He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 114

Chapter 114 – Cooperate

‘QingJian CP’ fans are like the sun at noon.[1]To be at the peak of their power. Pan Min is worried that something could go wrong, so she wants to buy water army to suppress the comments, but Qin Chen doesn’t think it’s necessary. Also, he went out of the closet in front of Zhu Liang.

On the contrary, Qin Chen took Xu Jian away, leaving Pan Min and Xiao Nan to clean up the mess and tell Zhu Liang not to tell the story.

Pan Min looked at Zhu Liang, “You are Xu Jian’s assistant, you’ve joined our team for some time. I believe you know what to say and what to do.”

Zhu Liang hurriedly nodded. He naturally knew that Qin Chen could say this in front of him because he believed him, and it was naturally impossible for him to let out such an important thing.

Xiao Nan, the biggest fan of ‘QingJian CP’ analyzed with Pan Min and Zhu Liang rationally, “Nowadays, fans are thoughtful and sensitive. If we ask the water army to lead them, they will feel that we want to cover it up, and it may even backfire.”

After listening to it, Pan Min felt that it made sense. There are now a lot of male and male CPs in the circle. Everyone ridicules them at most, but they don’t take them seriously.

If they really suppress the comments, it would be counterproductive if they are considered guilty, and it would be better to ignore them as Qin Chen said.

On the other side, Xu Jian swatted Qin Chen’s arm and looked at him disapprovingly, “How could you say everything out.”

Qin Chen: “There are no outsiders.”

Xu Jian thought about it too, Zhu Liang is his assistant. His and Qin Chen’s affairs can be hidden from others, but Zhu Liang followed them every day and would know sooner or later.

Instead of letting Zhu Liang detect something wrong and guess blindly, it’s better to find a suitable opportunity to tell him directly.

After nodding with understanding, Xu Jian asked Qin Chen again, “The Slayer has been released, what are your next plans?”

After filming <The Slayer> Xu Jian’s <Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords> shooting also ended. Although Qin Chen had been reading scripts, he hadn’t picked up anything yet.

Qin Chen: “I’m still picking. If there’s a suitable one, I’ll take it.”

Qin Chen naturally has no shortage of dramas, and the ones he finds can be sold in terms of jin.[2]Also catties. But both he and Pan Min have an attitude of better to have nothing than substandard choice, so they invited and eliminated one batch after another.

Xu Jian was curious, “Are you still taking movies?”

“Not necessarily.” Qin Chen shook his head, “If there’s a good TV series, it’s okay. There is no requirement to make a movie or TV series.”

After saying that, Qin Chen bumped Xu Jian with his elbow, “If there’s a good script, you will be the male lead and I’ll cooperate with you.”

The double gold Film Emperor will cooperate, Xu Jiang didn’t hold back a smile, and joked, “Okay, it’s great to go directly to the peak of life.”

Qin Chen raised his eyebrow slightly, “Okay, then I’ll keep an eye out for you. If there’s a suitable one, I’ll tell you.”

Seeing that Qin Chen was joking so seriously, Xu Jian felt that he couldn’t lose either, so he patted him on the shoulder with meaningful and heartfelt words, “Then you pay attention, I’ll keep an eye on you.”


The box office of The Slayer breaks a new high every two days. The investors are making a lot of money, the director is smiling every day that he couldn’t see his teeth, and even sent out more than a dozen of red envelopes to the group to express his joy.

Xu Jian also squatted[3]Lurked in the group to grab red envelopes. Then he noticed that Shen Xi, one of the main actors, hadn’t spoken.

Clicking on the chat box with Shen Xi, Xu Jian found that the chat history stayed in the last time he had a hot pot with Chen Doudou and the others. Shen Xi asked him if he knew where Jiang Linxie was.

Time has passed for so long in a flash and he doesn’t know how the two of them are now.

Pursing the corner of his mouth, Xu Jian excited the chat interface with Shen Xi and sent a message to Jiang Linxie.

[President Jiang, where are you now?]

Since the dissolution of Degu, Xu Jian rarely contacted Jiang Linxie, because Jiang Linxie said that they are not from the same world, so it’s better to contact less in the future.

