He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 116

Chapter 116 – Scene Stealer

Xu Jian didn’t know that Ling Fei was a self-made acquaintance before, and he talked to the camera with a lie. He hadn’t said a word in the company for several years, but had a good relationship with him.

With so many people paying attention, Xu Jian couldn’t directly tear down Ling Fei’s stage, so he had to put on an awkward but polite smile.

Seeing Xu Jian’s uncomfortable smile, Qin Chen swept a glance at Ling Fei’s scary white make up, searched in his mind, and confirmed that he didn’t know and hadn’t heard of him.

They’ve been struggling in the circle for many years. For what purpose did Ling Fei treat Xu Jian so warmly calling brothers, Qin Chen was clear in his heart.

The Slayer gave Xu Jian a wave of existence. Compared with Xu Jian, who was in the rising stage of his career, Ling Fei who wasn’t well-known when he debuted in a group, was obviously not enough to watch. Being able to be in this show, there should be a lot of activities in private.

Now eager to suck up to Xu Jian, it’s probably to rub the camera.

Regardless of what the guests thought in their hearts, the director dutifully followed the cue process, holding the big loud speaker to read out the rules of the game in this episode:

“Attention everyone. What’s being sent to you now is the Captain’s badge representing your identity. You will be given two minutes to select three captains. The identity of the captain will be kept secret. Don’t let the other players know.”

A resident veteran player complained after listening, “There are only two people in a team, and now we’ll still choose a captain.”

Qin Chen’s teammate laughed and said, “Although we’re few, we need a sense of ceremony in life.”

Xu Jian didn’t hold back and laughed after hearing this. The sense of ceremony is quite strong.

Soon, the captain’s badge was issued. Xu Jian and his team was a round one, Qin Chen’s team was a curved moon, and Lin Feng’s team was a star.

Looking at the badge from left to right, Xu Jian’s teammate shook his head after a ‘tsk’ and said to Xu Jian, “This shape, if it weren’t for looking at the two other teams, I wouldn’t even know it was the sun.”

Xu Jian also couldn’t see it either. Only after his teammate reminded him that they represented the Sun team.

Seeing Xu Jian’s dazed expression of suddenly realizing, his teammate was stunned for a second then said, “Don’t say you didn’t see it.”

Touching his neck embarrassedly, Xu Jian was very honest, “I thought it was a circle.”

Haha. He laughed twice, and his teammate patted Xu Jian on the shoulder twice, “There’s nothing wrong with it!”

Two minutes later, the captain selection ended. To be safe, Xu Jian and his team was played by a veteran player.

After solving his own team, Xu Jian saw that Qin Chen and their Moon team has also been selected, so he leaned over to ask Qin Chen curiously, “Brother Chen, who is the captain of your team?”

Looking down at Xu Jian, who had begun to spy on the ‘enemy information’ Qin Chen cocked the corner of his mouth, putting his palm against Xu Jian’s forehead, and pushed his head, “This is the start of spying?”

Pan Min, who was outside, facepalmed: These two people forgot what she said before to keep their distance outside.

On the other hand, Xiao Nan thought to herself: What a big candy. When the show broadcasts, the QingJian CP will certainly be knocked into the sky.

Qin Chen’s teammate listened to Qin Chen’s words. His spirit raised and hurriedly said, “What to do, what to do? Can such secrets be told to you?”

The Star Team also probed over, “There are no brothers on the battlefield. Although Xu Jian, you and Qin Chen are fellow colleagues, at this moment, you are opponents!”

Senior Brother Qin Chen thought deeply and smiled at his junior brother, “Hear that, Junior Brother?”

Junior Brother Xu Jian: “……”

You may not believe it if I say it, I asked casually just now.

When everyone has elected their captains, the director continued:

“In today’s game, as long as the captain’s time is plundered by others, the whole team will be killed. If the team member’s time is plundered and killed, the captain can still continue the game.

