He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 124

Chapter 124 – Child

Seeing such a big event for both families, Xu Jian felt that he couldn’t rush it too quickly and had to make a long-term plan. Thus, he denied Qin Chen’s proposal to take advantage of this vacation to go back to see his uncle.

However, since Qin Chen agreed, Xu Jian was prepared to take this time to do ideological work for his uncle, slowly infiltrating, step by step, so that his uncle would be mentally prepared when he came out of the closet.

After hearing Xu Jian say his plan, Qin Shen nodded, “That’s fine, too. No need to hurry in meeting the parents.”

Xu Jian looked at him, “There shouldn’t be much of a problem with my uncle. What about your family’s side?”

Xu Jian was worried when he thought of Qin Chen’s family environment. Qin Chen was an only child, and the Qin Group needed a successor for such a big thing.

No matter what he thought, Qin Chen’s parents wouldn’t agree to let their son be with a man.

Truth be told, after being with Qin Chen, Xu Jian imagined several versions of rich and powerful grudge drama. Something like: Leave my son and I’ll give you two million yuan.

In response to Xu Jian’s frowning and worried gaze, Qin Chen smiled, “My parents already know about you.”

“Huh?” Xu Jian was first stunned, then shocked, “You told your family? When?”

Qin Chen: “The last time I went home.”

Xu Jian, who was kept in the dark, looked at him, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Qin Chen explained, “Actually, it wasn’t really me who said it. It was my parents who took the initiative to ask me.”

There was suddenly an extra Xu Jian beside Qin Chen. With the two of them getting so close and even living together, it was impossible for the Qin Parents not to know.

As the helm of the Qin Group, Father Qin was well-informed. Coupled with the kidnapping case that Liu Qianqian made last time, although there were near misses, the Qin Parents became more and more concerned about their son’s movements. They also asked someone to secretly investigate all suspicious people around Qin Chen.

This was how Xu Jian was exposed.

Initially, the Qin Parents thought that Qin Chen just had one more good friend in the entertainment industry, just like Du Zehzhou and Tang Li. But as a result, when they asked casually at the dinner table, Qin Chen came out of the closet in a smooth manner.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that when Qin Chen calmly said that Xu Jian was indeed his friend, but he was also his boyfriend, Mother Qin’s hand shook and a spoonful of soup was in her hand…

After listening to Qin Chen, Xu Jian’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, feeling somewhat incredulous. “That’s it? Your parents didn’t beat you? Didn’t put you in a small black room to force you to go on a blind date?”

For the first time being bent in his life, Xu Jian learned what two men should do from the Internet. When he searched, he saw posts related to coming out of the closet, and he went in and took a look curiously.

Then he was frightened by the descriptions of parents’ confinement, threatening their sons/daughters with their lives to break up, scolding, severing relationships, and sending them to a mental hospital to see a doctor told by netizens inside.

Within that thread, no parent accepted it calmly. Every single person who came out of the closet was a battle that either saw blood or cold violence.

There were also people who committed suicide because they couldn’t get the understanding of their parents.

Therefore, in Xu Jian’s heart, he was also left with the impression that coming out of the closet was tantamount to bloodshed.

But now Qin Chen told him that except for his parents who were shocked when he came out of the closet, none of the scolding, threats, and so on mentioned in the post appeared.

Even when he came out of the closet, he was so calm and relaxed.

It simply… Refreshed his previous concepts.

Qin Shen broke into laughter when he heard the words. “In your heart, are your in-laws some severe floods and fierce beasts?”

“No.” Xu Jian hurriedly shook his head, frowning and pondering for a long time before slowly saying, “It’s just… I didn’t expect it to go smoothly.”

The Qin Parents’ reaction was unexpected, and Xu Jian couldn’t help asking again, “Your parents just accepted our matter? No objection at all?”

Qin Chen smiled, “They know it’s useless to object.”

After thinking about Qin Chen’s character, Xu Jian nodded silently in his heart– That’s also true.

“But it’s not like my parents didn’t do anything,” Qin Chen’s words changed, “From the day I came out of the closet, they’ve already been mulling over the matter of our child.”