It was also from that conversation that Xu Jian discovered that Jiang Linxie had been consciously keeping his distance from humans, as for the reason…

Qin Chen analyzed with him, Jiang Linxie’s life span is longer than humans. Rather than watching his friends and family grow old one by one, and then leaving him, it’s better to keep a distance from the beginning and not establish intimate relations.

Fewer ties, less pain when separated.

Xu Jian thought Jiang Linxie lived for so many years and Shen Xi was not his only mistake in keeping his distance from humans.

Perhaps… it was because of Shen Xi that he set such a rule for himself.

Jiang Linxie didn’t reply to his message. Xu Jian subconsciously tapped the phone screen with his fingers, but his thoughts were floating in a mess—

President Jiang saved him but didn’t explain the truth the first time. The biggest reason should be to keep his distance from him, right?

After waiting for a few minutes without any news from Jiang Linxie, Xu Jian tried to send a few more messages, but they all fell into the sea.

With a thump in his heart, Xu Jian thought to himself, President Jiang is not really missing, right?

In the evening, there was still no news from Jiang Linxie. Xu Jian frowned in his heart and told Qin Chen his worries.

After Qin Chen heard this, he raised his hand and poked his forehead, “Does he need you to worry?”

Xu Jian heard the meaning of Qin Chen’s words. Jiang Linxie is such a big demon with great supernatural powers, it’s impossible to lose. It is indeed not his turn to worry about as an ordinary person.

But Xu Jian’s tightly knitted brow didn’t smooth out, “I don’t know if Teacher Shen has contacted him.”

Seeing him worrying, Qin Chen casually said, “Since you’re worried, you might as well ask Shen Xi.”

“Is that okay?” Xu Jian raised his eyes to look at Qin Chen, a little suspicious, “If he also hadn’t contacted President Jiang and I asked, wouldn’t that sprinkle salt on his wounds?”

That’s why Xu Jian was worried about this, so when he waited for Jiang Linxie’s news today, he held back all afternoon and didn’t ask Shen Xi, for fear of mentioning his sadness.

Qin Chen looked at him helplessly, “You ah, just overthink. Ask directly if there’s anything, so as not to let your imaginations run wild. If you can’t, I’ll help you ask.”

After saying this, Qin Chen made a gesture of taking his phone, and Xu Jian quickly grabbed it, “Forget it, it’s better to do it myself.”

After considering his words in his heart, Xu Jian sent a message to Shen Xi, then waited nervously for a reply.

What he didn’t expect was that Shen Xi’s message came back very quickly.

[Are you looking for Linxie? He was outside with me today and hasn’t asked to see his phone. If there’s anything, I’ll help you convey.]

Upon seeing his message, Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief: [President Jiang was with you?]

Shen Xi: [Yeah, we came out to hike.]

Shen Xi: [Photo]

Shen Xi sent a photo. The background of the photo is an endless staircase. On both sides of the staircase are large trees that Xu Jian couldn’t recognize. It was already quite late, and the street lights on both sides are on, emitting a warm yellow light.

In the middle of the photo, Jiang Linxie, dressed in sportswear, may have noticed that someone was taking pictures. He snapped back and was just in time to be captured by the camera.

After seeing the photo, Xu Jian froze, not for anything else, because Jiang Linxie’s hair in the photo was the silver-white he and Qin Chen had seen before.

Xu Jian took a closer look again and confirmed that Jiang Linxie’s short hair was not the effect of the camera’s light and shadow, it was really silver-white.

Could it be that Jieng Linxie has already revealed his true identity to Shen Xi?

Uncertain, Xu Jian typed and asked:

[President Jiang’s hair…]

Shen Xi’s message quickly popped up:

[He recently dyed it. I also didn’t expect him to like this color, but it unexpectedly suits him very well.]

Xu Jian: ……

Jiang Linxie and Shen Xi were hiking. Since he knew that Jiang Linxie hadn’t disappeared suddenly, Xu Jian didn’t bother them anymore. After ending the chat with a few words, he looked up and met Qin Chen’s questioning eyes.

With a slight shrug, Xu Jian said, “Not missing, he’s hiking with Teacher Shen?”

Qin Chen: “What hiking late at night?”

“I don’t know.” Xu Jian shook his head, “Maybe this is their interest.”

Although he knew what interest it was.