“All the members of the captain’s time can be plundered, and the non-captain status can rob the ordinary member of their team. While gaining the time of the robber, the captain will lose half of the time, so you must protect your identity and be cautious about robbing.”

After the director’s words fell, Ling Fei suddenly raised his hand, “Director, I have a question.”

Ling Fei: “What does it mean that the captain will lose time if he robs ordinary players?”

Aiya.” Xu Jian’s teammate spoke up before the director and said to Ling Fei, “That is, if you’re not the captain and the object of your robbing is not the captain, then after your robbing is successful, your captain will lose time value. If you robbed twice and the target is not the captain, then your captain will be directly killed by you. If the captain is dead, it’s useless for you to get other people’s time, and it’s the end of the game for you.”

This explanation is easy to understand. Everyone understood it after listening.

Now that the rules of the game are understood, the game officially began. Everyone took the bus to the first game location.

In the middle of the transfer, the director gave everyone 20 minutes to change into sportswear and apply makeup.

It took less than ten minutes for Qin Chen and Xu Jian to change their clothes and makeup. For the rest of the time, Pan Min told them about Ling Fei.

The intelligence network in Pan Min’s circle was strong. She paid attention to Ling Fei’s abnormal attitude towards Xu Jian when she saw it and received information about Ling Fei in just ten minutes.

Pan Min said to the two, “Ling Fei and his team have a total of six people. This time, their company won a place. Ling Fei has expressive power, so they let him come. His teammates didn’t have this opportunity.”

Xu Jian was somewhat puzzled, “Expressive power?”

On this question, Zhu Liang explained to him, “I also checked it just now. There is a lot of online news about Ling Fei grabbing the shots of his teammates. He’s very natural at stealing the scene. As the person in charge of dancing in their group, he will deliberately make some unrehearsed moves during commercial performances to attract the attention of the audience.”

As Zhu Liang searched online just now, Ling Fei deliberately squeezed in the middle when he came on stage. The host held the microphone during the interview and didn’t let go, forcibly answering the questions of his teammates, deliberately lifting his clothes to reveal his shoulders while dancing, and also making some charming light moves to their fans.

Ling Fei’s popularity in the group is comparable to that of the captain, but half of his popularity is pointed out. Because the fans of the other groupmates can’t get used to him being such a scene-stealer.

After hearing Zhu Liang’s words, Xiao Nan frowned, “He wouldn’t be trying to grab Brother Xu’s scene and rub his heat, right?”

A program’s duration is limited. There isn’t much time allocated to each guest. Coupled with Qin Chen’s double gold film emperor level, there will definitely be more shots than others and even less time allocated to Xu Jian and Ling Fei.

Finally, after the post-editing broadcast, Ling Fei’s face will not show more than ten minutes of footage.

Ling Fei is the least well-known among the guests in this episode. Even if Qin Chen’s camera gave him two guts, he wouldn’t dare grab it. The resident guests aren’t low. If he wants to show more face, he can only choose Xu Jian, who is on fire online.

Pan Min turned her face to look at Xiao Nan, “He wouldn’t want to rob, he already robbed.”

Xu Jian was surprised, “Already robbed?”

When? Why doesn’t he know?

Qin Chen, who hadn’t spoken, looked at him after listening, “Haven’t you noticed? From the time of meeting and introducing ourselves, whenever someone asks you, he was the one who answered positively, saying that you and he were from the same company.”

Xu Jian has never recorded a variety show. This was still his variety show debut. Although Qin Chen was standing right next to him, he still couldn’t control his nervousness.

When he was recording just now, he was nervous. He just paid attention to the rules spoken by the director. Where would he know so many twists and turns? After Qin Chen reminded him, he thought about it seriously and found that it was really like this.

He said why Ling Fei pretended to be warm to him, it turned out that he had planned it early on.

Xu Jian was in a complicated mood, “I thought it was because after the dissolution of the former company, he looked at me with a ‘fellow sufferers empathize with each other’ filter.”

