He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 19.2

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Chapter 19.2 – Become Human

That night, neither Qin Chen nor Xu Jian slept well, the latter was uncomfortable because he was in heat, and the former was because the latter meowed all night noisily and he was unable to sleep.

Listening to the cat’s cry from the cat litter from time to time, Qin Chen was deeply distressed. Xu Jian’s cry has never been so pitiful, and occasionally a sound or two could be even said to be mournful.

Qin Chen got up several times during the night to check on Xu Jian’s condition and tried to carry him to bed. However, in return, Xu Jian screamed fiercely, and his four short legs stirred wildly to get rid of his hands.

Seeing his fierce reaction, Qin Chen dared not force him, so he had to leave him to sleep on the cat’s nest.

Xu Jian refused to sleep with Qin Chen for a simple reason. He was afraid that his dizzy head would be uncontrollable in the middle of the night and would do something that shouldn’t be done to Qin Chen.

For example, licking his neck earlier……
Xu Jian had an unbearable night and Qin Chen didn’t have it easy too. Thus, when he got up early in the morning, he didn’t care about the dark circles under his eyes and called the vet at the pet hospital and went out.

Xu Jian heard him say that he was going to the hospital to get the medicine that can suppress his estrus and give it to him.

Xu Jian: ……There are inhibitors, why didn’t you say so earlier?

Qin Chen didn’t take Xu Jian with him because he wasn’t feeling well and the hospital is quite close, it would be enough to drive back and forth for an hour if there were no traffic jams.

Before going out, Qin Chen hugged and kissed Xu Jian while rubbing his head, and saying:

“Dad will be back soon. Be good and wait for me at home ah.”

Xu Jian greedily rubbed the palm of Qin Chen’s hand and thought lethargically—

With my current situation, I can’t leave even if I want to.

Qin Chen hurried off with his coat and car keys, forgetting to wear a mask.

When Qin Chen went out, with no more worries, Xu Jian jumped on the bed and got into the blanket. There was even the temperature of his owner who had just left the blanket.

After feeling his way in the quilt to find a comfortable place, Xu Jian patted the corner of the quilt with a meat pad and used the corner as a pillow to lie down.

He didn’t know whether it was because he was in heat or because he didn’t sleep well last night, Xu Jian felt that his eyelids are extremely heavy at the moment. After hearing the sound of Qin Chen closing the door, he slowly closed his eyes and in the next second, he fell into a deep sleep and lost consciousness……

Not knowing how long it took, Xu Jian felt a little cold in his sleep. He instinctively reached out to grab his small blanket and groped around for a while with his eyes closed but did not touch the thin blanket.

Xu Jian whose eyes closed wrinkled his brow and turned over in a different direction.

His hand randomly grabbed on the bed a few times and felt the soft quilt. Xu Jian had a strange feeling in his heart. Why did he feel that something was wrong?

After moving his hand again, his movements suddenly stopped—

No, how can he have a hand? 
After realizing this, Xu Jian instantly woke up, snapped open his eyes, and saw his arm draped on the quilt.


Not short fluffy legs!!!

He sat up on the bed with a ‘shua’,[1][onom]. Swishing; rustling Xu Jian looked down at his ten fingers incredulously: Not cat’s paws!!

Staring blankly at his hands, Xu Jian took a long time before he found his voice:

“I……I changed back into a human?”

He didn’t speak for so long that Xu Jian almost meowed when he opened his mouth.

After sitting on the bed for a few seconds, he raised his hand to pinch his face. Xu Jian who was in pain was finally sure that he really turned back into a human and that it wasn’t his dream.

The huge surprise swept over him, Xu Jian didn’t control his expression and laughed foolishly.

After being stupidly happy for a while, Xu Jian finally noticed his current situation when he raised his hand—

He’s still in Qin Chen’s house, still in Qin Chen’s bed, and he’s still sitting naked on someone else’s bed.

Xu Jian: ” ????”

Where are my clothes?

After recovering from the surprise of turning back into a human being, Xu Jian quickly got up from Qin Chen’s bed and walked towards the bathroom wrapped in a quilt with his bare feet.

There was a mirror in the bathroom and he wants to make sure that he is still the same.

It’s been too long since he walked on two legs and when his feet fell, Xu Jian was a little unaccustomed. 

Taking step by step to the bathroom, a young man wrapped in a light gray thin quilt appeared in the mirror.

The person in the mirror has messy black hair making his original pale skin became paler, with very long eyelashes, a pair of big and black eyes, but now his eyes are a bit dull.

Although the man doesn’t look naturally striking at first glance, he wins by having good facial features,[2]means that his five sense organs(eyes, nose, lips, tongue, and ears) looked proper good looks, and giving people a very comfortable feeling. The type that belongs to the more you look, the better they look.

After seeing the person in the mirror clearly, Xu Jian patted his chest and let out a sigh of relief.

Luckily, it’s still his face.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian stretched out his left hand to have a look. He frowned after seeing the black mole on his wrist.

Isn’t it a coincidence that the little black hair on the left leg was on the cat when it changed?

