans.

They just had a meeting about the movie <The Slayer>, and now everyone else has left, leaving Pan Min, Qin Chen, Xu Jian, and their assistants unattended.

After hearing Pan Min’s words, Qin Chen turned his head to look at her, “What’s the pressure?”

Pan Min: “About your remarks of hyping CP ah.”

There were no outsiders here. Qin Chen raised his hand and took Xu Jian in his arms beside him, turned his head, and kissed him on the face. He then raised an eyebrow to look at Pan Min.

“What do you mean hype CP, we’re originally a couple.”

Pan Min: “……”

Xiao Nan: “……”

Zhu Liang: “? ? ?”

Looking at Pan Min and Xiao Nan, whose expressions were numb and accustomed to them, and then Qin Chen who looked natural, Zhu Liang fell into contemplation—

Did I learn a big secret?

Unlike Qin Chen, Pan Min and the others watched, the thin-skinned Xu Jian’s ears became hot, and he quickly broke away from his embrace.

“Don’t make trouble, we’re in the company.”

Looking at Xu Jian’s reaction, Zhu Liang: “……”

Okay, he really learned a big secret.

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1 Qin Chen took out some words from Xu Jian’s words, so he’s like saying when did he became long. Another way to translate XJ’s words was, ‘the future is long’. I hope I made sense lol
2 XJ telling QC to f** off.
3 Rapid new growth
4 Figuratively means, to be at the peak of their career
5 This means: famous or rich people attract criticism

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