As soon as he put the book in his hand, Xu Jian took the phone out of Xu Jian’s hand, “Don’t worry about it, it’s late, go to sleep bah.”

Just as Xu Jian wanted to nod, he noticed that a certain someone’s improper hand was drilling into his clothes.

Holding down a certain someone’s dishonest hand, Xu Jian looked at him, his words righteous, “…. What about going to sleep?”

Leaning over and taking a bite on his shoulder through his clothes, Qin Chen laughed and said unhurriedly, “You sleep, I sleep with you. There’s no conflict.”

Xu Jian: “? ? ?”

Isn’t this a conflict? Mr. Qin, where is your face?

Obviously, a certain someone doesn’t need a face in bed. After all, sleeping with people doesn’t rely on their faces.

Qin Chen and Xu Jian spent days of a very rotten vacation period. In addition to eating and going to the toilet, the two people spent most of their time playing around in bed.

Xu Jian learned something else after several days of vacation, Qin Chen took him to unlock several difficult, novel, and labor-extensive positions.

Xu Jian reasonably suspected that Qin Chen was secretly watching films behind his back to catch up on his lessons, otherwise, how could he know so much?

Facing Xu Jian’s questions, Qin Chen smiled, leaned over, and kissed him on the cheek, smiling seductively, “I’ll take that as a compliment. Of course, you are so studious, I don’t mind finding some resources to practice with you.”

Xu Jian’s physical strength in bed was no better than Qin Chen’s. Even when he ran a train in his mouth, he was often thrown out of the car by the other party who suddenly slam on the gas and accelerated.

Xu Jian had now discovered that Qin Chen was either driving or on the way to drive when he was in bed.

The old driver can’t compare.


Xu Jian originally thought that Qin Chen said to cooperate with him and make him the male lead was a joke and didn’t take it to heart, so when Qin Chen really put the script in front of him, his whole person completely turned stupid.

Looking at Qin Chen and then at Pan Min, Xu Jian was confused, “What does this mean?”

For real?

Seeing Xu Jian with a surprised look, Pan Min turned to look at Qin Chen, “Didn’t you say that you already have a yes?”

Facing Xu Jian’s gaze, Qin Chen raised his hand and rubbed a handful of his hair, explaining, “As I told you before, this is the script, the republic film. Sister Pan and I have read the script. The story is quite good, the production team…”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait.” Qin Chen was stopped by Xu Jian before he could finish his words. He was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t react, “Weren’t you kidding me before?”

Qin Chen withdrew his hand and looked at him, “When did I say it was a joke?”

Qin Chen’s expression was serious and solemn, there was not a bit of a joke. Xu Jian, who reacted, hurriedly waved his hand, “No, no, I thought you were joking and said it casually. How can you cooperate with me.”

The double gold Film Emperor gave himself cooperation, not to mention what Qin Chen’s fans would explode into, Xu Jian couldn’t get over it in his heart.

Isn’t this clearly stepping on Qin Chen’s shoulder?[4]Like being in a higher position than QC. Since QC is more popular than him, and with XJ taking the higher role as the male lead, he’s thinking about how QC’s fan would see this situation.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian looked at Pan Min again, with the meaning in his eyes—Sister Pan, are you also letting Qin Chen fool around?

After understanding Xu Jian’s eyes, Pan Min glanced at Qin Chen and finally said, “I think it’s pretty good.”

Xu Jian: ! ! !

Sister Pan, have you been bribed by Qin Chen too?!

If he did pick it up, Xu Jian can already think of what Qin Chen’s fans will say during the promotion:

The shameless Xu Jian is rubbing his brother’s popularity again!

Begging[5]This was written in different characters “球球” which means ball but it sounds the same as “求求” ‘to seek, request’ so some would use it for fun. a certain someone to not suck on our brother’s blood!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I probably haven’t woken up yet.

Qin vinegar jar: Then sleep again [eager to try]

Jian Cat: Okay, I’m awake.

XJ the worrywart:


1 To be at the peak of their power.
2 Also catties.
3 Lurked
4 Like being in a higher position than QC. Since QC is more popular than him, and with XJ taking the higher role as the male lead, he’s thinking about how QC’s fan would see this situation.
5 This was written in different characters “球球” which means ball but it sounds the same as “求求” ‘to seek, request’ so some would use it for fun.

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