After turning into a human, he didn’t see a white cat on the bed. Does this mean that the white cat is actually himself?

He didn’t really have it on the cat before but he completely transformed into a person from a cat, and the person is now the original cat……

Thinking for a few seconds, Xu Jian felt that what had happened was too unimaginable that it exceeded his existing brain capacity. Finally, he gave up, raised his hand, and grabbed his hair, looking at the human in the mirror.

“Doesn’t matter anyway, I changed back now.”

“Sure enough, my own face is pleasing to the eye.”

Previously, when Xu Jian looked in the mirror and saw a round and fluffy cat face, he didn’t mention how awkward it was at first.

After making a few grimacing faces in the mirror, Xu Jian finally remembered his real business—

He is still in Qin Chen’s house!

Xu Jian remembered that Qin Chen said he would be back soon. He was so surprised that he didn’t appreciate the face he hadn’t seen for a long time and rushed out of the bathroom.

He had to leave before Qin Chen came back, otherwise, this scene would have been caught by the other party, and he would definitely be taken as a thief.

Looking down at his bare feet, Xu Jian silently added in his heart:

Or a perverted thief who runs around naked.

Xu Jian can’t just go out naked, else he may have just stepped out of Qin Chen’s house with his front foot, and his back foot was caught by the community’s security guard as an exhibitionist.

With this thought, Xu Jian apologized to Qin Chen in his heart, and then stretched out his sinful hand to the sliding door of the closet with the quilt on his back.

Among Qin Chen’s several expensive clothes, Xu Jian picked a relatively cheap-looking set—a sweater and a pair of black jeans.

In order not to lose time, Xu Jian found a brand-new pair of underwear in the closet filled with shame and placed it on his waist which was bigger than his.

But Xu Jian had no other choice now. As he dressed up quickly, he muttered to himself:

“I’ll just borrow this from you. Qin Chen, I will never forget your great kindness. I will certainly repay you……”

Xu Jian is a few centimeters shorter than Qin Chen, and the latter’s clothes did not fit him very well. His loose clothing made him thin and weak at 181(cm).

When wearing pants, Xu Jian touched his waist and found that he hadn’t gained weight, and the four abs that he had been thinking about were fine.

Xu Jian was quite happy when he ate so much when he became a cat before but didn’t get fat into a ball as he had expected.


Xu Jian was brought back by Qin Chen as a stray cat. Now, after turning back into a human, he hasn’t taken anything except a set of clothes, a pair of socks, and shoes, and a bottle of yogurt.

Although Xu Jian is now penniless, he didn’t give a thought to all the valuable things in Qin Chen’s room.

After opening the door, Xu Jian first cautiously poked his head out to make sure no one was outside before he went out.

When he closed the door gently, Xu Jian had the illusion that he was a thief.

Wearing shoes that don’t fit, Xu Jian nibbled the yogurt straw and walked out, wondering what he should do next.

He has no money now and he doesn’t know where he lost his ID card and bank card. He can’t even buy a ticket to go home.

So his priority now is to apply for a replacement ID card and bank card, and then borrow someone else’s phone to give Chen Doudou or his uncle a call to borrow money from them to buy a ticket……

Xu Jian walked while thinking about things and in a short while, arrived at the downstairs of the community.

There are many people in the community who got up early for morning exercise and walk their dogs. Before Xu Jian took two steps, he heard a familiar dog barking.

Xu Jian’s body stiffened. He turned his head and saw that it was indeed the husky whom he had passionately scolded not long ago.

It seems to be called Pudding?

Looking at the tall Pudding, Xu Jian reacted with hindsight.

“No, I’m a human now. Why am I still afraid of it?”

Thinking of this, he looked at Pudding being held by its owner. Xu Jian took out the results he had practiced in Xin Cheng and smiled coldly like Qin Chen—

Heh. Die, you stupid husky!

As the old saying goes ah, it’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years!

In a short period of time, Xu Jian’s mind floated with no less than ten kinds of kneading and pinching Pudding. However, as soon as he lifted his feet and walked a few steps in Pudding’s direction, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a familiar figure walking towards him in a hurry.

Xu Jian blinked. After seeing the incoming person clearly, his heart was stupefied—

How did Qin Chen return so fast?

Although Xu Jian knew in his heart that Qin Chen hadn’t seen him in person and couldn’t recognize him, the point is that he was wearing clothes from Qin Chen’s closet ah!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat silently searched the internet: What do I do if I stole someone’s clothes and got caught? Waiting online.

Qin poop scooping officer: This is the so-called boyfriend style?[3]Refers to wearing clothes that are very big and don’t fit, like a boyfriend’s clothes.

The little angels who want to rub cats, don’t be anxious, they will become cats hahahaha. I haven’t written the text part yet, this is the only first time to become human~


1 [onom]. Swishing; rustling
2 means that his five sense organs(eyes, nose, lips, tongue, and ears) looked proper
3 Refers to wearing clothes that are very big and don’t fit, like a boyfriend’s clothes.

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