He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 115

Chapter 115 – Physical Strength

The script Qin Chen settled on this time is a modern urban inspirational drama with a female lead, but there’s very little emotional drama. It’s a drama with a big male protagonist.

The male protagonist in the drama is a genius violinist. This tells the story of the genius male protagonist from his shining starlight to his fall. Then, recovers at the top from the encouragement of his family and friends.

The female lead is a newspaper reporter. She met the male protagonist because of an interview. There are many scenes but they’re not eye-catching. For the male lead, the female lead’s role is more of a catalyst.

As for the second male lead, he came out of the Children’s Palace[1]Institution where children can take part in various extracurricular activities such as learning music, foreign languages, computing skills, and doing sports. with the male protagonist and has a competitive relationship. The two are at odds with each other, but they both think that the other is an opponent worthy of their admiration and learning rival.

Heroes sympathize with each other and the main theme provides positive energy, which is very much in line with the needs of the current social market.

Qin Chen and Pan Min’s intention is that Xu Jian to play the genius violinist male lead, and for Qin Chen to join him and star as the second male lead.

Xu Jian was reluctant, and Pan Min who read the script said, “It’s said that it’s the second male lead, but the scene is no less than the female lead. It tells the story of two violinists competing together and making progress together. If you really can’t get through it, you can see it as a double male lead.”

Qin Chen was willing to give Xu Jian a green leaf[2]Which means QC was willing to play a supporting role., because he wanted Xu Jian to be popular. The reason why Pan Min agreed to play with him was also because she also had her own considerations.

As the Prince of Leyu and the future successor of the Qin Group, Qin Chen’s goal has never been the entertainment industry. Sooner or later, he will have to take on his family’s responsibilities.

Shifting the focus of his work to the company, fading out of the entertainment industry, or completely resting, Qin Chen will take this step sooner or later.

Looking at the entire company, Pan Min is optimistic about Xu Jian in terms of age, acting skills, and potential.

She believes that Xu Jian will be the next film emperor after Qin Chen.

As for Xu Jian’s statement that he was stepping on Qin Chen’s position in the end, Pan Min didn’t have that concern.

Let’s not talk about the intimate relationship between Qin Chen and Xu Jian, let’s be realistic. Leyu was opened by Qin Chen’s family. How much gold does the company have in a film emperor? Who will make a profit then?

It’s not Qin Chen yet.

In general, Qin Chen collaborated with Xu Jian. Xu Jian made a profit, but Qin Chen definitely didn’t lose. Anyway, he used his family’s pocket.

The contract is signed, and Xu Jian is still essentially working for Qin Chen.

Besides, the title of a film emperor is not that good. It’s one thing for the company to have an intention, and it’s another thing for Xu Jian himself to have that ability.

After Pan Min’s analysis, Xu Jian seriously thought about it, and finally turned his mind around—

That’s also true.

In the end, Xu Jian still took the script. At the same time as signing the contract, he was also mentally prepared to be scolded by Qin Chen’s fans.

After receiving the contract, Pan Min said to the two people, “Now that the popularity of The Slayer is high, and Xu Jian’s popularity is growing day by day, don’t tell the outsiders about this first.”

There’s still a long time for the TV series from the establishment of the project to the start of filming, and the casting is not over yet. Pan Min felt that it was too late to wait for Xu Jian’s “Chaotic Steps and Flying Sword” to start airing before announcing it to the public.

Although Xu Jian’s popularity is much better now than before, it’s still too far behind compared to Qin Chen’s. If it is said now, the spittle of Qin Chen’s fans and passers-by might be able to drown Xu Jian.

When Chaotic Steps is broadcast, Xu Jian’s popularity will definitely go up another notch, and he will also have works by his side by then.

Xu Jian naturally had no objection and nodded, “Okay.”

Pan Min turned to face Qin Chen, the meaning in her eyes—What about you?

Ever since Qin Chen and Xu Jian got together, Pan Min was afraid that he would make big news for himself at the drop of a hat.

Facing Pan Min’s eyes, Qin Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you still worried about me?”

The corners of her mouth twitched, Pan Min looked at him angrily, “I used to be quite assured with you, now…”

Pan Min gently shook her head and didn’t finish her next words, but everyone here knew what she meant.

Xu Jian lowered his head and pursed his lips. Qin Chen looked at him and the hand next to him poked him silently on his waist—

Don’t laugh.

“By the way,” After putting away the contracts of the two, Pan Min opened her copter again and said, “Neither of you has any work recently. There are a few variety shows offers here, see if you are interested.”

Since the release of The Slayer, as the agent of Qin Chen and Xu Jian, Pan Min’s phone is almost bursting. There are new emails in her mailbox every day, all of which are looking for cooperation.

Qin Chen frowned after hearing this, “Variety show?”

Xu Jian also looked over to see and saw that it was a table listed by Pan Min. The program name, nature of the program, director, recording location, and whatnot were all written in detail.

There are interviews, interactive games, and performance categories…

There are all sorts of programs. Some of the names Xu Jian has heard of, and some are newly established projects that haven’t appeared in the audience.

Pan Min also marked some that invited Xu Jian and some invited Qin Chen. There was only one interview, which invited the main cast of The Slayer and both of them were on the invited list.

Neither Xu Jian nor Qin Chen took the route of variety show role, so Pan Min didn’t force it either. “Take a look. If you’re interested, we’ll take it. If not, I will recommend other people in the company.”

Variety shows must be interactive to have a point of view, and they must be flexible in thinking and be able to catch the work. Xu Jian knows that he has a stupid mouth. He might also be used as a backdrop for variety shows, so he isn’t quite interested.