Xu Jian was startled, “Child?”

Under Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian slowly raised his hand to cover his stomach. The meaning of that action was obvious: Don’t look at me, I can’t give birth.

Reality wasn’t a novel. Even if Qin Chen’s family was rich, the current technology wasn’t advanced enough to allow a man to give birth to a child.

Seeing Xu Jian’s action, Qin Chen had a rare moment of blankness. After understanding what he meant, he cupped his face with both hands and rubbed it a few times, bursting out in laughter. “I’m talking about going to the orphanage to adopt, what are you thinking about?”

After asking, Qin Chen also looked at Xu Jian’s stomach meaningfully, his face was undisguisedly flirtatious.

“Don’t worry, no matter how hard we try in the future, there will be no second situation except for your belly bulging with fat and long flesh.”[1]Jie Jie: He said whaaaaaaat lmao. Damn my dirty thoughts.

Xu Jian, who made a big mistake, had a hot face and was so embarrassed that he couldn’t wait to find a crack in the ground to drill into.

Blame it on the fact that the last time he searched, a related recommendation popped up for a birth article. His hand slipped and clicked on it, and then his brainstorming got out of hand.

Seeing Xu Jian’s shameful appearance, Qin Chen stifled a laugh. He reached out and touched his stomach and changed his words with a serious and solemn face, “But the great and almighty heavens above carry on those resolute people. As long as we work harder, maybe your wish will come true.”

Xu Jian: “…”

Slapping Qin Chen’s hand away with one hand, Xu Jian looked at him angrily, “F*!k you!”

Really treat him as a fool! How about coaxing him? This kind of thing, even if they lived in bed next, it was still impossible!

If he continued to tease a certain someone, he was going to blow up. Qin Chen coughed lightly to bring the topic back to the right place, saying that he would take him back to meet his parents when he had time.

The Qin Parents have seen Xu Jian’s photo on the Internet, but they still want to meet the real person.

After hearing Qin Chen say that his parents weren’t against the two of them, Xu Jian agreed to find time to go home with him to meet his parents, then asked, “What about adopting a child?”

Qin Chen: “The Qin Group needs heirs. My parents meant to let us adopt a child. If we are busy, they can help out.”

After saying this and not waiting for Xu Jian to speak, Qin Chen added, “Of course, this is just my parents’ thoughts. We’ll discuss what to do.”

After adopting a child, you have to be responsible for the child. This wasn’t a small matter, the Qin Parents let Qin Chen ask Xu Jian’s opinion.

The Qin Parents’ opinion was that it would be best to adopt two, a son and a daughter—one with Qin Chen’s last name and one with Xu Jian’s last name.

If they adopt one, they can take anyone’s surname.

However, Qin Chen felt that he and Xu Jian had just gotten together and hadn’t had enough of the two-person world yet. He had no intention of raising a child for the time being, so he hadn’t said anything to Xu Jian.

Like Qin Chen, Xu Jian hadn’t thought that far ahead and scratched his face when he heard this. “I don’t really have any idea. Adoption is fine, but we’re still young, there’s no need to be in such a hurry, right?”

Qin Chen nodded, “There’s no rush, right now we just have this idea. We can talk about it in a few years.”

The main reason was that both of them are busy now. After that, Xu Jian will get busier and busier, so they won’t have time to take care of the baby.

Considering all this, the matter of adopting a child can only be put aside first.


In the blink of an eye, it was the Zhongyuan Festival,[2]Ghost Festival on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month when offerings are made to the deceased. Xu Jian’s birthday.

After knowing Xu Jian’s birthday, Tang Li, who loves to join in the fun, proposed to have a birthday party at their house. Everyone would get together to eat, drink, and play games. They won’t go home until they’re drunk.

As soon as Tang Li’s proposal came out, it was well received by the masses. Even Xiao Nan felt that Xu Jian’s 25th birthday should be celebrated well. After all, it was a first birthday after being with Qin Chen. How commemorative.

To be honest, a group of good friends get-together was indeed very happy. Xu Jian himself was also very excited, but when he thought of his current situation, he was depressed. He doesn’t want to show his cat’s feet in front of Tang Li, Du Zezhou, Chen Doudou, and others.

