He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 118.2

Chapter 118.2 — Fake Wine

No matter how turbulent the people around him were, Qin Chen himself was very calm. Looking at Xu Jian, who was sitting on the mat next to him and was about to wear socks in a hurry, he suddenly stretched out his hand and took the socks away from him.

When his hand was empty, Xu Jian turned his head to look at Qin Chen, with the meaning in his eyes–

What’s going on, you’re not allowed to put on socks yet?

Under Xu Jian’s puzzled gaze, don’t know where Qin Chen conjured a brand new pair of socks and handed it to him, and said, “Wear this pair, wipe your feet with the old one.”

After Xu Jian heard this, he subconsciously lowered his head and glanced at his feet. Except for a little redness, it was clean and not dirty.

After looking at Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian remembered that in addition to severe plush control, this person also had a slight obsession with cleanliness, and the sheets were not allowed to be changed by the aunt.

So Xu Jian had to wipe his feet with his original socks and replace them with Qin Chen’s new socks. At the same time, he couldn’t help being curious, “How do you still carry socks with you? 

Qin Chen stretched out his hand to pull Xu Jian up from the mat and explained, “I just asked Xiao Nan to take it.”

Xu Jian subconsciously glanced in Xiao Nan’s direction, and saw the latter smiling and waving at him with a look of ‘seeking praise’.

After smiling at Xiao Nan, Xu Jian sincerely asked, “What exactly is in Xiao Nan’s backpack?”

It seems that only he can’t think of it, and there is nothing that Xiao Nan doesn’t have in her bag.

It’s simply a treasure bag.

After Xu Jian was Kong Zhaoze. He drew the most difficult part, but the screams he made after he went up were louder than anyone else.

Kong Zhaoze’s cry made the program team suspect that the props they prepared were not acupuncture mats, but steel nails.

After Kong Zhaozhe passed, the director began to announce the ranking of the time spent. In the end, Xu Jian won with the shortest time, and Ling Fei the last.

The director asked the staff to bring two cards to Xu Jian and Cao Tian.

“There are two prop cards here. As the winning team, you can choose one.”

Cao Tian said immediately after hearing this, “Children make choices, of course, adults also have to.”

Cao Tian’s words drew a sound of ha, the director didn’t hesitate to refuse, “You think beautifully, you can only choose one.”

Xu Jian looked at the two identical cards in front of him and was a bit uncertain, looking at Cao Tian, “Which one to choose?”

After studying it for a while, Cao Tian finally said, “Anyway, it’s a prop card. It’s not a loss to choose which one. You can choose which one is pleasing to the eye.”

Xu Jian subconsciously looked at Qin Chen when he heard the words. The latter raised his eyebrow and smiled, “What are you looking at me for?”

After retracting his gaze, Xu Jian muttered in a low voice, “Isn’t this a habit?”

After weighing up the options, Xu Jian finally chose the card on the right hand side, opened it, and saw that it said:

Exchange of Identity

The director explained in time, “The team with this card can exchange teammates’ and players’ identities at any time. This is a one-time card and will be invalid after use.”

Hearing the director’s words, Kong Zhaoze stared at the card in Xu Jian’s hand with envy in his eyes.

“If the captain was plundered and urgently exchanged identity and became a team member, it wouldn’t be very bad.”

It is tantamount to the Sun Team having one more chance than them.

Ling Fei also said, “Then you have to be cautious when plundering them. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll step into a pit.” 

Cao Tian was very happy and even praised Xu Jian for doing a good job.

The director laughed like a fox, “After that, the mysterious prop will also drop in the levels, so jiayou.”

Next, the staff handed over the address of the next round of the game, and at the same time, the director announced the end of the safety period, and the whole team can loot.

As soon as the director’s words fell, the six people who were still standing together instantly distanced themselves from each other. Xu Jian clutched the badge on his chest, afraid that someone would attack him.

Going to the next destination, the guests were required to go by themselves. The program team no longer drove a bus to pick them up. Cao Tian pulled Xu Jian’s arm and shouted at him, “Xu Jian, let’s go!”

Arrive at the next game location a little earlier and complete the game earlier to get the prop card, and save time.

Xu Jian ran after Cao Tian after hearing this, and asked at the same time, “How do we get there?”

The next destination is not close to them, if they walk there, it will be a waste of time.

Cao Tian’s eyes turned around, and finally, his eyes lit up, and he pointed to the shared bicycle next to him.

“Ride a bike!”

Xu Jian followed his finger and looked over, pausing for two seconds before slowly speaking, “But I don’t know how to ride a bike.”

Cao Tian: “En?”

The author has something to say:

Cao Tian, also known as Chao Tian[1]It means super sweet hahaha

It is said that there should be very few people who can’t ride bicycles nowadays?

Random gif coz idk what to put lol


1 It means super sweet

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