He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 123

Chapter 123 – Love

Qin Chen’s expression packs Tang Li mentioned were only two. One of which was looking at the camera faintly.

I’ll just quietly watch you bluff.

A picture of the country was framed in front of him while he held the pan to row with the words: Would you believe I’ll give you this pan?

Compared with Xu Jian’s various strange expression packs, Qin Chen’s character was much colder socially. It was probably related to the rumors that he had a bad temper.

When he saw Qin Chen with a pan on a funny emoji, Xu Jian covered his mouth and laughed inquiringly for a while. Then, he quickly saved the picture.

It can be used when you chat with Qin Chen in the future!

After visualizing Qin Chen’s expression once he saw his expression packs, Xu Jian was in a great mood. His waist was no longer sore and his legs were no longer cramped.

After the variety show aired, Qin Chen and Xu Jian’s Weibo Square was lively for two days, then it calmed down. Xu Jian’s number of fans also finally broke to three million.

When the heat subsided, the ‘QingJian CP’ Super Talk Square became active again. They staked the claim of cuteness and poked inside the variety show’s sweetness in the dark.

The first two days of the discussion were too high. For fear of attracting the disgust of the two people’s fans and passers-by, the CP didn’t dare to emerge and waited for the discussion to pass before they came to the Square to express their excitement about eating food as well as finding mutuals.

As the Super Talk host, in order to facilitate the management of CP fans, Xiao Nan also specifically opened a fan group which meant: If it’s inconvenient to discuss outside, discuss it in the group.

When Xu Jian opened his Weibo trumpet[1]Secondary account/Alt account that no one knows of. and swiped Weibo, he accidentally poked into the fan group. As a result, within a few minutes, he flushed in excitement and hurriedly retreated.

The number of people in the fan group was spectacular. There were national pictures[2]Like those in the state/country’s authorities’ pictures. and small paragraphs. If the content of the scale was too large, the people @Eliminate P!rn#grap!hy and Illegal Publications.

He really didn’t expect the fans who appeared to be cultured and refined on the inside to be so… open behind the scenes.

They would really dare talk about any topic. He also didn’t know how these little sisters knows so much.

Excuse me, sorry to have bothered you.

<The Slayer> received a wave of positive reviews during its release. After the screening, the director said in the main characters’ group chat that he would send the film to Bai Jin[3]Literally. Hundred/White Gold. Something that is expensive. Film Festival.

<The Slayer> had been outstanding from its actors to their production team. The director himself was aiming to win rewards. When Pan Min advised Qin Chen to take this film, she said if he won the Best Actor at Bai Jin Film Festival, then he will receive the glory of his life. He will be upgraded from a double Film Emperor to a triple-gold Film Emperor.

Pan Min’s original words were, even if you retire from the circle and went back to inherit the family business, you won’t leave with regrets.

Qin Chen didn’t have much hope for the Best Actor in Bai Jin.

He was only 27 this year. Although he debuted early, he was still incomparable to some seniors in the circle. The Bai Jin Film Festival had a high gold content. Not to mention the best actor, even the best supporting actor also had fierce competition.

Qin Chen felt that even if he was lucky enough to be nominated this time, he would be a nominee at most.

However, in addition to the Bai Jin Film Festival, the director also sent the film to other domestic film festivals with a slightly lower gold content for selection. According to Pan Min, they have already given an olive branch to the organizers.

Afterward, Pan Min also analyzed with Xu Jian and Qin Shen. Not talking about the Best Actor of Bai Jin, according to the reputation of <The Slayer>, it was completely fine to win awards at domestic film festivals.

In addition, the director was also quite optimistic about Xu Jian and was preparing to send his information to participate in the ‘Best Newcomer Actor’.

As a temporarily caught abled person, Xu Jian was flattered. “I had so few scenes. I wouldn’t be shortlisted, right?”

Qin Chen looked at him. “Your performance in the movie was obvious to everyone. Before The Slayer was filmed, you were indeed a newcomer who couldn’t be a newcomer anymore. The conditions for the candidates were still met, but whether you can take the trophy depends on the results of the selection.”