Xu Jian regretfully refused the proposal of the party and said that he would wait until Qin Chen’s birthday next month to get together again.

That’s right, Qin Chen and his birthdays are very close. He was in mid-July and Qin Chen was in early August. The two are only half a month apart.

The birthday party didn’t work out, but Xu Jian still received birthday wishes from everyone, some sent red packets, and some bought gifts.

Even Zhou Qian, who was filming in the crew, sent him birthday wishes in the early hours of the morning, which made Xu Jian feel a little flattered and replied to her. [Thank you. But how did you know that today is my birthday?]

Zhou Qian replied: [Did you underestimate me? I liked you anyway. Don’t you know that knowing your birthday is normal?】

Xu Jian: “…”

He suddenly didn’t know how to answer this and had to send an emoji over.

After the joke was made, Zhou Qian finally told the truth: [I lied to you. I actually only learned about it when I swiped Qin Chen’s Weibo. He was so intent that I clicked on Weibo to wish you a happy birthday.]

After Zhou Qian reminded him, Xu Jian boarded Weibo and discovered that Qin Shen had posted a Weibo at ‘00:00:00′:

Qin Chen V: @Xu Jian, Happy Birthday [Heart]

Qin Shen’s Weibo post was very simple, but Xu Jian felt warm in his heart and replied in the comment section:

Thank you, Qin-ge [Heart].

Xu Jian came late. Qin Chen’s comment section was already very lively, but he, this party, was quickly fished up by the fans.

Under his comment, many people wished him a happy birthday, and CP fans rejoiced, vaguely indicating that they had eaten CP candy.

And Xu Jian began to look forward to it in his heart, wondering what birthday gift Qin Chen would give him today.

Before, when he spent his birthday with Chen Doudou, it was just the two of them going out for a meal and a drink, never giving each other birthday gifts. But now, Xu Jian was looking forward to a surprise today.

As Xiao Nan said, this was after all their first birthday together.

Xu Jian woke up very early in the morning and he was awakened by Qin Chen pinching his ears.

At first, Xu Jian didn’t notice, but when he woke up and saw himself in the mirror, he realized that his cat’s ears had come out at some point.

Xu Jian subconsciously turned his head to look, and his tail didn’t come out.

Xu Jian tried to retract the cat ears, but it didn’t work. With two cat ears on top, the first thought in Xu Jian’s mind was–

Fortunately, he didn’t let Chen Doudou and the others come to the house to play.

Jiang Linxie said that it would be very difficult for him to maintain his person today. Xu Jian prepared for the worst. If worst comes to worst, he’d be a cat all day, but he didn’t expect his ears to pop up at this time.

During breakfast, Xu Jian told Qin Chen that the situation was better than he had imagined. After listening, Qin Chen, who was beside him, handed him the bread with strawberry jam.

After thinking about it, he looked serious, “It should be because we crossed a lot of Yang Qi last night.”

Xu Jian, who had his face pressed by a wheel early in the morning: “…”

Although it’s true, you can’t drive so fast early in the morning.

From the moment he opened his eyes, Xu Jian was looking forward to Qin Chen’s birthday gift, but the morning passed with nothing happening and the wind was calm.

Looking at Qin Chen’s appearance, it seemed that there was no such thing at all.

Xu Run’s heart had been on the rise from morning to evening, but Qin Chen still didn’t say anything when he saw that dinner was about to be eaten.

Not only did he not say it, but Qin Chen also asked Xu Jian to go to the community supermarket to buy a watermelon before dinner, saying that he wanted to eat a cold watermelon.

Xu Jian: “…”

Fine ba. The Weibo post in the early morning was probably the birthday gift.

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Can I still want this boyfriend?

Qin Vinegar Jar: ???

XJ: Where my gift???

Jie Jie: Apologies for the late update. Please forgive me TvT I’ll do my best to finish this novel. Please expect sporadic updates on this one.


1 Jie Jie: He said whaaaaaaat lmao. Damn my dirty thoughts.
2 Ghost Festival on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month when offerings are made to the deceased.

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