However, Qin Chen asked, “Is there anything else that we can both participate in?”

He and Xu Jian made a movie together, participated in offline activities together, and will make TV series together in the end, but they haven’t been on a program together.

Hearing what Pan Min said, Qin Chen was quite moved.

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Pan Min instantly understood his meaning and frowned, “It’s too much ah. As we have agreed before, restrain a little outside.”

“Sister Pan, don’t worry.” Qin Chen smiled, “We’ll just be on the show together, we won’t do anything else on stage.”

Skeptical eyes cast on Qin Chen, and Pan Min’s eyes were filled with distrust.

What Qin Chen said was not convincing at all in Pan Min’s heart. If the two of them were on the same show, Pan Min was very worried that Qin Chen would flirt with Xu Jian in full view of the public.

In the face of Pan Min’s eyes, Qin Chen wasn’t in a hurry and slowly said, “Sister Pan, send me this form. I’ll study it myself.”

Xu Jian next to him turned to look at him, “You really want to participate in a variety show?”

Qin Chen corrected, “Me and you.”

Xu Jian: ? ? ?

Did I agree?

Pan Min: “……”

Being in love makes people blind, and children nowadays are becoming more and more unmanageable.

Closing the computer, Pan Min accepted her fate and took a breath. She looked at Qin Chen, “I’ll give you the form. See which program you want to be on, and I’ll go negotiate.”

What else can the artist she brought do but comply with him?


Qin Chen finally selected a game interactive variety show. Xu Jian read through the program synopsis and found that the recording not only requires brain power but also physical strength because the program had all the guests group into pairs to snatch each other’s “time” and extend their own “life” link.

There are two ways to get time. One is to complete the game set by the show to get it, and the other is to devour the opponent’s time.

When devouring the opponent’s time, it is inevitable that there will be scenes of you chasing me. Xu Jian felt that he was the black hole in the game and his physical strength is average, so he was too unwilling to go.

But after a friendly exchange in bed at night, Xu Jian finally gave in. Qin Chen smiled and complimented him on how much better his stamina was than before.

Xu Jian: “……”

Listening to this compliment in bed, why does it feel so improper?

The variety show recording is scheduled for the end of this month. Qin Chen and Xu Jian are temporary guests. Only one episode is recorded. In addition to them and three fixed guests, there’s also a temporary guest episode.

However, in order to maintain a sense of mystery before the recording, the temporary guests were kept secret from each other.

The process from the recording of variety shows to the start of filming is much shorter than that of film and television dramas. After recording this month, it will be broadcasted next month.

Qin Chen swore that he would protect Xu Jian when the time came, and strive to make him the winner with the longest “life” in the room.

With Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian felt a little relieved. As long as he hugged Qin Chen’s thick thigh tightly, he shouldn’t be the first one out when it comes to the official recording.

Before the recording, Xu Jian calculated very well but when the day of the official recording started, he looked at Qin Chen opposite him and was dumbfounded.

He and Qin Chen weren’t on the same team!

Looking at Xu Jian’s clothes of a different color from his own, Qin Chen was also silent. He didn’t expect that the program team this time would change the distribution rules.

The director didn’t know what was in the minds of Xu Jian and Qin Chen. After several guests introduced themselves to each other, he happily said with a loudspeaker, “This time, we specifically adjusted the grouping rules from the previous freedom to choose your partner. This time we used the “old with the new” method. Each fixed guests are with temporary guests which is fair and just.”

Qin Chen & Xu Jian: “……”

I thank you, this is really too fair.

He couldn’t hold his thighs anymore. Xu Jian sucked a breath. He turned to face the other temporary guest’s gaze, Ling Fei.

After being stunned for a moment, Xu Jian smiled amicably at the other party.

Xu Jian knew this person, Ling Fei. Like him, Ling Fei used to be an artist in Degu and also had the same manager as Chen Doudou.

According to Chen Doudou, since Degu’s dissolution, Ling Fei signed a contract with another company and finally made his group debut. He is now in charge of dancing in a boy group.

Because he took the idol route, the group soon became famous, but the splash wasn’t big.

Xu Jian and Ling Fei are not familiar with each other. They have only met a few times in the company’s training room. After nodding and smiling at him, Xu Jian didn’t think about how the other party would react to him.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Ling Fei’s eyes lit up after meeting his gaze. He walked to him in a few steps to his side, raised his hand, and patted his arm, smiling enthusiastically, “Long time no see.”

Xu Jian: “? ? ?”

Are we bros? Do we know each other well?

As if he didn’t see the question mark on Xu Jian’s head, Ling Fei was full of smiles and kept finding topics to chat with him as if he hadn’t seen an old friend for many years.

Xu Jian’s teammate is a singer and the two of them had a good conversation, but they were a little surprised, “Xu Jian, Ling Fei, you knew each other before ah?”

Before Xu Jian could answer, Ling Fei replied and answered ahead, “Yes ah, we used to be in the same company before, and we had a good relationship.”

After hearing Ling Fei’s words, Xu Jian was in a complicated mood—

Big brother, won’t you even ask my opinion when you lie through your teeth?

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Big brother, I’m still in front of you, Big Brother.[3]Yes, da ge was used twice in this line XD

XJ being confused af


1 Institution where children can take part in various extracurricular activities such as learning music, foreign languages, computing skills, and doing sports.
2 Which means QC was willing to play a supporting role.
3 Yes, da ge was used twice in this line XD

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