After he listened to his words, Xu Jian, who initially didn’t have any hope, vaguely looked forward to it, and thought—What if?

Even if you can’t win an award, being nominated was pretty good ah!

However, it was still early before the film festival starts. Qin Chen and Xu Jian’s work continued.

After the funds were placed, <He and His Violin> was quickly prepared and the filming of the two in the group was gradually put on the agenda.

It was also when he filmed <Violin> that Xu Jian got the real sense of ‘he was finally such a person in Le Yu’.

This was specifically reflected when the group actually arrived at the airport. There were fans holding banners with his name on them to see them off.

The number of fans who came to send him off wasn’t much but Xu Jian was also very satisfied.

After he boarded the plane and sat on his seat, Qin Chen turned his head and glanced at Xu Jian next door. He saw that the corners of this person’s mouth that just rose from the beginning still hadn’t gone down.

He smiled silently and shook his head. Qin Chen also didn’t disturb Xu Jian and let him be immersed in joy alone.

The filming period of <He and His Violin> was 120 days. Originally, according to the initial process, Xu Jian’s 25th birthday was to be spent on the set. As a result, the filming went quite smoothly and they finished it half a month in advance.

It ended in July and Xu Jian was born on the hottest month of the year.

At the ending banquet, in addition to the toast of the director, producers, and other people, Xu Jian also specifically toasted their special consultant for this drama.

The male lead acted by Xu Jian was a talented violinist and Qin Chen, the second male lead was the same.

Thus, there were a lot of music theory and instrument pieces about the violin in the drama. With a rigorous and serious attitude, the director invited a well-known domestic violinist as a specially invited consultant.

The full name of the special consultant was Lin Ling. He was about the same age as Qin Chen but he was known as the ‘God Born For Violin’ and everyone called him God Lin.

God Lin announced that he would retire from the circle and quit the violin when the future was promising. He only reappeared after a few years in the limelight.

In order to invite him as a consultant, the director went to great lengths and God Lin agreed after he had said all his words.

Facts have proved that all of the director’s efforts were worthwhile. There was nothing God Lin doesn’t understand regarding violin. With him on the scene, they got twice the result.

Xu Jian made a special toast to Lin Ling. In addition to giving him great help and advice during the filming process, there was also another reason.

God Lin publicly came out a few years ago. His boyfriend was a well-known powerhouse domestic singer, Shang Mu.

No, it should be said to be his partner. Because the two went abroad to get married and obtained a certificate two years ago.

The reason why Xu Jian admired God Lin wasn’t only because of his skills in the violin, but also because of his courage to come out publicly.

After the ending banquet was over, Xu Jian and Qin Chen came out. They happen to see a car slowly stopped not far from Lin Ling. Then a tall and handsome man came out of the car.

Xu Jian saw God Lin, who was originally stable and dignified in front of them, faintly froze. After he saw the man who came down then showed a big smile, he briskly walked towards the man and gave him a big hug.

Xu Jian recognized the man to be God Lin’s partner, Shang Mu.

Shang Mu also noticed Qin Chen and Xu Jian. He nodded at them from a distance while hugging God Lin.

When God Lin’s car was far away, Xu Jian’s gaze didn’t return.

When he saw his envious gaze, Qin Chen turned his head to look at him, “Envious?”

“Yes ah…” Xu Jian subconsciously nodded his head, then quickly retracted his gaze and smiled at Qin Chen.

“God Lin and they are indeed quite enviable, but we’re also quite good like this now.”

With other things aside, Xu Jian really envied God Lin and Shang Mu who could hold hands and embrace in public. They didn’t have to hide their love in their hearts.

With this thought, Xu Jian sighed in his heart— When will he and Qin Chen be like them?

As he held and observed all of Xu Jian’s expressions, Qin Chen turned his head and glanced in Lin Ling and Shang Xu’s direction where they left and had a thoughtful expression on his face.

July 15th, Mid-Year Festival or also known as the Ghost Festival[4]This is when offerings are made to the deceased. was Xu Jian’s birthday.

Xu Jian never felt there was anything wrong with his birthday before but then Jiang Linxie specifically reminded him that people born on this day will have lower Yang Qi than ordinary people. It will be more difficult for him to maintain his human body on this day, so he asked him to pay more attention.