Just like when you go out and you suddenly meet a person from your hometown, then you will quickly become familiar and team up.

Xiao Nan: “… Brother Xu, you think too much.”


Twenty minutes passed quickly. The director over there began to urge the guests to get in the bus.

Xu Jian’s teammate beckoned to him. Xu Jian smiled and just as he wanted to walk towards him, Qin Chen grabbed him by his arm.

Xu Jian turned to look at him, “What’s wrong?”

Raising his arm around Xu Jian’s shoulder and leading him to the bus, Qin Chen’s tone was calm, “You follow me next.”

He moved his shoulders to shake off Qin Chen’s hand, thinking he had forgotten the current status of the two, Xu Jian solemnly reminded him, “Brother, have you forgotten that we are rivals now?”

Following him. Isn’t this a realistic version of a sheep entering a tiger’s den and being sent to be plundered?

But after all the words have been said, Xu Jian changed his expression into a flattering smile. He lowered his voice and asked in a whisper, “Brother Chen, who is your captain?”

Qin Chen looked at him amusedly, “Want to know?”

Xu Jian nodded hurriedly, “Yes! Whisper it to me. I promise I won’t tell anyone else.”

Pulling people into the vehicle, under Xu Jian’s expectant gaze, Qin Chen lightly dropped a sentence—I won’t tell you.

Xu Jian’s lips twitched when he heard it and muttered in a small voice, “Stingy!”

Ling Fei and his Star teammate sat together. Qin Chen and Xu Jian’s teammates each sat on one side, leaving empty seats for them.

Xu Jian originally wanted to sit with his teammate, but Qin Chen pulled him to sit in front of his teammate.

After sitting next to Xu Jian, Qin Chen calmly spoke to the slightly surprised eyes of others, “I get carsick.”

The others were taken aback after hearing this and laughed at him—I didn’t expect you to be carsick.

Ling Fei stood up and walked to the position in front of Qin Chen and the others. Under the eyes of the crowd’s puzzled gaze, he opened the vehicle window, then smiled at Qin Chen.

“If you’re carsick, open the windows and it will be much better to get some wind.”

Qin Chen glanced at the attentive Ling Fei and didn’t say anything. Instead, Xu Jian felt a little embarrassed at the awkward atmosphere and smiled at Ling Fei.

When the car was a few hundred meters away, Qin Chen’s teammate whispered to Xu Jian’s teammate, “What does car sickness have to do with sitting with Xu Jian?”

The two resident guests who were ‘abandoned’ by their teammates have now automatically sat together.

Xu Jian’s teammate glanced at Qin Chen and Xu Jian’s seats and shook his head, “I don’t know that.”

We don’t know and we don’t dare to ask ah.

On the other hand, Xu Jian covered his microphone on his collar and asked Qin Chen in a low voice, “When did you get carsick?”

Qin Chen looked at him, “Just now.”

Xu Jian: “? ? ?”

In the front seats, Pan Min, who was sitting in the front row with the cameraman, director, and others, turned her head and saw Xu Jian and Qin Chen huddled together, whispering. Their heads were almost next to each other.

Looking at the unscrupulous two people, Pan Min endured and endured, but in the end, she couldn’t hold back and took out her phone to send a message to Qin Chen:

[Don’t get close and whisper together. Are you afraid that others won’t see what’s going on between the two of you?]

[I don’t care if you are at zero or negative distance at home. Now, under the camera, I hope you can maintain a normal distance between people!]

The author has something to say:

Sister Pan: I’m in my 30s, I’m so tired [Looking at the sky]

Xiao Nan: Negative distance??? Sister Pan, did you drive just now?[1]Since we all know what drive actually means, XN here meant that did she just mentioned/say drive just now? Something like that~

Sister Pan enters the gif club XD

Sister Pan: be cautious!!!


1 Since we all know what drive actually means, XN here meant that did she just mentioned/say drive just now? Something like that~

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