Even though his birthday hadn’t arrived yet, Xu Jian had already made plans to be at home for that day.

That night before Xu Jian’s birthday, his uncle Liu Dingxiang called him. After he wished him a happy birthday, he finally asked when would he be free to go back together. He didn’t go back for the Chinese New Year, his family missed him.

He knew that Xu Jian was busy at work. Liu Dingxiang rarely took the initiative to call Xu Jian for fear of disturbing his work.

But after the release of <The Slayer>, he specifically called Xu Jian and said that he went to the cinema with Xu Jian’s aunt to watch the movie. He praised him for being great and gave him a red envelope.

The elders don’t like to watch variety shows, so Liu Dingxiang didn’t react after the last variety show was broadcasted. However, Xu Jian’s biao jie[5]Older female cousin from the female line sent a series of cues on WeChat and was happy for him. After so many years of enduring, he finally made it.

After the phone was hung up, Liu Dingxiang transferred a large sum of money to Xu Jian and asked him to buy something to eat and wear. For the rest, he asked him to invite colleagues from his new company to eat to bring the relationship between colleagues closer.

The intention was received but Xu Jian didn’t take the money.

Every year on his birthday, Liu Dingxiang gave him money. Xu Jian would receive it when he was a teenager. Now he refused to ask for it since he was older. Liu Dingxiang couldn’t persuade him and had to give it up. His voice came over and asked him to go back and play on vacation.

When he heard Liu Dingxiang’s voice, Qin Chen just finished taking a bath and flashed past Xu Jian’s eyes, naked. Perhaps he was fascinated by the allure in front of him, Xu Jian’s initial words turned a corner and became, “Uncle, can I bring someone back?”

As soon as Xu Jian’s voice fell, Qin Chen, who was wearing pajamas, suddenly paused and turned to look at him.

Faced with Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian didn’t know what was going on and somewhat inexplicably blushed. He raised his hand and touched his nose, his eyes began to wander.

“That… Do you want to meet my uncle and them?”

Since his parents’ death, Xu Jian has seen a lot of the true faces of many relatives. For him, his current relatives are only his uncle Li Dingxiang and his family.

When Xu Jian asked this, he was asking Qin Chen if he was willing to return home to meet his parents.[6]This can also mean someone who is the head of the family or his guardian. Since XJ had said that his uncle’s family will only be his closest relatives, I still went to use parents for this and the … Continue reading

After he asked the question, Xu Jian was a little nervous. They hadn’t even known each other for a year. Such a big thing meeting the parents, he was afraid that Qin Chen wouldn’t agree.

However, what Xu Jian didn’t expect was that Qin Chen quickly nodded. “We can buy a ticket home tomorrow.”

Xu Jian: “?”

There was no need to be in a hurry.

Before Xu Jian could speak, Liu Dingxiang’s voice came over. Qin Chen could hear the excitement in his voice from afar, “Xu Jian, are you in a relationship? You’ll bring home a girlfriend?”

“This is a happy occasion ah. Why not? When are you guys coming back? I can let your aunt prepare in advance.”

“No, it’s quite important to bring your girlfriend home. We’d still go out to eat. You can’t make your girlfriend feel that she’s neglected at home.”

Liu Diangxiang was full of the word girlfriend. Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen and he really didn’t know what to say.

For the sake of considering his uncle’s health, he couldn’t just directly say: Uncle ah, what I brought back wasn’t a girlfriend but a boyfriend.

The author has something to say:

Today cutie Lin Ling and his husband had a friendly guest appearance.

Jie Jie: For anyone curious about them here’s the raw link of the novel. I haven’t read this lol.

XJ: *idk how to react.gif*


1 Secondary account/Alt account that no one knows of.
2 Like those in the state/country’s authorities’ pictures.
3 Literally. Hundred/White Gold. Something that is expensive.
4 This is when offerings are made to the deceased.
5 Older female cousin from the female line
6 This can also mean someone who is the head of the family or his guardian. Since XJ had said that his uncle’s family will only be his closest relatives, I still went to use parents for this and the following contexts.

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